[Quick Tip] Set Default Orientation of Apps on Android


Auto rotate is a feature of Android that toggles your screen state between portrait and landscape depending upon your device orientation using the accelerometer sensor. I always keep this feature disabled because it tends to become more of an annoyance than it helps. Sometimes it stubbornly stays in a specific mode and you need to […]

A Review of Aviary Photo Editor App For Android


We have covered quite a few tools using which you can edit and enhance your photos on your computer easily. However, I now-a-days try to do most of the basic photo editing work on my Android. Seriously, you can’t just use a phone like HTC One X with quad core processor and a GB of […]

How to Compose Emails Right From the Firefox Address Bar


In the past we’ve mentioned about bookmark names and use of keywords on browsers. Well, if you had a chance to try them you must have understood their importance and possibly adopted the style to enhance your browsing experiences. There is lot more you can do with keywords, and today we are going to help […]

How to Enable .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 8 [Quick Tip]


Windows 8 comes preinstalled with .Net Framework 4.5 which would mean that it should work for applications that are based upon .Net Framework 3.5. But that’s not the case. Tools that require the latter version sometimes fail to initialize the installation just because they can’t find the specific framework on your computer. Moreover, you can’t […]

How to Get Back Accidently Deleted Files On Android With DiskDigger


While deleting some old songs on my Android when I was traveling, I accidentally deleted the image folder that contained the photos I shot using my camera. I knew I could go back home, connect my phone as a mass storage device and run file recovery software like Recuva or EaseUS to restore the files. […]

How to Install the RENOVATE Custom ROM On HTC One X


While talking about ways to speed up a rooted Android phone, we mentioned how a custom ROM can help you with that  and at the same time extend your device’s battery life. Keeping in mind the same principle, today I am going to show you how to install RENOVATE custom ROM on your HTC One […]

How to Create and Share Personal Video Messages With MailVU


Long time back we covered a tool called SendShots using which a person could be easily record a private video message and send it to a contact via email. Guiding Tech reader Tony emailed us to let us know that SendShots seems to have shut down. Hence, a similar free tool was the need of […]

How to Set Default Zoom Levels For Better Readability on Chrome and Firefox

Page Zoom (Firefox)

We, with normal vision hardly ever need to use the zoom controls. Or at least we never used to do it, till thumbnails and Pinterest came along. Yes, I often use zoom to catch the more interesting images on Pinterest rather than click through to the actual hosting page. But some who are visually challenged […]

[Quick Tip] Quickly Copy Cell Value or Fill a Series in MS Excel


MS Excel is the ultimate tool to choose if you want to maintain rows and columns of data, and want to apply some basic rules like filtering, sorting and data conditions. However, working on the same and editing or copying cell values is a little time consuming and, kinda boring. Here is a cool tip […]

2 Ways to Show Icons Instead of Thumbnails in Windows Explorer


Recently, we talked about disabling the Windows taskbar thumbnail preview and also switching off explorer features like Navigation Pane, Details Pane and Preview Pane. Actually, these are wonderful features that the GUI has and helps you quite a bit in navigation and browsing activities. However, people who know the folder structure and organization of their […]

Get the Perfect Movie Summary and Download Links With Movies.io


IMDb is a great online service to know anything and everything about movies. It’s like an encyclopedia dedicated to them. However, it would be tough to disagree when I say that IMDb can be confusing at times for a simple user who just wants to look up a brief summary of a movie. Movies.io is […]

How to Permanently Disable Preview Pane in Windows 7 Explorer


The Windows explorer has few interesting things to make your work and browsing activity easier. One of those is the Navigation Pane placed on the left side of the interface. Two other such things are Preview Pane and Details Pane placed on the right and the bottom of the interface respectively. The image below shows […]

[Quick Tip] How to Create and Restore Nandroid Backup for Rooted Android Phones


There are many ways to backup an Android phone, but if you were to ask me about the best way for a rooted Android device, without any second thoughts I would suggest the Nandroid backup. Nandroid backup is not like other backups that create different backup files for distinct settings. It creates a mirror image […]

A Review of DVDFab DVD Copy, a Useful Tool to Clone DVDs Easily


Recently, we talked about a DVD Ripper from the house of DVDFab using which you can easily rip all your DVDs effectively and save them to your hard drive. Today we are going to talk about yet another product from the same folks, called DVD Copy which lets you copy the content of a DVD Movie […]

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