5 Ways to Make Sure You Never Miss a Call On Android

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A lot of guides on the internet are about avoiding things. How to be anonymous on the internet, how to use X thing to make your life easier or how to use Y tool to get out of doing the boring Z stuff. Today, we turn the internet on your face. It’s avoiding important things […]

How to Get Facebook, Twitter and Instagram In One App on iPhone

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Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the default social networks for Millennials. You might use one more than the other or prefer a network for a specific form of media but most of us wind up using three different apps for browsing these three social networks. Cool Tip: If you’re looking to see how to to […]

6 Power Tips To Get The Most Out Of Aviate Launcher in Android


After spending a better part of a year in beta, Aviate is finally ready to take off the training wheels. It is now available to download for free across the globe from the Google Play Store. If you follow the tech blogosphere, you must have read about Aviate, the contextual information homescreen that moulds itself […]

How To Get Android L’s Heads Up Notifications On Any Android 4.3+ Device

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One of the most impressive parts of Android L demos in Google I/O 2014 was the notifications overhaul. Everything from the design change in the notification drawer to lockscreen notifications was interesting. One change that stood out was the heads up notifications feature, where a notification floats on top of the everything else and you can […]

How To Get Android L’s Keyboard, Fonts, Wallpapers and Boot Animation On Any Android 4.0+ Device

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Google finally took the covers off of Android L in 2014’s Google I/O keynote. Unlike past Android releases, L is only available as a Developer Preview on Nexus 5 and 7. The public release will come in fall of this year. The biggest change in Android L is a visual one. Google is calling its […]

Top 7 Simple Health and Fitness Tips For Busy People

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Last couple of decades saw an exponential grown in the field of science and technology. Manual labor jobs turned into sitting-in-a-chair-all-day white collar job. We stopped making our own food and started buying it preprocessed. Because it was easier. It had chemicals, wasn’t really natural but we didn’t care. The advent of the internet allowed […]

How To Give Your Old, Vintage Photos a New Life With iPhoto for Mac


Like most of us, perhaps you also have a bunch of old photos that you really like and that you don’t want to see spoiled by time. However, since there’s usually just a single copy of those photos, scanning them is a good idea if you want to truly preserve them. The problem is, a […]

How To Quickly Install Apps In Windows Via The Command Prompt

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Linux has a thing called Package Manager. It basically means that you can install any listed software package on your Linux system just by writing one line of text in the Terminal. That one line (that’s usually just one command and the app’s name) will look for the latest version of the app, download it […]

How to Run Websites as Standalone Apps in Mac

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Chances are, you have more than one email account. One for personal use and one for work. If you live in the age of the internet, you’ve also got access to your company’s social media profiles. And you just can’t make the mistake of mixing them up with your personal ones. What do you do? […]

Office Lens: The Best Windows Phone OCR App to Scan Documents

Office Lens

There’s no shortage of scanner apps in this world. And they keep getting better with each update. CamScanner takes the lead with its intelligent scanning features and its support for Google Drive and other cloud storage services. The app is available for Windows Phone but it is limited compared to its Android or iOS counterparts. For […]

The Best (and Free) Way To Easily Share To-Do Lists


For a lot of people, collaboration is the key to a smooth life. It can be with your business partner who’s sitting in a different continent or just you sharing the grocery list with your significant other. When it comes to work-related collaboration, there are tools galore. But something as simple as quickly sharing a grocery list […]

2 Free Online Tools To Convert, Compress and Merge PDFs


Adobe PDF was developed in the early 1990s and if you ask me, that is where it belongs. Unlike other file and text sharing formats like HTML, ePub and Markdown, it is heavy, rigid and most importantly, not open-source. As much as I’d like to see the death of PDF, it is still useful (and […]

4 Useful Google Drive Tips For Saving, Hosting and Editing Images


Google Drive is steadily becoming the hub for our digital lives. A lot of users have taken up Google Docs and Sheets as a total replacement for Word and Excel and the number only keeps going up. Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage, compared to 2 GB on Dropbox. All that storage can […]

How To Backup And Restore Apps With Data On iOS Without iTunes


iTunes allows you to back up and restore apps along with all the data as and when you wish. But if you’ve ever used iTunes to sync data to and from your iPhone, you know it’s not the best experience you could have. Apple has hammered this idea into our brains that we absolutely need iTunes […]