4 Apps for Avoiding Real-Time Traffic and Learning Efficient Routes


Traditional mapping apps like Apple Maps, Google Maps, or MapQuest can all warn you of heavy traffic on certain roads, but they don’t necessarily go much further than that. The reality is traffic can make or break someone’s day. If you’re on a tight schedule, you need a decent app that can not only provide you […]

GT Explains: Android Wakelocks, How to Detect and Fix Them


Have you ever gone to bed with your Android’s battery adequately charged, but woken up to a completely drained phone in the morning? If the answer is yes, you might be affected by wakelock apps installed on your smartphone. Of course, this could also be due to poor battery health. But system wakelock scenarios, due to misbehaving apps […]

Top 5 Tools to Create a Bootable ISO in Windows Compared

USB Drive

We have shown you how to create a bootable media of Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac and even how to boot multiple operating systems from a single USB disk. All these how-to articles use different tools to carry out the process. Apart from those, there are many more tools available for free that can create […]

How to Restore Previous Versions of Documents on Mac and Dropbox

Version Control

We deal with documents all the time. And thanks to the modern Mac OS, we rarely think of saving them or think of previous versions. Everything its auto-saved these days. Now, the ability to access a previous version of a document you are working on is something you might not need to do every day, […]

4 Powerful 3G/4G Monitoring Apps for Android


A few days back while I was reviewing Data Plan, a new data monitoring app for Android, it struck me that there must be many other 3G and 4G data monitoring apps for Android and finding out the pros and cons of each before picking one would be a fun exercise. So I researched and tried out […]

How to Move Your Chromebook Downloads Folder to External Media

Photo by kjarrett

Chromebooks are great portable computers, but most lack adequate storage space. If your Chromebook downloads a few large files, you’ve filled up that 16 GB of space. The SD card slot or USB ports give you supplemental storage, but your Chromebook defaults downloads to internal storage. Here’s how to change the default download folder. Open […]

6 Awesome Android Apps Not Available on Google Play Store

Bloomua / Shutterstock.com

At the recently held annual Google I/O conference, Sundar Pichai announced that out of every 10 phones shipped worldwide, 8 were running on Android. What’s more, there are more than 1 billion active users on the Google Play Store. Surprisingly though, not all great apps that you can run on your Android device are available […]

LastPass Hacked: No More Passwords in the Cloud?

Dont let them steal your passwords |  Shutterstock

We had loved LastPass so much that we had actually called it The Best Password Manager. So, when the story of the hack broke out a while ago, we were all in a state of shock. But, does that mean everyone ought to ditch LastPass and use something else? Are your passwords safe in the […]

How to Get Notified About CyanogenMod Rom Updates and Auto Download Nightlies

Download CM

If you’re rocking a custom ROM, it’s probably CyanogenMod. Couple of years back CM was known for revolutionary features. It would take the open source Android base and make it really powerful by adding tweaks, productivity and security features. That’s still going on, but more than that, CM is now known for its reliability and […]

3 Fast Android Browsers That Use Less Memory


Browsers are one of the most important apps on our smartphones. Whether you are a normal end user or a geek, you really need a good web browser on your smartphone. On high-end flagship phones with 2GB of RAM or more and GBs of internal memory, Chrome, Firefox, and other such high-end browsers do the trick. However, I […]

Apple Music Explained: What it is and What it isn’t

Apple Music

Apple Music is a lot of things. Along with a music streaming service, it will let you play songs you have stored locally on your iOS devices, plus songs that you’ve uploaded from your local machine to iCloud using the $25/year iCloud Match service (which is now free if you use Apple Music). Then there’s […]

How to Change FaceTime Ringtone, Take 3D Tours and Manage Extensions on Mac


With Yosemite, Apple delivered not only the most radical change to OS X, but it also provided countless new features, many of which still remain unknown to most Mac users. Here, we detail four of them. Read along to learn how to take virtual tours above various locales, how to change your Mac’s ringtone, manage its extensions, […]

Top 6 Chrome Extensions for Trello for Better Productivity

Trello header

It seems like Trello’s cardinal sin is the lack of official Mac or Windows apps. This means most of us just end up using Trello in Chrome with a pinned tab. While that sounds like a sensible compromise, the fact that Trello is always online and can tap into Chrome’s extensions system is actually a […]

How to Clear Continue Watching List on Netflix


No matter what device or method your using, as soon as you start watching shows on Netflix a new list of titles appear with the label Continue Watching. For some reason, even if you finish a show right to the very end, many shows end up just piling up in this list with no visible […]