How to Clean Up Junk From SD Card on Your Android with SD Maid


Most of the apps you install on your Android use the SD card to store them, along with their data. As long as you use the app these files are very important for its functionality. However, when you uninstall them, most of the times these dependent data files are not deleted from your SD card […]

How to Use Android as Multi-Touch Mouse and Speech to Text Converter


In the past, we have already talked about an app called gPad using which you can use your Android as a touchpad mouse, keyboard and remote control for various applications that are installed on your computer. Today we’ll take up a similar app that has some different and interesting features: If your laptop’s touchpad hardware […]

How to Add Subtitles to PS3 Videos and Make PS3 Read .SRT Files

Put Subs On PS3

Have you ever tried to play a foreign movie on your PS3 from a USB drive only to realize that there are no subtitles available? Don’t worry, this is a common problem that PS3 owners face due to the complete inability of the PS3 to read .SRT subtitle files. If you happen to have a […]

Review of Speed Test for iPhone: Download, Upload Speed Test and More

Speed Test Review

Sometimes, some of the best and most useful apps are the ones that we take for granted but that are so essential that we use them everyday. For me, this is the case of Speed Test, a simple, yet very powerful app that allows users to measure the speed of their internet connections. The app […]

How to Speed Up Windows 7 Folder Loading Time


Many people complain that folders take a lot of time to load in Windows 7 (sometimes even more than 10 seconds), especially when the folder size is huge. Now, the question here is, is Windows 7 slow or is it the way you maintain your computer? There is no solid answer to this. However, there […]

How to Upload New Facebook Profile Pic From Android and iPhone


The Facebook app for Android and iOS has evolved considerably in the last few months. In the last update both got an overall user interface design while the one before allowed users to upload photos to specific albums instead of just uploading it on the wall. One thing that’s still missing is the feature to […]

Stream Media From Your Mac or PC to Your iOS Device With QuikIO

Stream Media to iOS

Usually, when iOS users want to stream their media files (songs, movies and photos) to their other devices, Apple TV tends to be the most common choice. However, when it comes to streaming content from your computer to your iPhone, iPad or other iOS device, things tend to be a bit trickier. Thanks to QuikIO, […]

How to Use PowerPoint, Word, Excel on iPhone With CloudOn

Office on iPhone

For many people, one of the most important features that an iPhone and other iOS devices still lacks is native support for Office documents, namely, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Surprisingly, Microsoft has announced that it will bring the popular productivity suite to iOS devices sometime next year. However, there are a few excellent alternatives in […]

How to Download and Install Custom PS3 Themes

Custom PS3 Theme

When it comes to my PS3, personalization is the name of the game. I like to customize its appearance as much as possible with custom themes that reflect what I like and that set apart my PS3′s home screen from the rest. Let’s take a look at two different ways in which you can install […]

Solving Wi-Fi Problems On Your iPhone/iPad With iOS 6

iOS WiFi Issues

With the release of iOS 6, Apple brought a series of features to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that many users were looking forward to. However, it also brought along a few issues, like the complete removal of Google Maps (Which thankfully are back. Here are some tips for making the most out of […]

Squarespace Note: A Unique iOS App to Quickly Send Notes to Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Email and More

Squarespace Note

Note-taking apps on the App Store are as varied as they are abundant, yet it is not easy to find one that is both original and useful. This is exactly what Squarespace Note is though. An app developed by the popular blogging and portfolio hosting service that allows you to send notes on the fly […]

Handcent SMS vs Go SMS Pro for Android: How Do They Compare?


There are many SMS management apps available for Android but when it comes to the best two to choose from, it’s always a fight between Handcent and Go SMS Pro. Both Handcent and Go SMS Pro are powerful SMS tools for Android and have a lot in common. But there are differences too as you […]

How to Edit and Compress Videos on Windows 8 RT Devices Using Cinelab


As you all probably know, since Windows 8 RT users cannot install and use desktop apps, one cannot use Windows Movie Maker for quick video editing tasks on Windows 8 RT devices. If you are a Windows 8 RT User and are looking for a way to edit and compress your videos, Cinelab is the […]

Control uTorrent on Your Mac Remotely From Your iPhone (No Jailbreak Required)

uTorrent iPhone

For any user who has tinkered even a bit with their iPhone and who knows how to use a torrent client like uTorrent, it will come as no surprise to know that Apple simply does not allow native torrent apps in the App Store due to security and piracy concerns. Android users do have these […]