How to Organize iOS Photos With Albums Easily Using Tidy App


We take a lot of photos on our smartphones these days. While some of them are just some random moments that we share on Facebook and WhatsApp, others matter as important memories. But when you check back on your iPhone camera roll to relive your memories, you are more likely to see a mess in […]

Top 2 Ways to Track TV Shows in Chrome

TV Show Tracking

SeriesGuide is the best TV show tracking app for Android. The same can be said for TeeVee 3 and TV Show Tracker 3 on iOS. But if you’re like me and don’t live in the US, you watch TV shows on your computer. The “download” or streaming of a TV show usually happens via an […]

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G Review: A Complete Pizza for the Price of a Slice


After a few setbacks, Xiaomi has returned to the Indian markets and this time they have unleashed the beast. The Redmi Note 4G, a 5.5” Phablet with LTE capability and a 1.6 GHz quadcore processor priced at just Rs 9,999 might come as a surprise to its competitors. So let’s dive into a review of the […]

How to Add Power Features to Finder in Mac Using XtraFinder


XtraFinder is a free utility for Mac that adds powerful features to the existing Finder app. It’s not a whole different app. You’ll still be using Finder, just a supercharged one. Mavericks brought support for tabbed browsing but to be honest, I never really used the feature. It was just not intuitive. XtraFinder’s implementation is […]

How to Block Annoying Contacts on WhatsApp and Hike (iOS and Android)


WhatsApp, Hike, and similar cloud-based messaging services have really made communication easy and (almost) free. Unlike the email account that required the username of a contact to add him/her to the chat list, they substituted the person’s unique cell phone number for the username. While identifying the user with simply his phone number made contacting and […]

Top 6 Slack Shortcuts to Make You a Power User


You love Slack. We love Slack. Everyone loves Slack. At least, everyone I know who uses it, which is a lot of people. Slack is the newest in team based communication tools, right after GroupMe and Hipchat. But Slack is by far the fastest growing one. The Slack icon found its way to many Docks […]

How To Stream Photos from Facebook, Google+ to Chromecast


Our photos now live on the cloud. The ones worth sharing and looking at. They can either be on Facebook, Google+, Flickr, or backed up to personal cloud accounts in Dropbox or Google Drive. How do you bring them all together or display them on the big screen TV that’s running Chromecast, has an Apple TV […]

GT Explains: What is Ransomware and How You Can Protect Yourself From Them


Ransomware is a kind of malware that locks up your own data using sophisticated encryption. Usually, the way to get it back is to pay up a fee – thus the term ransomware – they literally hold your data hostage and demand a ransom. Ransomware is not new but is increasingly getting better and more widespread. They’re also […]

How to Play DOS, Arcade, and Console Games from the 80’s and 90’s in Your Browser

Prince Of Persia

The Internet Archive is doing God’s work. Actually, the digital librarian’s work. It archives websites and programs for the greater good of humanity. So you can go back and see what the homepage of Google looked like all those years ago (Spoiler alert: surprisingly similar). And now, the Internet Archive has done it again. Bringing […]

A Guide to the MS Office Safe Mode and How It Helps


We’ve all bumped into Windows Safe Mode either accidentally or by necessity. We have also experienced how Windows loads with minimal functionality when in safe mode. The idea behind such a setup is to allow the user to debug and fix issues in the machine that are stopping it from booting normally. Now, did you know […]

13 Cool Marvel Movie Universe Wallpapers for Every Marvel Comic Fan

Deadpool 3

This is a great time for comic book fans. Some of the biggest blockbusters in recent times have been comic book movies. That’s also true for some of the highly anticipated movies for the next couple of years. And no one is killing it better than Marvel. Marvel figured out how to turn comic books […]

3 Solid Ways to Hide and Encrypt Files and Folders on Mac

Hide Files

If you’ve used a Mac long enough, you’ve surely wondered how to hide a file. It could be important work documents you don’t want anyone to see, or something a bit more personal in nature. No matter what it may be, today we’ll talk about three solid ways to hide files on your Mac. 1. […]

MacroDroid for Android: A Free and Easy to Use Tasker Alternative


We love to automate things whenever and wherever possible. It not only takes away the pain of executing the task manually, but makes sure a task is carried out at a particular instance without fail. We already have many apps available for Android to automate tasks on both system and internet level. IFTTT automates the online […]

How to Wipe and Prepare Your iPhone or iPad For Selling

Wipe iPhone

One of the great things about iOS devices is that they hold up their value really well when it comes to reselling, better than most phones and tablets out there. So chances are, a year or two after buying your iPhone or iPad, you’re going to sell it off, or pass it on to a […]