In:play For iPhone: A Different and Often a Better Music Player

inplay music app

There are several music apps on the App Store. We’ve already mentioned a few ones here and there, but there is definitely not even one with an approach as unique as in:play (that’s how they like to write their name). Let’s take a look at what makes this music app so unique. Interface and Design […]

Track Family Members and Ensure their Safety with Life360 For Android, iPhone and BlackBerry


I fear to read the newspaper these days. It’s so depressing to read how unsafe our children, sisters and brothers are. One doesn’t have to step into his parent’s shoes to realize how concerned they are these days about the safety of their family. It’s evident. Today I am going to talk about an amazing […]

2 Tips to Make PDFs Much More Readable on Your iPhone

Improve PDF Reading icon

If you do even a bit of reading on your iPhone, then reading PDF files is definitely part of your routine. Sometimes however, PDFs are formatted with really small text and virtually no line spacing, making them almost unreadable on the iPhone’s screen even when in landscape mode and truly impossible to do so when […]

4 Productive Uses You Can Put Your Unused Chrome’s New Tab Page To


The New Tab Page of Chrome, which lets you open some of the top websites you visit on a regular basis has always got a mixed reaction from the masses. Some of us use it extensively, while others like me, simply open a new tab, type the URL keyword and let Omnibar do rest of […]

How to Take Photos of Unsuccessful Login Attempts on Windows 8


Few days back we covered an app for Android which could take photos from the front facing camera on failed screen unlock events. While talking about the app I wished if there was an app like this for Windows 8. Well, I didn’t have to wait long and Lockscreen Pro is the one that made […]

How To Permanently Delete Your Mac or iOS Device From Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone NO

In the past we’ve already discussed what Find My iPhone is and how useful this service from Apple can be for Mac and iOS device users. There are occasions however, in which you might need to remove your Mac or iOS device from the service, be it due to you gifting or selling your device […]

How to Disable Windows Update Restart Reminder Notifications


One of those annoying things about Windows is that it keeps checking for updates with Microsoft. Don’t get me wrong, updating Windows is extremely important and every user should do it regularly. But the way Windows Update reminder system works can annoy the hell out of you and if you’re a longtime PC user, you […]

How to Download and Install PSone Classics and PSP Games Using the PS3

Install PSoneGames

When it comes to purchasing and transferring content, consoles tend to be quite overprotective. Sony is no exception to this of course, with all the existing piracy concerns that hackers pose nowadays. Because of that, if you own a Playstation console (be it a PS3, a PS Vita or a PSP), you will notice that […]

5 Important Tips to Make Your iPhone Safer and More Secure

Safer iPhone

With every passing day, smartphones become more important in our everyday lives, making it a priority to keep them as safe and secure as possible. There are many ways to do this of course, but what if instead of telling you about one or another safety method, I share with you 5 really great ways […]

How To Sync Your Local Music Files With Spotify Mobile App


When it comes to the world of music, Spotify has almost all the tracks in its database you can wish for. However, due to licensing issues, there might be scenarios when you can’t find your favorite local music files in there. I am a fan of Bollywood music but there are many albums that are […]

How to Use Your Android to Set up a Perfect Wireless Router


Few days back we saw how you can use your Android for home repairing and fixing tasks. Today I am going to show you yet another amazing feature of Android using which you can set up the perfect wireless router at your home or office. Back in India, as not many homes used wireless routers, […]

How to Add Files, Folders, Shortcuts, Programs and More to Windows Explorer Computer Screen


The most special thing about Windows 8 Start Screen is that you can pin almost anything, from files and folders to applications and websites on it. Windows 7 is not bad either – you can easily pin apps, folders, websites and other items to the taskbar. Similarly, you can hang any file, folder or executable […]

How to Open Firefox Settings, Bookmarks, Options in Tabs Instead of Pop-up Windows


Ease of accessibility is what people look for in software and web interfaces these days. Same is the case with browsers. Now, I love to use Firefox and love the way I can tweak its settings according to my requirements. However, what I do not like is that in comparison to Google Chrome, Firefox opens […]

How to Clean Up Junk From SD Card on Your Android with SD Maid


Most of the apps you install on your Android use the SD card to store them, along with their data. As long as you use the app these files are very important for its functionality. However, when you uninstall them, most of the times these dependent data files are not deleted from your SD card […]