How to Use Gmail Filters Like a Pro For Reducing Email Stress


Every morning you wake up and most times, even before you think about brushing your teeth, you start checking your phone. And lo and behold, your Gmail account is flooded with dozens of mails that may or may not require your attention. Sure, you can always check those later, but the mails keep piling on […]

GT Explains: What is New About Mission Control in OS X El Capitan


Apple has touted a redesigned and reimagined Mission Control feature in the newest release of OS X, El Capitan coming out for the public in the fall of 2015. But upon first glance, it doesn’t even seem like there’s much different from Mission Control in earlier version of OS X. So what gives? It’s actually […]

How to Use PSM+ on Your PS Vita and Obtain a PSM Developer License (Even if You are Not a Developer)


If you have read our various posts on tweaking and hacking your PS Vita, then you know that the first native hack is finally a possibility on the system thanks to a vulnerability on the PSM Dev and PSM Unity apps that were available until not too long ago. However, to be able to use […]

The Complete Guide to Flashing or Switching to a Different ROM Using TWRP

Flashing ROM header

It’s awesome that you decided to finally root your Android phone. It’s going to unlock so many super powers. While you don’t need to, the biggest motivation for rooting a phone is, of course, to flash a custom ROM. This can be either CyanogenMod or just the stock AOSP ROM for your device. Of course, […]

How to Transfer Ownership of a Document in Google Drive

Google Drive Transfer

Google Drive is one of the most popular online document suite. We use it here at Guiding Tech for management purposes. It’s free, it’s backed by Google’s cloud prowess and it’s more stable any other online productivity suite. It won’t be a stretch to say that you use Docs, Sheets and Slides for personal or […]

How to Completely Disable Windows Defender in Windows 10


Windows Defender is the default anti-malware software that is shipped with Windows 10 and is nothing new. We have seen it since the days of Windows 7. Windows have integrated Microsoft Security Essentials to Windows Defender in order to safeguard your computer against malicious files. The software is good, but only for basic needs. Also it doesn’t […]

How to Fix Your Mac Not Sleeping When You Close the Lid


Is your Mac experiencing an extended sugar rush? You might notice that it’s suddenly not going to sleep when you close the lid. The Apple logo on your MacBook continues to glow and you can see light leak from underneath the lid to indicate that the display is still on. There are a number of […]

How to Improve Lock Screen Notification Experience in Android Lollipop

lockscreen lock

Android Lollipop brought us Material Design, smooth scrolling and generally a prettier UI. But it took away some things as well. The most visible changes were to the lock screen. Notifications came to the lock screen – finally. But we had to say goodbye to lock screen widgets. Apps like DashClock and others made widgets in […]

How to Create a Recovery Drive in Windows 10 and Why Would One Want to


Imagine a situation when you wake up one fine morning only to realize that your computer just won’t boot. It might be a system error or corrupt files. Just one of those days when your computer needs a little pampering from you. If you have a recovery drive on your PC which was created by the OEM, it’s […]

Skitch vs Pinpoint vs Annotate: Which is the Best Annotation Tool for iOS?

Annotation header

As a technology writer, I need to annotate screenshots a lot. When it comes to articles, I usually do them on my Mac. I was using Skitch but I’ve had enough of the bugs so lately I’m trying Annotate for Mac (I also have my eye on Napkin). But there’s also a clear advantage of […]

How to Use Activity Monitor to Optimize Your Mac’s Performance and Energy Consumption


When using your Mac, sometimes you might have ran into slowdowns or overheating all of a sudden. Most of the time, we consider this something ‘inevitable’ and proceed to restart our Macs or wait for a while until everything gets back to normal. However, if you take some time to look at what is going on […]

How to Install and Run Any App Without Worrying About Detection of Root Access


We have always talked good things when it comes to rooting of an Android phone. Without any second thoughts, I can say that an Android user with a rooted phone gets more done from his device when compared to the same phone without root access. However, with the power of complete control over your device, there’s […]

How to Automate Typing Common Phrases and Text on Windows


Many moons ago, we had written about PhraseExpress. Things were a lot different then and The Stream wasn’t really a thing. Things in the digital world have changed quite drastically since, although the software itself has not gone through major changes. There are improvements though and some continuing issues that make it not so nice […]

How to Plan Social Events with Microsoft’s New App Tossup


Microsoft released an app recently called Tossup, which aims to simplify the process of making plans with friends. It’s free and only takes a few taps to sign up and get going, but whether it’s worth your time still remains a question. How exactly does Tossup go about helping you to make plans? Is it […]