How to Bulk Unfollow Twitter Users Who Are Not Active

Well, Twitter does not demand any charge for the number of users you follow but seriously, does it make any sense to follow an inactive user whose account is lying dormant for ages? They just increase the list of people you are following and in some cases, decrease the authority of your Twitter profile.

Sadly, Twitter does not provide a direct feature to accomplish the task, and thus we will have to depend on some 3rd party application to get it done. Currently, there are many online tools that claim to unfollow inactive Twitter user for you but ManageFilter among them, with its simple interface and easy access, topped my list.

ManageFilter makes the cleaning of inactive twitter user a cakewalk. To get started, simply visit ManageFilter home page and click on the Start button in the middle of the screen. You will be asked to authenticate your Twitter account which you want to clean. ManageFilter will not ask for your Twitter password directly, rather it will ask you to authenticate its access directly from your Twitter account.

Connect To Twitter

Once you give ManageFilter access over your Twitter account, it will analyze all the users you have followed along with the ones who are following you on Twitter to provide you a detailed insight within no time. The tool will then group all your Twitter contacts in different filters such as the ones who are not following you back, those of them who are inactive, rarely tweets and so on. You can click on the groups on the right-hand side to see the aggregated data.

Now suppose, you want to unfollow the users who are inactive for past couple of weeks. Simply click on the inactive links on the left-hand side to list all users who fall in the category. You can now select the users you want to unfollow and click on the Unfollow Selected button.


If you want to select multiple users at once, click on the Quick Edit link to expand the frame. The frame will contain small thumbnail of the profile pics of the users in the list. You can click the pics to select or deselect it. Dragging the mouse pointer over the thumbnail pics will also do the needful. All the changes will be instantly reflected in your twitter account making it more organized as it was before.


This was only the free side of the tool, if you want some additional features like tracking, wishlist and some additional filters to filter the contacts, you can always opt for the premium version.

So, did you like the ManageFilter? If you know about some other great tool that makes it much simpler, we would love to hear about them in the comments section.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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