How To Backup and Restore Your Firefox Profile Using FEBE

FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension) is an amazing Firefox browser add-on which lets you quickly and easily backup all your Firefox extensions, bookmarks, themes, cookies, preferences, user names and passwords.

This extension creates a backup file at a specified location on your computer and you can restore your Firefox profile with the help of that file. You could even automatically upload that file online to your account and access it wherever you can access the net.

Backup Firefox profile using FEBE

Once you’ve installed the extension, go to Tools> FEBE> FEBE Options as shown in screenshot below.


Under option tab you will find various options.

Selective backup

If you want to backup only selective features then select this option. Suppose you want to backup only the add-ons then check the box beside Backup extension option. Similarly you can backup only bookmarks, username or password. It’s totally up to you.


Full profile backup

You can choose this option to backup your entire profile. It backups all your browser settings, add-ons and preferences at one go.


Now under FEBE options, go to the Directory tab. Browse for a folder where you want to store your backup.

Febedirectory upload

You can also upload your backup to which was recently introduced feature in FEBE. Open tab in FEBE options and enter your login credentials (you can sign up for a free account there). The main advantage of using upload is you can get your Firefox preferences on any computer you are using, provided it can connect to the internet.

Box Net

After choosing an appropriate options go to Tools> Perform backup to perform a quick backup.


FEBE will perform the backup process.


Restoring Firefox profile using FEBE

Suppose you formatted your PC or you are using another computer. You can restore your Firefox profile using profileFx{default}.fbu backup file.

Here are the steps to do it.

Install FEBE extension on Firefox. Now go to Tools> FEBE> Restore Profile.


Here you can make a new profile to restore your profile. Click on Create new profile button.


Enter new profile name and click Create button.


Select a profile you have just created and click on “Select local backup to restore” button.


Select a location on your computer where you put your backup (profileFx3{default}.fbu) file


Click on Start profile restore button.


Your profile will be restored. Now restart Firefox. It will ask you to select a user profile. Choose the restored profile (Himanshu in this case).


This way you can use FEBE to backup and restore your Firefox profile. It’s extremely useful and we highly recommend you use it if you use Firefox as your primary browser.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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