HTC One X Rooting Detailed Guide Part 1: Unlock the Bootloader

Yesterday I got my long awaited phone delivered to my doorstep – the HTC One X. The device is really some piece of work! If I were to describe the phone in one statement, I would say that the phone is a beauty in looks and a beast in performance. With 1.5 GHz quad core processor and 1 GB of RAM, its equivalent to the processing power of the laptop I had a year back.

Htc One X

Using this phone for just calling, texting, updating status and playing games would be so contemptuous. Devices such as HTC One X are meant for a lot more, and it all starts with rooting. So today we are going to show you the first step for rooting your HTC One X, i.e. the unlocking of the bootloader.

Warning: This guide was tested on HTC One X, but still I don’t take responsibility of any damage caused to your phone. If you don’t know what you are doing, I recommend you call up an in-house geek and take his help. Furthermore, unlocking bootloader will void all or parts of your warranty but trust me, it’s worth it!!

Necessary Prerequisites

  • Backup your phone’s contacts, messages and apps as the process will factory reset your HTC One X.
  • Download and install HTC Sync software on your computer.
  • Your device battery should be at-least 70% charged.
  • Download and extract Fastboot files to a folder on your computer. For the sake of simplicity, make a new folder at a drive’s root level and give the folder a simple name without spaces.
  • Register for an account at HTCDev and verify yourself. It’s free of course.
  • Go slow, no need to rush! Read a step twice if you have to but make sure you are doing it the right way.

Let’s begin then

Step 1: On your computer, visit HTCDev homepage and login to your account. After you login, click on the Unlock Bootloader button to get started.

Unlock Bootloader

Step 2: On the right hand side, under the Supported Devices, you will see a dropdown list. Select All Other Supported Models and click on the button Begin Unlock Bootloader.

Begin Unlock Bootloader For Htc One X

Step 3: You will have to confirm to some terms and condition accepting which you will be redirected to the Unlock Instruction Page.

Bootloader Terms And Condition

Note: Don’t follow the instruction provided on the website. Just follow the ones in the post.

Step 4: Now power off your phone and press Volume Down and Power to start the device into Bootloader mode. Use the device Volume buttons to select up or down to highlight Fastboot (This option is available specifically on HTC bootloader) and then press the Power button. Now connect your phone to the computer using a data cable and rest the phone on your desk.

Htc Bootloader

Step 5: We will continue to work on computer now. First connect the phone to the computer and let Windows will  install the necessary drivers. After the drivers are installed, open Windows Device Manager to confirm if the drivers are installed correctly. At the same time, click on the Proceed button that you saw in Step 5 and then skip through the steps until Step 8 on the HTCDev instruction page (Yes you have to skip the steps).

Device Manager

Step 6: Open  Command Prompt on your computer with administrative privileges (search for cmd in Start, right-click, click Run as administrator) and navigate to the folder where you have extracted the Fastboot files we asked you in the prerequisites.

Step 7: Now type (copy/paste) fastboot devices on cmd prompt and press enter. If your HTC device shows up, you are good to go. If nothing is returned, there must be some issue with your HTC One X drivers.

Command 3

Step 8: Again on the command prompt type (copy/paste) fastboot oem get_identifier_token and press enter. You will see a long block of text. Right-click anywhere on CMD prompt and select mark. Highlight and copy the text (select the text just like the way it’s selected in the screenshot ignoring all the info there).

Command 2

Step 9: Switch to the HTCDev page on your browser and paste the text in the text box under the section My Device Identifier Token at the end of the page and press the Submit button.

Step 10: You will now get a mail from HTCDev with a unique Unlock_code bin file. Download and save the file in the folder where you extracted the Fastboot files.

Step 11: Now, copy/paste the command fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin in the command prompt to start the process on your phone.

Command 1

The Final Step: On your phone you will see a disclaimer that will say that unlocking the bootloader may void your warranty. Use the Volume buttons to highlight your choice, and the Power button to make your selection. If you select Yes, your phone will be reset to its factory default settings, and your bootloader will be unlocked.

The Final Step

Voila! You have done it. You have successfully unlocked HTC One X bootloader, but that’s just the beginning. Stay tuned for when we tell you tomorrow how to root your phone. Before I conclude, I would love to share the official video of HTC One X showing off its capabilities.

So what do you think about the phone? We would love to know. Oh, and let me remind again, the rooting process is not yet done..we’ve just unlocked the bootloader. Come back tomorrow to check out the part 2 of this series.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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