Upgrade to Windows 10 using the Media Creation Tool

MCT Win10

Windows 10 has finally rolled out and a lot of users are already on it. While the upgrade process has been going on smoothly, with as many as 14 million users switching to the new OS, there is still some confusion regarding the process. Microsoft hasn’t been very clear regarding the hows and whats of the […]

How to Install Windows 10 Apps Without Making Microsoft as Default Windows Account


Starting from Windows 8, Microsoft introduced a feature which enables a user to sign in to a Microsoft Account as a default account to manage Windows. Just like we have a Google account for Android and an Apple for iOS, the Microsoft account was introduced to ease up the sync features. The very same account […]

GT Explains: How Exactly Is Windows 10 Tracking You (and How to Disable It)

How To Stop Windows 10 From Tracking You

Yes, I know you read all those Windows 10 articles but no, Windows 10 isn’t spying on you. Yes, it’s tracking your usage in multiple ways and is sending that data to its servers. Yes, there’s a difference. Let me explain. It’s Not Spying, It’s Tracking The scary sounding stories made it out to be […]

How to Get Back Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10


Users who have upgraded from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 might not be aware, but Microsoft has discontinued the Photo Viewer we had for years. Those who have done a clean install of Windows 10, might notice that the Photo Viewer is missing and has been replaced by the Modern Photo Viewer which […]

How to Manually Install New Software Updates on Your Kindle

Kindle Upgrade

Last week, Amazon released a huge update for their Kindle devices. It’s the one I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. It includes the much talked about and actually really good font – Bookerly. It’s designed specially by Amazon for reading on Kindle and it looks great on the iPad app. So naturally, […]

How to Get Back Desktop Gadgets on Windows 10


One of the (or probably the only) good thing(s) that happened to Windows Vista was the introduction of desktop gadgets. In Windows 7 it gained a lot of popularity when it was not just restricted to the sidebar. But it was unceremoniously removed from Windows 8 because of serious vulnerabilities. After the release of Windows […]

Carrot Weather: The Best Weather App for Mac


I’ve been scouring for a decent weather app on the Mac that catered to everything I could ask for. My search was ongoing for years. It’d be easy enough to do a roundup of the best apps for the Mac, but I’ve never been truly satisfied with any one weather app in particular. Some are […]

The Best Free Ways to Convert PDF to PowerPoint Which Actually Work


I always prefer mailing a PDF file than a Word doc or a presentation. They are self-contained and one need not worry about MS Word highlighting your typos on a document. With Office 2013, Microsoft introduced native support for PDF documents. Previously we had to use apps like Paperless Printer and PDF Writers to convert a […]

How to Install Windows 10 on a Mac Using Boot Camp

Boot Camp Windows 10 header

If you’re looking for an authentic Windows experience on a Mac, Boot Camp is the only way to go. Yes, you can use a VM like VirtualBox or Parallels but now you’re just running Windows.. in a window. When you Boot Camp, you create a separate partition for Windows which is formatted according to Windows […]

Easily Rollback from Windows 10 Upgrade Using Macrium Reflect

Don't Like Windows 10? Follow These Steps to Go Back | Shutterstock

I am sure everyone is excited for the Windows 10 upgrade, especially when it’s coming without a price tag. But there are still a few bugs in the final release and one must wait for some updates if they want a smooth ride. For those who are not conformable with the Windows 10 and need more time […]

How to Completely Disable Windows Defender in Windows 10


Windows Defender is the default anti-malware software that is shipped with Windows 10 and is nothing new. We have seen it since the days of Windows 7. Windows have integrated Microsoft Security Essentials to Windows Defender in order to safeguard your computer against malicious files. The software is good, but only for basic needs. Also it doesn’t […]

How to Fix Your Mac Not Sleeping When You Close the Lid


Is your Mac experiencing an extended sugar rush? You might notice that it’s suddenly not going to sleep when you close the lid. The Apple logo on your MacBook continues to glow and you can see light leak from underneath the lid to indicate that the display is still on. There are a number of […]

How to Create a Recovery Drive in Windows 10 and Why Would One Want to


Imagine a situation when you wake up one fine morning only to realize that your computer just won’t boot. It might be a system error or corrupt files. Just one of those days when your computer needs a little pampering from you. If you have a recovery drive on your PC which was created by the OEM, it’s […]

How to Automate Typing Common Phrases and Text on Windows


Many moons ago, we had written about PhraseExpress. Things were a lot different then and The Stream wasn’t really a thing. Things in the digital world have changed quite drastically since, although the software itself has not gone through major changes. There are improvements though and some continuing issues that make it not so nice […]