21 Incredibly Useful Bookmarklets For Better Online Browsing


Bookmarklets are tiny JavaScript (or tiny snippets of code) that give us a nifty way to enhance our browsing experience. Like we bookmark our favorite websites, we may also bookmark our favorite bookmarklets. They reside on the browser bookmarks bar (the toolbar that’s usually below the address bar in a browser), and provide cool one-click […]

How to Uninstall Windows 8 That’s On Dual Boot With Windows 7 or Earlier


Soon after the Developer and Consumer Preview of Windows 8 were made available to the public, we showed you how you can install and test them as a virtual machines. For those who went an extra mile and installed Windows 8 as a dual boot over your existing OS but are now looking for a […]

Best of Guiding Tech in March 2012 and Cool Links From the Web

A bit late this time but here we are with our customary month end list of our best posts from last month and some cool links we’ve come across on the web. Best of Guiding Tech in March, 2012 15 Best VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts For Using It Productively If you are someone who […]

How to Boot Multiple Operating Systems From a Single USB Pen Drive


Previously, on Guiding Tech, we have covered how you can create bootable USB drives for Windows 7, Windows 8 and AVG rescue disc. In all those methods, we used different tools to create the bootable drive and it was a USB pen drive each for those operating systems. Today, I will tell you about an […]

How to Create a PDF Document Out of Multiple Webpages Quickly


PDF is a dominant and well-used document format, so it’s natural that there are conversion tools for every sort of need you can throw at it. Converting a single webpage to a PDF document is dead easy with a number of online converters and browser extensions. If you regularly put a HTML page through a […]

Reviewing Quick Fix 2, an All-in-one Troubleshooting Tool For Windows 7


Though Windows 7 is relatively stable than its predecessors, chances are always there that certain properties get changed from default by a malware or other OS malfunctioning. And hence, experts recommend that you perform regular malware scans, cleanup and check disks and other troubleshooting activities. But do you always tend to do a time consuming […]

The Best Ways to Ensure That You Do Not Click Suspicious Links Online


The web is as safe as you make it to be. But unlike the world we live in, you can control a lot of things on the web – like ensuring that your PC stays safe. One of the basic tech advice we always like to give newbies is – do not click on any […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Gmail Labels, Filters & Using Them Together


We all categorize things in our daily lives to ease up our tasks. That includes things both offline and online. If you’ve got your wardrobe neatly stacked, with different racks containing different sets of clothes then you’ll never waste time searching those pair of socks in the morning before heading for work, would you? The […]

Understanding Firefox Safe Mode and When to Use It


You probably know about the famous (or infamous as the case may be) Windows Safe Mode. Whenever the Windows operating system goes haywire and suffers random crashes and BSOD, it’s always advisable to tackle them using the Safe Mode. In this mode, Windows has reduced functionality with bare minimum devices and application software services running […]

How to Create and Use a Distribution List in MS Outlook


Do you have groups of contacts whom you keep sending emails and meeting requests? And do you re-type each mail address every time you wish to do so? Now, if you’re using MS Outlook as your email client and still doing the same thing, you are missing something really cool. Outlook allows you to create […]

Reviewing Instinctiv, a Feature-Rich Music Player For Desktop and Mobile


There is a big list of desktop media players in the market and each one boasts about its unique features. Perhaps, the recent growth of smartphones demands more of them to be available for mobiles and tablets. Though the existing players are trying to support such needs, they tend to fall short of integrating all […]

How to Easily Read EPUB eBooks on Firefox


We normally think of reading ebooks on ereaders and tablets these days. Reading on the browser is more or less about PDF files, the always dominant ebook format. But ever since Kindle came out, Amazon has managed to spark an interest in digital books and the EPUB format. Free EPUB readers are easily available for […]

GT For Beginners: What is the Airplane Mode in Mobile Phones


Whenever we board a commercial airline, at the time of security measure announcements the flight attendants ask you to switch off your mobile phones, though you may continue working on your laptops and music players. Well, it’s not that they hate your phone. They are just taking some necessary precautions so that your cellular frequency […]

3 Best Ways to Work With Google Calendar Without Opening a Browser


Managing a calendar can help you stay on top of your schedule. But somehow the cloud era has taken this activity online and makes one open a browser to keep updated. And browsers these days have tabs and usually we end up keeping a lot of them open. Your online calendar page could well get […]