How to Easily Create a Detailed Online Address Book With Postable

They say the postman has gone the way of the dinosaurs, if not already. With him, will go the quaint old-worldly charm of snail mails and picture postcards. With emails, social networks, and instant access, we are not sending letters and cards anymore, are we? Who needs the work of typing long mailing addresses in their address books when an email id can do?

Well, sometimes, address books need to be more than just an email and phone number. You can’t send flowers or a birthday cake to someone if you don’t know their mailing address. But writing down the addresses is such a about letting your contacts do the work? If you would like to, then pay Postable a visit.

What is Postable?


Postable is an address book. But it is actually more than a simple address book because it is also an effortless system of quickly collecting addresses of everyone you know without breaking a sweat. Your contacts do all the work for you by entering the information on Postable. If your friends are sincere enough about entering their addresses, Postable helps you build up your address book within a day with minimum intervention on your part.

Building your Secure Online Address Book

Let’s do a walkthrough and see how we can create a detailed online address book in minutes.

Create an account and sign in into Postable. Postable is a secure platform. It is also completely free without ads, so you need not worry about the information that you are going to keep online.

Your address book build-up starts with this simple link which Postable creates for you to email your friends. A nice thing here is that Postable doesn’t ask access to your email account and its contacts list. It leaves the communication in your hands.


You friends receive the link and then they just have to click the link and fill out a short friendly form and then their info is instantly recorded in your Address Book. Here’s how Postable looks like from your friends’ side. I haven’t captured the full screen, but I hope you like the look of it. There are a few more fields which ask for birthdates and spouse names. The information asked for is minimal as too much detail puts off even the sincerest of friends.


Anyone entering their detail also has the option of signing up into Postable themselves. It helps because if they change their contact information, it automatically gets updated in every other address book they are a part of.


Of course, you can manually enter someone’s address info too. After you have created your address book, you can export it to Gmail, Apple Address Book, Outlook, and as a CSV or Excel file. Quite handily you can also print labels using your printer.


How do you like Postable so far? Do you think it’s a great way to manage all your contacts in a central and secure place?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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