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How to Get Remote Assistance for Your Android Using Chrome


We have covered quite a lot of apps so far using which, you can control your Android device from your computer. There were some dedicated tools for Windows and some which simply run on your browser. We also covered an app called TeamViewer remote using which one can allow others on the web to take […]

How to Get Back the Familiar Windows 7 Personalization UI in Windows 10


Windows 10 has changed a lot of things when it comes to internal settings and user interface. While some of the changes like the Start Menu and dropping Charms bar are highly admired by the users, there are many changes users are still not able to cope with. You can take the Windows Personalization Screen from […]

How to Set Different Backgrounds for Dual Monitors in Windows 10


Multiple monitor setup on a PC or a laptop at home or office always increases productivity. One can snap multiple programs on these monitors and work on multiple applications in parallel. But it’s not just about the work for me. To me it should look good too. Back in the days of Windows 7, there […]

How to Set Google or Any Other Service as Search Engine for the Taskbar in Windows 10


With all the other goodies Windows 10 brings to your PC, there’s one particular thing I am not comfortable with, and that is Bing search. The feature to use Cortana and search for things directly from the search box in the task bar. Cortana is cool, but still needs a lot of work. It wants you […]

A Quick Guide to Get the Classic Start Menu in Windows 10


Some of us can’t adjust to changes around us, even if it’s as minor as replacing morning coffee with a cup of green tea. I know, its healthy, but then we just don’t care about it, as we hate changes. Let’s take Windows as an example. With Windows 8, they dropped a bomb on users […]

Easily Rollback from Windows 10 Upgrade Using Macrium Reflect

Don't Like Windows 10? Follow These Steps to Go Back | Shutterstock

I am sure everyone is excited for the Windows 10 upgrade, especially when it’s coming without a price tag. But there are still a few bugs in the final release and one must wait for some updates if they want a smooth ride. For those who are not conformable with the Windows 10 and need more time […]

Getting Started With Zooper Widget on Android


One thing I like about Android that I always miss on other mobile operating systems is the support for home screen widgets. Every morning I dedicate 15 minutes to my widgets to get information like weather, news and my upcoming events and meetings right on the home screen. The second thing that’s great about them […]

Windows 10: A Quick Round-Up of What You Really Need to Know

Windows 10 family

29th July 2015. The day when Microsoft re-imagined their own OS and released it to the world. They skipped a number and from Windows 8 went to Windows 10, but so far, we’ve liked what we’ve seen. I’ve personally been waiting for it a while, right since I saw this heart-felt response from a Microsoft […]

How to Install and Run Any App Without Worrying About Detection of Root Access


We have always talked good things when it comes to rooting of an Android phone. Without any second thoughts, I can say that an Android user with a rooted phone gets more done from his device when compared to the same phone without root access. However, with the power of complete control over your device, there’s […]

What are Snap Windows in Windows 10 and How to Use Them Optimally


So we are going to talk about the snap feature in Windows 10 and how you can make the most of it. If you came here thinking that it’s a new feature exclusive to Windows 10, sorry to say, but you are wrong. Snap feature has been there in Windows since Windows 7 and became more […]

Top 6 Android Widgets to Kick-start Your Day


Every morning after I am all fresh and ready for breakfast, there’s 15 to 30 minutes that are dedicated to my smartphone. From news to weather forecast, I get all the info needed to keep me up and running for the day while the coffee gets brewed. I am sure most of us would be following […]

How I Was Able to Free Up 3 GB of Junk Space on my iPhone


Just like any other operating system, iOS gets clogged up over time with junk files and application cache. Now I don’t believe this makes my iPhone slow all the time. But there comes a day when you really want to reclaim that space back for some productive use. For me it was to install Call […]

How to Pick an Android Launcher That’s Right for You

Android launchers

Android is an open, infinitely customizable platform. This provides developers and users alike with many opportunities to try different things. There are more than 1 billion Android users out there and different users have different tastes, different needs. Usually, choice is a good thing. But when it comes to Android launchers, sometimes I wish it […]

Killing Running Apps on Your Smartphone: Is It Necessary?

Don't Fear Running Multiple Apps | Shutterstock

More myths get propagated about technology than anything else, it would appear. How else can anyone explain the randomly strange questions and statements that are posed to people like me on a daily basis? We’ll tackle the myth surrounding running apps in the background today and deconstruct what it really is and if killing these […]