How to Do a Security Scan of Windows PC with Kaspersky Free Anti-Virus Scan

Kaspersky Free Anti-virus Scan

Installing an anti-virus and a firewall are the top 2 to-dos when it comes to using a new computer. In our malware infested times, a certain level of paranoia is recommended. And these two basic security precautions are hardly on the scale of paranoia. Those who believe in the old maxim that prevention is better […]

[Quick Tip] Add a Background Picture to MS Excel Sheets


I am in the habit of maintaining Excel sheets for many purposes in my daily life. The advantage that comes along is its immense potential to maintain tables and operate on them, highlight cells or text, sort and filter data, and the list goes on. Though I have my sheets named according to relevance, I […]

How to Create Backup File for all your Android Apps


Lately, we have covered many apps and tools on Guiding Tech that can help you with backup and restoring Android apps easily. The thing is, 7 out of 10 times someone has to back up and restore apps on his Android is because he is probably trying out a new custom ROM on his device. […]

A Comprehensive Screenshot Tour of Office 2013 – Word, PowerPoint, Excel and More


With Windows 8 release date closing in, Microsoft launched the consumer preview of Office 2013 aka Office 365. Office 2013 includes many new features but the first thing you will notice is the Metro Splash Screens with the all new UI to match Windows 8 looks. The product is designed for Windows 8 PCs and […]

How to Use KMPlayer Control Box to Enhance Your Video Watching Experience


Whenever I want to watch a movie or play video files, my first choice is KMPlayer. Indeed I love it to such an extent that I stream all YouTube videos to the KMPlayer interface. And that’s because it never says “No” to any kind of video file. Besides, it offers a slew of advanced features […]

Become a Published eBook Author with the Help of BookieJar


There’s nothing more dreadful for an aspiring writer than a rejection letter. Famous authors like Stephen King have also had their share, and a considerable one at that. But online book publishing services today are at least helping to keep the waste-basket at bay. Getting published by a well-known publisher may still be the gold […]

10 Brilliant Command Prompt (CMD) Tricks You Probably Don’t Know About


While talking about the 15 amazing Run Box commands the other day, I mentioned how both Run Box and Command Prompt are treated as a bit nerdy. Well, one might work on Windows without even touching the Run box but you cannot run away from Command Prompt (cmd). No matter how good Windows may evolve […]

How to Add Different Time Zones to MS Outlook Calendar


Not all people have to make calls or schedule appointments across the globe. But when they have to, I have seen them guessing the time at different places or calculating them with respect to their default time zone. This doesn’t appeal to me, especially when you have calendar tools to ease your job. If you […]

[Quick Tip] How to Review Facebook Photo Tags Before Accepting


When Facebook introduced the feature of photo tagging the first time, people had mixed reactions to it. On one hand it made engagement with friends better but at the same time, people started living in fear of embarrassment because there used to be no option to control Facebook tags and all the friends in your […]

How to Change Local Account to Microsoft Account in Windows 8


While installing Windows 8 (the preview builds), right before the setup is about to make your PC ready it asks you whether you would like to use a local account or the Microsoft account to administer the computer. If you choose the Microsoft account, you will have to provide your Windows login credentials, and you […]

How to Clear Firefox, Chrome, IE Browsing Data Automatically on Closing


Browser history and associated data could jeopardize your privacy if you are using a shared computer. We are big advocates of safe browsing and we’ve talked about methods to help you with that. One trick to help you accomplish such a setting is to create hidden profiles and use them secretly. An even better way […]

2 Android Apps to Remind You Birthdays, Anniversaries and Other Important Dates


Thanks to Facebook, I don’t need to maintain a birthday calendar on my desk anymore. With almost all my friends and relatives in my friend list, I get notified about every single birthday right on time. But what’s the certainty that the desktop version of Facebook will be accessible to you all the time? You […]

GT Explains: What is RAM and Why More of it Makes a Computer (or Any Gadget) Faster?

RAM Modules

Random Access Memory (RAM) is your computer’s ‘memory’. It is the physical component within all the hardware that temporarily stores all the data required by your computer’s operating system and software as long as it is switched on. When you switch off the power supply, all the data is lost. When the computer is turned […]

[Quick Tip] How To Rotate Videos using Windows Movie Maker


While taking still photos using cameras and mobiles, we rotate the device between landscape and portrait mode to get the best from the scene. While viewing on the camera, we can easily tilt the device and view the photos correctly but when we transfer it to computer, we have to rotate them for the best […]