How to Create a Dropdown List (Validation List) In MS Excel Workbooks


Most people, at office and other work places, maintain Excel Sheets to keep track of certain records and data entries. At times we also need to shared workbooks. Whichever be the case, it is very difficult to cross check entries and validate their correctness (especially, when there is huge volume of data). Instead of worrying […]

15 Useful and Lesser Known Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts


Most of us tend to heavily rely on the mouse (or the touchpad in laptops) while browsing the web. And, why not, it serves our purpose so well. But knowing the keyboard shortcuts comes in handy when the mouse malfunctions. You can do almost everything the mouse does with a keyboard. All you need to […]

2 Amazing Android Alarm Clock Apps to Help You Get Out of Bed Fast


My day usually starts with the most Herculean task  – getting out of bed in the morning and getting out of it fast. I have always been dependent on a good alarm clock. If you were to ask me the ‘5 things I can’t live without’ question, an alarm clock would probably figure somewhere in […]

How to Cut and Paste in Finder in Mac OS X Lion With This Keyboard Shortcut [Quick Tip]

This is a very short post about a cool tip that I believe a lot of Mac OS X Lion users don’t know about. It’s about the cut and paste command. Windows users might not know this but all the versions of Mac prior to OS X Lion didn’t have the cut and paste functionality […]

How to Never Miss a TV Show Episode Again With FollowShows


Missing a TV show episode may not have a catastrophic consequence for an individual but it can really upset him. Though these shows might get repeat telecasts or you may view the stuff online, by the time you catch up to it, it’s already a stale pie with your online social stream getting flooded with […]

How to Monitor Access to your Shared Windows Folders/Files


While talking about how to access shared Windows folder on Android the other day, I also gave a brief insight into how you can share a folder on Windows and make your sharing password protected when connected to a public, unsecured network. We also saw the way to see a list of all the shared […]

How to Use Dolphin Browser Gestures & Sonar For Productive Browsing on Android


With smartphones evolving in both looks and performance, more and more people have started using it to browse the web. Though browsing websites on smartphones has its advantage, not all mobile browsers have come of age. Take Android’s native browser for example. It gets the job done but leaves so much to be desired. Having […]

How to Save Sections of a Website With Clipular For Chrome


How often do you bookmark or save a webpage because you were interested in the entire content? Though you might have been interested in some specific part or a small thing like a comment or a paragraph, you must have had to bookmark that link, right? Now, if the link is hosted for dynamic content, […]

How to Batch Resize and Edit Photos With Photo Magician For Windows


It’s not every day that we need to resize, scale or add an effect to a bunch of photos at once. But when the bolt strikes, most of us are in a state of panic and can’t seem to find a free yet effective tool that can ease up the humungous manual task at hand. […]

2 Ways to Achieve Private Browsing on Android


Whenever you want to go off the records while browsing on a computer, things are easy (I am talking about Firefox, Chrome and Opera users here). Just open a private or incognito tab and start browsing. As more and more people are accessing the internet on the move with their smartphones these days, this feature […]

3 Best Download Managers For Firefox


Download Management is one of the more populated sections in the Firefox Add-ons gallery. And why not, as with unlimited bandwidths, we are all download junkies. I used to use a dedicated download manager. I still do, but I also have a partial likeness for download manager extensions made for the Firefox browser. The obvious […]

A Review of Features of the New SkyDrive For Online Backup


So, after educating ya’ll on how to retain the 25 gigs of free storage on SkyDrive, we’re back with a detailed review of the overhauled service as promised in our previous post. Looks like the online backup game has suddenly gotten big with titans like Microsoft and Google (they launched Google Drive) jumping into the […]

How to Insert and Format Drop Caps In MS Word


If you are fond of reading books then you must have also noticed that most of them begin a chapter with one big letter. These larger letters are called Drop Caps and play an important role in grabbing a reader’s attention. Want to do the same with your documents? If the answer is yes, you […]

How to Click Amazing & Beautiful HDR Photos From Your Android’s Camera


Before we start, let me show you two images I have clicked from my Android phone (HTC One X). Well, both the images were shot in the same light, and all the other external conditions were same. The only difference is, the first one is a simple shot, while the second one is an HDR […]