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My country India, has a strong quizzing culture. We do like our trivia. Perhaps, that’s why I was drawn to Triviala. Triviala is a free to play quiz site where you can even win bi-weekly prizes and compete against others in the multiplayer game challenges. You can create your own quizzes and rack up points (or crowns). Triviala is a community for quiz enthusiasts which can easily become a habit for trivia lovers.

A visit to the homepage will tell you as much. But let’s go below decks and see what else Triviala has for the guy who is looking to give his a knowledge workout.


The first thing you have to do is sign-up. Do remember that Triviala only allows one identity per person to ensure fair play.

Play Triviala Games and Win Crowns

The reward system on Triviala revolves around “crowns”. Crowns are the virtual money which you have to earn by playing quizzes, inviting friends, and designing your own games. There are also activities where you have to ‘spend’ the crowns to ensure your movement through the site. For instance, the prize draw entries would need you to spend a few crowns to increase the odds of your winning.


You have a lot of games to choose from – Pirate Wars, Crossword, Sudoku, Coin A Word, Super Jigsaw and more. As the above screen shows, you can enter any to start earning those crowns. Quite a few games are timed, so you better be quick with your wits if you want to beat the clock. Here’s a screen of my attempts at answering thirty rapid-fire trivia questions every day on the game called – Quickfire.


Well, I didn’t do badly on my first attempt and got a few crowns too. You don’t need to stop at the Flash trivia games; Triviala has a range of quizzes organized into categories like books, celebrities, history, geography etc.

Be A Quizmaster – Create Your Own Quiz


Most of the quizzes are created by members, and you can also easily create your own to win a few crowns as well. Triviala gifts you crowns as well (for the best user created quiz) and cool prizes like T-shirts. Creating a quiz on Triviala is a cinch with the Triviala Quiz Generator. You can create a quiz in five steps with the quiz builder. Try to be as creative as possible if you want to get your hands on 250 crowns and that T-shirt. Plus, you get bragging rights on the leaderboard.


Play Triviala LIVE

Triviala LIVE is a multiplayer trivia quiz game that you can play for free in an online tournament room. It’s an out-and-out contest between you and like-minded trivia enthusiasts. You start as a novice and gradually progress upwards if you do well.


Do you fancy yourself at a quiz? Can you hold your own when it comes to a multiplayer quiz contest? Find out at Triviala.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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