How To Manage, Delete Files And Reset Windows Phone 8.1 Device

Windows Phone Files

Thanks to the ever increasing content available at our fingertips, managing it on our cell phones is getting harder and harder. If you own a Windows Phone 8.1 device, something like Lumia 630 that only has 8 GB of internal storage, it can fill up pretty fast. Thankfully you’ve got that 32 GB SD card […]

8 Power Features of CyanogenMod 11 You Might Not Know About

CM Styles Settings

In the custom ROM world, the name CyanogenMod derives a lot of respect and admiration. Unlike the more flashier ROMs like Paranoid Android and MIUI, CM has always been the quieter, more focused cousin. What it compromises in terms of over the top features, it gains in solid reliability and less but important functionality. When CyanogenMod […]

2 Best Ways To Manage Clipboard On Android

Copy Bubble

For a lot of us, Android phones are our lives. We try to do everything on it. We chat, share, post, click and sometimes even manage to get some work done. Most of what we do on Android is in some way or the other related to text. If you find yourself copy pasting a […]

Top 3 Reasons to Try Out Beats Music Now

(CC) BrianSolis.

One day Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, co-founders of Beats Electronics, said “Let there be classy headphones”, and so the prolific Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Headphones were born. Soon after, these audio industry tycoons thought, “If only there were a smart music app that really responded to individual taste.” And presto, Beats Music was introduced into […]

How To Turn YouTube Into A Streaming Audio Music Player On iPhone

Tuner For Youtube Music

There are many ways to get your streaming music fix on the go. Spotify, iTunes Radio and Pandora come to mind. But sadly they are not available in every country and while you can tip toe across that limitation, the free mobile apps are incredibly limited. If you look around, you’ll find a lot of people using […]

Top 2 Ways to Know for Sure If Your Email Was Read

Read email

We send dozens of emails everyday. It can be to our family members or our teammates. You might even be running a newsletter out of your Gmail account. If you fancy playing NSA-NSA or are the paranoid kind that needs to know everything that’s going on around him, you might be looking for a way […]

Top Google Drive Keyboard Shortcuts to Increase Productivity

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re reading this, you probably know how to manipulate your way across the internet and how to use the basic shortcuts. We’re all familiar with the Ctrl + As and Ctrl + Zs of the world. But as always, there is a far deeper and relatively unknown part of this keyboard shortcut game. We […]

The Best Themes to Use With CyanogenMod’s New Theme Engine


CyanogenMod did something great for Android enthusiasts recently. It wasn’t a performance boosting update or a security overhaul. Instead, it was a simple theming engine. If you run a custom ROM then you must have tried installing a theme. I’ve tried it countless times in the past 3 years but I just couldn’t stand them. […]

A Review of the New YouTube Creator Studio Android App

Video camera

Aimed at YouTube channel managers, YouTube Creator Studio is a great app, which allows them to check out the way their channels are behaving on the go and with ease. If you’re managing a (fairly successful) YouTube channel, you always need to know how your videos are performing, so you can make quick decisions on […]

Top 8 Cool Gestures And Actions You Can Do With Activator Jailbreak Tweak

Activator header

If you have a jailbroken iOS 7 device, there’s a lot of awesome stuff you can do with it. You can improve core functionality, solve annoying problems, change the looks etc. But all of them require you to install tweaks and apps. Activator is a tweak that comes preloaded with every successful jailbreak and Cydia […]

3 Fun And Convenient iPhone Apps To Enjoy the 4th Of July


The fourth of July is a special date for the U.S., and is all about having fun while commemorating the founding fathers. Of course, the app world is not exempt from the celebrations, so if you have an iPhone, these following apps are not only free, but can actually make your independence day celebrations far more enjoyable. […]

How To Search In Evernote Like A Pro

Evernote Search

If you are an Evernote power user then you don’t have dozens of notes… you have a couple hundred of them. We don’t blame you. Evernote is an awesome place to save, archive and organize every important detail of your life. Evernote will take in text, web pages, PDFs, images and a lot more. Evernote […]

3 Great iPhone Apps To Protect Your Privacy and Important Data


Nowadays, iPhone (and smartphone owners in general) are more connected than ever. While this is definitely convenient, sometimes (if you work with the NSA, feel free to replace the word with “all the time”) your information or communication could end up in the wrong hands. Because of this, it is important to always have alternatives […]

5 Ways to Make Sure You Never Miss a Call On Android

Pick Up 1

A lot of guides on the internet are about avoiding things. How to be anonymous on the internet, how to use X thing to make your life easier or how to use Y tool to get out of doing the boring Z stuff. Today, we turn the internet on your face. It’s avoiding important things […]