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How to Upload All Your Photos from Everywhere to Google Photos

How to Upload Your Entire Photo

Google Photos is free and awesome. As we’ve decided before, it’s not going to hurt you to try it out. But trying it out means uploading hundreds or thousands of your pictures to Google Photos. And because Google Photos didn’t exist till now, your photo collection is messed up. Your iPhone photos might be in […]

Walkthrough: Google’s New Security Checkup Tool (And My Account Page)

Google Security

After the 26th million tweet calling out Google for privacy concerns, Google is finally taking some action. No, not by stopping the data collection, what are you, crazy? But by giving users a central location for managing important settings related to privacy, security, and general account management. How is this a big deal? Because you […]

Top 5 Cloud Torrent Services to Download Torrents Online


There has been lot happening in the torrent scene in the last few months. With the (brief) closure of PirateBay, the shutdown of a popular TV show aggregator, and more ISP’s around the world being ordered to block anything related to torrents, downloading through torrents is scrutinized and often associated with piracy. If you are lucky […]

Evernote vs OneNote: The Battle for Note Taking Domination

onenote vs evernote

Over the past year, Microsoft has been consciously unbundling OneNote from their Office Suite. Now, it’s a completely standalone service backed by OneDrive and available on all major platforms – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and of course, the web. When MS did that, many eyebrows rose simultaneously across the world. Here’s a company […]

How to Best Utilize Dropbox’s File Requests Feature


File-sharing with the help of cloud services has never been easier and recently, Dropbox announced a new feature that will make it even simpler. Even though the overall procedure is quite simple, let us first understand that clearly so that we can then explore how to best make use of it. Getting Started The process […]

The Only YouTube Extension for Chrome You Will Ever Need

Explore a New Way to Enjoy YouTube | Yeamake / Shutterstock

We’ve already covered a few articles about Chrome extensions/add-ons that will let you enjoy YouTube in ways that you’ve not experienced before. At times, there were several add-ons that you needed. But what if we tell you that all you need is one great extension that will give you great features without ever looking for another. Meet Magic […]

LastPass Hacked: No More Passwords in the Cloud?

Dont let them steal your passwords |  Shutterstock

We had loved LastPass so much that we had actually called it The Best Password Manager. So, when the story of the hack broke out a while ago, we were all in a state of shock. But, does that mean everyone ought to ditch LastPass and use something else? Are your passwords safe in the […]

Top 6 Chrome Extensions for Trello for Better Productivity

Trello header

It seems like Trello’s cardinal sin is the lack of official Mac or Windows apps. This means most of us just end up using Trello in Chrome with a pinned tab. While that sounds like a sensible compromise, the fact that Trello is always online and can tap into Chrome’s extensions system is actually a […]

How to Clear Continue Watching List on Netflix


No matter what device or method your using, as soon as you start watching shows on Netflix a new list of titles appear with the label Continue Watching. For some reason, even if you finish a show right to the very end, many shows end up just piling up in this list with no visible […]

How to Use Google’s New Privacy Check-Up Tool


Google gets a lot of flak these days when it comes to privacy concerns. And rightly so. It has a lot of your personal data and if the recently released Google Photos is any indication, they have no plans for slowing down. But there’s some good news. Google is at least trying to be transparent […]

How to Quickly Stop an Email, Text, or Tweet from Being Sent


It happens to everyone: sending a message to someone or posting something you shouldn’t have and being unable to take it back. You’re solely responsible, and once it’s out there, it’s out there – or is it? The luxury people once had of being able to write out a letter and shred it to pieces […]

6 Ways to Create Trello Cards Super Quick

Trello header

Trello is one of the best, free project management systems. And it scales pretty well. You can use it to organize your personal life, your wedding reception, run your entire team (like we do here at Guiding Tech) and more. But if you use Trello a lot, you know that getting information into Trello can […]

The Dark Side of Free VPNs (And VPN Services Worth Paying For)


For the uninitiated, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is just a group of computers connected together and linked to the internet. VPNs have a lot of use cases. Companies use it to let employees work remotely and securely, transferring data and more. Mere mortals use it to try and anonymize themselves, masking their identity, unblocking […]

How to Make P2P File Transfers on PC and Android Directly from the Web

File Pizza

There’s no shortage of file transfer apps and services on the web. You can use something like Xender to transfer files between Android and iOS devices, Dukto to easily share between PC and Android, Dropbox to stay in sync everywhere and BitTorrent Sync to do the same without involving any servers. But one thing all of […]