8 Reasons To Ditch Android’s Gallery App for QuickPic


There’s nothing special about the Gallery app (or even the new Google Photos app) on Android. When all you want to do is view photos on your device, the recent ones or in a folder, they’ll suit you fine. But you can’t ask for anything more. There are no organization features, security or search features […]

How to Stream Local Music on Chrome and Firefox


You don’t need a scientific study to prove that listening to music can make us more efficient and productive. I always prefer music in the background while I am working. Helps me zone into what I’m doing. Since almost all of my work involves the browser, I prefer when my music can play from there too. […]

6 Ways to Stream Your Local Music Collection to Chromecast


While many have moved over to the world of streaming music, some still hold on to the digital music collection they’ve built over the years. And due to region restrictions, some just can’t access streamed music. With streaming apps, you have it easy when it comes to casting to Chromecast. All you have to do […]

How to Change Google Now Gestures to Various Useful Actions


On most Android devices that come with the soft navigation key, swiping the home button up is one of the easiest gestures available on the device. However, by default this particular gesture is assigned to Google Now and there’s no direct way to change it. For those who are not fond of Google Now and […]

How To Use Guest Mode and Screen Pinning in Android Lollipop


Lollipop brought what might be one of the most requested features to Android smartphones – multiple user accounts, including a guest mode. Previously when you wanted to hand over your phone to a friend to make a call or browse the web, you had to hope they didn’t go snooping around, which of course they […]

8 Ways To Free Up Storage Space on Android

Not enough storage

“I’ve made a huge mistake“. When I was buying a secondary Android phone, I went with the 8 GB Moto G model. 8 GB will be more than enough I said to myself, it’s not my main device anyway. I was so wrong. Out of the 8 gigs, only 5 GB are usable. When you use […]

6 Tips & Tricks to Get the Most Out of Google Inbox

Google Inbox

Google Inbox is the latest in the round of email apps with a task management spin to it. With Inbox, you don’t mark an email as Read, you mark it as Done. Just another four letter word. But one that signifies a hell of a philosophical change. Inbox turns your email from a boring list […]

How To Automatically Disable Screen Lock in Lollipop at Certain Times

lockscreen lock

When it comes to security, there’s really no shortage of awesome third party Android apps. Some apps can even help you encrypt certain files on your storage so no one can get to them. But the best thing you can do to increase your Android phone’s safety is to have a device lock enabled. This […]

DriveTheLife: Fix, Update and Backup Windows Drivers Automatically


Windows 7 made the plug and play feature a big hit. With amazing support for most common hardware, users were able to just plug in their new devices and use them without having to go through configuration of any kind. The support got better with Windows 8, but still there are many drivers that need to be […]

How To Use AirDrop to Exchange Files and Links Between iPhone, iPad, and Mac


AirDrop, the seemingly magical technology that allows you to send links, files, and media between iPhones, iPads, and Mac seems easy enough to understand on the surface. If you’re still not sure what AirDrop is and how it works, check out our explainer. AirDrop works on a device to device connection based on Wi-Fi and […]

GT Explains: What is AirDrop and How Does it Work?


When Craig Federighi introduced AirDrop support for iOS devices, he was keen to point out just how simple it was. Data would be transferred from one iOS device to another over the air, like magic. “No need to stumble around the room bumping your phones together”, he snickered, taking a jab at NFC. But it’s been […]

3 Ways to Jump to Cell A1 in MS Excel Real Quick


You will agree that an Excel sheet can run up to thousands of rows and columns. You will also agree that when you are working on one such worksheet, you might have to navigate into deep rows and columns. This takes you away from the reference row and column i.e cell A1, where you might […]

How To Play Any Web Video from Desktop or Android to Chromecast


If you own a Chromecast and have the Google Cast extension installed, you might already be familiar with tab casting. With it, you can display anything that’s on a Chrome tab to your TV. While this tab mirroring feature is good, it’s far from optimal. Especially when it comes to watching videos. Chromecast can only […]

GT Explains: Why You Should Stay Away from Knock-Off Chargers

Lightning may not work

Not buying knock-off chargers might seem like general knowledge but you’d be surprised at how many people use them. Why would you want to play with fire, quite literally? I’ll be honest, it can be enticing. I’ve myself bought counterfeit USB cables and chargers before, seduced by low pricing. Don’t worry, I’m not using any […]