Testing Vivaldi Browser: Functional, Feature-rich But Not Quite There Yet

Not just another browser | Shutterstock

There have been plenty of new browsers released recently and users have no dearth of choices on what they want. Internet Explorer is slowly fading into oblivion and way too many users have complained time and again on how Chrome just doesn’t feel right to them. The metaphorical stage was thus set for another entrant […]

Get Quick Reminders with Visual Symbols Using Remindify


Sometimes it can be confusing or downright discouraging to get a complex reminder with excessive notes, tasks or links. It’s even worse to get many of them, or notice all of them lined up at once on your lock screen. Often you don’t need all of that to remember the key concept, you just need a […]

3 Excellent Mac and iPhone Apps to Help You Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal


Perhaps one of the things we take for granted the most nowadays is Wi-Fi. Being able to always be online while at home or at a cafe is incredibly convenient. However, there are moments when the signal might have issues and the best most of us are used to doing, is simply, restart our routers. There […]

How to Get Started With Do Camera by IFTTT (And 6 Recipes Worth Checking Out)

Do Camera

We here at Guiding Tech are big fans of IFTTT. It took something complicated as web automation and made it so simple that anyone could understand. The secret was in the name. IF this, then THAT. If X happens, do Y. You defined the rules, and IFTTT took care of the rest. Now, IFTTT is […]

How to Use Do Note by IFTTT to Quickly Jot Down Ideas and Tasks

Do Note

The word automation was popularized in the 1930’s when industries finally saw an influx of automatic machinery that could do the job that once required humans. Now, we use it as a blanket term for anything we do on computers that ends up saving us time. And, of course, smartphones are computers after all. You’ll […]

7 Tips and Tricks for a Superior Reading Experience in Reeder 2 for iOS

iPad mini impressions

Here at Guiding Tech, we’re big fans of Reeder 2 for iPhone and iPad ($4.99). And it’s my go to RSS reader on my iPad. Yes, as I mentioned in my iPad’s reading apps round up, I like reading on Unread as well. But that’s only when I’m reading something long form. Reeder’s simple UI […]

How to Manually Create Google Photo Stories (And A Possible Alternative)


Sharing photos on social networks like Facebook and Google+ is fun. Your friends can enjoy as much as you did on your last trip, by looking at the photos you have uploaded. Most of us use the traditional way of creating online albums on the preferred social sharing website and then share the link with […]

Two Xposed Modules for a Better YouTube Experience on Android

Let's Improve the YouTube Experience on Android | Shutterstock

Time and again we have talked about apps for YouTube with which you can listen to music even while the app is not running in the foreground. The only problem was, these were third-party apps which stream your playlist from YouTube as audio and used to play in the background even when the app was minimized. These apps were removed from […]

Should You Buy a Sound Card for Your PC?


If there’s one thing music lovers would love, it is better quality of sound. Distortion-free, high quality and natural sounding sound. Unfortunately, since we live in this so-called digital world, we’ve got to deal with things like ‘electrical interference’ and the likes. Which begs the question – should anyone really consider buying a sound card […]

How to Get Started With Text Expansion on Mac With aText

Text expansion

Text expansion is the embodiment of everything that’s great about modern computers. It helps you get stuff done faster, easier, better than it was possible before. Text expansion works like this – you type a keyword – a snippet of text and it gets expanded automatically to a much bigger block of text. Yes, you […]

What Music to Listen to for Improving Focus While Working

Music while you work

I don’t need to sell you on the fact that when you’re studying, working or just trying to focus, sometimes, some kind of music helps. Of course, blasting hip-hop isn’t going to help when you’re trying to memorize the periodic table. It’s the same when you’re trying to do complex tasks at work. But some […]

Always Shoot Horizontal Videos on iOS and Android with Horizon


Have you heard of a team called Vertical Video Syndrome (VVS). If you haven’t, let me tell you that it has been haunting mankind since the launch of iPhone 3GS. Photos can be shot in both portrait and landscape modes and with a simple rotate feature you can make them valuable in Windows and on the […]

Todoist vs Todoist Premium: Should You Pay for Productivity?


Todoist is a simple to-do list app that helps boost your productivity dramatically. As a regular user, I can attest to its wondrous powers. It’s available for free (for Android, iOS and Windows) and comes with plenty of features, but does offer a premium version as well. Depending on how productive you need or want […]

Flash is Redundant: Here’s How to Disable it and Still Enjoy Browsing

Flash disable

Back in the days of yore, Adobe’s Flash used to rule the internet. Everything from the tacky animations to navigation was built on Flash. Not to mention the millions of small browser based games. Of course, this was before the smartphones took over. In 2010, Steve Jobs openly banned Flash from iOS devices (and it […]