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How to Find IMEI Number of Lost or Stolen Android and iPhone


Your IMEI number, which is short for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, is a unique number that is given to every phone and acts like the i.d. of that particular device. God forbid you lose your phone or someone steals it, the very same IMEI number can help you to track down the device. You can […]

How to Draw Awesome Graphs, Charts, and Mind Maps on iPad using Paper by FiftyThree

Paper Think Kit

When I got my first iPad (the first gen iPad mini), one of the first apps I installed was Paper by FiftyThree. I had such great dreams of drawing on the iPad. The only problem is, I can’t draw. So I thought it was my finger’s fault, not mine. I ordered the Pencil stylus. Tried […]

How to Easily Fill Web Forms on Android on Chrome and Firefox


Have you ever created an online account using a mobile browser? Well, if you have, you must be well aware of the issues one can face while filling all the fields of a web form on a mere 4” display and an even smaller keyboard. I often used to skip the task on my phone […]

How to Quickly Add Notes to the Lockscreen in Android

Notes in Android Notification

How many times does this happen to you? You go someplace, to a friend’s and you need to remember to pick something up when you leave. You try really hard to remember it and ultimately hours later when it’s go time, you forget. This happens way too often. When you’re leaving for work, working or a […]

How to Enable Automatic Login on Mac When Options are Disabled


You went into System Preferences on your Mac because you wanted to edit Automatic Login settings. Perhaps you want your Mac to automatically log you in and load your own dock and wallpaper upon startup with no stops in between. The problem is when you try to do just that, the options for Automatic Login […]

Why You Should Ditch Google Forms for Typeform and How to Use this Awesome Tool

Typeform header

Google Forms is one the most widely used online form and survey tools. It’s been here for a couple of years and it’s backed by Google. Why shouldn’t you use it? First of all, not everything Google does is total amazeballs. That, and there are reasons to not use it (or ditch it for something […]

4 Ways to Take Full Web Page Screenshots in Chrome and iOS

Screen Capture Webpage

There have been times in my life when I’ve needed to capture a web page – and I mean all of it. Sometimes it was for archival reasons or when I was trying to gather up the curriculum for my coding class. Sometimes it was to share a page with someone. You might have your […]

How to Sync Folders Anywhere on Mac with Multiple Backup Services like Dropbox, Google Drive and More


Dropbox’s premise is simple. You get a folder (a box, if you will) where you can drop anything you want, which is then backed up to Dropbox’s servers and synced effortlessly between all your devices (including mobile). Maybe that’s a bit too simple. You can’t sync files that are located outside Dropbox’s folder for instance. […]

How to Get Word Meanings Quickly with a Cool iOS-style Dictionary on Android

Word Snitch Android Popup Dictionary

iOS has a built-in dictionary. It’s not the best, but it’s always there. Just highlight the word, hit Define, and you get the definition. You can even search the word in Wikipedia if you like. But as it’s a default function in iOS, it doesn’t do much more. For instance, you can’t retrieve a list […]

6 Things You Must Check Before Buying a Used Mac

Mac Second Hand Software

While Macs are definitely nice computers to have, not everyone can afford to buy a brand new one. Thankfully, used Macs are usually just as good as new ones, provided they have received proper care. Needless to say, putting the machine through some tests to see if it works well is recommended. While physical appearance and hardware […]

How to Get an Always on Top, Floating Browser and Media Player on Mac


If you’re a multi-tasker, you’re familiar with juggling more than one window on the screen. You probably have BetterTouchTool and special gestures set up to dock windows in specific positions. You also might be using Spaces to arrange windows more logically. But no matter what your multi-window workflow is, you still need to manually arrange […]

How to Instantly Open Your Current Safari Tab in Chrome

Open in Chrome

If you’re using a Mac, chances are you’re using Safari. It makes sense, it’s the default browser and lately, it’s gotten really good. Tests have shown it is just as powerful as Chrome. And there’s one big reason to never go near Chrome on a Mac – battery life. When you’re using Chrome, your Mac […]

How to Check or Test the Hardware of a Used Mac

About This Mac

For many people who want to own a Mac (be it first time owners or even those who already own one), one of the best options is to go for a used or second-hand device, since Macs are usually pretty sturdy and stand well against the test of time. Before taking the plunge though, there are several […]

How to Bookmark Apps and Tasks as Bubbles to Ease Multitasking on Android


Multitasking is an over-used word, especially when it comes to smartphones. We always say that we love to run multiple apps on our Android and work on them in parallel. But if you take notice, most of the time that we think we’re multitasking, it’s basically just two apps that we switch between while working. It’s only once in […]