Apple Watch Launches in India: Here are 4 Fabulous Alternatives

Apple Watch

Apple launched a new product line with the Apple Watch for the first time in several years. And it’s a risk that they are hoping pays off in the long run. Apple hasn’t had a badly received product for a long time, but it’s the pricing of the more luxurious Apple Watches that is turning […]

3 Brilliant Tips to Turn Your Budget Samsung Phone Into a PowerHouse


It’s hard to make budget smartphones and please the masses. Not every company wants to work on a ‘break-even’ strategy and that is understandable. But, Samsung really seems to be going 1 step forward and 2 steps back with some of their choices in releasing phones. The latest entrants, the On5 and On7, are a […]

How to Pair Apple TV Siri Remote with Television to Control Volume


It turns out that seven-button remote included with your Apple TV is capable of more than you thought. The new Apple TV can link the Siri remote to your television so you can use the volume up and down buttons to control sound. Previously, to control sound you had to switch over to your main television […]

GT Explains: Why Android Firewall is Important and 2 Apps to Get That


With so many apps installed on your phone, it’s difficult to monitor everything that communicated on the internet to and from your device. Sometimes it can be a big privacy issue if no tab is kept on it. However, previously rooting your Android was necessary to install a firewall and monitor apps which access the internet. […]

How to Use Smart Guide in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 (or Higher)

PPT looking confusing? Use smart guide. | Shutterstock

If you’re making presentations to impress your co-workers or your boss (or both), then it becomes imperative to get you right. Nay, perfect. In this quest of perfection, there is a great option in Microsoft PowerPoint that will help you in making a big impression. Let’s explore Smart Guide. How it Works When you play […]

The Best eBay Listing Software for the Mac

Photo by Waldo Jaquith -

If you’ve posted more than a few things on eBay, you know it’s a tedious process. The website gives you very basic listing options. You can’t create custom templates or shortcuts. eBay gives away Turbo Lister 2 to help power users, but it only works in Windows. Mac users don’t have many software options, but […]

How to Remove Audio (Mute) a Video using VLC and YouTube


A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures and if you see recent trends, users have now started to share more videos than ever before. However, people still refrain from posting videos online and one of the major reasons is because of the crappy audio that’s captured from […]

Become a PowerPoint Ninja with these 3 Incredibly Useful Tricks

Knowing these PPT tricks will up your game | Shutterstock

If you tend to make a lot of PPTs in your line of work, then you know how it helps to know a few effective tips that can save time and/or enable you in giving a more effective presentation. It’s for those that we’ve caught three highly useful tips that can do the trick in […]

Samsung Galaxy On5 vs On7: Budget Dual-SIM 4G Phones that Want to Tame the Dragon

Samsung Galaxy On5 vs On7

Samsung has the brand reliability and Chinese players have the hype. In order to offer cheaper phones with better quality, both players are offering several devices to lure hesitant buyers into a smartphone experience that doesn’t cost a bomb. To which effect, Samsung has launched the Galaxy On5 and On7 for the Indian users. How […]

How to Watch Live TV on Your New Apple TV


While on-demand video services like Netflix and Hulu are always convenient, sometimes it’s necessary to be on the same page with the rest of the universe by watching a live TV show. Thanks to the new App Store on the Apple TV, dozens of television networks and services are able to release apps that allow you […]

Top 5 Fighting Android Arcade Games for the Valiant


My love for arcade style fighting game started with Tekken 3. Every weekend I used to empty my piggy bank and enjoy my afternoon with Jin, Paul and Eddy. It was the best of the days when there was no smartphones and not every house had a Play Station. But now, we have twice as […]

How to Merge Shapes in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 (and Higher Versions)

Shapes Merging

Design is a key element when explaining things to a large audience. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and adding such images in PowerPoint can always make a big impact. Before Office 2013, you could edit shapes individually but not as a group. But now you can. Merging is Easy As soon […]

How to Adjust Touch Sensitivity on Apple TV Siri Remote


When I first set up my new fourth-generation Apple TV with Siri remote, I was surprised to see that I didn’t find the built-in touchpad as intuitive as I thought it might be. It works fine, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the way it would scroll through objects on my television screen. At times, […]

GT Explains: What is Continuum in Windows 10


With Windows 10, Microsoft has taken a few steps ahead, while also bringing back the crowd favorite Start Menu from versions before Windows 8. And to compete with the likes of Mac OS and Chrome OS, they’ve also introduced a handy mirroring feature called Continuum. But what’s it really about? It’s certainly not the Sci-Fi […]