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4 Fastest Ways to Schedule a Meeting on Mobile and Web


If you’re someone who works in an office environment, or even someone who’s always in and out of meetings for one reason or the other, you know how hard it is to schedule meetings. You probably email or message back and forth to decide the date, venue, and time. Along the way there’s some miscommunication […]

Top 6 Places to Find Royalty-Free Music For Your Videos

Royalty free music

Music is one of the most important parts of any video – be it a product video, a home movie you made using a camcorder, or just a birthday video you made for your friend with your iPhone. Now, you can always look for awesome music, rip it off, and face litigation. Or you can pay an […]

6 Tips and Tricks for Improving Music Listening Experience in Rdio in Chrome

Rdio Chrome

My relationship with music streaming services has been iffy at best (but still way better than Taylor Swift’s). I used to have a free Spotify account and used the desktop app that would kick me out once in a while for not living in the US. So I moved to streaming Spotify over the web. […]

Top SoundCloud Alternatives to Get Your Music Heard


SoundCloud is basically the YouTube for audio files, except with an aptly different approach for its media format and audience. It’s a great service for uploading and sharing a range of audio from your own musical creations to podcast shows. While SoundCloud burst on the scene for being arguably pretty unique, there is no shortage […]

Why You Should Ditch Google Forms for Typeform and How to Use this Awesome Tool

Typeform header

Google Forms is one the most widely used online form and survey tools. It’s been here for a couple of years and it’s backed by Google. Why shouldn’t you use it? First of all, not everything Google does is total amazeballs. That, and there are reasons to not use it (or ditch it for something […]

Top 8 Free (and Awesome) Web Podcast Players

Web podcasts

I love listening to podcasts when I’m out and about. Whether going for a stroll, when in a commute, or when I’m working out. Podcasts make for a great time filler. Not only are you passing the time, but you’re also being entertained and learning something new. How great is that? But sometimes I want […]

How to Access Your 1Password from a Chromebook


The popular password manager 1Password lets you use Dropbox to sync your passwords on any device. But if you use a Chromebook, the 1Password browser extension doesn’t work. Don’t give up good password hygiene just because there isn’t a native Chrome app. There’s a hidden way to access your passwords and other 1Password information from […]

4 Ways to Take Full Web Page Screenshots in Chrome and iOS

Screen Capture Webpage

There have been times in my life when I’ve needed to capture a web page – and I mean all of it. Sometimes it was for archival reasons or when I was trying to gather up the curriculum for my coding class. Sometimes it was to share a page with someone. You might have your […]

How to Instantly Open Your Current Safari Tab in Chrome

Open in Chrome

If you’re using a Mac, chances are you’re using Safari. It makes sense, it’s the default browser and lately, it’s gotten really good. Tests have shown it is just as powerful as Chrome. And there’s one big reason to never go near Chrome on a Mac – battery life. When you’re using Chrome, your Mac […]

How to Access Your Dropbox Files with a Chromebook

File System for Dropbox at Chrome Store

Chromebooks are awesome. Google is selling them like hot cakes. But using a Chromebook as your primary laptop comes with its own set of challenges. Take Dropbox, for instance. Many of us have Dropbox accounts that let us sync files to all our devices – except our Chromebooks. Sure, you can access the Dropbox website, but […]

How to Force-Buffer and Auto-Pause YouTube Videos When You Switch Tabs


Keynote address or cricket match, you can watch anything on YouTube these days. Believe me when I say that I have not renewed my TV subscription for almost 2 months now. A high speed internet connection is all you need – and a casting device like Chromecast takes things to a whole different level. When it […]

How to Search Messages like a Pro on Facebook, WhatsApp and iMessage


As we’ve migrated away from instant messaging clients like MSN Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger in favor of the likes of Facebook, it’s become more difficult to search through your conversation history. Many apps make how to search quickly for a conversation by name pretty obvious, but really digging through to find a specific message can sometimes […]

How to Find Who’s Tracking You Online (And How to Stop Them)

So long, trackers!

Everyone wants your data. From NSA to your local government to Google and everyone in between. Of course, not everyone cares about data tracking. Not unless you tell them the government is seeing your dick pics. But there’s more than one kind of data tracking on the internet. Maybe something that’s not as grandiose but […]

How to Get the Most Out of Chrome’s New Bookmarks Manager (and How to Switch Back to Old One)

Chrome Bookmarks Manager

Chrome has been testing a new Bookmarks Manager for quite a while now and it’s finally made it to the prime time. The new version is live in the final build of the latest public channel. And the first reactions are not exactly stellar. Bookmarks Manager is heavily influenced by Material Design. I’m not a […]