2 Android Apps to Stream YouTube Videos as Audio to Save Battery and Bandwidth


It’s been long since I have written anything and it’s sort of a comeback at Guiding Tech for me. So while deciding the topic that I should take up as my first after a long break, I thought that it’d be great to build up on one of my old articles. In the past, I […]

2 Free iOS Apps to Train Your Brain While On the Go


One of the good things about smartphones is that being always at hand you can use them for almost anything, including improving your health and your skills. In this entry we’ll take a look at a couple of really helpful and interesting iOS apps that can help you improve your brain and memory skills in […]

Launch Apps On Your Mac With Your Own, Custom Keyboard Shortcuts Using Automator


In another post recently we showed you the basics of Automator, a Mac tool for automating tasks. However, besides the basic stuff you can do with Automator, you can actually accomplish a lot more with it that might not be obvious by just following the ‘usual’ instructions. In this entry we’ll show you how to […]

How to Add Funds From Paypal to a US PlayStation Network Account (Even If Not In the U.S.)

PSN Store Paypal

If you have a PlayStation system, be it the PS3, PSP or a PS Vita and you live outside of the U.S., you can save substantially by buying your games digitally from the U.S. PlayStation store, since physical copies of them tend to be way more expensive outside of the U.S. Many gamers know this […]

How to Use Dictionary.com App in Offline Mode on Android


When it comes to online dictionaries, Dictionary.com is probably the best of the lot. But when it comes to the ones on smartphones, Dictionary.com’s app never really impressed me. It needed an internet connection to look for the definition of a word. To me, the idea of being connected to the internet to just look up the […]

Mail Pilot: A New Task-Based Email App For Mac Users


Managing your email messages as if they were tasks is not a new concept for any iOS device owner. However, on the Mac email clients have kept a traditional approach. For example, we have already taken a look at Airmail which is an excellent alternative email client for the Mac, and we have also shared […]

15 Amazing Wallpapers For Star Wars Fans


Star Wars fan, anyone? I am sure it’d be hard to say no to that for anyone who has watched the series. And you are one of them, you’ll love these wallpapers too. These are high definition shots related to Star Wars – some of these are complete CGI while others are actual shots from […]

Learn Mac’s Automator Basics With This Simple File-Renaming Workflow


For those Mac users who might not know, Automator is Apple’s automation tool included on every Mac with OS X. This tool enables Mac users to easily automate tasks without needing to have any programming skills. In fact, if you learn how to use Automator, you can end up saving an incredible amount of time, […]

3 Brilliant Mac Calculator Features That’ll Surprise You


I don’t know about you, but I do calculations on my Mac every day, several times a day. Because of that, I spent a good deal of time looking for a capable calculator app that could offer what I needed. After checking out several of them, though, I realized that Apple’s own calculator app is […]

How to Enable Guest Browsing Mode With Shortcut in Google Chrome


The Chrome browser has a way to add different user profiles. This enables an easy switch between one set of history records, cookies, and bookmarks to another. One pre-made user account is for guests in specific. The guest account keeps no record of history or other personal data. Whether you’re looking for a completely incognito […]

2 Useful OneNote Integration Extensions For Better Productivity


Microsoft’s OneNote is an interesting and feature-rich note-taking application from the Redmond giant. You can draw on the page, insert images and files, and paste text and links among other things. While it’s very robust, it can still take up useful time if you’re not automating some of these tasks. We’ll be looking at two methods […]

Time Planner & Begin: 2 Unique and Effective Free Task Managers for iPhone


Task managers used to be something pretty straightforward in the past. However, since smartphones and tablets became a thing, you can find a simply astounding variety of them, each with its own unique approach to how you should manage your everyday tasks. In past entries we have already mentioned a couple of them, including Apple’s […]

3 Mac Spotlight Tips to Use it More Easily and Efficiently

Spotlight Tips

For Mac users Spotlight is easily one of the most useful tools that we can have at our disposal. Ever since its inclusion in 2005, this blend of search and launcher has become indispensable. So much so in fact, that there are other apps for the Mac that try to replace it, and it is […]

How To Upgrade Router Firmware (DD-WRT)


Firmware upgrades can provide tons of new features and improvements to a router’s default setup. Whether it be scheduled reboots, MAC filtering, URL blocking, or port forwarding, some routers don’t provide some of these seemingly basic features. Other times, advanced features are only available with a third party firmware upgrade. We’re going to look at […]