How to Create and Use a Distribution List in MS Outlook


Do you have groups of contacts whom you keep sending emails and meeting requests? And do you re-type each mail address every time you wish to do so? Now, if you’re using MS Outlook as your email client and still doing the same thing, you are missing something really cool. Outlook allows you to create […]

Reviewing Instinctiv, a Feature-Rich Music Player For Desktop and Mobile


There is a big list of desktop media players in the market and each one boasts about its unique features. Perhaps, the recent growth of smartphones demands more of them to be available for mobiles and tablets. Though the existing players are trying to support such needs, they tend to fall short of integrating all […]

How to Easily Read EPUB eBooks on Firefox


We normally think of reading ebooks on ereaders and tablets these days. Reading on the browser is more or less about PDF files, the always dominant ebook format. But ever since Kindle came out, Amazon has managed to spark an interest in digital books and the EPUB format. Free EPUB readers are easily available for […]

GT For Beginners: What is the Airplane Mode in Mobile Phones


Whenever we board a commercial airline, at the time of security measure announcements the flight attendants ask you to switch off your mobile phones, though you may continue working on your laptops and music players. Well, it’s not that they hate your phone. They are just taking some necessary precautions so that your cellular frequency […]

3 Best Ways to Work With Google Calendar Without Opening a Browser


Managing a calendar can help you stay on top of your schedule. But somehow the cloud era has taken this activity online and makes one open a browser to keep updated. And browsers these days have tabs and usually we end up keeping a lot of them open. Your online calendar page could well get […]

Reviewing Evernote For Android and Its Cool Features


We’ve previously written about Evernote more than once. When developers of Evernote say that it serves as an extension of the brain, they are not wrong. Though there are many other online note taking tools available, the thing that makes Evernote special is its feature-rich environment and cross-platform portability. Android is one of the platform […]

How to Find and Install the Best Firefox Themes


There are a few reasons apart from the browser engine that made Firefox such a popular browser. We always talk about Firefox add-ons and the ways it extends our browsing. Themes are probably the next best thing. Themes allow you to dress up your browser and personalize its look. Each browser comes with its own […]

How to Get Desktop Notifications From Gmail and Google Calendar


Email and calendar events are two things you would always want to be up to date with. However, it isn’t always possible to monitor them on your browser. Though you might have the website open at all times it is not convenient to repeatedly refresh browser window or divert from other activities. In such scenario, […]

How to Bulk Unfollow Twitter Users Who Are Not Active


Well, Twitter does not demand any charge for the number of users you follow but seriously, does it make any sense to follow an inactive user whose account is lying dormant for ages? They just increase the list of people you are following and in some cases, decrease the authority of your Twitter profile. Sadly, […]

How to Backup Files You Post On Social Networks (Photos, Videos etc) With Social Folders


The web 2.0 era tempted the web users enough to try out multiple social services like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and social utilities like Google Docs and more. More services mean more scattered content, more upload work and more backup concerns. Social Folders promises to take care of all that. It lets you manage all […]

How to Quickly Download Web Videos You’ve Already Watched in Browser


Previously, we have shared with you ample number of tricks using which you can download videos from almost any online video sharing service. All you need to do is provide the URL of the page, and the tool will take care of the rest. Simple enough, agreed, but do you know that when you watch […]

How to Permanently Delete Hard Drive Data with Eraser


As the name implies, Eraser is about removing something. In this case, it is all about permanently deleting data from your hard drive. You might not be paranoid but sensitive data is a security concern for all. You might have MS Office files, financial records, emails, even family JPEGs that you wouldn’t want a stranger […]

15 Best VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts For Using It Productively


Be it a software or the operating system itself, having the main keyboard shortcuts memorized and using them each day can save you a ton of time in the long run. While some might like the mouse more and feel that they could be more productive with that, keyboard is something which you tend to […]

How to Show Google Calendar In Windows Live Mail Calendar


Windows Vista had a Windows Calendar which somehow wasn’t included in Windows 7.  If you miss this Vista tool after upgrading to Windows 7 and want to manage your calendar and events on the desktop, then you may go about installing the free Windows Live Mail (WLM) email client that comes with the Windows Live […]