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Killing Running Apps on Your Smartphone: Is It Necessary?

Don't Fear Running Multiple Apps | Shutterstock

More myths get propagated about technology than anything else, it would appear. How else can anyone explain the randomly strange questions and statements that are posed to people like me on a daily basis? We’ll tackle the myth surrounding running apps in the background today and deconstruct what it really is and if killing these […]

The Best Android Apps for Those Who Often Use Public Wi-Fi

Public WiFi header

For frequent travelers, especially when it’s related to business, Wi-Fi becomes the most important thing. The room can be crappy, the service can be bad, but the Wi-Fi, that needs to be strong. The same goes for the cafe you’re planning to work from or the new co-working space you’re checking out. If you travel […]

How to Upload All Your Photos from Everywhere to Google Photos

How to Upload Your Entire Photo

Google Photos is free and awesome. As we’ve decided before, it’s not going to hurt you to try it out. But trying it out means uploading hundreds or thousands of your pictures to Google Photos. And because Google Photos didn’t exist till now, your photo collection is messed up. Your iPhone photos might be in […]

How to Optimize Your Listening Experience on Earphones/Headphones


Every time I move around the crowded streets of any major metropolitan city, I cannot help but notice the number of people wired with earphones/headphones. They might be catching up on the latest songs on Spotify or enjoying their favorite podcast. Either way, not too many seem to be wearing the right equipment. Or they […]

The Definitive Guide to Using Flash in Smartphone Photography


More photographs are now being taken in the history of human kind than ever before with our handy lil’ smartphones. Most people seem to be very trigger-happy when they feel like their phone’s flash can brighten up the subject that they are clicking. Flash doesn’t always prove to be useful, though. In fact, most professional cameramen […]

Walkthrough: Google’s New Security Checkup Tool (And My Account Page)

Google Security

After the 26th million tweet calling out Google for privacy concerns, Google is finally taking some action. No, not by stopping the data collection, what are you, crazy? But by giving users a central location for managing important settings related to privacy, security, and general account management. How is this a big deal? Because you […]

Evernote vs OneNote: The Battle for Note Taking Domination

onenote vs evernote

Over the past year, Microsoft has been consciously unbundling OneNote from their Office Suite. Now, it’s a completely standalone service backed by OneDrive and available on all major platforms – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and of course, the web. When MS did that, many eyebrows rose simultaneously across the world. Here’s a company […]

IDM vs FDM: Which is the Better Downloader?


I have been a devoted fan of IDM. It’s one of the applications that I recommend to have on your computer. I have also written a post on how to use some of its advanced features. But a commenter suggested that I should give FDM a try as its free, open source, and has almost […]

7 Unknown Little Features of iOS 9 You Might Have Missed


With iOS 9 beta out in the wild, some users who already installed it on their devices are enjoying the many features that Apple mentioned in their keynote. But as they say, the devil is in the details, and there are many little details in iOS 9 that, while not mentioned by Apple, are actually great and […]

How to Install Windows 10 IoT Preview on Raspberry Pi 2

Raspberry Pi 2

These days Raspberry Pi has become synonymous with D-I-Y Electronics. The hugely popular board, meant to encourage school students to tinker with electronics, has been used by hackers in simple projects such as electronic picture frames as well as complex ones like Bitcoin Mining Arrays. With the dawn of IoT (Internet of Things) devices, the Raspberry […]

4 Apps for Avoiding Real-Time Traffic and Learning Efficient Routes


Traditional mapping apps like Apple Maps, Google Maps, or MapQuest can all warn you of heavy traffic on certain roads, but they don’t necessarily go much further than that. The reality is traffic can make or break someone’s day. If you’re on a tight schedule, you need a decent app that can not only provide you […]

Top 5 Tools to Create a Bootable ISO in Windows Compared

USB Drive

We have shown you how to create a bootable media of Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac and even how to boot multiple operating systems from a single USB disk. All these how-to articles use different tools to carry out the process. Apart from those, there are many more tools available for free that can create […]

LastPass Hacked: No More Passwords in the Cloud?

Dont let them steal your passwords |  Shutterstock

We had loved LastPass so much that we had actually called it The Best Password Manager. So, when the story of the hack broke out a while ago, we were all in a state of shock. But, does that mean everyone ought to ditch LastPass and use something else? Are your passwords safe in the […]

3 Fast Android Browsers That Use Less Memory


Browsers are one of the most important apps on our smartphones. Whether you are a normal end user or a geek, you really need a good web browser on your smartphone. On high-end flagship phones with 2GB of RAM or more and GBs of internal memory, Chrome, Firefox, and other such high-end browsers do the trick. However, I […]