Google Messenger vs Other Android SMS Apps: How Does it Stack Up?


In Android 4.4 KitKat, Google removed the default Messages app. SMS and MMS would be integrated with Hangouts. Google was clearly trying to make Hangouts the iMessage of Android but from the get go, there were issues. Unlike iMessage, Hangouts would have different conversation views for SMS and IM and sometimes there was just no […]

2 Facebook Chat Apps For Mac That Actually Work

Facebook Chat Mac

Facebook is the new Orkut and Facebook Messenger is the new GTalk. It’s how most of your friends, if not you, like to communicate. A lot of people hate that Facebook Messenger on Android and iOS was split from the main app and that you can no longer use the main app to chat. I like […]

How To Record A Route Using iPhone Or Android


I was in New Delhi last month and the place I was staying was a labyrinth of old and new buildings. The paths were so narrow, a hatchback could hardly make it through (though that didn’t stop my fellow Indians with the can-do spirit). It was like walking through the old city of Lucca, sans the […]

How to Manage Permissions of Individual Apps on Android


Have you come across Android apps that ask for unnecessary permissions on your device and make you uncomfortable? A simple puzzle game on Android that needs full access to your Android’s network doesn’t make any sense… right? Well, if you are a non-rooted user, there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it. You can either choose […]

GT Explains: What Is iCloud Drive And Should You Be Using It

icloud drive

In 2009, Steve Jobs had a meeting with Dropbox CEO and offered to buy the company. Dropbox refused. Jobs, in his typical fashion later proclaimed that Dropbox was just a feature and not a product that could turn into a profitable company. In 2011, Jobs showed the world iCloud, Apple’s own take on cloud storage. […]

How Nokia’s Z Launcher Can Help You Get Things Done Faster On Android

Z Launcher

For as long as I’ve used Android, I’ve used third party launchers. From Nova to Apex to Aviate to Google’s own Now Launcher. My little geeky heart loved the process of trying new launchers, customizing them, changing fonts, icons, layouts, widgets, etc. The screenshots of some of my oldest setups still live on Dropbox (automatic […]

How To Hide Photos from WhatsApp and Gallery on Android

Hide photos

If you’re a teenager or a member of a WhatsApp group with your old mates, you know the kind of stuff that’s pushed there isn’t something you want other people to see. It’s not something you want your boss to swipe over to when you’re showing him your baby photos. So what do you do? Delete […]

Stream and Play Android Games on Your PC and Much More


Have you ever wondered how Android HD games like Asphalt and Modern Combat would look when you play them on your laptop or desktop screen? Well, if you have a rooted Android device, today is your lucky day. I am going to talk about an amazing app that lets you stream audio and video from your […]

How To Share All Your Installed Apps on Android With a Friend

Android apps

When a friend gets a new Android phone, the first thing they ask you is what apps you have installed on your phone. Then they ask you why. And you do your best to tell each of them individually about all the great apps you’re using and why they might want to use them as […]

How To Force HTML5 Videos Instead of Flash in Chrome and Firefox


It’s no secret that Steve Jobs hated Flash; he was singlehandedly responsible for its downfall. His reasons, all valid, can be read in this excellent essay. On the web, yes, Flash lost. HTML, CSS, JavaScript won. The web was no longer filled with ugly and slow splashes of Flash based websites. The web is a […]

How to Get Pie Controls on Chrome on Android Like the Old Browser

Chrome Pie

I am not sure if you are aware, but before Chrome was made the default browser of Android on Jellybean there used to be an Android browser we all loved. The best part was a hidden feature under Labs with which you could enable Pie controls on the browser and use slide gestures to perform […]

GT Explains: How Useful Are Antivirus Apps On Android And Should You Be Using Them


Antivirus apps are supposed to prevent attacks, weed out the ones that get you and stop malware and spyware attacks. On PCs, especially on Windows, this is pretty useful. On Android though, it’s a whole different story. I’ve been using Android for years now and for the most part I haven’t used an antivirus app. Why […]

How to Launch Most Used Android Apps From Notification Drawer


Sure, since storage space is less of a concern nowadays, we can load a couple dozen apps on our Android device. However, when it comes to routine usage, we don’t really access each one of them on a regular basis. Truthfully speaking, we just have a handful of apps we use daily. Wouldn’t it be […]

How To Change The System Font In Yosemite To Something More Readable

Yosemite Fonts

Along with the flamboyant looks, OS X Yosemite saw a major change in the system font. OS X switched from Lucida Grande to Helvetica Neue, the same font that’s on iOS. While Helvetica looks great on my Retina MacBook, it really wasn’t made for low-res screens. And in small type, anything less than 12 points […]