5 Helpful iOS Apps When Visiting a New Country


For most of us, being in a new country can be a unique, unforgettable experience. Especially if said country is radically different from ours. However, how much you enjoy the experience depends on how prepared you really are, otherwise you can miss out on a lot of things and end up spoiling a perfectly fine […]

Relive The Best Of Pop Culture With These Wallpapers

pop culture wallpaper

Pop culture is pop culture for a reason. We use clichés from pop culture movies as references and inside jokes because everyone gets them by now. I admit, some pop culture references do get stale over time. But we’re not going to get hung up on that today. The reason we come back to a […]

How To Use Virtual Desktops On Windows To Improve Your Productivity


Mac and Linux have “workspaces”. Known as virtual desktops in the productivity circle, they allow you to use multiple desktops at the same time. So you can have an entire desktop running a set of programs while your current desktop has no clue about it. Of course I can joke about how you can use […]

How To Stream Internet Radio On Android And Download Songs

internet radio

Streaming services are great but these days you can’t find one outside US without stumbling across a lawsuit. Sure, you can try Spotify and Pandora for free outside US but then suddenly the apps stop working because “your country is not supported”. So now you have to play the game of cat and mouse all over again. […]

Top 3 iOS Apps to Help You Prepare and Plan For Your Trip


Traveling is one of the most enjoyable, gratifying experiences you can have. However, if you don’t know how to plan properly, even traveling somewhere nearby can become an awful experience very fast. To prevent this from happening, here is a list of three really cool apps that you can get for free and that take […]

Write For Mac And iPhone Review: Minimal Meets Feature Rich

Write for Mac

When it comes to Mac, there’s really no shortage of writing apps. From Pages and MS Word for formatted writing to iA Writer and Byword for Markdown writing. Write for Mac is one such Markdown writing app. Write for Mac costs $9.99 on the Mac App Store and compared to similarly priced apps, it offers […]

How To Get The Most Out Of Multiple Monitor Setup On Mac

MacBook with external display

So you got an external monitor to use with your MacBook or you’ve upped your game and got yourself two of them. Coding will never be the same, I’m telling you. Neither will writing, or research. With all that room you can have a lot of fun with multiple windows arranged just the way you […]

How to Add and Utilize Multiple Monitors in Your Windows Setup

Windows Dual Monitor

Just like a bag of chips or a piece of cake, when it comes to monitors, you can always have more. If you’re a coder, writer, or you do any kind of work that involves more than two windows, you’ll appreciate the hell out of a multi-monitor setup. For coders, you often have multiple browser […]

Top 3 Apps That Help You Discover Amazing Videos Quickly


The most surprising phenomenon of the internet generation is that we still get bored. Of course, there’s an entirely captivating world out there – but then again, you need to put pants on to go outside. The internet is an amazing all-encompassing playground. The amount of free media and knowledge available on the internet for […]

How to Get iOS Like DND (Do Not Disturb) on Android


When you’ve owned smartphones from two different platforms, you see the positive and negative sides of both. Sometimes, you wish you could bring the plus points of each together. We have already seen how we can get iOS-like notifications on our Android. The feature makes it easy for us to access and read notifications without unlocking the phone […]

How To Use Photoshop To Create a Professional-Looking Black & White Photo


If you are a fan of vintage photography, you’ll definitely like this entry. Here we will show you how to take any conventional photo and create a professional looking black & white version using Photoshop. Let’s get started. Here is the original photo we’ll be using to illustrate this example: Naturally, you must be wondering if […]

How to Hide Files Securely using a PIN on Android


Years ago I talked about an app for Android with which you can hide any files using a password. While the app delivered what it promised, it had some shortcomings; for example, there was no recovery option for file hashing. Also the app didn’t use a master password, so hiding a file required a different password each time, which […]

How to Share Files Up to 10 GB on the Web, iOS and Android with WeTransfer


If I start counting the awesome cloud based services that help me send files to my friends and family, I’ll run out of fingers in about 8 seconds. Even if you don’t know what “the cloud” is, you’ve surely used it to send/store files. But for some reason, Gmail and other email providers still limit […]

GT Answers: Should You Buy A Bluetooth Keyboard For Your iPad?

iPad Keyboard

If you already have an iPad and use it proactively, you know it’s an awesome consumer device. It’s great for reading and watching videos. But it can do more. Apple highlights all the crazy use cases in its Verse ads. But what if you’re not a marine biologist or don’t repair windmills in freezing temperatures? Is […]