Plan an American Road Trip the Right Way with Roadtrippers


You can bet that Dennis Hooper never used this road trip planning website when he set out with his pal Peter Fonda across America in Easy Rider. They would have planned it out better. Of course, it would have been a joy ride but maybe not so much for us in the aisle seats of […]

GT Explains: What are MS Outlook Search Folders and How to Create a Custom One


Previously, we have elaborated on how a MS Outlook user could create rules to check the incoming emails and filter or direct them to specific folders (based on the customized rules). However, you may have some specific requirements that are not covered by folder rules. Or you may not want to move a group (or […]

How to Fix Sudden No Sound While Watching a Video Issue in Windows


Few days back while watching a movie on my laptop, when the track changed I was not able to hear any sound from my speakers. First, I thought there was the problem with the video itself but when I was not able to get the audio for any of the media files, I concluded that […]

How to Recover Previous Bookmarks in Firefox

Firefox bookmarks restore

Firefox always had good bookmark management features. The Bookmark Manager (Library) had features like Export Bookmarks to HTML. You could easily create periodic copies of your bookmarks and keep them as backups. Syncing them to online bookmark tools like Xmarks also helps to keep your bookmarks for posterity. Firefox 13 has added another feature to […]

[Quick Tip] Forward Multiple Emails as One in MS Outlook


In our day to day work culture, emails play a very important role. In the same context, we seem to have a pretty good understanding of actions like Reply, Reply to All and Forward. Am email thread could hold significant amount of data which in turn lets someone understand the entire conversation. More often than […]

Re-open Last Closed Programs and Folders in Windows With UndoClose


In most of the modern day browsers, we can restore the last closed tabs easily with a hotkey. This feature in a browser can be very helpful when you have accidentally closed the tab you were working on. The other day I accidentally closed my entire browser while working  and I wondered if there could […]

5 Features that Make jDownloader the Best Downloader for Windows


Download Accelerator Plus (DAP), Internet Download Manager (IDM) and Orbit are few of the well known download accelerators available for Windows. If you are trying to download files from HTTP or FTP links, these tools provide seamless download speeds. But when you need to download files from online file hosting services as free user or […]

How to Auto Refresh Pages in Chrome, Firefox and Opera


Sometimes, you may have a need to automatically refresh a web page. You could be following a game score, or some news, or maybe you are awaiting results to get declared on your college website. Previously we discussed an online service called Refresh This that can automatically refresh a website across any browser but turns […]

[Quick Tip] Get Video Thumbnails For MKV and FLV Files on Windows


Windows generates thumbnail previews for most of the common video files like AVI, MP4, WMV, etc. But in the recent times, formats like MKV and FLV have been getting popular and most of the online videos or HD movies you download are in these formats. Windows, by default, does not provide a thumbnail preview for […]

How to Enable/Disable Tabs Taskbar Preview for IE and Firefox


Tabbed browsing is one of the best features that almost all browsers have adapted today. Now, when multiple tabs are open at a time, each browser has its own default way of showing the taskbar thumbnail preview in Windows 7. For example, Internet Explorer shows preview for each tab that is open at the moment. […]

How to Bookmark Multiple Video Positions in KMPlayer


We saw recently what you could do when you want to save the position of play in a video in Windows Media Player. KMPlayer’s Remember Last Played  option helps me do the same thing. When I have this checked, I am assured to resume at the same location even if I close my player. You […]

How to Pin Portions of Text to Pinterest With Share As Image

Share As Image

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking and image sharing service. You might think there’s no place for text there apart from taking up bit of the comment space. When you look around Pinterest, there are a lot of textual pins – quotes, puns, posters, and general slogans exhorting you to live your life well. But they […]

[Quick Tip] How To Select Text Vertically In MS Word

Vertical Selection

Did you just do a double take? I wouldn’t blame you if you did because we are so used to selecting text horizontally that we don’t even know if we can take the vertical approach. But yes, we can. Let’s take the example as shown in the screenshot below. You want to delete the leading […]

How to Start a Hangout in the New Google+ Android App


The last update of Google+ app for Android came integrated with the Hangout feature to ease video conferencing. It’s not that video chat was missing in Google+. One could start a video conversation using the Google+ Messenger app just fine, it’s just that things are little simpler now with a classy touch. If you have […]

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