5 Fantastic Chrome Apps for Google Drive


With so many cloud services to choose from, I am sure most of us have started using them to store files on the clouds. There are all kinds of online-storage-preferring users. Some upload almost all their data to online backup services and use them as an extension of their hard drive. Others just use it […]

How to Sync Yahoo Contacts and Calendar With MS Outlook


MS Outlook works as a wonderful email client when it comes to synchronization of messages from multiple email accounts that we use. But then you would also want to bring together the list of calendar events and contacts attached to those accounts. Different calendar apps allow you to do this stuff in different ways. And […]

Create Interactive Tours of Your Shops with Google Business Photos


Panoramic sweeps of the country side have helped us become couch travelers. Now, 360 degree views and some Google technology could give virtual shopping a new twist. Google Business Photos is a new initiative from the search giants that could help you give potential customers a preview of your shop, restaurant, or any another business […]

How to Add & Effectively Use Multiple Accounts on Twitter Mac App


When it comes to desktop clients for Twitter, there are people who swear by TweetDeck. There are some other good clients out there too. But for some reason, I could never come to like of them. I always relied on a web based client like HootSuite or Twitter’s own online interface which isn’t bad either. […]

How to Quickly Add Business Cards to Evernote Using Its Snapshot Feature


Business cards are one of the most conventional methods of sharing personal/business contact details with an individual. No doubt business cards have evolved with time in terms of looks and features. People these days have things like QR codes on their cards so that one can easily scan the details of their card using his […]

How to Sync Your Yahoo and Hotmail Calendars


Importing a calendar from one application or web service to another is a good practice. The advantage is that you do not have to integrate scattered events and activities manually. Once they are at one place, you can quickly scour through your appointments and engagements without a hassle. Previously, we have discussed on how to […]

How to Customize Desktop Background & Run Wallpaper Slideshow in OS X Lion


Previously, we have covered an in-depth post on making your OS X desktop look better. This post covered some amazing tools to spice up your Mac desktop. But we are yet to talk about the basics of changing desktop background on Mac. If you are a longtime Guiding Tech reader, you would know that we’ve […]

How to Disable Stock Apps in Android ICS


Almost all the factory sealed Android phones come with some pre-installed applications like office suite, Google Talk and other such apps. These apps come installed as system applications, and as long as you are not a root user, there’s no way you can uninstall them from the device. If your Android is running on the […]

Create Email Like Filter Rules for Dropbox to Automatically Organize Files


Most of you must be familiar with email filter rules that let your email client scan all incoming messages and divert them to respective folders. How simple and organized does it make your mailboxes and your tasks? Very much, right? I wish there was a Magic Folder on Windows (specifically, on its right-click Send to […]

How to Automatically Log Off or Lock Your Windows PC With Auto Lock


I have a habit of leaving my work-desk now and then (some might say I am careless) without locking the computer. It’s like giving an open invitation to prying eyes to come and take a deeper look while I am away. Not good, especially when you have evil roommates who could win gold medals if […]

How to Convert YouTube Videos on Android to MP3 Audio


Previously, we discussed how you can download videos from YouTube and save them on your computer. We have also seen how to stream these videos from Windows to Android over a Wi-Fi connection rather than saving them on the SD card. People who just love the music can simply convert the videos to MP3 and […]

How to Skyrocket Your Windows Productivity with AutoHotKey


So much has been written about this automation software that this article seems almost anti-climatic. But every time I launch AutoHotkey, I can’t help but figure how to use this free software to automate more of my repetitive tasks. If this is your first time with the software, let me help you get acquainted with […]

Reviewing eBuddy, Probably the Best IM Client For Android


One thing I love about my Android smartphone is that it keeps me connected to my work and social networks while I am on the move. I can email, view and update sites like Twitter and Facebook, and most importantly, I can chat in real-time using an IM client like I do on my laptop. […]

GT Explains: What is the Power Diagnostics Report in Windows 7 and How to Use it?


On a new laptop, everything works hunky dory. Windows boots up in no time, every application responds in a flash, and the battery life is at its peak. As time passes and the laptop gets loaded with crapware, things start to change for the bad. The startup time you used to boast about becomes an […]