Is Chrome’s Incognito Mode Really Private? 4 Things to Know About it

Incognito header

Many internet users think that incognito mode in Google Chrome is like a magical cloak that will instantly gives them internet privacy. That’s just not true. Incognito mode gets a bad rep. Some say it’s only used to hide “indecent” behavior. But there are legitimate uses for it. What is incognito mode? Just how “private” […]

How To Use Find And Replace In Chrome, Firefox And Google Docs

Find and replace

Who uses text editors anymore? Coders, yes (and maybe Markdown fanatics like myself). But unless you work in an office environment, a majority of your writing now takes place online; most likely in Google Docs or the WordPress editor. Writing online is great. It takes the biggest problem – saving and syncing data – totally out of the […]

How To Use iOS 8’s Touch ID-Enabled Apps and Extensions To Work Faster With iPhone


By now, everyone who is familiar with the iPhone knows about Touch ID. This fingerprint identity sensor is definitely one of Apple’s most clever ideas. However, before iOS 8, Touch ID’s scope was very limited, working only to let you authenticate yourself when unlocking your iPhone 5S and to authorize purchases on the App Store with […]

5 Great Android Keyboard Apps to Add Extra Rows of Numbers or Arrows

Hacker's Keyboard

You’re carrying a ginormous 5.7 inch phablet or a 7-10 inch tablet and you get the same keys as a 4.7 inch Android phone. How is that fair? You have all that extra room. Think of all the awesome stuff you could fit in there. Like an extra row of numeric keys, arrow keys for […]

How To Easily Translate Web Pages And Text On iPhone In iOS 8


Blame it on the breakneck development speed of mobile software or an obliviousness to the rest, but iOS doesn’t support nearly as many languages as it should. While everyone is expected to know a little bit of English to live a good life in this connected world, you need on-the-fly translation every now and then. […]

How to Easily Track TV Show Episodes from Your iPhone


I am very particular about the shows I follow on TV and I just can’t afford to ruin a whole week of anticipation with a spoiler update on Facebook. And for the same reason, while I was using an Android I had a dedicated app to track and remind me of my shows. SeriesGuide is […]

How to Securely Lock Apps and Photos on Android with Droid Protector


Be it your toddler who accidentally bought some of the paid apps from store, or your brother and sister who always try to sneak into your phone’s album. You can no longer leave your precious privacy to just one lockscreen that grants access to your entire smartphone. We have seen apps for droid that can lock certain applications on your Android. There are […]

GT Explains: What Are Manual Camera Controls In iOS 8

iPhone camera

The iOS camera app is the most simplistic one out there. A toggle for the front facing camera, an HDR button, flash, and the shutter button. The only control you have is tap-to-focus. All the processing from the auto-focus and exposure takes place behind the scenes and you have no control over the exact specifics. You just […]

Top 2 Free Teleprompter Apps For iPad


Did you know you could use your iPad as a productivity device? That it’s not just for entertainment and reading? You did? Oh. You must be  a Guiding Tech subscriber then. All kidding aside, even 4 years after its release, the “iPad is a luxury device” thinking just won’t go way. Sure it’s not as productive […]

How to Organize Your Cloud Storage With Unclouded for Android


Gone are the days when we just had 2 GB of free storage in our cloud storage account. With the recent war between cloud giants, prices have dropped drastically and expanding your disk space on the cloud is now cheaper than expanding storage on an iPhone or Android. However, with so much space to spare, we tend […]

How To Personalize A Colorful Custom Keyboard For iPhone And iPad On iOS 8

Kiwi App

Apple, for the first time ever, has allowed third party keyboards in the App Store. And we’ve seen the major Android keyboard apps make the jump on the first day. Apps like SwiftKey, Swype, and Fleksy are already available. Then there are fun keyboards related to emojis or GIFs. You’ll also find serious productivity based […]

Top 5 Tips To Find The Best Android Apps On Sale Using AppSales


Just like happiness, a lot of Android apps come free. But just like life, there are some things that do not. For those apps that aren’t free, we look to sales and price drops. Today we’ll look at the best way to find these free/discounted apps and sort through the general hogwash. How AppSales Works […]

How To Share Photos, Videos, Voice Messages, and Location In iOS 8 Messages App


SMS is expensive, old school, and text based. If it weren’t for the carriers, SMS would have been outdated a long time ago. This is one of the few instances where the US is behind the rest of the world. Countries in Europe and Asia have already embraced IM chat clients like WhatsApp and Line as their […]

The Ultimate Guide To Streaming Movies And TV Shows From PC To Android

Streaming Video

Android phones and tablets now have great screens, which makes them so much better for consuming media when you’re lying in bed. Some places just aren’t suitable for your big fat laptop. But in this wonderful world of seamless internet streaming, who wants to attach a cord to their PC and transfer files manually? If your entire video […]