Sunrise vs Fantastical: Which Glorified Calendar App for iOS Reigns Supreme?


There are so many different calendar apps in the iOS App Store that it’s difficult to make a decision on one, and it’s definitely hard to agree on which one is the best. The one thing everyone seems to agree on is that Apple’s default Calendar app is far from it. Here we have two […]

Get Complete Control Over Individual App Permissions on Android with XPrivacy


Though most Android users don’t really care, you should always look at the permissions that apps ask you to grant while installing from the Play Store or even when sideloading from different sources. Keeping a tab on these permissions is always a good habit to make sure you safeguard your identity, location, and data privacy. There […]

6 Things You Must Check Before Buying a Used Mac

Mac Second Hand Software

While Macs are definitely nice computers to have, not everyone can afford to buy a brand new one. Thankfully, used Macs are usually just as good as new ones, provided they have received proper care. Needless to say, putting the machine through some tests to see if it works well is recommended. While physical appearance and hardware […]

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Apple TV


From being able to demo your iPhone or iPad on the television to providing an option for viewing your gallery of photos on the big screen, the Apple TV is a useful device – when it’s functioning. Sometimes if you’re having issues updating or restoring your Apple TV, it’s best to try entering recovery mode to get the […]

How to Make Sure You Don’t Get Adware With the Software You Download


Whenever I write a software review for Windows, I always mention whether the installer is clean and if a direct download option is not available on a website. Well, that’s because the windows downloads are in a very despairing state these days. They install the software you wish for, but also give you a handful […]

How to Change APK File Names and Icons Quickly and Easily


A few days back I wrote an article on how Android users can clone an app on their phone and run two independent instances of that app. As the cloned app had the same APK name and icon, it became difficult for the user to launch the correct app when needed. Therefore, to make things smoother, […]

Pixelmator vs Gimp: Comparing Inexpensive Photoshop Alternatives for Mac


Alternatives to Adobe’s Photoshop are all the rage and always have been, mostly due to Photoshop’s staggering price, which as of now can cost as much as $29.99 per month. That’s quite a bit of money to spend if you’re someone who needs to make a quick but effective edit here and there. Perhaps you do […]

How to Use Folder Lock on Windows to Lock and Secure Files


We have covered a lot of apps for Android and iOS that can lock your Apps, save photos in a vault and even encrypt the entire memory. But that’s just for your smartphone. If we need something to secure the mere 8 to 16 gigs of memory on our phones, there might be a lot of things you […]

How to Get Lollipop-like Task Switcher on Any Android


Waiting for an OS update to come to an Android device can take forever, and for many users, it might not even arrive. That’s an area where Android loses against iOS and Windows phones. I, too, am waiting for the promised update on my Xperia Z , and needless to say, the wait doesn’t thrill me. […]

How to Map or Mount Android as a Drive on Windows


I have always hated the idea of using cables to transfer data between my devices. Be it photos or music, wireless file transfer solutions have always captivated me. This has motivated me to find wireless file transfer solutions for Android smartphones, many of which I’ve shared with you in the past. From wireless file transfers between Androids, […]

Disa: The Unified Android Messaging Service We’ve All Been Waiting For


Today our contacts are scattered across different social and messaging networks and it can be difficult to keep track of conversations you have across various services. Your friend might make dinner plans with you over SMS, ping you the address of the diner on Facebook, and then give you his location update on WhatsApp. What I’m […]

How to Launch Apps While Typing On Android


Android always strives to make multitasking easy for users. It’s one of the fundamental pillars that lead to Android’s dominance over other (read iOS) smartphone platforms. Even in the latest release Google made app switching faster. However, this only works if you already have the app running in the background. If you need to launch […]

The Action Widgets App Puts a Lollipop Spin on Notification Toggles

Action Widgets

We’ve highlighted Notification Toggle in our Android write-ups before. It’s a solid app that puts your most used and system level toggles right in the notification drawer. It’s a must-have and a time saver not only for an Android geek but for every Android user. Yes, Android itself comes with a selection of toggles but they’re limited […]

How to Install Official Leaked Lollipop Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900


It’s been almost 3 months now that Google launched Lollipop for Android devices, but to date, not even 1% of Android users have received the update. Each manufacturer is taking their own sweet time to develop the update and then launch it based upon the user’s location. I wish Google would set some regulation on their […]