How To Enable Handoff and AirDrop on Older Macs That Are Not Supported


With the simultaneous release of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, Apple delivered some of the coolest features it’s had in a while: Handoff and AirDrop. With these, if you have both an iOS device and a Mac, you can have them communicate with each other more than ever before. For example, this allows you […]

How to Auto-Unlock Your Android When at Home or in Car


Keeping a secure lock on our smartphones and tablets is a necessary evil. While no one wants unauthorized intrusions on their gadgets, unlocking a device every time you want to do something can be a real challenge. According to a study it’s found that on average, a normal smartphone user unlocks his device as much as 110 […]

How To Get Song Lyrics in Notification Center in iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite


The Notification Center’s Today view is the new Dashboard. It started with iOS 7 and made its way over to Yosemite. We’ve told you what widgets in iOS 8 are and how they work. It’s the same story on Yosemite. Dashboard widgets on OS X used to be (and for some, still are) a way […]

How to Save Android Game Data Files to External SD Card (Root Required)


When buying an Android device, if we are getting an external SD card mount facility to hold 32 or more gigs of data, we don’t even look at the internal storage. Well why would you? You can save all your music and videos onto your external SD card and save the internal SD card space […]

GT Explains: What Is Encryption In Android And How To Enable It

Encrypt Android

From malware apps to the NSA to Google itself, it seems like everyone wants to get your private data. And that doesn’t even include someone just getting physical access to your phone. Security experts usually say that given the current snooping technologies there’s not much you can do to hide your data from people who […]

How To Make Your Rooted Android 4.0+ Phone Look Like Android Lollipop

lollipop header

So Android L 5.0 is officially called Lollipop. That’s not the name I would have picked but then again, I don’t work for Google. Thankfully, there’s a lot to look forward to in Lollipop. Including a whole new design language, much faster performance, and the promise of smooth scrolling (finally). But this is Android. Lollipop […]

How To Make And Receive Calls And SMS From Mac Via iPhone

Answering calls

It’s amazing how a couple of years ago all of us condemned phone calls and SMS. The internet was going to be the future of communication. IM and Skype calls would reign forevermore. But just like everything else on the internet, we grossly overestimated its ability. Also, technology is cyclic. In 2005, I hated getting […]

Top 7 Tips and Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Safari 8.0 In OS X Yosemite


Chrome is the best desktop browser out there, there’s no denying that. The amount of features, extensions, and now Chrome apps certainly make it a must-have. But in my experience I’ve found Chrome to be both a memory and a battery hog. Safari is surely light on the features, and while it has some great productivity extensions, […]

5 Ways to Tone Down OS X Yosemite’s Bright and Flamboyant Looks

Dark Mode

By now you know Yosemite has a whole new look. It looks great on a Retina display, and looks OK on a non-Retina one. Much like iOS 7, Yosemite’s redesign is bright, white and lively. But thankfully, this time Apple did not go as far as iOS 7. You’ll still find shadows, contrast and the […]

How to Get the New Gmail 5.0 Material Design on Android Kitkat

Gmail 5.0

One of the things I love about iOS is its updates. Unlike Android, when Apple has one, it’s across all of its most recent devices. For the not so lucky Android users, it can be months of wait. Most of the time, they have to just live with the older versions. But what’s good is, […]

GT Explains: What Is Encryption in iOS 8 And Why Use it


iOS 8’s encryption is beautiful. I know that’s not the word you’d usually use to describe such an uninspiring process. But this is something Apple is good at. Making things simple and making them work. Like Apple Pay for example. The reason iOS 8’s encryption is so beautiful is because it works in the background […]

Top 5 Dead Simple Video Calling Apps for iOS and Android

Skype Qik

Video calling apps are hard to do right. The unreliability of Skype after Microsoft acquired it and made it non-P2P tells the story. Just the act of sending video and audio over the internet takes a lot of bandwidth. Which is why you always experience call drops, lag, and sometimes complete and utter distortion. Is […]

PhotoMath Review: A Flawed But Promising Way to Solve Math Equations With Your iPhone’s Camera


With all the apps available for iOS devices on the App Store, there is always a chance you will find something that will truly surprise you. However, few apps can be as impressive as those that make good use of augmented reality, allowing you to use your device to interact with the world around you. […]

Monitor Battery Life Status Across Devices From One Android


If you have multiple devices, like a smartphone and a tablet, it might be difficult to keep track of certain aspects of them. Battery, for instance. There could be a scenario where you are tethering your Android’s 4G to your tablet. Every now and then you might be interested in the amount of battery left on […]