Top 5 Cloud Torrent Services to Download Torrents Online


There has been lot happening in the torrent scene in the last few months. With the (brief) closure of PirateBay, the shutdown of a popular TV show aggregator, and more ISP’s around the world being ordered to block anything related to torrents, downloading through torrents is scrutinized and often associated with piracy. If you are lucky […]

Evernote vs OneNote: The Battle for Note Taking Domination

onenote vs evernote

Over the past year, Microsoft has been consciously unbundling OneNote from their Office Suite. Now, it’s a completely standalone service backed by OneDrive and available on all major platforms – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and of course, the web. When MS did that, many eyebrows rose simultaneously across the world. Here’s a company […]

Top 2 iPhone Apps to Bulk Delete and Merge Duplicate Contacts


Even after eight generations of evolution, one thing I am still not happy about when it comes to the iPhone is the Contacts and Dialer app. Sure the buttons are round and the design nice and minimalistic, but feature-wise it’s quite a lackluster default app. A dialer without the support of T9 input that lacks the option to […]

How to Best Utilize Dropbox’s File Requests Feature


File-sharing with the help of cloud services has never been easier and recently, Dropbox announced a new feature that will make it even simpler. Even though the overall procedure is quite simple, let us first understand that clearly so that we can then explore how to best make use of it. Getting Started The process […]

A Guide to Using Steam on Mac for Mac Gamers


For years now, one of the aspects where PC users always were ahead of those of us with Macs was gaming. Franchises that many players around the world enjoyed on their gaming consoles were usually available only on PC, with Mac gamers left behind. Nowadays though, thanks to Steam on OS X, Mac users can […]

How to Fix OnePlus One’s Touchscreen Issue

Fix OnePlus One's Touchscreen Issue

The 2014 flagship killer is still going strong. After the price drop, it’s the best phone to get under $300. Now the 16 GB version is only $249 and the 64 GB version goes for $299. It’s no secret that OnePlus One is a great phone. I’ve been using it as my daily driver for […]

IDM vs FDM: Which is the Better Downloader?


I have been a devoted fan of IDM. It’s one of the applications that I recommend to have on your computer. I have also written a post on how to use some of its advanced features. But a commenter suggested that I should give FDM a try as its free, open source, and has almost […]

Clipboard Master vs Ditto: Comparing 2 Cool Windows Clipboard Managers

Clipboard Managers Face-Off | shutterstock

There are quite a few productivity tools out there on the internet, but few are as helpful as Clipboard Managers. Used correctly, these tools can save you tons of time by remembering everything you have copied (well, almost) in a clipboard manager and presenting those items to you when you need them. Today, we’re looking […]

5 Alternatives to Apple News App in iOS 9


With the release of iOS 9 comes an Apple-branded News app that aggregates news from a number of sources based on your interests and provides you with a collection to scan through. Apple is even recruiting journalists to constantly curate the news behind the scenes and make tailored recommendations. However, if you’re a longtime iPhone […]

The Only YouTube Extension for Chrome You Will Ever Need

Explore a New Way to Enjoy YouTube | Yeamake / Shutterstock

We’ve already covered a few articles about Chrome extensions/add-ons that will let you enjoy YouTube in ways that you’ve not experienced before. At times, there were several add-ons that you needed. But what if we tell you that all you need is one great extension that will give you great features without ever looking for another. Meet Magic […]

Get a Hang of Firefox OS on Android without Flashing the ROM


When Firefox OS was first announced early in the year 2013, everyone was excited to try out the new operating system. They even launched a dedicated phone running the OS and nothing else. Soon people forgot about it, as there were much more powerful operating systems to choose from like Cyanogen, MIUI, etc. Even though Firefox […]

4 New Commands You Can Tell Siri in iOS 9


iOS 9 comes with a wealth of new features with Siri as a common core. While the proactive features were the star of the show, Siri as we know it gained some new functionality as well. In particular, you can have Siri answer to new commands related to photos, reminders, and even the content you’re currently […]

Learn and Master the Basics of Different Selection Tools in Photoshop


Selection in Photoshop is important because it gives you exact control over what you do with your images. Selection allows you to work on specific areas of your images with accuracy, as well as providing unique features from the image itself. However, unless you are very familiar with Photoshop (you can start with any of […]

4 Easy Alternatives to the Popular (But Complex) App Tasker


When compared to other smartphone operating systems, Android is all about control and freedom. The power of complete control over the device and the freedom to do it in various ways. Automation is one of the many reasons Android is loved by its users. You might have heard people talking about an app called Tasker, […]