Best of Guiding Tech in March 2012 and Cool Links From the Web

A bit late this time but here we are with our customary month end list of our best posts from last month and some cool links we’ve come across on the web.

Best of Guiding Tech in March, 2012

15 Best VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts For Using It Productively

If you are someone who has never tried VLC, it is high time you try it first. For others, these keyboard shortcuts will further smoothen their experience of using this awesome media layer.

3 Impressive Tools to Share Keyboard and Mouse Between Two or More Windows PCs

Not everyone of us needs 2 computers at one time, but when we do, using different keyboards and mice for each is troublesome. These tools should be kept in mind for such occasions.

How to Use VirtualBox to Install & Run Windows 8 Inside Windows 7 (Consumer Preview)

Here’s how to test Windows 8 without disturbing your Windows 7 installation.

4 Best Sites for Checking Top Movie Charts

Some nice sites to see which movies struck a chord with the audience and which bit the dust.

How to Force Install Country-Specific Apps on Android Devices

A neat trick for Android users to help them access apps from around the world.

Cool Links From the Web

Browser Wars: Is Internet Explorer 10 a Relevant Browser?

Is Internet Explorer 10, which will ship with Windows 8, any good? Does one need to try it out when there are good alternatives like Chrome and Firefox already available? 7Tutorials attempts to answer some of these questions in their detailed analysis.

How to Seamlessly Run That One Windows App You Need on a Mac

An old Lifehacker post from 2010 but still relevant if you are looking to run Windows on a Mac, which is what I had to do recently when I bought a Macbook pro.

How Security Products Are Made – An Open Discussion with BitDefender

An interesting post on how security products are created and how they are equipped to fight the millions of worms and computer viruses created every year.

Google Project Glass

Yet to see this? Well, check it out and tell us if you think this is what the future looks like.

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