How to Shrink Windows 8 Start Screen to Open Within Desktop


One of the main reasons users have not liked the Windows 8 modern Start Screen and are looking for a way to switch back to classic Start Menu is the full screen display. I on the other hand like the idea of Start Screen and its powerful search function, but its full screen mode is […]

3 Uses of Geotagging on Instagram


Geotagging Instagram photos (or anything else for that matter) is almost like giving away your address. It immediately raises privacy concerns and those are very legitimate concerns too. The recent update to Instagram’s iPhone and Android apps made browsing photos easier and better with the Photo Maps feature where you can view your geo-tagged photos […]

How to Restore Open Folders in Windows on System Reboot and Login


Consider a situation – you just installed a program on your machine and on completion of the process you are prompted that you would need to restart your machine in order to get started with the program. Now, say that you want to start using the program immediately, but you hit on Restart Later  because […]

[Quick Tip] Quickly Open a Web Page You Are Reading on Computer, on Android Using AirDroid


Suppose you are reading an article online on your computer, and for some reasons you have to leave your desk and be on the move. You have the option of continuing to read it on your Android on the way. So what would be the quickest way to have that same web page open on […]

How to Replace Your Account Picture in Windows 8 With a Video Clip


Times are changing and people are finding motion pictures more attractive than still photos. To answer this changing trend, we have covered how to set a video ringtone on Android smartphone and even apply video live wallpapers. Today we will see how we can change Windows 8 profile pic and apply a small, personal video […]

How to Flush Windows 8 Live Tile Notifications and Get Rid of Old Updates


While talking about Windows 8 metered connection and the all-new notifications, I mentioned how the Start Screen Windows Live Tiles can help a user see snippets of important information even without opening the application. However, many a times, when no new update is available from the server or when the user is browsing on metered […]

How to Backup or Export Contacts on, Gmail and Yahoo Mail


Remember the time when there used to be a contacts diary permanently placed beside your landline phone, which you used to refer to before making calls? Of course there was no email or Facebook at that time. Even cell phones were just beginning to emerge from their nests. That diary used to be your only […]

Understanding Windows 8 Notifications and How to Control Them


Notifications in Windows 7 was limited to few UAC pop-ups and apps running in the system tray. But now in Windows 8, as the operating system is optimized for tablets and portable devices, decent and helpful notifications have become necessary than ever before. Notifications have been given a complete makeover in Windows 8 and if […]

How to Disable Certain Chrome Extensions for Specific Websites

Chrome Webstore Logo

Extensions are what give browsers their usability, and turn them into single-window “clearing houses” for all that we do on the web. But browser add-ons and extensions come with baggage. They extract something from the computer’s memory and also contribute to the visual clutter. When your memory is finite, and browser real estate just that […]

How to Download Torrents Directly on Android Using uTorrent App


uTorrent, the widely used and most trusted torrent downloading client for Windows, Mac and Linux finally arrives for Android devices. Previously there was a Remote App for uTorrent available in the Play Store but using it one could only control uTorrent on a remote PC. Now with the new uTorrent app (currently in beta stage) […]

15 Must Know Firefox About Config (about:config) Preferences


We are all probably aware of browser add-ons and use quite a few of them to improve and make our browsing experiences better. Though Firefox and Chrome lead the race, there are certain advantages associated with Firefox when it comes to customizing the program. Besides using extensions you can make the browser behave exactly the […]

How to Integrate With Google Music


Weeks back, I bypassed the Spotify country restriction and started using it, but there were many restrictions imposed on a free account. Spotify can really nudge you or even irritate in some cases to buy the premium service. To be frank, I really wished to buy the premium service, but then my credit card was […]

[Quick Tip] Force Install Extensions and External Scripts on Chrome


In the past, we have covered many browser related tricks that required you to install user scripts that were not listed on Chrome Web Store but still worked flawlessly. However, the latest version of Chrome now doesn’t let you do that. It restricts the installation of scripts from external sources. Chrome introduced this particular change […]

3 Ways To Spot Fake Twitter Accounts Following You

Twitter Logo

Most of us aren’t celebrities like Justin Bieber and Barrack Obama with millions of followers waiting for the next Twitter byte. We are normal folks with follower counts in maybe double or triple digits. Even then, the scourge of fake Twitter users following us should be a cause enough to raise a red flag. Fake […]