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How to Personalize Recipes to Your Dietary Needs with Yummly


In this day and age, science is much wiser about how our bodies digest and cope with certain foods. This has resulted in much more diverse and individualistic diet plans. Unfortunately, the Internet and technology through all of its greatness haven’t done much catching up to our changing eating habits. If you’re browsing for recipes, […]

GT Explains: What are eSports and How Do They Differ from Regular Sports

eSports has spectators like regular sports | Shutterstock

Think Sports. And you’ll naturally think of strapping athletes with excellent stamina and a lean, well-maintained body with toned muscles. That’s not what you’d see in an eSport, though. Detractors have always used this argument of ‘not being physical enough’ to be defined as a sport. While defenders of the term say that both need […]

3 Pro Tips for Posting Quality Videos on Vine


With only six seconds allowed per Vine video, users aren’t given much time to really see your production skills shine. Yet Vine has blown up since its debut in 2013 and many of the Vines that go viral have several different production components to them. They aren’t just six straight seconds of old-school home video anymore. Thankfully, […]

How to Utilize Dropbox Paper to Quickly Create and Share Documents

Cloud Docs

In a recent update, Dropbox boldly went where it hasn’t gone yet. Documents in the cloud, which can actually be created, stored and shared within the app. We’ve seen a similar implementation by Google Drive for a while now, but not by Dropbox. The company calls it Dropbox Paper – a place where you can […]

3 Pro Tips to Increase your Audience on Medium


Medium has become an incredible platform for writers to get their voices heard, or rather their words read. Yet as Medium has grown since its launch in 2012, it becomes harder for new writers with a small or non-existing network to obtain readers on the site. Additionally, Medium, unfortunately, eliminated several features that once provided […]

How to Transfer Notes from Google Keep to Google Docs on Web or Mobile


Google Keep and Google Docs at face value have very similar intentions. The two services aim to collect what you need to document in some way. Google Keep does this in a very informal way with a UI similar to a sticky note board, while Google Docs is more a full-fledged word processor. Sometimes, you […]

How to Remove Audio (Mute) a Video using VLC and YouTube


A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures and if you see recent trends, users have now started to share more videos than ever before. However, people still refrain from posting videos online and one of the major reasons is because of the crappy audio that’s captured from […]

Microsoft Makes a U-Turn on Its Unlimited Free Storage for Office365 Users: Here’s What’s Changed

New changes making you feel like you're barely holding on to Microsoft products?

Although Microsoft wasn’t exactly at the forefront for cloud storage, when it did go big, it did so while making a lot of heads turn. In June 2014, Microsoft increased its storage plans for OneDrive, going from 20 GB to 1 TB for Office 365 subscribers. And now, they’ve announced they’re eliminating the unlimited storage […]

GT Explains: Important Differences Between Amazon Prime and Amazon Student


Amazon tends to bill Amazon Student as just a discounted Amazon Prime membership so students on a low budget can sign up and take advantage of the service. It’s true that it offers a generous discount: a standard Amazon Prime membership is $99 per year while an Amazon Student membership is just $49 per year. […]

How to Send Screenshot-Proof Messages with Confide


In the age of the social media, it’s harder than ever to keep your private messages private. When you send messages to friends, you have no way of knowing whether they save them or screenshot them. A fleeting moment becomes permanent in an instant. A new app called Confide recognizes and addresses this problem. Confide […]

Facebook-India Love Connection: 3 Reasons Behind Zuck’s Desperation for India

Mark Zuckerberg at IIT Delhi. | Pic: Facebook Newsroom

In one of India’s top institute for the most gifted students, Mark Zuckerberg chose to host a townhall to field some questions about Facebook. Alumnus of this institute include some big names like Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google) and N. R. Narayana Murthy (founder of Infosys), to name a few. Some of those in attendance […]

How to Restrict/Password Protect In-App Purchases on Android, iOS and Windows Phones


Unlike the past when you had to pay a few bucks for high-end smartphone games, most of the them are free these days, but there are a lot of strings attached to them. Most of these games come with in-app purchases using which you can buy gold, money or special products with which you can make […]

How to See All the Photos Shared via Facebook Messenger


Messaging is an important part of our lives and each platform that is offering IM services is trying to one-up the other. We’ve already compared how Facebook’s Messenger stacks up against Hangouts in their browser avatars, but here are a few simple tricks to keep track of all the photos you’ve shared on Facebook Messenger […]

How to Customize Tumblr by Installing XKit


Tumblr has a bad habit of adding new features to the website that pretty much no one asked for. And the ones its loyal user base do ask for seem to get ignored. To address this issue, a fantastic and free browser extension called XKit is an open-source extension framework for Tumblr that can dramatically […]