How to Edit & Cut Music, Create Ringtones on Android Phones


Do you download song clips as ringtones from websites often? Well it’s always easy to search and download ringtones but most of the time you don’t exactly get what you are looking for. Any ways, why bother searching among other’s creations online when you can easily make one of your own. I am not talking […]

[Quick Tip] Customize Google Chrome by Changing the Font


Browser customizations take various forms – from themes to using different startpages. When it comes to Google Chrome , there is another small tweak you can apply to make it more personal. You can customize Google Chrome with a user defined font that you find gives you better visual clarity and readability. Here are the […]

Create Ringer Profiles on Android Like You Did On Older Phones


Though my Android powered beast HTC One X is better than my old Nokia phone in every aspect, one feature that I miss the most, which used to be in the latter, is the ability to change profiles quickly. Most of you would agree with me when I say that it was very easy to […]

How to Make Your Windows Login Password More Secure


When it comes to computer data security people rely on passwords as the first line of defense. While it is recommended that you choose passwords as a mix of letters, digits and symbols it is also a good practice to keep changing them from time to time. If you use password protection to log on […]

[Quick Tip] How To Delete Specific Items (Visited Sites) From Your Address Bar History


Firefox shows you the previous addresses you have been to as soon as you start typing in the address bar. While this auto-complete feature is a tremendous time-saver, there may be instances when you want to keep certain URLs…ummm, private. Of course, you can delete your browsing history, but that would remove all the URLs […]

Understanding Tabs on Demand and Smooth Scrolling in Firefox 13


We continue with our look at the changes Firefox has made to version 13 of its browser. Previously, we saw how Firefox’s new reset feature helps to make it a faster and better browser. Today, let’s take a peek at two new features – Tabs on Demand and Smooth Scrolling – and see if they […]

How to Remotely Control uTorrent On Desktop From Android


I am a download junkie and I mostly do it via torrents. uTorrent is my favorite torrent downloader for Windows as its low when it comes to consumption of system resources but extremely feature-rich at the same time. One feature I like about uTorrent is that it allows me to manage my downloads from my […]

How to Fix Slow Firefox Using the New Reset Firefox Feature


You might think that Firefox is updating way too often (then you haven’t been on Chrome yet!). That’s a part of its rapid release cycle strategy, that is – 6 weeks between each new release. It might be good news for you if you were peeved with the earlier version, but it is a problem […]

The Complete Guide to Customizing Command Prompt on Windows 7


The Windows command prompt isn’t something an average user uses often these days. In fact, he never did since Graphical User Interface or GUI (read mouse pointer and icons) came into being. Nevertheless, there is still plenty of usage of the prompt interface and you might require to use it from time to time to […]

[Quick Tip] Use the Browser Homepage as a Task Reminder


There are a number of task reminder tools out there and each boasts of its own unique features. But then, computer users are so consumed by the internet that they skip looking into their tasks list at times. So, we thought we would tell you about a simple trick to combine both of these. This […]

How to Permanently Delete Files on Android With File Shredder


Few days ago I sold my used Samsung Galaxy S through an online portal. This one, like all the smartphones these days, had my data on its internal storage. I had to be sure that all my personal data on the internal hard disk was securely deleted and that no one could restore it using […]

How to Create and Use Note Links in Evernote to Organize Notes


Whenever I am working on a project, I use Evernote to take notes of important material that I come across online. Evernote web clipper makes it extremely easy to snip and save articles from web pages. The only problem I had was in organizing those clipped pages in a productive manner. Of course, Evernote provides […]

How to Password Protect MS Office (2007) Documents Without Using Third Party Tools


All of us may not be in the habit maintaining locks on folders or encrypting entire drives to protect data or restricting file viewership. But there are times when we need a certain level of security over some documents. I require a lot of those on my Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and I do […]

How to Analyze the Time You Spend on Computer With TimeSnapper


While working on computer, do you wonder where did all your productive time go at the end of the day? Why you didn’t finish the task even when ample time was allotted for it? Of course you know why. Your time was spent somewhere else. Some of us wonder that if only they could trace […]