4 Cool Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Paltry 16GB iPhone


With every new iPhone release, Apple manages to shove new or improved features in an already compact – and progressively thinner – device. One unfortunate aspect that’s remained the same for years now is the storage. The low-end iPhone model starts at only 16GB of storage, or just 8GB if you opt for a previous […]

3 Cool Tricks for OS X Yosemite’s Dark Mode


With the new Dark Mode introduced in OS X Yosemite, Apple gained a lot of fans of this new feature, even if many of the elements of the Finder still don’t adopt this new look when the feature is enabled (like the Finder windows, for example). But even if Apple hasn’t introduced a full-on Dark […]

How to Batch Download Song Lyrics for Offline Use on Android

Batch Download Lyrics Android

Musixmatch is a great companion to your music library. It has a floating lyrics player that magically shows up whenever you start playing a song in a supported music player. The lyrics will sync with song position and everything. It’s awesome. The only problem? There’s no offline mode. You can’t download lyrics for offline use. […]

How to Access Your Dropbox Files with a Chromebook

File System for Dropbox at Chrome Store

Chromebooks are awesome. Google is selling them like hot cakes. But using a Chromebook as your primary laptop comes with its own set of challenges. Take Dropbox, for instance. Many of us have Dropbox accounts that let us sync files to all our devices – except our Chromebooks. Sure, you can access the Dropbox website, but […]

How to Change APK File Names and Icons Quickly and Easily


A few days back I wrote an article on how Android users can clone an app on their phone and run two independent instances of that app. As the cloned app had the same APK name and icon, it became difficult for the user to launch the correct app when needed. Therefore, to make things smoother, […]

6 Great iPhone Notification Center Widgets For Better Productivity

Notification Center Widgets

Personally, Notification Center widgets are my favorite part of iOS 8. Extensions are amazingly useful but widgets bring a kind of joy to my face every time I use them. It’s the feeling you get you finally achieve something you never thought you would. Long time iOS users know what I’m talking about. Widgets in […]

How to Force-Buffer and Auto-Pause YouTube Videos When You Switch Tabs


Keynote address or cricket match, you can watch anything on YouTube these days. Believe me when I say that I have not renewed my TV subscription for almost 2 months now. A high speed internet connection is all you need – and a casting device like Chromecast takes things to a whole different level. When it […]

How to Mirror or Stream iPhone Display or Media to TV


It’s ironic how the biggest display in our homes nowadays is the one that most often goes without use, isn’t it? With all the technology we have getting smaller and smaller, you’d think by now we would have also figured out a way to truly take advantage of all the screen space a television has […]

How to Customize and Get Acquainted with CyanogenMod 12 and 12S

OnePlus One Lollipop Upgrade

CyanogenMod is great at adding little things that end up improving the overall Android experience immensely. They did it in the ICS era and with Lollipop, they’re still at it. In CM 12, 12.1 and CM 12S (the commercial version for OnePlus One, Yu Yureka and the like), CM had to update a lot of its […]

7 Things to Know About Microsoft Edge, the New Browser for Windows 10

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is retiring the old, much loved-to-be-hated Internet Explorer in favor of the new Microsoft Edge. It will be the default browser for Windows 10, from phones to desktop, and from first impressions, it doesn’t look half bad. It’s as if Microsoft actually tried to create a better product this time. Competition is wonderful, kids. […]

How to Turn Any Screen into a Floating Window on Android


Carrying a large screen phone is cool and useful when you are taking photos, watching videos, or playing games. Phones with bigger screens are like a style statement these days and everyone loves to flaunt their screens wherever they go. However, all it takes is a grocery bag in one hand to kill the practicality of large […]

Top 4 Journal Apps for iPhone That Make Journaling Easy and Fun

Day one

Your iPhone is always with you. That makes it a great tool for keeping a journal. Let’s face it, this is 2015, the chances of you keeping an actual physical journal are not that high. Yet there are advantages of journaling. Great moments in life come and go. You’re not going to remember each and every […]

How to Search Messages like a Pro on Facebook, WhatsApp and iMessage


As we’ve migrated away from instant messaging clients like MSN Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger in favor of the likes of Facebook, it’s become more difficult to search through your conversation history. Many apps make how to search quickly for a conversation by name pretty obvious, but really digging through to find a specific message can sometimes […]

How to Use Photoshop to Change the Eye Color of Your Photos

Photoshop Change Eye Color Main Image

Have you ever seen a photo of a friend on Facebook where they show up with perfect blue or green eyes, even when you know their eye color is different? Well, while this might seem like the work of Photoshop pros, it is in fact quite simple to change the color of your eyes in […]