GT Explains: Why You Should Never Use WEP to Protect Your Home Wi-Fi


The world is going wireless and starting from our homes, we are too. If you look around, you have at least one wireless device…it may be a laptop or your smartphone. You may be accessing the web with your home Wi-Fi router, but the threat of a security breach never goes away. Our previously published […]

How to Quickly Disable (or Enable) Chrome Extensions without Going to the Extensions Page


Sometimes we go berserk with downloading and installing browser extensions. I feel Google Chrome gives more convenience when it comes to using extensions as one doesn’t have to go through the bother of restarting the browser with each install of an extension. However, this ease of installing extensions means that a Chrome user tends to […]

How to Easily Start or Stop Windows Services With Windows Service Monitor


Being a programmer and a self-proclaimed geek, I have to work with Windows services now and then. Whether it’s the SQL server, the Windows theme or the firewall, I always prefer to use the Windows services panel to turn them on or off. It’s a lot easy to open the Services window using the run […]

How to Convert PDF to Microsoft Word With Flip PDF to Word


PDF conversion tools are quite thick on the ground. It’s almost granted that you will find a tool – both online and desktop – that does the job of converting your Word documents to PDF.  But here we look at the reverse process which is equally important…converting your PDF files to easily editable Word documents […]

How to Copy Text From Windows Error Message Boxes, Windows Explorer Etc Using GetWindowText


Getting errors with weird error codes while working on Windows is not unusual and when we get one, thank God we have Google (or any other search engine you prefer) to answer what the error message or the error code means. Now the problem with these error boxes is that one cannot copy the error […]

Share Files By Dragging and Dropping Them Onto Your Browser Using


How simple can a file sharing application get? Probably, not simpler than We have checked out sites like Minus and WeTransfer which are all neat and simple file sharing solutions in their own right, and the biggie of the cloud itself – Dropbox. So, do we really need another file upload and sharing tool? […]

3 Neat Ways to Scroll Smoothly on Windows

Reduce the Number of Lines Scrolling Down

When I first made the transition from my Macbook Pro to the Lenovo laptop I have now, I had a bunch of things to adapt to. One of the things I really never got over was the relatively choppy trackpad (or touchpad) scrolling. (Neither Windows or Lenovo’s best highlight.) There’s a great degree of control […]

How to Save Multiple Webpages As a Zip File in Chrome Using ZipTabs


Back in college days, I used to work on various projects and all of them needed heavy documentation. Though we had a personal computer in our hostel rooms, a decent internet connection was always a problem, and thus the college cybercafé was the only savior. While searching for reference material in the cafe, I usually […]

3 Free Methods to Stay on Top of News on Windows 7

Readefine Overview

There could be a ton of reasons why you want to keep up with the news. In any case, lets say you’ve been trying for a long time, and it simply hasn’t worked. Perhaps you don’t like newspapers and you don’t have cable television, or you don’t like going through 500 different industry websites to […]

Get MS Office Like Ribbon Menu-Enabled Notepad With Notepad 7


After the success of Ribbon menu interface in Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft later incorporated the ribbon interface in MS Paint, WordPad and many other native Windows applications. Furthermore, it has introduced the ribbon interface to Windows Explorer in the upcoming version of Windows, Windows 8. Notepad however never got the sleek and stylish makeover and […]

How to Hide Text In an Image With ImageHide


Previously, we have discussed with you two amazing methods to hide a file in an image. In one method, we used DOS commands to bind the image to a zipped text file manually and in the second method, we used a tool called JPEGFileBinder to automate the task. One thing which was common to both […]

5 Best Interactive Chrome Apps For Kids


If you intend to introduce your kids to the world of computer/online gaming then it is best that you start with some simple, interactive games that help them learn while playing. Chrome users could start by trying out some apps as they are quick to install and get started with compared to a third-party software […]

Secure Your Social Accounts By Cleaning Up Your Apps Permissions Using MyPermissions


Apps are little applications that extend the functionality of any service, whether it be a browser, a social network like Facebook, or it may be a standalone program that just makes life a bit easier for us. If you have used a few, you know apps are the easiest things to install, and also the […]

A Useful Guide to Using Online Tools and Apps For Staying Fit

Office Stretches

The beginning of the year is a great time for people to start taking their health seriously. Unfortunately, that’s often very short-lived and motivation dies soon enough as the year progresses. This year is different though, right? You’re going to work out 3x a week, right? Let’s make sure you get off to the best […]