An Overview of Dropbox’s Revamped Web Interface and Features

The world might be extravagant in other ways, but there’s also a welcome strand of minimalism. From Apple devices to websites, we see the telltale signs. Dropbox also has followed suit with its revamped interface, that’s neater, more intuitive, and hopefully speedier. I will leave you to write the testimonials later. First, let’s see what Dropbox has cut and diced for us.

It Starts from the Homepage


You will notice the revamped web interface the second you land on the Dropbox homepage. Even if you have loads of files, the homepage gives you the welcome feeling of space. The file icons, the optimum font size, and the muted Dropbox blue color is easy on the eyes. The toolbar/menu bar is thankfully out of the way. More often than not, it’s the tool options that clutter the interface.

The Action Bar Comes Into Play

The Dropbox toolbar (called the Action Bar) makes an appearance the second you select a file or folder. As you can see in the screen below, the options on the Action Bar adjust according to the file type. Just like any other folder you can use it for one-click operations that sort your files by name, date, size, and type. You can also perform tasks like sharing the folder with a single click.


You may also right-click on a file or folder to display the options.


The Integrated Photo Viewer


You can view your photos right inside Dropbox in a lightbox. I tried it out and its pretty fast even if you have loads of photos and need to go through them quickly. The photos can also be previewed with the thumbnails. Videos get the same friendly treatment.

Beneath the surface

There are some changes just beneath the minimal looks that marks up Dropbox on the user-friendliness scale.

1. There are no cumbersome checkboxes for multiple selections anymore. You can just press SHIFT or CTRL for multiple selections just as you do on your PC.

2. Search is instantaneous, and results start appearing as soon as you type.

3. The Advanced Search gives you a few more choices like searching within deleted items.

4. Press ? on your keyboard and the keyboard shortcut list pops up. Press it again to toggle it off.


Expect more changes in the near future as Dropbox recently acquired Cove. So you could see feature improvements in the Dropbox helps you share stuff. How do you like the improvements so far?

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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