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The web 2.0 era brought along services and apps that gave us the ease and comfort of storing all kinds data on the cloud thereby eliminating (almost) the perennial fear of data loss.

But there’s also a disadvantage that comes along. Information is scattered throughout the web and just when we need some data we find it hard to recall where exactly that piece of information is stored.

The brand new service from CloudMagic looks like a solution to all this chaos. It has potential not only to bring together all the web services and associated data but also those in remote networks. Though the service is limited to Google Mail, Google Apps, Twitter and Microsoft Exchange at this moment, there are enough indications that the list will expand and soon include your favorite ones.

CloudMagic has capabilities to cross search data through all these services such that you may be able to find what you need, instantly. Perhaps, it’s an index to our library of files. Moreover, it gives you ample choices to use the web service through its online interface, browser add-ons (Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer – would want to see more of them though) or mobile apps (available on App Store).

Add Service

You will need to create and register an account in your name. Having done that you can add and associate services that you would like to index. It doesn’t take much time and effort. Once you are done you are good to start searching through the contents.

I also tried the Firefox add-on and here’s how it works. Towards the right, near window scrollbar you would be able to locate the Cloud Magic Icon.

Cloud Magic Icon

Clicking on this icon pulls out the search box. Ctrl + / does the same and also puts the focus on the search box. You may move the bar up/down and place it according to your convenience. To put it back click on the right edge (on the icon that looks something like >||).

Search Box

The dropdown menu brings out more options. As a matter of fact same features are available on the web interface and should be on mobile apps (though I haven’t got a chance to try it out) too. You may filter and restrict your search to a specific client, add new service, manage them and a lot more.


If you were to take my recommendation, the service is worth giving a try. Though the services included are few, they are the important ones. Try it out and let us know how it went.

Via The Red Ferret Journal

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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