Create Automation Recipes Like ifttt on Android and Share Them Too With Atooma


Previously we have seen an interesting Android app called Llama using which you can automate profiles and many other things on your phone based upon your location. There was also an option to control certain aspects of phone like network, radio, display based upon events. Undoubtedly Llama is a great way to automate many tasks […]

How to Improve Your Experience With Maps on iOS 6 Right Now

Maps icon

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, it is no secret that Apple’s latest maps offering released with iOS 6 hasn’t lived up to what everyone has come to expect from the Cupertino company. Now, while the reasons why Apple chose to go with its own solution instead of continuing with Google’s have been debated […]

The Complete List of Microsoft Paint Keyboard Shortcuts


Recently we wrote about some tricks that can help you in using MS Paint productively. While those tips are amazing, there is one more thing that comes in handy when you are using MS Paint or rather, any other tool. We are referring to keyboard shortcuts and we feel that if mastered, they can really […]

How to Design Your Own Windows 8 App Tile With OblyTile


The Start Screen of Windows 8 gives an interesting and colorful view of all the programs you frequently use with the help of tiles. Apps downloaded from the Windows 8 Store have beautiful tiles most of the times to make your Start Screen look visually appealing (you have to agree it’s an eye candy). However, […]

[Quick Tip] Useful Facebook URLs or Links that You Should Bookmark


Whenever we log in to Facebook we are taken to its home page by default. And then, depending on what we wish to view, we navigate to our favorite page, a group list, user profile, events, messages etc. Now, if you have a habit of doing something specific each time you log in to Facebook, […]

How to Disable the Inline Reply Feature in Outlook 2013 and Activate Read Receipts


In all the previous versions of Outlook’s desktop email client, whenever you replied to a mail Outlook opened a new window for composing it. But in Office 2013, Outlook no longer opens them in a new window. It simply uses the inline reply feature so that you can compose the mail in the reading pane […]

How to Share Dropbox Files With Facebook Groups


Last month Dropbox started rolling out a feature in integration with Facebook. They announced on the Dropbox Blog that all Facebook users could now share stuff from Dropbox right inside Facebook Groups. This means that you do not have to manually create a link and then post it on to the Group’s page in order […]

Librarian: The All-in-one Manager for Windows 7 and Windows 8 Libraries


If you are not using the Windows 7 Libraries feature then I must tell you that you are missing the beauty of one of the most basic and powerful tools to getting your computer organized. And, when things are organized they also become easy to use, right? Well, it is never too late and if […]

[Quick Tip] Add a Button to Start Run Dialog on Windows 7 Start Menu


Are you a Windows 7 user and someone who loves using the mouse more often than the keyboard? If yes, how do you launch the Run dialog when needed? One way is to launch the Start Menu, search for run and then click on the result that shows Run as an option. However, if you […]

[Quick Tip] Learn Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome and Firefox

Facebook shortcuts

  It may sound stupid but is definitely true that you can waste time efficiently. You might go ‘Duh!’ on that one, but think of it this way – the more time you have, the more you can waste. I am telling you all this in the light of the fact that Facebook is one […]

4 Clever MS Paint Tricks For Adding Effects to Images


MS Paint is one of those image editors and painting tools that comes bundled with every version of Windows and is somehow overlooked by the users. People often misunderstand its minimalist interface as an inefficient tool and use it only when they have no other option. As for me, MS Paint is still the first […]

How To Make a Quick Checklist in Microsoft Word 2010 For Tracking Your To-Dos

MS Word

Checklists have more uses than you can imagine. I use the one right in front of me to check off items that I should go over while editing a blog post before I hit the publish button. To-do tasks and getting things done find their deliverance on a checklist. And I am pretty sure that […]

[Quick Tip] How To Double Underline Text In Microsoft Word

word 2010 logo

There are lots of ways to emphasize a piece of text in MS Word. And they have their shortcut keys too…all adding up to seconds of productivity on a busy day. If you have used Word for even a little while you will know that pressing CTRL+B displays text in bold; CTRL+I puts it in […]

How to Disable Reply All or Forward Option on an Email in MS Outlook


Imagine email services or desktop email clients without the Reply, Forward and Reply All options. Pathetic, right? Indeed. Without these options it would become so difficult to converse on email threads and give conclusive meaning to matters. On the contrary, especially in organizations, there are occasions when you need to send a bulk message by […]