How to Create and Apply Message Rules in Windows Live Mail


In the past we have talked about folder rules in MS Outlook and we also saw how that helped us stay more organized and automated with our emails. In the same context we also learnt to use the rule creating feature to manage solutions like emulation of vacation responses and customizing mail alert patterns. Today […]

Combine Multiple Photos on Android Before Uploading it on Instagram


Yesterday while browsing photos on Instagram, I came across some photos which were composed of multiple pics (an example of which we saw in our Instagram wallpaper post). Like a collage of photos stitched together. Seeing the finishing on the photos, I could easily make out that it was not done manually on some Android […]

Tab Explorer Enables a Colorful Tabbed Interface for Windows Explorer


All of us are acquainted with the tabbed browsing interface that all modern browsers come with. Not just that, people have also experienced the promise of increased productivity while using such interfaces. Navigation and accessibility becomes so much easier. We do not have to scroll to the taskbar each time we want to switch a […]

[Quick Tip] How to Show Week Numbers in MS Outlook Calendar


When people talk about huge projects, speaking in week numbers is the professional lingua franca. There’s reason for using week numbers. It adds more clarity to the timelines and sets distinct expectations in man-hour efforts. And since MS Outlook is what most of us use as the communication and organization tool in our professional lives, […]

How to Read PDF Ebooks, CHM, and Text Files on PSP


Other than playing games, you can listen to music, watch videos and read comics on your PSP. We have already covered some articles to help you with playing games on your PSP, so I thought about exploring other options we have for entertainment on PSP. We will see some interesting articles for music and videos […]

A Review of SkyDrive’s New and Improved Web Interface


The people who’ve already started using must have noticed the four major options (or sister services) viz. Outlook, People, Calendar and SkyDrive. Indeed, the interface that Outlook featured also gave us hints that SkyDrive and Calendar were being carved in the same mold. And even before we realized, bang goes Microsoft to launch the […]

How to Backup Windows 8 Apps and Files Using RecImg


Windows 8 introduced the concept of refreshing and resetting Windows to help users when it starts misbehaving due to reasons like a virus outbreak or any overlooked registry errors. Until Windows 7, a user would have to format the computer and then reinstall Windows again (who has the time to troubleshoot, right?) but with now […]

[Quick Tip] How to Delete Facebook Status Update on its Android or iPhone App


Most of my status updates and photo uploads on Facebook happen from my Android. While making an update from mobile, the chances of error increases due to smaller keyboard and auto correct features. Previously, whenever I made a mistake while updating a status, I had to log in using my laptop to delete that update. […]

How to Install PSP Type B Driver in Windows 7 64-Bit for RemoteJoy Lite


The post where we saw you how to use PSP to play games on your computer screen, we had to install a specific PSP Type B driver for Windows to detect it. 32-bit users were able to directly run the VB-script to install the drivers, but there was no easy way for 64-bit users to […]

How to Install Custom CXMB Themes on PSP


Sony PSP, the amazing portable gaming console, supports themes to go with every individual’s taste. If you are looking forward to apply an official theme, you can simply copy it to your PSP Theme folder and apply it from PSP Theme Settings. However, most of these official themes are boring and are not much of […]

4 Useful Features That Make Email More Awesome


The all new Mail interface has earned praises around the world. Personally, I feel that Microsoft has done quite well by working on the screen space and making maximum space available for emails. And, this they achieved without losing out on other integrated services. When we talk about emails and space, I have a […]

[Quick Tip] Save PSP Memory Stick Space by Converting ISOs to CSOs


In my last article I showed you how you can convert your PSP UMD to ISO file and play the game using PSP memory stick to ensure the safety of your optical disks. If you have many games you play regularly and a memory stick with limited storage space, things might get difficult. So today […]

How to Extract a PSP UMD Game as ISO


One of the advantages of running PSP on a hacked firmware, or lightweight custom firmware (LCFW) to be precise, is that you can make a copy of the UMD disks you legally own as ISO files and run them using PSP’s memory stick. As UMD’s are highly volatile and not cheap to own, it’s a […]

How to Add Country Based Logging Restriction to LastPass


There are two ways to manage your passwords. Either you create your own system of storing them and retrieving them when needed, or you take advantage of a good password manager. LastPass is the solution you can try out if you opt for the latter. LastPass gives you quite a few features that make it […]