How to Easily Create an On, Off, Sleep and Wake Schedule for Your Windows PC


I usually have a pretty busy and tightly packed schedule where even starting or shutting down my computer results in waste of time. And since I have to do that multiple times, at home and office, the time accumulates to a significant number. Now, I cannot afford to leave my machine on all the time […]

GT Explains: What is Environment System Variable and How to Edit it in Windows


Whenever I write content related to Android rooting and ADB access, I often ask readers to add a specific path to Windows System Environment variable so that they can execute the command globally. However, most of the users seem to be having trouble understanding what setting up the environment variable path actually means and the […]

Watch the Clock! 3 Free Time Tracking Apps for Ultimate Productivity

Business and Time

Our greatest mistake is thinking that we have all the time in the world. We don’t. We also mistakenly think time is free. It isn’t. Especially, if you are working on your own, where 24 hours count, then literally – time is money. Freelancers know this better than most. That probably explains the large number […]

How to Create Custom Contact-Specific Vibration Alerts on Your iPhone

Custom Vibration Alerts

With iOS 6 a series of new features became available that were not as easily accessible in previous versions of the operating system. One of these features that is both convenient and original is the ability to create custom vibration alerts. In the past, the ability to create custom vibration alerts was hidden deep in […]

How to Quickly Delete History on Android Phone

history eraser android 5

It’s pretty easy to delete internet history and clear temporary files on your computer with CCleaner installed. It doesn’t work on an Android phone though. On your Android phone, there are plenty of things that you might want to delete – your call history, browsing history, search history, Google Play search history, Youtube search history and […]

How to Use Custom Radio in Spotify and Make Playlists


I have to confess that I just love Spotify and it has given a new meaning to music in my life. Previously, I never paid attention to creating playlists and used to search and play songs randomly from the library. But now that I have started using Spotify, I have got into the groove of […]

How to Take Web Page Screenshots from OneNote Interface


Taking screenshots is a way to capture and preserve information that we know would expire sooner or later. And generally, we do it so that we can make it part of some documentation. However, there are just too many steps (print screen, crop, edit, save as image and then insert to a document) one has […]

How to Enable Do Not Track Option in Chrome


Most of the websites that you visit frequently collect data from the browser, each time you visit them. The data that these websites collect are basically used to serve you the ads that meet your interest. Sometimes they just want to record your IP address and browser you are working on. To protect privacy, Google […]

How to Customize iOS 6 Privacy Settings to Control App Permissions

Privacy Access

If there is one aspect that has run in the controversy more than any other in recent times, it is User Privacy. The rise of social networks and their several-pages-long privacy agreements that most people don’t understand has caused many to inadvertently share more than they would have liked. Things got even more complicated with […]

The Easiest Way to Surf and Watch Hulu, Netflix and Pandora Outside the US


In the past we have seen many ways using which we can bypass the country restrictions imposed by sites like Hulu and Netflix and browse them like a US user to watch videos. The latest service that we saw was Tunlr, using which we could easily change our connection DNS and browse these restricted websites. […]

Activate Windows Like Alt + Tab Thumbnail Preview Toggling For Firefox Tabs

Firefox thumbnail preview

Tabs make it really easy to work on browsers. However, most of us waste a significant amount of time in using the mouse always and not making use of the keyboard while managing the tabs. Even for a small task like switching a tab we tend to use the mouse. Now, the same action can […]

Burn Calories with Randomized Circuit Training Workouts on Sworkit


I am hardly what you would call a ‘gym rat’. I am more of a regular guy who does exercise but often hits the wall of de-motivation. I don’t have a personal trainer – I am guessing most of you don’t – and so I have to rely on my own limited knowledge and the […]

[Quick Tip] Reveal the Layers One By One on Google Maps to Find More Information

Google Maps

As you might have found out by now, Google Maps is not only about directions. Google Maps is composed of different layers, each a composite of rich information. Zoom into a site (i.e. a location point on a map), and you can search for specific markers located in the vicinity of the area. You can […]

GT For Beginners: How to Import Your SIM Card Contacts to Your iPhone

Importing from SIM

So you got a new iPhone and want to start using it right away? Normally, all you would need is to just sync your information with your Mac or Windows PC or to download it from iCloud. In fact, iCloud offers perhaps the best solution for storing and syncing your SIM contacts. This service from […]