How to Clear All Your Social Account Notifications at One Go With Notification Control


Whenever we register for services online, one information they all usually need is a working email address. Some of them might use it to spam you with offers. But if it’s a genuine and reputed site like Facebook or Twitter, it probably won’t do that. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t flood your inbox […]

How to Map Multiple Cloud Backup Services as a Network Drive


Till date, we have discussed many cool tools to access services like Dropbox, SugarSync and Google Docs right from your Windows explorer. All the services use different tools and thus one needs to switch from one tool to another if he uses these services simultaneously. Otixo however, is one amazing web service that lets you […]

Understanding Gmail’s 2 Step Verification and How to Set it Up For Gmail/Google Accounts


Gmail (and as a result all your Google accounts) is going the way of Fort Knox. Okay, that’s a hyperbole, but the latest 2-step verification process is a step closer to peace of mind and better security. Stronger security is always welcome because Gmail for most of us is the centerpiece of our online existence. […]

3 Impressive Tools to Help You Create New Habits


Alright, you’re going to quit watching TV. Wait, didn’t you try that 3 days ago? (Or 3 hours ago?) How did that turn out? We all have habits that we struggle with. Luckily for us, the internet has brought us three tools that will help us create new habits and remove those rotten old ones. […]

How to Instantly Hide or Restore Chrome Browser Tabs With PanicButton (Plus a Hidden Stealth Mode Trick)


Suppose you are browsing through some restricted websites in your workplace or let’s say you’re in your college dorm and someone to whom you are answerable for your behavior comes looking for you. Of course, you can close your browser with a simple click to save yourself from embarrassment, but it will leave that person […]

How to Check If You Are Getting the Right Internet Speed with NetSpeedMonitor


I am writing this article sitting at a café and working on a Wi-Fi connection. In my country (and I guess in a few other places too), Wi-Fi broadband is notorious for fluctuating and flagging speeds. As a full-time web worker, I have to be on top of things and one of those things is […]

Reviewing Listary, an Awesome File Browsing and Searching tool For Windows


Few days ago, while searching for some cool new tools for Windows, I stumbled upon an application called Listary. After working for few hours on Listary, if I had to describe as to what it is, in a nutshell, I would simply put it as a tool for Windows that enhances your file browsing experience […]

How to Replace Dropbox With Google Docs Storage Using Insync


Few days back, my brother mailed me asking a solution to one of his problems. He wanted to know it there’s any way he can work on the documents and files in his Google Docs accounts – meaning spreadsheets, presentations etc – offline on different computers and have them synced with Google Docs, just like […]

GT Explains: Why You Should Never Use WEP to Protect Your Home Wi-Fi


The world is going wireless and starting from our homes, we are too. If you look around, you have at least one wireless device…it may be a laptop or your smartphone. You may be accessing the web with your home Wi-Fi router, but the threat of a security breach never goes away. Our previously published […]

How to Quickly Disable (or Enable) Chrome Extensions without Going to the Extensions Page


Sometimes we go berserk with downloading and installing browser extensions. I feel Google Chrome gives more convenience when it comes to using extensions as one doesn’t have to go through the bother of restarting the browser with each install of an extension. However, this ease of installing extensions means that a Chrome user tends to […]

How to Easily Start or Stop Windows Services With Windows Service Monitor


Being a programmer and a self-proclaimed geek, I have to work with Windows services now and then. Whether it’s the SQL server, the Windows theme or the firewall, I always prefer to use the Windows services panel to turn them on or off. It’s a lot easy to open the Services window using the run […]

How to Convert PDF to Microsoft Word With Flip PDF to Word


PDF conversion tools are quite thick on the ground. It’s almost granted that you will find a tool – both online and desktop – that does the job of converting your Word documents to PDF.  But here we look at the reverse process which is equally important…converting your PDF files to easily editable Word documents […]

How to Copy Text From Windows Error Message Boxes, Windows Explorer Etc Using GetWindowText


Getting errors with weird error codes while working on Windows is not unusual and when we get one, thank God we have Google (or any other search engine you prefer) to answer what the error message or the error code means. Now the problem with these error boxes is that one cannot copy the error […]

Share Files By Dragging and Dropping Them Onto Your Browser Using


How simple can a file sharing application get? Probably, not simpler than We have checked out sites like Minus and WeTransfer which are all neat and simple file sharing solutions in their own right, and the biggie of the cloud itself – Dropbox. So, do we really need another file upload and sharing tool? […]