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How to Safely Install the Updated APK File for Your Android Apps Manually

Android APKs Manual Upgrade

This is a classic Android geek problem. An awesome update to your favorite app arrives, you read about it on Android Police because of course you’re subscribed to their RSS feed. This update, though, man, this update is just really good. You go to the Play Store, search for the app and bummer! There’s no […]

Easily Rollback from Windows 10 Upgrade Using Macrium Reflect

Don't Like Windows 10? Follow These Steps to Go Back | Shutterstock

I am sure everyone is excited for the Windows 10 upgrade, especially when it’s coming without a price tag. But there are still a few bugs in the final release and one must wait for some updates if they want a smooth ride. For those who are not conformable with the Windows 10 and need more time […]

Here’s Why You Should Switch From CyanogenMod 12.1 to Exodus (On OnePlus One)

Exodus ROM

When I got my OnePlus One, it didn’t take me long to root it and flash a custom ROM. I went with CM 12.1 because what better to use on the OnePlus One than a Cyanogen ROM itself? And I was really happy with it. Until I wasn’t. Once the rapid battery drain, random reboots, […]

Getting Started With Zooper Widget on Android


One thing I like about Android that I always miss on other mobile operating systems is the support for home screen widgets. Every morning I dedicate 15 minutes to my widgets to get information like weather, news and my upcoming events and meetings right on the home screen. The second thing that’s great about them […]

Cloudo: A Powerful Keyboard Launcher for Chrome With Actions for Google Drive, Todoist and More

Cloudo header

Mac OS X (Yosemite) comes with a keyboard launcher called Spotlight. It’s really useful for searching the web, unit/currency conversions, searching and launching files and more. Now there’s something even more powerful alternative designed to do the same thing for web services, available right inside of Chrome. Let’s be honest all of us use at […]

Quickly Archive and Mark Emails as Read Directly From Notification Center in iOS With eMail Widget

eMail Widget

Let’s face it, email doesn’t get easier as time goes on. It gets worse. You get more of it. And a lot of it is stuff you either can’t act on or don’t need to read at all. This can be company newsletters, updates from colleagues, anything. There are awesome email apps available for iOS […]

How to Customize the Windows 10 Start Menu the Way You Want


Windows is known for it’s Start menu and the good ol’ start button for ages. But in the last variant of Windows, Windows 8, it dropped a bomb on its users and came out with a full fledged Start screen for tablet support. Moreover, the Start button was missing, the power option were gone and everyone was […]

Remember Your Favorite Places on Your Travels With Mapstr for iOS

Mapstr Header

Apple Maps and Google Maps are both pretty extensive mapping apps. And Google Maps actually works. But neither of the apps let you customize a map of your own. Yes, you can star places and drop pins but nothing more than that. But of course, there’s need for more. Wouldn’t it be great if you […]

How to Change Login Screen and Get Dark Mode in Windows 10


The other day I was reading an article on PC World and the author mentioned that if only Windows 8 hadn’t been so bad, Windows 10 wouldn’t be so good. I truly agree with him on this point. Windows 8 primarily focused on tablet users and if you were working on a desktop or a […]

How to Get Desktop Class Downloading Features on any Android

Advanced Download Manager

Android’s downloader is the most basic part of the OS. Yes, there’s an app where you can view the progress of the download and stop it. Yes, the notification shows the progress of the download but nothing much. The download features we take for granted on the desktop – the basic ability to see the […]

How to Use Gmail Filters Like a Pro For Reducing Email Stress


Every morning you wake up and most times, even before you think about brushing your teeth, you start checking your phone. And lo and behold, your Gmail account is flooded with dozens of mails that may or may not require your attention. Sure, you can always check those later, but the mails keep piling on […]

GT Explains: What is New About Mission Control in OS X El Capitan


Apple has touted a redesigned and reimagined Mission Control feature in the newest release of OS X, El Capitan coming out for the public in the fall of 2015. But upon first glance, it doesn’t even seem like there’s much different from Mission Control in earlier version of OS X. So what gives? It’s actually […]

How to Use PSM+ on Your PS Vita and Obtain a PSM Developer License (Even if You are Not a Developer)


If you have read our various posts on tweaking and hacking your PS Vita, then you know that the first native hack is finally a possibility on the system thanks to a vulnerability on the PSM Dev and PSM Unity apps that were available until not too long ago. However, to be able to use […]

The Complete Guide to Flashing or Switching to a Different ROM Using TWRP

Flashing ROM header

It’s awesome that you decided to finally root your Android phone. It’s going to unlock so many super powers. While you don’t need to, the biggest motivation for rooting a phone is, of course, to flash a custom ROM. This can be either CyanogenMod or just the stock AOSP ROM for your device. Of course, […]