4 Useful Tools to Delete Locked Files In Windows


As a Windows user you must have come across messages like “The source or destination file may be in use” and “Cannot delete file: Access denied” while trying to delete a file. This happens because the file or folder is in use by some other program that stops the delete action. Sometimes you may be […]

How to Open Word, Excel (.doc, .docx, xlsx etc) Files Without MS Office Installed


The chances are slim that you don’t have MS Office installed on your PC. Heck, it’s one of things that the guys from Redmond got right and even Mac fanboys will acknowledge it. But what if that probability gets skewed and you don’t have the trusty MS Office to open your DOC and XLS files […]

How to Personalize the New Windows 8 Charm Bar


Windows 8 introduces an all-new way to interact with your system called the Charm Bar. We have already provided a basic introduction to the Charm Bar and things it can help you with in your daily computing works. Previously, on Guiding Tech I discussed how you can change the looks of Windows 8 Start Menu […]

How to Search On Firefox (From Search & Address Bar) Productively


There is so much of information on the internet that converging down to the one that matters can get difficult at times. And for this reason we must be very specific and focused with our search. Choosing the right search engine, typing proper query strings and filtering results are some of the ways to search […]

Keep Track of Your Postpaid Usage on Android with DroidStats


Few weeks back, after getting peeved from the frequent top-up recharges every second day and changing voice plans that are hard to keep track of, I decided to move on to a postpaid mobile plan. Yes, India has both prepaid and postpaid mobile plans, and majority opt for the former due to its obvious convenience […]

A Brief Introduction to Windows 8 Charm Bar


Windows 8 Consumer Preview made a few things clear about the final release and two of the most talked about changes are the missing old, conventional Start Menu and the introduction of an all-new Charm Bar. Charm Bar is a brand new feature addition and we all are seeing it for the first time in […]

How to Share Parts of a Website as Images With all Links Intact


There are a number of ways to share information online. In fact, I should say there are a number of ‘mediums’ because the way of sharing is more or less the same: passing on the link of the webpage you want to share. It’s a quick method but not convenient if it’s a lengthy content-filled […]

How to Personalize the New Windows 8 Start Menu (or Start Screen)


The new start menu or the start screen in Windows 8 is certainly going to be the biggest change from the point of view of an average user. As always, some are loving the new interface and others are grumbling at the loss of the old, conventional Windows start menu. Now for those who love […]

How to Add a Life Event to Your Facebook Timeline (and Why You Should)


Facebook did a complete makeover with the introduction of the Facebook Timeline. Our Facebook pages haven’t been the same since. The large banner like image dominates, and then your “life story” follows. The timeline is resting place for all your memorable posts, photos, events…all arranged in a reverse chronological order. Admittedly, you have to scroll […]

How to Capture and Record Your Desktop Screen With Jing


Time and again I have found myself helping friends and family with their computer problems. And sometimes it gets really tough to make them understand what they must do. Thus, I have taken up to sharing documented tutorials for ease and simplicity. So whenever I need to explain a quick procedure, I capture it on […]

A Guide to Customizing the New Tab Page in Google Chrome


Browsers have come a long way and evolved with time to make their interfaces contained, easy to use and have enhanced features. But the default new tab page in all the browsers doesn’t seem to reflect that. I mean, it’s either blank or will have a thumbnail of recently visited sites… but that gets boring […]

How to Get Mouse Gestures in Windows and Command By Drawing, Using StrokeIt


Thanks to resistive and capacitive touch screens we have become quite used to gestures. They have spawned different habits. When it comes to our computers, we still rely on the good ol’ keyboard and mouse. Some would swear by keyboard shortcuts for boosting productivity. But that entails learning different keyboard shortcuts for different applications. How […]

How to Boot in Windows 7 by Default After Installing Windows 8 in Dual Boot


Though I am already dual booting Windows 8 consumer preview with Windows 7 on my computer, Windows 8 to me right now is like some exotic dish of a restaurant that you have once in a while. Windows 7 on the other hand is like homemade food that you can’t live without and need for […]

How to Shutdown Windows 8 Desktop, Laptop and Tablets


Now that Microsoft no longer has its signature start menu in the upcoming Windows 8 operating system, some of my friends were having a hard time finding the shutdown button. Previously, most of the Windows users used to click on Start menu and select the shutdown button to power off the system but as the […]