How to Create Encrypted TrueCrypt Volumes the Easy Way


We have talked about TrueCrypt on many occasions in the past. It’s a free open source tool to create a virtual encrypted disk. No doubt it’s one of the most secure methods of encrypting data, but at the same time it’s a little tricky to implement. In this Truecypt guide we have mentioned all the […]

How to Customize Folder Scanning Preferences in Picasa


I am a fan of Picasa desktop application and have been using it for quite long. Not only Picasa is an excellent photo manager and editor, it comes with an excellent viewer. If you have ever worked on Picasa you must have noticed the two options it gives a user after a fresh installation. The […]

4 Cool Sites to Help You Sell Old and Used Books


Knowledge never dies. I guess it gets passed on in the form of books. In India, we have had a long tradition of giving away our old books or selling them off at basement prices. What passed from one hand to another in my country has gone the virtual way in countries like the U.S. […]

How to Use Magisto to Create Short, Interesting Clips From Long Videos


A common phrase we use when it comes to praising something is “ short and sweet ”. Have you ever heard anyone saying “It was long but sweet”? I suppose no. Same is the case with videos. People usually prefer short and interesting video clips rather than long videos that beat around the bush. Of […]

How to Use Firefox Sync to Backup/Sync Firefox Bookmarks, Passwords, Open Tabs and More


We use our browsers across many devices these days…from a desktop computer to a PDA. Carrying our bookmarks and other browser data across all these devices saves us from duplicating our data and effort. That’s why if you are a Firefox fan, you will appreciate the default Firefox Sync tool that helps you backup and […]

GT Explains: What is the Difference Between Malware, Virus, Rootkits, Spyware, Worm and Trojans


Whenever your computer starts acting weird and makes it difficult for you to work on, the first thing that comes to you mind is whether a virus has affected your computer. Some of those times, your fears might turn out to be true. Hence it helps to know about these enemies of your computer and […]

How to Rip High Quality Music From CD with Exact Audio Copy

Exact Audio Copy Freedb

I absolutely love CDs. I can’t really explain why — perhaps I’m old-fashioned, or maybe I grew up in a weird time — but I remember going to the local music store to pick up new CDs on Tuesdays, and listening to it on the car ride home, or plopping it into my Discman. (Yeah, […]

How to Download All Your +1s From Google+ As Bookmark Links


These days it’s a facet of social networking sites that you can use them as bookmarking tools. Be it Facebook or Google Plus, our likes (and +’s) are captured and hopefully stored for eternity. A biggie as it is, Google isn’t going to fold anytime soon. But you never know when one service may get […]

The Complete Guide to Creating and Using Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists was one of the more important updates to the micro-blogging site. It multiplied the reach of every Twitter user who cared to mine it for contact and information. But how do you create and use Twitter Lists? It’s what this basic little guide is all about. A Twitter List Is a Group of […]

How to Organize your Media with Songbird


Media players are an often overlooked part of operating systems. I remember back when I was running OS X, I never really had a need for anything other than iTunes. I can’t stand iTunes on Windows though, and Windows Media Player didn’t excite me either. So where did I turn? Songbird is a media player […]

Reviewing WallMagician, a Software to Quickly Switch Windows Desktop Wallpapers


Do you to change your desktop wallpaper every now and then but doing so manually all the time makes you a little cranky? Well, there are tools and ways to change wallpapers automatically, and today we’ll take up one of them. We have already discussed about DesktopSlides, a nifty tool that changes desktop wallpapers automatically. […]

How to Use VLC Player to Convert Videos From One Format to Another


There’s no doubt that VLC is one of the most acclaimed and feature-rich media players available. Yes, of course the reason is its seamless ability to play wide variety of media files and discs but that’s not all. Using VLC you can do many creative things with your videos and one of the examples that […]

2 Ways to Download TED Videos Individually or in Bulk


TED, the abbreviation that stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design is a non-profit organization that works on a single primary goal of aggregating and sharing “Ideas Worth Spreading”. These ideas are shared via their global conferences called TED Talks which gives a platform to visionaries in diverse fields to spread their creative ideas to the […]

How to Add and Keep Facebook Events in Sync With Your Google Calendar

Facebook Events Google Calendar Sync

Has Facebook made us more social or has it induced a social laziness in all of us where we think that a simple status update suffices? Well, that debate will rage on, but what’s more definite is that Facebook has given us some easy social and participatory tools to better engage our friends. Facebook Events […]