Easily Rollback from Windows 10 Upgrade Using Macrium Reflect

Don't Like Windows 10? Follow These Steps to Go Back | Shutterstock

I am sure everyone is excited for the Windows 10 upgrade, especially when it’s coming without a price tag. But there are still a few bugs in the final release and one must wait for some updates if they want a smooth ride. For those who are not conformable with the Windows 10 and need more time […]

How to Completely Disable Windows Defender in Windows 10


Windows Defender is the default anti-malware software that is shipped with Windows 10 and is nothing new. We have seen it since the days of Windows 7. Windows have integrated Microsoft Security Essentials to Windows Defender in order to safeguard your computer against malicious files. The software is good, but only for basic needs. Also it doesn’t […]

How to Fix Your Mac Not Sleeping When You Close the Lid


Is your Mac experiencing an extended sugar rush? You might notice that it’s suddenly not going to sleep when you close the lid. The Apple logo on your MacBook continues to glow and you can see light leak from underneath the lid to indicate that the display is still on. There are a number of […]

How to Create a Recovery Drive in Windows 10 and Why Would One Want to


Imagine a situation when you wake up one fine morning only to realize that your computer just won’t boot. It might be a system error or corrupt files. Just one of those days when your computer needs a little pampering from you. If you have a recovery drive on your PC which was created by the OEM, it’s […]

How to Automate Typing Common Phrases and Text on Windows


Many moons ago, we had written about PhraseExpress. Things were a lot different then and The Stream wasn’t really a thing. Things in the digital world have changed quite drastically since, although the software itself has not gone through major changes. There are improvements though and some continuing issues that make it not so nice […]

Testing Vivaldi Browser: Functional, Feature-rich But Not Quite There Yet

Not just another browser | Shutterstock

There have been plenty of new browsers released recently and users have no dearth of choices on what they want. Internet Explorer is slowly fading into oblivion and way too many users have complained time and again on how Chrome just doesn’t feel right to them. The metaphorical stage was thus set for another entrant […]

Todoist vs Todoist Premium: Should You Pay for Productivity?


Todoist is a simple to-do list app that helps boost your productivity dramatically. As a regular user, I can attest to its wondrous powers. It’s available for free (for Android, iOS and Windows) and comes with plenty of features, but does offer a premium version as well. Depending on how productive you need or want […]

Flash is Redundant: Here’s How to Disable it and Still Enjoy Browsing

Flash disable

Back in the days of yore, Adobe’s Flash used to rule the internet. Everything from the tacky animations to navigation was built on Flash. Not to mention the millions of small browser based games. Of course, this was before the smartphones took over. In 2010, Steve Jobs openly banned Flash from iOS devices (and it […]

The Ultimate Xposed Module to Protect Your Android Apps


You must be wondering why are we taking up another app to protect Android apps using a password or a PIN. We have talked about apps in the past using which one can lock down apps installed on droids, so what’s the need for another one? Well, to give a simple answer, I would say […]

How to Access Wi-Fi from Any Desktop PC and Make it a Virtual Router too


Traditionally desktop PCs haven’t had any wireless connectivity hardware pre-installed on them. Usually they have got internet connectivity only via the Ethernet cable. Just recently, with the recent shift to ‘All Things Wireless’ have there been some motherboards that do come with wireless adapters for desktops. But, if you’re stuck with an old PC (like me) with no […]

3 Cool Apple Music Features You Probably Didn’t Know About


Apple Music is here, which means it’s time for everyone to pick the music streaming service of their choice. Do you want to pay $9.99 per month for Apple Music or the same price for Spotify or Rdio? It might be difficult to answer that question right away before diving in and seeing what each […]

Foobar2000 Vs MusicBee: Which Music Player is Better on Windows?


For audiophiles, there is no limit on how much a music player application can do. From customizing its looks, to changing equalizer settings in a jiffy to correctly identifying tags from their music libraries. They always demand more. Over the years, I’ve tried many players, right from Windows’ own Media Player to the much loved […]

Truedialer for Android Review: A Dialer That Integrates Truecaller

truedialer 3

A missed call from an unknown number on my droid always leaves me in a state of dilemma. With so many telemarketing calls that come in, I am always reluctant to call back and hence stand the chance of ignoring people calling with genuine reasons. Exactly why I started using the Truecaller app, an app that gives […]

Bittorrent Shoot vs SHAREit: Which is Better for File Transfers?

Shoot vs SHAREit

For the past couple of months, we have seen a lot of apps that make the transfer of files between smartphones a breeze. Apps like SHAREit and Feem save an iPhone user like me from embarrassment when a friend on Android asks for a couple of photos from their camera roll. Shoot from Bittorrent, an […]