How to Use Folder Lock on Windows to Lock and Secure Files


We have covered a lot of apps for Android and iOS that can lock your Apps, save photos in a vault and even encrypt the entire memory. But that’s just for your smartphone. If we need something to secure the mere 8 to 16 gigs of memory on our phones, there might be a lot of things you […]

How to Get Lollipop-like Task Switcher on Any Android


Waiting for an OS update to come to an Android device can take forever, and for many users, it might not even arrive. That’s an area where Android loses against iOS and Windows phones. I, too, am waiting for the promised update on my Xperia Z , and needless to say, the wait doesn’t thrill me. […]

How to Map or Mount Android as a Drive on Windows


I have always hated the idea of using cables to transfer data between my devices. Be it photos or music, wireless file transfer solutions have always captivated me. This has motivated me to find wireless file transfer solutions for Android smartphones, many of which I’ve shared with you in the past. From wireless file transfers between Androids, […]

Disa: The Unified Android Messaging Service We’ve All Been Waiting For


Today our contacts are scattered across different social and messaging networks and it can be difficult to keep track of conversations you have across various services. Your friend might make dinner plans with you over SMS, ping you the address of the diner on Facebook, and then give you his location update on WhatsApp. What I’m […]

How to Launch Apps While Typing On Android


Android always strives to make multitasking easy for users. It’s one of the fundamental pillars that lead to Android’s dominance over other (read iOS) smartphone platforms. Even in the latest release Google made app switching faster. However, this only works if you already have the app running in the background. If you need to launch […]

The Action Widgets App Puts a Lollipop Spin on Notification Toggles

Action Widgets

We’ve highlighted Notification Toggle in our Android write-ups before. It’s a solid app that puts your most used and system level toggles right in the notification drawer. It’s a must-have and a time saver not only for an Android geek but for every Android user. Yes, Android itself comes with a selection of toggles but they’re limited […]

How to Install Official Leaked Lollipop Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900


It’s been almost 3 months now that Google launched Lollipop for Android devices, but to date, not even 1% of Android users have received the update. Each manufacturer is taking their own sweet time to develop the update and then launch it based upon the user’s location. I wish Google would set some regulation on their […]

MacroDroid for Android: A Free and Easy to Use Tasker Alternative


We love to automate things whenever and wherever possible. It not only takes away the pain of executing the task manually, but makes sure a task is carried out at a particular instance without fail. We already have many apps available for Android to automate tasks on both system and internet level. IFTTT automates the online […]

DriveTheLife: Fix, Update and Backup Windows Drivers Automatically


Windows 7 made the plug and play feature a big hit. With amazing support for most common hardware, users were able to just plug in their new devices and use them without having to go through configuration of any kind. The support got better with Windows 8, but still there are many drivers that need to be […]

How To Create Bootable Windows ISO Image from Extracted Files


It happened to me one day while I was helping my friend with Windows 8 installation. We were working on Windows 7 and he gave me the details (the download link and CD key) to download and create the bootable drive for his Windows 8. Now I am not sure what exactly went wrong, it might […]

How to Batch Uninstall Windows 8 Apps Silently in Background


Every once in a while I do a bit of spring cleaning on my computer and that’s when I delete old files and uninstall old programs. While deleting files and folders is an easy task in Windows, built-in options to uninstall the programs have not evolved yet. The Control Panel still allows no more than one […]

How to Automate Android Radio Controls to Increase Battery Life

dying battery.jpg

The last three years have been a complete turnaround for mobile technology. We have seen smartphones become as powerful as entry level laptops. The screen size has increased, the processing has become more powerful and free memory is no longer an issue with increased RAM and storage space. We have seen significant development in every […]

Autorun Organizer is an Amazing Startup Manager for Windows 8.1


A slow Windows startup time can really frustrate you to the core. In former versions of Windows, users had to open up the Microsoft Windows Configuration (MSConfig.exe) to enable or disable items at startup. Windows 8 has eased up the way you are able to modify these programs. Users now have the ability to control startup programs directly […]

Reviewing C Locker, a Flexible Custom Lock Screen Replacement for Android


Just recently I talked about an Android app called C Notice that can give you floating popup notifications from all the apps installed on your Android. A real bliss for users on large screen Android devices. After reviewing the app, I was looking at some other apps from the developer and found yet another interesting app called C […]