Use GrooveDown to Download High Quality Songs From GrooveShark For Free

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Downloading music can be a huge pain in the butt. Sometimes they can be downright difficult to find, and even if you do find them, chances are you’ll have to adjust the tags and whatnot to accurately reflect music production. Sometimes, you lose faith. Sometimes, you wonder: “Is it possible to have free music from […]

5 Online Alternatives to PowerPoint That Work


Microsoft PowerPoint is undoubtedly the most feature-rich presentation tool and of course the most widely used too. But it comes with a hefty price tag. If you are looking for a free/affordable alternative to PowerPoint that’s completely online and gets the job done then there are some nice options available. While you can’t expect them […]

How to Quickly Set Multiple Images As Wallpapers in Windows 7

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We’ve previously featured how to create a slideshow of desktop wallpapers in Windows 7. However, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to changing my wallpaper and will often have the same set of wallpapers set for months on end. Now, you probably already knew that you could set a wallpaper by right clicking on an […]

How to Enable XP Mode in Windows 7 Using Microsoft Virtual PC

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Part of the problem with the release of Windows Vista was that many apps (particularly corporate applications) simply did not work. In an effort to encourage the adoption of Windows 7, Microsoft developed XP Mode. XP Mode allows applications that run under Windows XP to run alongside Windows 7 applications. Unfortunately, this feature is only […]

How to Use Boxee to its Fullest Potential

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There are a ton of media centre programs available: we’ve already looked at Plex for Mac, and no doubt you’ll have heard of XBMC, Front Row for Mac, and the Media Center program on Windows. I love how each of these programs spur the development of the others, as they seek to discover their own […]

The Complete Guide to Downloading with Usenet in 3 Easy Steps


Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Jared. If you’re like most people, you’ve never heard of Usenet. You’d probably be surprised to learn that Usenet was the Internet 10 years before the web as we know it even existed. Usenet is the original social network. The place where the World Wide Web, Mosaic […]

How to Easily Hide Files in an Invisible Hard Disk Partition Using Secret Disk


If you’ve got members in the family or colleagues in the office who have a habit of taking a peek into your files and folders whenever they are using your computer, then you should consider hiding the files that are meant only for your eyes. We’ve written about a method for hiding files in plain […]

How to Trace and Locate Stolen Laptop (or Desktop) With Prey


If you travel often with your laptop, it’s important that you have an anti-theft or tracking software in place in case your laptop goes missing. We covered a number of such tools, including both software and devices like Bluetooth alarm, in our popular laptop security software post. One of the tools mentioned was Prey, a […]

Reviewing Simplenote, Text Based Online Note Taking Tool That Works


With so many thoughts and ideas, people scramble to put them to paper so they aren’t forgotten. Some prefer the good ol’ Moleskine notebook, but it can be awfully inconvenient when it gets lost or if you’ve left it at home. Instead, a lot of people are looking to the cloud for keeping their notes […]

5 Online (& Free) Cable TV Alternatives to Watch Movies and TV Shows


The trend of watching television on your computer is growing. Whether you’re a student running tight on cash who needs a copy of these shows on your computer, or you’re just thinking of getting rid of your television, here are five free alternatives to cable TV that you will certainly find useful. Disclaimer: Not all […]

How to Easily Create Electronic Signature (or Digital Signature) With SignNow


There aren’t a huge number of tools (desktop or web based) that enable quick and hassle-free creation of a digital or electronic signature for signing documents. Most of the good tools available come at a good price too. I have faced a number of occasions in the past where I had to digitally sign a […]

How to Quickly Create & Share Screenshots, Screencasts & Files From Desktop With SimpleShare and


How do you go about sharing online a screenshot or a video file or an mp3..any file from your desktop? Yeah, I know, there are tons of ways for sure. You could use Opera Unite for instance to share big files, CloudApp on Mac is an option, for private peer-to-peer sharing we’ve got iSender (or […]

9 Power Tips To Keep Your RSS Reading List Under Control


Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Amit Banerjee. RSS, which stands for really simple syndication is not that simple after all. Reading through blogs, news sources, Google alerts and hundreds of RSS feeds on a daily basis can be really tricky. You subscribe to news sources and overtime, your reading list grows in […]

Create a Nice Personal Website Quickly & Easily with

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It’s not surprising of employers these days to look for personal websites to get to know their applicants better. If you maintain a personal site/blog, you certainly have some kind of edge over the herd. Whether you want to use this situation to communicate your qualifications and skills, or if you simply want a place […]