Top 10 Free Archivers For Windows, Mac and Linux


No matter how powerful your computer is and how much room there is on your hard drive, be sure you still need an archiver. Because as soon as you open your email and decide to send a batch of files you’ll realize that sending them as they are will require you to attach every file […]

Clear vs Reminders: Which One is the Better iOS Task Manager?


In past entries we have already discussed the importance of task managers, which is why there exists a number of them in the App Store ready for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users to download. We’ve also reviewed a few of them and even compared one of the most popular free ones (Any.Do) to Apple’s […]

Clipboard and Keeeb: 2 Capable Web Clipping Services With Slightly Different Approaches


While now more than ever we have to be thankful for the Internet and everything good that it has to offer, sometimes the amount of information that can come across our eyes can be just overwhelming. This is especially true if you depend on it for most of your work, like most students (btw, check […]

How to Activate Flip Ahead on IE 10 For a Better Browsing Experience


Windows 8 and the metro UI is without doubt a better fit for touch screen devices. Now, when you are an user of such a device, you would want to do almost all tasks by either a swipe or a tap. Typing and clicking makes things boring, right? In the same context, why not look […]

How to Manage Your Mac’s Fonts With Font Book


Among the several different characteristics that define the Mac, fonts are perhaps one of the oldest and most differentiating ones. In fact, the Mac was the first computer with beautiful, varied fonts that were proportionally spaced and came preinstalled on every Mac as a result of Steve Jobs fondness of typography. At the time though, […] How to Create an App Password for 2-Step Verification


Yesterday we talked about activating two-step verification for your Microsoft/ account. If you have done that, it’s good because now your account is more secure. However, there’s a caveat. The problem is that if you use desktop email clients or applications to receive emails from your account, they may not function anymore. The password […]

A Review of Turbine: A Minimal iPad Email App for Regular Users

Turbine Logo

In the past few months, the number of alternative iOS email apps has steadily increased, with Mailbox and Triage as the newest releases and others, like SquareOne Mail and Mochila Mail lining up on the horizon. However, with just one exception, all of these alternative iOS email clients are (or will be) available exclusively on […]

Twitter #music: A Somewhat Flawed but Powerful iPhone Music Discovery App


Remember Ping from Apple? Me neither. But I’m sure Apple must be taking notes right now as #music from Twitter is surely being downloaded millions of times by iPhone and iPod Touch users all over. In essence, Twitter #music is a music discovery app running on the über-powerful social engine of the popular messaging service. […]

How to Activate 2-Step Verification for Microsoft or Account


I am sure most of you know about and understand what 2-step verification means. Just to give an overview, it is an extra layer of security provided by most email and social networking services. The additional code that you have to enter while logging in is what makes the protection better. And, the code is […]

How to Control Games on Windows Using Your Android Phone


Few days back we shared an Android app using which you can convert your device to a joystick and control computer games. However, many users running 64-bit Windows machines were having problems due to unsigned drivers provided by the app. To make things right, today I am going to share an amazing app for Android […]

5 Easy Ways to Force Quit Apps on Your Mac


While not a common occurrence if you have a Mac, it happens from time to time that Mac owners have to face the dreaded spinning beach-ball of death, a clear sign that one or more applications on your Mac are frozen and unresponsive. Because of this, it is always a good thing to know how […]

How to View Excel Sheets Side By Side on Different Windows in Office 2013


While working on Excel sheets data comparison counts as an important task. It takes a lot of time and effort, especially, when you do not know how to go about doing it. The most beautiful trick about comparing documents is to arrange them side by side so that they are both visible at the same […]

How to Use Your iPhone and Mac’s Webcam As Surveillance Tools With AtHome


Not long ago, acquiring and setting up a remote surveillance system at home on your own not only would have been extremely complicated, but also insanely expensive. Thankfully, with the explosion of the mobile market and, most of all, of mobile applications, it is now possible to do this with relative ease and most importantly, […]

Top 5 Sports Games for Android


I am not a sports person when it comes to the real world. But when it comes to virtual gaming, I bet you can’t beat me in the sports I like to play. There must be many like me who can’t make it to the fields. So why not bring the fields to you while […]