Siine: A New Dynamic Android Keyboard with Super Fast Shortcuts

When we type on keyboards while working on a desktop or laptop, writing long emails and documents (like this article) can seem easy, but I can’t imagine myself typing the same on a touch phone keyboard. Input methods on smartphones have always been a concern (and an area of opportunity) for developers. They are good in their own right but can one make them as good as the big keyboards we’ve been used to?

Siine Image

Developers are always coming out with new ideas like Swype keyboards (that lets you swipe your fingers on the keyboard to make a word) and Artificial Intelligence keyboards (the one which auto-completes words by analyzing your previous events) are already making the life of a smartphone user easier.

Today we will talk about an all new keyboard for your Android device that will make typing on these screens a little easier for you using the control of shortcuts.

Siine Keyboard for Android is a simple QWERTY keyboard for your device with a dynamic shortcut based interface. Didn’t get me? No worries. We will see the new feature that Siine introduces, and I am sure that will give you a better insight.

After you install and download the keyboard from Google Play, the application will automatically guide you to the settings of selecting the default keyboard and other various configurations. After you are done with the configuration, I recommend you open a note taking application on your Android to test-drive the new keyboard.

Type the ‘Time’ Faster With Siine

If you were to text someone for breakfast at a specific time, typing it using the conventional keyboard would have required you to toggle between numbers, symbols and alphabets quite a few times. But on Siine, you can actually save time while writing down the time.

Siine 1
Siine 2

Press the time button on the left-hand side of the keyboard to invoke the time keyboard that represents an analog clock with some words on the top. To type in the time just select the hour and minute number along with AM or PM to type in the required time directly.

Siine 3

You can also bring on the calendar by sliding the Siine bar at the bottom and selecting calendar on it. If you have to select time after the date, Siine keyboard will automatically detect that using your sentence construction and will toggle the keyboard automatically for you to enter the date like “22nd March at around 9:30 PM” and believe me, all that with just six buttons.

Use Shortcuts

When I say shortcuts, I am not talking about the usual Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V stuff. This keyboard has some built-in icons with some predefined texts that will let you type a full sentence by pressing just a few buttons.

Siine Keyboard 4
Siine Keyboard 5

For example, writing “Hey Dude, What’s up” takes only 2 buttons! The keyboard even changes the shortcuts icon on-screen based upon your last selected shortcut.

You can also download many other shortcut sets based upon your talking style like Hip Hop, Business, etc.

Personalized Emoticons

Siine Keyboard 3

If you think

Wl Emoticon Smile


Wl Emoticon Openmouthedsmile

are so old fashioned these days, Siine comes with an all-new set of emoticons and believe me, they are much more trendy and funkier than the conventional ones. Just drag the Siine bar and select the emotions you want. You can also create your own customized emotions and save them for future uses.

Sexy Delete

Siine Keyboard 2

I seriously don’t know why the developers call it “Sexy” but yes it certainly has that coolness factor. Remember how you used to erase text on paper using the eraser? Now you can use the same technique here. Just long press the delete button and rub your finger on-screen to erase all the content easily.

No Privacy Concern

One of the keyboards that gave me a nightmare was the SwiftKey X keyboard. When I got a screen while installing it, saying that SwiftKey can store all my passwords, card, bank account number I type on my phone on their servers for internal usage, I was petrified.

On Siine, that’s not a concern anymore. Siine does not store or collect the data input in password fields, credit card fields and any message content area.

You can have a look at the video from the developers for a better insight.

The few downsides (may be, for the time being, as it’s just the first release) are that the auto-complete is not powerful enough and one cannot swipe..or swype the keyboard to write a word.

My Verdict

It may take a couple of weeks for you to get acquainted with the Siine keyboard but once you get a hang of it, I am sure it will make the most cumbersome typing task on an Android a cakewalk for you.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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