How to Auto-Convert Images to PNG in Mac With Folder Actions


If you follow our site and you have a Mac, you must have read our different posts about Automator and all the different things that it can enable your Mac to do. And among the different aspects of Automator that we discussed before were Folder Actions. Note: While Folder Actions are a part of what […]

Top 6 Add-ons For Using the Firefox Sidebar Like a Pro

Firefox Masthead

Firefox is one of the most popular browsers out there and its sidebar feature is one of the most underrated. If you are blessed with a workstation with a large screen, the sidebar can come in really handy. There are many cool uses for it. Here are some of the best add-ons to make use […]

[Fix] YouTube for Android: Connection to Server Lost, Touch to Retry


After I updated my Xperia Z to the latest Android Jelly Bean version last month, I frequently started getting an error message on the YouTube app. As shown in the screenshot below, the error message read, “Connection to server lost. Touch to retry”.  Even though I was sure that I was connected to the internet, […]

How to Use Automator in Mac to Eject and Delete DMG Files Automatically


One of the aspects where Macs differ from Windows PCs the most is when it comes to installing applications. On Macs, you need mount a disk image and then unmount it and delete once the installation is finished, which can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you have to test many apps in […]

Top 7 Chrome Packaged Apps You Should Install

Chrome Masthead

We have talked about how there are more and more extensions for Google Chrome popping up that let you do real work in your favorite browser. Many of which do tasks that previously required a dedicated app. Much of these advancements are thanks to the active development in web technologies. As advanced as they are, […]

2 Android Apps to Help You Drive Safe


Do you get tempted to check your phone when it rings while you are driving? Well, we all do. And we usually give in, even though it’s quite risky and also punishable by law (in many countries). The best way to resist this temptation is by keeping the phone in silent mode when you’re driving. […]

Swiftkey Note For iOS: Take Notes Using Android-Like Swiftkey Keyboard


Already available for a while on Android devices, the Swiftkey keyboard software has finally made its way to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is not available system-wide of course, since Apple does not yet allow for custom keyboards, but thanks to Swiftkey Note, we now can experience all the advantages of this innovative […]

GT Explains: What Is Xposed Framework For Android And How To Use It To Easily Customize Your Android

Pie Controls

We here at Guiding Tech are big fans of Android’s openness and all the amazing things it allows us to do. Adding custom ROMs to automation to adding experimental features. But to be able to do any of that, you had to leave the comfort and stability of stock Android and swim into uncharted waters. As […]

3 Fastest Ways To Add Movies and Videos To iPad

Wifi Transfer

iPad has a really great battery life. On an average you can probably go through 4 movies before your iPad gives out. With the beautiful Retina display on the new iPad Air and iPad Mini, watching HD movies on your iPad is an amazing experience. But most of the HD movies we have are either […]

Top 3 Online Tools for Designing Your Own Floor Plans for Free


When people build their own homes, they usually hire professionals to design it, build it, decorate it and such, which makes a lot of sense considering the investment that must be made. But what happens if you just plan to build a single room or to remodel an existing one? If you know AutoCAD, then […]

Reviewing EvolveSMS: A Neat, Swipe-based Android Text Message App


The pervasiveness of chat apps like WhatsApp might have led you to believe that SMS (or texts) is on the verge of extinction. This might be partly true in the developed world, where access to internet on your phone is almost omnipresent (these apps need internet to communicate, in case you didn’t know). But in […]

Top 4 All-In-One Extensions for Google Chrome


Chrome is rapidly turning into a beast of an ecosystem. So much so that people have started using Chromebooks to do real work. It’s not surprising though, with the plethora of extensions available to fulfill your every need. Also, with Chrome Packaged Apps gaining traction against desktop apps, the Chrome ecosystem has matured a lot. […]

How to Get Two Way Sync for Google Drive on Android


Google Drive is one of the widely used cloud storage solutions and users can access it on most of the platforms on both computers and handhelds. Talking about Windows, a user can use the dedicated windows application to keep the folders between Google Drive and local computer in sync, and any changes made, either on […]

Peek Calendar: A Cool and Amazingly Original Calendar for iPhone


If there is one thing in common with productivity apps, it is that for the most part they all take the same approach. The key phrase here is of course ‘for the most part’, since every now and then some apps do things really differently. A very good example of this is Clear, which we […]