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How to Schedule Instagram Posts on iPhone and Android with TakeOff


If you’re a social media manager, there are tools like Buffer and Hootsuite to make your life easier. You can schedule a week’s worth of posts in advance and they’ll go out to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and even LinkedIn without any issue. One name that’s always absent from this list is Instagram. From all the […]

Quip vs Google Docs: Which is the Better Tool for Writing?

Quip vs Google Docs

Google Docs is currently the king of web based collaborative writing. It’s so popular that Microsoft had to come out with its own web based product (it’s essentially a lightweight version of the Office Word you’re used to). But outside of MS, no one is really competing with Google Docs. Editorially tried and failed. Draft seems to have […]

How to Dock Websites in Hangouts-like Panels in Chrome

Panel Tabs

Multi-tasking goes beyond just docking two app windows side-by-side and calling it a day. When you want to do things like watching a YouTube video while browsing but save screen space, you need to get creative and use something like floating windows. Today we’ll talk about an extension that takes this floating window/picture-in-picture behavior to […]

How to Add a Spotlight-like Keyboard Launcher to Chrome

Tab Search Header 1

If you thought my extension overload was a bit too much, you should look at how many Chrome tabs and windows I have open. But I’m sure I’m no anomaly here. Yes, Chrome is a RAM guzzler, but at this point, we’re at its mercy. Because a lot of what we do is on the […]

How to Bulk Download Images in Chrome


Images are all over the internet and that’s great. Can you imagine using the internet in the mid 90’s where it was mainly just text? We use images in different ways now. At how-to blogs like Guiding Tech, we use them to guide you through a technical process. It’s much better to look at annotated […]

Toggl Review: The Simplest Free Personal Time Tracking App

Toggl Review

There are many time tracking apps out there. Most of them focus on features like billing hours to clients, creating invoices and such. Services like Harvest are really good at that. But most of those features are paid and they’re not for everyone. When you’re talking about a simple and free time tracking app with […]

How I Tackled My Chrome Extension Clutter Without Losing My Mind

Extension overload

Currently, I have 20 extensions in Chrome, and this is after my recent clean-up. Just to be clear, that’s a lot. Or at least, I think so. This issue is only heightened by my line of work. At Guiding Tech I write about awesome productivity apps including Chrome extensions. Which means I test and use a lot of […]

3 Apps to Share Text from Web as Images on Twitter

Textshot Twitter test on photos

I read a lot, my job depends on it. And the hourly dose of dopamine doesn’t kick in till I’ve shared what I read on Twitter. But sometimes, just sharing the link to an article isn’t enough. Not many people on my timeline are going to click everything and read through. Which is why it […]

Top 4 Tools to Spice up Your Images By Adding Text

Awesome images header

You’ve seen this everywhere. Text overlaid on faded/blurred images. From Instagram posts to motivational posters to social media campaigns to YouTube thumbnails. Plain old text is plain old boring. Why not slap some inspirational, loud, or beautiful backgrounds behind it and you’ll have a much better chance at catching someone’s eyeball in a stream of […]

How to Organize Google+ Auto Uploaded Photos into Albums


Photo sharing services are available in abundance these days with Facebook and Flickr being the top contenders. While most of my friends and family are on Facebook, I still stick to Google+ when it comes to photo sharing. I can give you not just one, but many reasons I prefer Google over Facebook and other similar services. The auto upload […]

How to Create a Rdio or Spotify Playlist from Shazam on iPhone

Shazam Rdio

“Music is all around us, all you have to do is listen.” I remember that line from the movie August Rush. I’ve been more aware of the sounds playing around me ever since (natural and otherwise). August turned out to be a talented musician. I can’t pull off the higher notes from Lost Stars (one […]

How To Password Protect PDFs on Mac, Windows and Web

Protect PDFs

There are many reasons why you might want to password protect a PDF. It’s a sensitive work document that you don’t want anyone to see. Maybe it’s a proposal for a new project that you want people to read but not copy, or print. At the workplace, PDFs still rule, and this is how you […]

What’s the New Button with Your Name on Chrome and How to Remove It

Chrome Account Switcher

In January of 2015, a new version of Chrome arrived, updated automatically for millions of users across the world. Guiding Tech team members inquired in our Slack chat about what is that new thing with our name on it? That, folks, is Chrome’s new Account Switcher, and I’m just as perplexed by its existence as […]

How to Join Multiple Images on Web, Mac and iPhone

Join images

One of the most frequent things we do as web writers is deal with images. Resizing them, adding borders, compressing them, and a lot more. In the online world, images play a big role in how your article is consumed. They help you score high points in those first impressions. If you frequently post screenshots […]