Should You Buy a Sound Card for Your PC?


If there’s one thing music lovers would love, it is better quality of sound. Distortion-free, high quality and natural sounding sound. Unfortunately, since we live in this so-called digital world, we’ve got to deal with things like ‘electrical interference’ and the likes. Which begs the question – should anyone really consider buying a sound card […]

How to Get Started With Text Expansion on Mac With aText

Text expansion

Text expansion is the embodiment of everything that’s great about modern computers. It helps you get stuff done faster, easier, better than it was possible before. Text expansion works like this – you type a keyword – a snippet of text and it gets expanded automatically to a much bigger block of text. Yes, you […]

What Music to Listen to for Improving Focus While Working

Music while you work

I don’t need to sell you on the fact that when you’re studying, working or just trying to focus, sometimes, some kind of music helps. Of course, blasting hip-hop isn’t going to help when you’re trying to memorize the periodic table. It’s the same when you’re trying to do complex tasks at work. But some […]

Always Shoot Horizontal Videos on iOS and Android with Horizon


Have you heard of a team called Vertical Video Syndrome (VVS). If you haven’t, let me tell you that it has been haunting mankind since the launch of iPhone 3GS. Photos can be shot in both portrait and landscape modes and with a simple rotate feature you can make them valuable in Windows and on the […]

Todoist vs Todoist Premium: Should You Pay for Productivity?


Todoist is a simple to-do list app that helps boost your productivity dramatically. As a regular user, I can attest to its wondrous powers. It’s available for free (for Android, iOS and Windows) and comes with plenty of features, but does offer a premium version as well. Depending on how productive you need or want […]

Flash is Redundant: Here’s How to Disable it and Still Enjoy Browsing

Flash disable

Back in the days of yore, Adobe’s Flash used to rule the internet. Everything from the tacky animations to navigation was built on Flash. Not to mention the millions of small browser based games. Of course, this was before the smartphones took over. In 2010, Steve Jobs openly banned Flash from iOS devices (and it […]

How to Make Reading on the Go Fun and Easy


Reading used to be as essential as air to me when I was young. No really, you would never catch me without a good book – I’d read in the car, at the beach, and sometimes to my mom’s discontent, at the dinner table. But as I got older, I guess life got in the way. […]

The Ultimate Xposed Module to Protect Your Android Apps


You must be wondering why are we taking up another app to protect Android apps using a password or a PIN. We have talked about apps in the past using which one can lock down apps installed on droids, so what’s the need for another one? Well, to give a simple answer, I would say […]

How to Access Wi-Fi from Any Desktop PC and Make it a Virtual Router too


Traditionally desktop PCs haven’t had any wireless connectivity hardware pre-installed on them. Usually they have got internet connectivity only via the Ethernet cable. Just recently, with the recent shift to ‘All Things Wireless’ have there been some motherboards that do come with wireless adapters for desktops. But, if you’re stuck with an old PC (like me) with no […]

Top 5 iOS Shoot ’em Ups That Will Take Your Gaming Skills to Their Limits

Main Pic iOS Shoot em Ups Title Image Main

For quite a while now, iOS devices (smartphones and tablets in general for that matter) have been considered as simply ‘casual’ devices when it comes to gaming experiences. That might be true for the most part, but the truth is that there are quite a few niches of extremely challenging genres that will test the […]

What are Snap Windows in Windows 10 and How to Use Them Optimally


So we are going to talk about the snap feature in Windows 10 and how you can make the most of it. If you came here thinking that it’s a new feature exclusive to Windows 10, sorry to say, but you are wrong. Snap feature has been there in Windows since Windows 7 and became more […]

4 Tips and Tricks to Become a Truecaller Pro on Android


Truecaller is the caller ID app you always wanted. A digital yellow book that not only contains the numbers and identification of millions of users – but is also smart about it. Automatically blocking calls from spammers? Yes please. The ability to search for any number? Don’t mind if I do. Truecaller is littered with […]

How to Automate Your Sleep Time Tasks Using NFC on Your Android Phone

Automate Your Bed Time Tasks Using NFC

I’m sure you have a night time routine. It’s either catching up on news before going to bed or reading a book. But when we do hit the sack, some of us put the phone on silent mode, switch off Wi-Fi/radios to save battery or listen to some nature sounds, to help us relax after […]

Top 6 Android Widgets to Kick-start Your Day


Every morning after I am all fresh and ready for breakfast, there’s 15 to 30 minutes that are dedicated to my smartphone. From news to weather forecast, I get all the info needed to keep me up and running for the day while the coffee gets brewed. I am sure most of us would be following […]