2 Cool Sites to Download User Manuals For Gadgets & Electronics

Our digital lifestyle comes with a lot of extra baggage. Quite literally, as we have to find a place for cords, product packages, warranty cards, and user manuals. Unless everything goes wire free (or wireless) we really can’t do anything about the electrical odds and ends.

When it comes to product manuals, it’s a different story as there are online sources available where you can download product manuals for many gizmos and gadgets. The ability to download user manuals for gadgets and electronics also comes in handy when you misplace the one that came with the product. So, let us give you two cool websites that you should bookmark for your digital lifestyle.


Retrevo is actually an online shop for electronic goods. It’s an impressive site with the full range of electronic gadgets on display. What’s more impressive are the more than 100,000 manuals from more than 1,000 brands it has stockpiled into orderly catalogs for your viewing pleasure. For instance, let’s take the example of Whirlpool and its broad range of home appliances. Retrevo has user guides for nearly 878 Whirlpool products from refrigerators to air purifiers. Similarly other leading brands have their own catalogs. These are digitized versions of the real thing.

Manuals are available as downloadable PDF files. You can search for user manuals by brand name, by category, and also alphabetically.

Safe Manuals


Unlike Retrevo which is a shopping site with a more than useful manual download section; SafeManuals (or Diplodocs.com) is a full-fledged home site for user manuals and electronic guides. SafeManuals covers 9562 brands and has a collection of 2694000 user guides. You can start searching for the user manual you want to download by using the search tool, drill down the category list, or browse the manufactures’ list which is arranged alphabetically. User manuals are available as PDF downloads here too.

Safe Manuals is more ad-intensive than Retrevo. Sometimes you have to jump through a few hoops, like rating a product before you can click the download button. But if you are searching for long-lost manual in an hour of emergency, this small side-step is no big deal.

Both these websites cover a lot of ground with brands and type of consumer electronics. If you are in luck, you will find the particular user manual for your product. The next time you buy a product, you can proactively check these two sites if they have a copy of the user manual for your latest gadget. If they do, you can keep the PDF handy, and give away the paper book for recycling.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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