How To Improve iOS 7 Performance On iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S


Without a doubt, one of the most significant changes Apple made to the iPhone in the past years was the introduction of the radically new iOS 7, which brought a fresh, modern look to iOS devices. However, in the case of the iPhone, if you have an iPhone model that is older than the iPhone […]

How to Create Your Own Custom Windows 8 Theme


A theme is a collection of customizations that pertain to Windows as a whole. For example, changing system sounds away from the default or adding unique images as the desktop wallpaper results in a custom theme. You can then save this theme or share it with others. Changes to a theme involve the desktop background, […]

Top 8 New Windows 8.1 Productivity Tips and Features


Windows 8.1 fixed issues and included features that the previous version didn’t contain. That means you can get work done more productively on Windows 8.1 than on Windows 8. We’ll look at some nice tips in this article that are useful for everyday use. Some new features are those that aren’t easily recognizable at first, […]

Airmail: A Flexible Mac Email Client That Works As a Great Alternative to Apple Mail


Since Sparrow was acquired by Google, the fate of both the excellent desktop and iOS mail apps from the developer was uncertain. In fact, besides a few, inconsequential updates, the apps have remained the same, which really casts a doubt over their futures. With Sparrow for Mac almost guaranteed to not receive further updates, Airmail, […]

GT Explains: What Are SkyDrive Smart Files in Windows 8.1 and Should You Use it?


Smart files enable a method of viewing SkyDrive files without the trouble of having them use up space on a local disk. So if you set up SkyDrive in Windows 8.1, you can view photos and documents without having them actually stored locally. View and open any file you want to see and they will automatically […]

How to Reject Calls With a Text and Change the Default Texts in WP8


No news is not usually good news. Almost always we expect responses to phone calls and messages from the people we are trying to reach. And, when we don’t get one, we are left wondering about their status. When you’re too busy to take a call the best way to avoid getting the same call […]

How to Slim Down Your iWork Keynote Presentations Using Icon Fonts


If you create presentations even with some frequency, then you must know that one of the primary concerns when creating one is to find just the right kind of icons and graphics to use on them. Ideally, your graphics or other images for presentations should be large and come with transparent backgrounds to provide maximum […]

2 Great Template Chooser Features of Pages on Mac


In past entries, we have discussed the basics of Apple’s iWork suite of apps, as well as given you a series of different tips for each of them. This time though, instead of giving you a couple of tips, we’ll show you two features hidden in plain sight that are available in Apple’s Pages that […]

6 Best iOS Productivity Apps Improved and Updated For iOS 7


With iOS 7, Apple imposed a new design language for all app developers. With it, Apple encourages minimal design, flat icons, layouts and more. However, not all apps have been updated, and many of the ones that haven’t either crash or fail to take advantage of all the new features that iOS 7 has to […]

How to Change the Default Image Paste And Insert Option in Word


Calling ‘copy-paste’ an integral part of out lives won’t be an exaggeration, would it? Most of us would agree that we do it very frequently each day, usually on multiple devices. And almost all of that is done in the most basic way: copy text and paste it where needed. When it comes to images, […]

How to Shutdown, Restart, or Log off Windows Using Keyboard Shortcuts


I often restart my computer to complete software installations or Windows updates. It’s not normally a hassle to open the start menu and choose to restart, but there is a much simpler way to do so. We’ve looked at the native Windows 8 shortcuts as well as those found in Windows 7. However, we can […]

How to Share Encrypted Files Between iPhone and Browser With Bitdrop


As smartphones increase in popularity, the demand for more security when sharing files and information has also gone up considerably. In past entries, we have already mentioned alternatives for iPhone users to sync files with other devices securely, but these usually required you to host a folder on your computer or to go through a […]

How to Sync Windows Libraries Between Multiple PCs with SkyDrive


Windows has a collection of folders called libraries that contain documents, music, pictures, and videos with respective names. Normally, we save files here and can only retrieve them by opening the proper folder on the same computer that saved them. While this is normally the intent, what if you often use another computer but still […]

How to Use Exception Conditions in Outlook to Create Negative Emails Rules


We have talked about outlook rules in a number of posts. Some of those tips help you organize your mails better. However, you must have seen one thing in common: We generally skip the exception condition and leave it for you to decide if you really need to add any. Today we are set to […]