How To Easily Create GIFs from Video Files on Mac


There are lots of ways to make a GIF these days. You can use something as complicated as Photoshop or as simple as a web app. And of course, there are iPhone and Android apps for it. But what about Mac? What if you have a video file of a screen recording or of your niece […]

Soulver for iOS Review: Visual Calculation is a Thing

I come from an Accounting background. I did my Bachelor’s in Commerce. I currently write about technology on the web. Yet somehow, I suck at math. Fortunately, calculators are always there to help you. But here’s the thing – you need to tell this to the education system. Just handing out calculators doesn’t help. You […]

How to Add TextExpander Snippets and Sync with Dropbox


TextExpander is a utility that expands snippets of text to phrases or sentences on the fly. Think of it like shortcuts for your text. If your work requires you to type the same thing over and over again, TextExpander snippets will make things a lot easier. Yes, you can simply copy and paste, but that way […]

GT Explains: Difference between WEP, WPA and WPA2 and Which is Most Secure

WiFi Security

The first rule of Wi-Fi networking is you don’t leave your network unprotected. The second rule of Wi-Fi networking is you don’t connect to unprotected Wi-Fi (not without a VPN at least). And yes, feel free to talk about this one. WEP, WPA, and WPA2 are three different kinds of security protocols. When you set […]

3 Useful Ways to Access Google Keep on iOS


I frequently change between Android and iOS to maintain familiarity with both platforms (and because my job requires me to). Last time I was using Android, I started using Google Keep as a minimalistic alternative to Evernote. All I wanted was an easy, free interface with unlimited note taking and Keep fulfilled my requirements. However, when […]

How To Back Up Android App Data Using Helium via Mac (Without Root)


It used to be that you needed to be rooted to back up your precious app data. This could be for a high score in a game or the thousands of SMS you’ve sent and received during the past year. But those days are long gone. We’ve been able to take app data backups via a […]

How to Make Facebook on Android Open Links in Chrome or Javelin


The recently updated Facebook app added an in-app browser. All the links clicked from Facebook will now open inside the app instead of Chrome. Yay, more personal tracking data for Facebook. Who do they think you are? An iOS user? Blatant egotism aside, this move by Facebook has some pros and cons. The good thing […]

Top 5 System and Data Monitoring Widgets for iOS 8


Android embraces the data nerd in you with open arms. iOS though, not so much. You don’t know how much free RAM the phone has, how long till the phone’s battery runs out, how much data your phone has used since your last billing cycle, nothing. Of course, there have been apps that solve these […]

How To Transfer Files Between Two or More Androids Wirelessly


I’m sure you’ve been there. You have an Android phone, all your friends have Android phones and all you want to do is exchange files, movies, music, and maybe even apps. Small files can be sent over Bluetooth, sure, if you want to send them one by one. But what if you want to send […]

GT Explains: Does Windows Really Delete a File When You Press Delete?

File Delete

Ever wondered why you can recover files that are deleted? It’s a scary thought, isn’t it. Well, either scary or useful depending on your situation. But the fact that deleted files, even ones you’ve emptied from the Recycle Bin, can be recovered, means that there’s some sort of caveat to this whole file deletion process. […]

7 Really Cool Chrome for Android Features You Probably Don’t Know About

Chrome app

Chrome for Android is pretty good straight out of the box. It syncs with your desktop, remembers your history, login passwords, and if you’re using a newer device the experience is pretty smooth. But just like Chrome on the desktop, there’s a lot more here than what meets the eye. Read on to find out […]

How To Quickly and Easily Send Group Text Messages on iPhone

Group Chat

If you’re a heavy texter, you probably send group texts/MMS as well. Creating a group with a handful people is no big deal. But if you want to send a bulk text to 50 people at once, typing their names, searching for contacts and adding them can be a chore. There’s no easy way to do […]

How to Access Bookmarks and Extensions in Chrome With Keyboard Shortcuts and Trackpad Gestures


Bookmarklets and extensions are incredibly useful. Extensions like Evernote’s web clipper, AdBlock, and Pushbullet go a long way in improving your productivity. Bookmarklets are getting a bit old but you can’t doubt the usefulness of the lightweight JavaScript webpages that do one thing, and one thing well. For example, bookmarklets from Readability and Instapaper that convert a cluttered […]

A Smart Way to Clear Recent Apps for Android Xposed Devices


The debate on whether one should use a task killer on an Android smartphone is a never-ending topic. While the gurus who understand the entire ecosystem of an Android device suggest to avoid force closing the apps abruptly, most of the normal end users who use an entry level Android device with not much processing […]