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How To Install Greasemonkey And Userscripts In Firefox And Chrome


Tinkerers always find their way. When you’re looking from far above, browsers like Chrome and websites like YouTube and Facebook look impenetrable. But it’s all built on the same code. Some basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript to shape what you see and server side programming to keep it running. And a lot of it is open […]

3 Awesome Ways To Integrate Dropbox In Chrome

dropbox chrome

Dropbox is awesome. It’s the thing that got me to “the cloud” and I’ve never climbed down since. Before I try a new productivity app, the first thing I check is if it has Dropbox integration. While virtually every good app plugs into Dropbox, the app itself remains fairly primitive. It’s just a collection of […]

How to Share Files Up to 10 GB on the Web, iOS and Android with WeTransfer


If I start counting the awesome cloud based services that help me send files to my friends and family, I’ll run out of fingers in about 8 seconds. Even if you don’t know what “the cloud” is, you’ve surely used it to send/store files. But for some reason, Gmail and other email providers still limit […]

7 Reasons to Use Google Keep As Your Note Taking Tool


Keep is Google’s official foray into the world of note taking. It’s a standalone app only available for Android, Chrome and the web. It’s not as feature rich as Google Drive, but it makes for a really great minimal note taking tool. In the article about minimal note taking apps I told you how I […]

How to Quickly Switch Between Email Signatures in Gmail


For a lot of us email is a way of life. And Gmail is the designated Circulatory System. If you have a business or job that’s even remotely related to the digital world (and whose isn’t), Gmail’s website is where you spend most of your days. And you send out a lot of email. It […]

How To Share and Collaborate With Google Calendar on Web, iPhone and Android


In the social world of today, our friends, our jobs, and our families require us to plan our lives ahead of time. Many of your events and appointments are written down in your calendar or planner. If you’re reading this, you’re a fortunate one, as you probably use a digital system and not just a […]

Dropbox vs Google Drive vs SpiderOak: Which Cloud Storage Is Best For You?


It feels like cloud services have plateaued. We’re all familiar with how Dropbox works and how documents are stored in Google Drive. We’re more than happy to work on them online rather than deal with local copies. Other than price drops in cloud storage and the ongoing privacy debate, nothing much has been going on. Now […]

How to Verify Chrome Extension Permissions and Keep a Watch


Google has provided Chrome users with an easy way of checking out what extensions and apps they have installed are exactly allowed to do. In truth, Google Chrome wouldn’t be as much fun to use without the ton of extensions available out there. However, just like with every good thing, those extensions and apps can […]

Top 2 Ways to Know for Sure If Your Email Was Read

Read email

We send dozens of emails everyday. It can be to our family members or our teammates. You might even be running a newsletter out of your Gmail account. If you fancy playing NSA-NSA or are the paranoid kind that needs to know everything that’s going on around him, you might be looking for a way […]

The Best (and Free) Way To Easily Share To-Do Lists


For a lot of people, collaboration is the key to a smooth life. It can be with your business partner who’s sitting in a different continent or just you sharing the grocery list with your significant other. When it comes to work-related collaboration, there are tools galore. But something as simple as quickly sharing a grocery list […]

2 Free Online Tools To Convert, Compress and Merge PDFs


Adobe PDF was developed in the early 1990s and if you ask me, that is where it belongs. Unlike other file and text sharing formats like HTML, ePub and Markdown, it is heavy, rigid and most importantly, not open-source. As much as I’d like to see the death of PDF, it is still useful (and […]

5 Cool Extensions To Beautify Your Chrome Start Page

beautiful start page

Every part of software and UI design seeks to be beautiful these days. Beauty is how you define it. It can be something that looks good, feels nice or you can find beauty in something that just works well. This trend of beauty can be seen in Windows 8 (the Metro side), iOS 7, Android […]

5 New Features of DuckDuckGo That Might Finally Make You Use It

Duckduckgo header

Google Search is a behemoth, with about 70% desktop search traffic belonging to the giant. But as it usually happens, with power comes greed. Google’s motto of “Don’t be evil” almost seems ironic now. If you follow the news, you know that Google makes money selling ads. And it is always looking for ways to […]

How To Perfectly Remove Background And Touch Up Images Online

Background burner

If you’ve ever looked at a picture and thought to yourself, ‘I wish I could just remove this background’ then you’re in luck today. If you used to open a picture in MS Paint and tried to erase out the background (no shame in admitting it), this online tool will make your life much easier. How […]