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Dying to Evolve: The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Review

S6 edge+ GuidingTech

I’m a firm believer in technology. It doesn’t care for fashion or trends or appeal. It cares only about simplifying things. Making it better. Evolving to outgrow the old norms and become something even better. Take a look at the internet itself. How it’s changed over the years and we’re now ready for Web 3.0, […]

How to Link Smartphones and Tablets to Create a Unified Surround Speaker


At some point or the other, we all have tried various hacks in order to get louder sound from our phone or tablet’s speakers. The glass or the bowl trick works all the time and gives you a louder sound when you don’t have a portable speaker at your disposal. But what if I told you […]

9 iOS 9 Features You Must Check Out Today


It’s September and like every year,  the month is all about Apple, iPhone and the all new iOS. iOS 9 was recently launched and more than 50% of the iOS devices are already updated. That’s the fastest adoption rate we have seen till date. For those of you who have already upgraded must be wondering […]

Life After Using Windows 10 for a Month: Should You Upgrade?


Windows 10 was launched for the masses on the 29th of July 2015 and the best part was that the upgrade was free for anyone running on an older (genuine) version of Windows. Thanks to the Windows Insider Program, I was able to get my hands on the beta builds and early release. But I […]

DVDFab Review: Rip and Copy DVDs in Windows 10 Easily


This post is sponsored by DVDFab. We have adhered to the same standards of testing and writing in this review, as with any other content on Guiding Tech. We only review products that we feel will benefit all or some of our audience. The content and opinion in this post is the sole view of […]

How to Easily Transfer Files and Settings from One Windows Computer to Another


One of the biggest challenges after upgrading a phone or a computer is to get all the data transferred from the old device to the new. While changing a phone is more frequent than upgrading a desktop or a laptop, but when the day comes, it can really give you a tough time. We have […]

10 Things You Perhaps Didn’t Know Your Android Phone Could Do

There's a whole lot more you can do with your Android than posting pics on FB | Shutterstock

The debate of Android v/s iPhone is an old one, but without playing the advocate of either, we’ve tried to maintain a good balance of highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each. A lot has already been said, so today, let’s look at what makes Android so strong. Android being an open source project, relies […]

How to Keep Your Android as Secure as Possible

The sign says it all | Shutterstock

The one device that is always with you day and night, is your smartphone. I have heard the phrase “My life is in my smartphone” only too many times to tell you that you should be as careful with it, as possible. Since I’ve been an Android user for many years and have been reviewing […]

How to Get Remote Assistance for Your Android Using Chrome


We have covered quite a lot of apps so far using which, you can control your Android device from your computer. There were some dedicated tools for Windows and some which simply run on your browser. We also covered an app called TeamViewer remote using which one can allow others on the web to take […]

How to Get Back the Familiar Windows 7 Personalization UI in Windows 10


Windows 10 has changed a lot of things when it comes to internal settings and user interface. While some of the changes like the Start Menu and dropping Charms bar are highly admired by the users, there are many changes users are still not able to cope with. You can take the Windows Personalization Screen from […]

How to Set Different Backgrounds for Dual Monitors in Windows 10


Multiple monitor setup on a PC or a laptop at home or office always increases productivity. One can snap multiple programs on these monitors and work on multiple applications in parallel. But it’s not just about the work for me. To me it should look good too. Back in the days of Windows 7, there […]

How to Set Google or Any Other Service as Search Engine for the Taskbar in Windows 10


With all the other goodies Windows 10 brings to your PC, there’s one particular thing I am not comfortable with, and that is Bing search. The feature to use Cortana and search for things directly from the search box in the task bar. Cortana is cool, but still needs a lot of work. It wants you […]

A Quick Guide to Get the Classic Start Menu in Windows 10


Some of us can’t adjust to changes around us, even if it’s as minor as replacing morning coffee with a cup of green tea. I know, its healthy, but then we just don’t care about it, as we hate changes. Let’s take Windows as an example. With Windows 8, they dropped a bomb on users […]

Easily Rollback from Windows 10 Upgrade Using Macrium Reflect

Don't Like Windows 10? Follow These Steps to Go Back | Shutterstock

I am sure everyone is excited for the Windows 10 upgrade, especially when it’s coming without a price tag. But there are still a few bugs in the final release and one must wait for some updates if they want a smooth ride. For those who are not conformable with the Windows 10 and need more time […]