Best of Guiding Tech in Jan, 2012 and Cool Links From the Web

Following are our posts from last month that our readers appreciated the most. We’ve also got some nice links from our friends that you’ll find use for. Best of Guiding Tech in Jan, 2012 1. 5 Very Neat Uses of Wolfram Alpha Search Engine Some really cool ways to use this unique search engine. 2. […]

How to Skip Commercials on YouTube Quickly


YouTube is gradually turning into a replica of your local TV channel. With content comes the old bugbear of commercials or ads. In fact, too many of them seem to be attacking our eyeballs these days. They remind me of the times when F.M. channels really took off in my country – uninterrupted programming and […]

3 Awesome Add-ons to Watch and Manage YouTube Videos From Chrome Toolbar


Whenever I get some free time online, I resort to 2 of my favorite pastimes: scouring through Wikipedia or devouring videos on YouTube. I have already talked about two extensions I use in Chrome to enhance my Wikipedia browsing, and today I will reveal the extensions that help me manage YouTube videos in Chrome. If […]

2 Ways to Arrange Firefox Tabs Vertically


The use of tabs has made browsing so much more efficient. A power user knows that browser tab management is a productivity boost. Firefox came late on the tabbed browsing scene, but it was a fast learner. The Tab Groups feature is a default way to manage your Firefox tabs if you have quite a […]

Exploring Google Music, the Amazing Cloud-based Music Player


Most of us, when asked about the default music manager and player we use on our computers, are likely to mention iTunes or Windows Media Player. Both of these, and the other popular desktop media players like Winamp and VLC are useful in their own right but they can only reign over your music as […]

How to Easily Migrate From Gmail to Windows Live Hotmail

Add Social Networks

The Internet continued to grow by leaps and bounds in the last decade while spawning new applications and web services which cater to different user requirements. Mail services, undoubtedly, hold the most precious position on this list, and with time, has witnessed users switching between various services and moving towards more complex and user friendly […]

Wallbase: A Fantastic Tool for Finding Fabulous Wallpapers

Wallbase Overview

What do you stare at for obscene amounts of hours every single day? Let’s face it, your computer has become an invaluable tool and asset. You’ve grown accustomed to staring at your desktop and the icons on it, thinking about what you need to get done or finding a tool you need to use. Your […]

Understanding Google Alerts and 7 Interesting Ways to Use It


From price drop alerts to tracking movies, we have covered a few alert and notification services which help you stay on top of things. Alerts are just what they sound like – they are messages that are sent to you when the alert service comes across a new result. There are specialized alert services galore, […]

How to Create a Secure and Hidden Partition in a USB Flash Drive


In the past we have seen how we can securely encrypt the data on our hard disk using TrueCrypt. Without doubt, the program is one of the best when it comes to protection of data on the local drive but there’s no provision to hide data in a portable USB flash drive in the tool. […]

How to Enable Scan Options In HP Officejet 6500A Plus Printer


Here’s a brief tutorial to help you enable scan options in the HP Officejet 6500A Plus All-in-one printer. The steps should work for most of the latest HP web-enabled printers. Note: HP sent me a review unit of the above printer, and the steps are Windows-only. If you need help setting up the printer, refer […]

5 Superb Tools For Location Based Social Networking

Google Latitude

Social networks have been evolving and adapting to new technology. With the emergence of smartphones and the integration of GPS technology, social networks have evolved into programs that can add on a new layer to our physical lives. You can now use these various services to enhance your life and connect with new acquaintances or […]

Understanding HP ePrint and How to Use it to Print From Any Device


You’ve received a PDF as an email attachment and as soon as the notification popped up on your phone you knew that you had to get a printout of that quickly. The old and conventional way: connect the phone to your computer, transfer the file (or download it from your email) and then click Print. […]

How to Get Rid of Older Chrome Versions That Get Stored in Your Computer Without Your Knowledge


You probably don’t know that when Google chrome automatically updates itself (or you do that manually), it does not overwrite itself over the older version. Instead it makes a fresh installation. Now that’s all fine. The problem is that even after the new version is installed on the system, the older versions are never deleted […]

How to Easily Switch Between Profiles On Firefox With ProfileSwitcher


One of the best things about Firefox is that it lets you create multiple user profiles on it. This feature might come in handy when you have siblings around working on the same computer. Firefox comes with an excellent profile manager of its own where you can create and manage profiles. The sad part is […]