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2 Facebook Chat Apps For Mac That Actually Work

Facebook Chat Mac

Facebook is the new Orkut and Facebook Messenger is the new GTalk. It’s how most of your friends, if not you, like to communicate. A lot of people hate that Facebook Messenger on Android and iOS was split from the main app and that you can no longer use the main app to chat. I like […]

GT Explains: What Is iCloud Drive And Should You Be Using It

icloud drive

In 2009, Steve Jobs had a meeting with Dropbox CEO and offered to buy the company. Dropbox refused. Jobs, in his typical fashion later proclaimed that Dropbox was just a feature and not a product that could turn into a profitable company. In 2011, Jobs showed the world iCloud, Apple’s own take on cloud storage. […]

How To Force HTML5 Videos Instead of Flash in Chrome and Firefox


It’s no secret that Steve Jobs hated Flash; he was singlehandedly responsible for its downfall. His reasons, all valid, can be read in this excellent essay. On the web, yes, Flash lost. HTML, CSS, JavaScript won. The web was no longer filled with ugly and slow splashes of Flash based websites. The web is a […]

How To Download Torrents Right In Firefox With Torrent Tornado

Torrent Torpedo

BitTorrent is such a simple concept. Transferring files from one user to another directly without interference from any server. But the process of downloading torrents is anything but. You need special torrent clients and have to monitor things like peers, seeds, trackers, and a lot more. For someone just getting started, all of this can […]

How To Manage Your iOS 8 Clipboard Right From Notification Center


There are many great apps for managing clipboard history on Android. We’ve talked about two of these great apps before. And some Samsung phones even come with this functionality built into their keyboards. But while there have been clipboard management apps before, they were often limited to the app themselves. So you’d have to open the clipboard […]

How To Track Time Spent On Social Networks On Android

social addict

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat… Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. How many times have you found yourself lost in this loop? I sometimes unlock my phone to do something productive, only to be be distracted by a notification and.. I’ve lost 30 minutes of my life. Not to mention I forgot the reason I originally picked up my […]

Top 7 Tips and Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Safari 8.0 In OS X Yosemite


Chrome is the best desktop browser out there, there’s no denying that. The amount of features, extensions, and now Chrome apps certainly make it a must-have. But in my experience I’ve found Chrome to be both a memory and a battery hog. Safari is surely light on the features, and while it has some great productivity extensions, […]

Top 5 Ways To Discover Shared Links on Twitter

News reading

Long live RSS. Ok, not really. People who love RSS for what it is, still use RSS. But it’s no secret that a lot of people have moved on – to Twitter of all places. Twitter is where you follow like minded people. Chances are that when someone you follow posts a link to an article […]

How To Play/Pause Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Using Mac’s Media Keys

Spotify Browser

I don’t live in the US but I listen to music via Spotify’s web app when I’m writing or just browsing the net. I use the free ad-supported tier because I don’t need access to premium mobile features (podcasts FTW) and it’s better than blatant piracy. Cool Tip: I use Hola Unblocker Chrome extension to mask […]

The Best Way To Download Any Kind Of File in iOS


iOS is a closed system. Every app runs in its own silo’d environment. Apps can’t access file management features. You’ve heard it all before. While all that makes iOS more secure and faster than platforms like Android, it also makes it limited in certain peculiar ways. Take downloading a file for instance. You’d go to […]

How To Export Your LinkedIn Account Data

Archive LinkedIn

Since LinkedIn is an important tool in many people’s professional life, having a backup of the data in that account for safekeeping is a must. Fortunately, you don’t have to work too hard to get the archive of all of your LinkedIn data; the social network now provides the service and it’s quite easy to […]

Is Chrome’s Incognito Mode Really Private? 4 Things to Know About it

Incognito header

Many internet users think that incognito mode in Google Chrome is like a magical cloak that will instantly gives them internet privacy. That’s just not true. Incognito mode gets a bad rep. Some say it’s only used to hide “indecent” behavior. But there are legitimate uses for it. What is incognito mode? Just how “private” […]

How To Use Find And Replace In Chrome, Firefox And Google Docs

Find and replace

Who uses text editors anymore? Coders, yes (and maybe Markdown fanatics like myself). But unless you work in an office environment, a majority of your writing now takes place online; most likely in Google Docs or the WordPress editor. Writing online is great. It takes the biggest problem – saving and syncing data – totally out of the […]

How To Easily Translate Web Pages And Text On iPhone In iOS 8


Blame it on the breakneck development speed of mobile software or an obliviousness to the rest, but iOS doesn’t support nearly as many languages as it should. While everyone is expected to know a little bit of English to live a good life in this connected world, you need on-the-fly translation every now and then. […]