4 Best Sites for Checking Top Movie Charts


They say no one remembers who comes in second, but it’s safe to say that in the case of movie charts we tend to remember the Top 10 and beyond. It’s just because movies hold an everlasting fascination. When it comes to movie charts and our differing tastes, the first movie (or any other movie […]

How to Change Lock Screen of Non-Rooted Android Phones


When I bought my Samsung Galaxy S, I was highly impressed with the level of customization it offered. After all, it was my first Android! One thing, however, that I didn’t like was the lock screen. By default Samsung provides swipe glass lock screen. Although it solved the purpose of a lock screen, it was […]

How to Format and Customize a Webpage Before Printing It


Printing a webpage is one thing that usually eats up a lot of paper and printer ink. And the very reason for this is the clutter that resides on most of the sites out there. One definitely does not want to see useless advertisements all over the printout. However, the complaint can be battled with […]

How to Search Through a Website With or Without the Search Box


When you start loving a website you probably start expecting more from it. You start looking for more material to read. And one of the best ways to do that is to use the website’s Search Box. However, at times the search box isn’t integrated clearly in the site’s design and becomes difficult to locate. […]

How to Make Desktop Version of Internet Explorer 10 Default in Windows 8


For those of you who love Internet Explorer and prefer it as your default browser, I have a great news for you guys. Windows 8 will be shipping with not just one but two versions of Internet Explorer 10. One of the versions will be the default desktop version we have been working on for […]

How to Send Recorded Skype Conversations to Evernote Automatically


Conversing through Skype has become a very common practice these days. While some use it for personal one-to-one calls, others find its use as a group and business video conferencing tool. On the business end, it is also important to jot down certain points and decisions over matters as minutes of the meeting. Many a […]

An Overview of Dropbox’s Revamped Web Interface and Features


The world might be extravagant in other ways, but there’s also a welcome strand of minimalism. From Apple devices to websites, we see the telltale signs. Dropbox also has followed suit with its revamped interface, that’s neater, more intuitive, and hopefully speedier. I will leave you to write the testimonials later. First, let’s see what […]

How to Disable Windows 8 Defender Before Installing a Different Antivirus Software


Windows 8 comes with an built-in antivirus called the Windows Defender. Windows Defender is nothing but the free antivirus of Microsoft called the Microsoft Security Essentials clubbed with the Defender of Windows 7. Microsoft claims that Windows defender is sufficient for a home computer where mere basic protection is required, but I personally don’t like […]

3 Impressive Tools to Share Keyboard and Mouse Between Two or More Windows PCs


Sharing of resources is one of the best work optimization techniques and when it comes to everyday computing, you may even look at it as going green. For example, setting up dual monitors is common and sometimes a requirement at work. It plays an important role during meetings and presentations. However, the demand at times […]

Siine Keyboard: A New Dynamic Keyboard with Super Fast Shortcuts for your Android


When we type on keyboards while working on a desktop or laptop, writing long emails and documents (like this article) can seem easy, but I can’t imagine myself typing the same on a touch phone keyboard. Input methods on smartphones have always been a concern (and an area of opportunity) for developers. They are good […]

Friendsheet Brings Pinterest’s Photo Viewing Experience to Facebook


Pinterest is the new rage in town. Just like Twitter, it is the simplicity of Pinterest that has probably given it mass appeal. Popular applications like these have some positive fallout (and some negative). Friendsheet looks like it’s on the positive side. Friendsheet is a photo viewer for Facebook. You can call it a “mashup” […]

How to Create a Picture Password in Windows 8


Windows 8 will not be an operating system just for your desktops and laptops alone. With the introduction of various touch enabled features (like swipe to unlock, Metro Interface, etc.) in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview it’s confirmed that Microsoft is targeting tablets too with the final release. Now the thing is, while you are […]

How to Add Computer Icon to Windows 8 Start Menu, Desktop & Windows Explorer


The predecessors of Windows 8 – XP, Vista and Windows 7 – made us accustomed to two things: The Start Menu and My Computer (Well, it came to be called as just ‘Computer’ in versions after XP but I am still kinda used to the older term). They were like the signature of Microsoft Windows […]

4 Useful Tools to Delete Locked Files In Windows


As a Windows user you must have come across messages like “The source or destination file may be in use” and “Cannot delete file: Access denied” while trying to delete a file. This happens because the file or folder is in use by some other program that stops the delete action. Sometimes you may be […]