Create Quality Video Slideshows From Pictures in Windows Using Ezvid

Multimedia is all around us. All of us, the creatively inclined and the not-so-creative ones, would love to put together YouTube videos and picture slideshows. The stumbling block usually is the complexity of some tools (and of course the cost) like Adobe Premiere, Camtasia, and Wondershare etc. Windows Movie Maker has long been the go-to tool for newbies. The reworked Windows Live Movie Maker, which is available with the free Windows Live download is one tool beginners can consider.

But if you are looking for an alternative free video maker and slideshow creator for Windows, look no further than Ezvid.

Sleek, Fast, and Free


Gamers use Ezvid a lot for uploading screen captures and video gameplays. Ezvid is specifically designed for no-hassle uploads to YouTube and that too in 720p HD formats matching the specifications of YouTube. When you look at the interface, you can make out that Ezvid is designed with user-friendliness that even a child (an upcoming demographic for YouTube) can grasp within a minute or two. You can make Ezvid video in less than five minutes.

The installer is a 1.10MB download and Ezvid takes up 127 MB after install. You don’t need to register and use Ezvid. Run it immediately after install and let your creativity flow.

Using Ezvid for Video Slideshows

One of the easier ways to start using Ezvid is to create video slideshows from pictures. Ezvid does not have the screen capture features (it is promised in the next version), so give Ezvid a tryout with still images. One of the ways you can use Ezvid is to create video slideshows of vacation pictures, your marriage, or turn a PowerPoint presentation to a video that can be conveniently viewed by anyone on YouTube.

The key features of Ezvid are explained through seven video on the landing page itself. But here’s the process in a nutshell:

1. Drag the pictures (still images and also videos) you want to use for the video slideshow from a folder into the timeline. You can also use the Add pictures or video button to browse to the folder and include them in Ezvid. Ezvid accepts a range of image (PNG, JPEG, and BMP) and video formats, for instance gameplay videos from software like fraps, Camtasia and Hypercam.

2. You can drag the pictures on the timeline to change the duration of each slide.

3. You can add text to your slideshow – choose a design font, and format text and background color from the dropdowns. Text can be inserted between your media anywhere on the slideshow.


4. Users can record their voice through a computer microphone and play it back with the video. For background sound effects, Ezvid gives you a library  of over 40 YouTube-legal music tracks from Aalborg Soundtracks, and 009 Sound System. You can preview the music with a mouse-over before you insert it into the timeline.


5. Title, description, keywords, and category are some of the finishing touches to make your Ezvid slideshow YouTube ready.

All that’s left to do is click on the upload to YouTube button.

Wrapping it up

Ezvid syncs well with YouTube. You cannot upload videos any longer than ten minutes because the same limitation exists for most users on YouTube. There are some limitations like you cannot include your own soundtracks due to copyright worries. You also cannot save the video slideshows locally or export it in another format.

Ezvid is meant to be a quick and easy YouTube video slideshow packager. Does it succeed for you? Download Ezvid (ver. and tell us.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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