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How to Reduce Image, PDF, MP3 File Size with FileOptimizer


The rules of internet bandwidth and donuts are the same really, you can always have more. In the case of internet bandwidth, the situation can get pretty dire. Especially when you’re serving the same data to thousands or millions of people across the internet. Saving 100 KB on an image file when served to a […]

Top 2 Ways to Track TV Shows in Chrome

TV Show Tracking

SeriesGuide is the best TV show tracking app for Android. The same can be said for TeeVee 3 and TV Show Tracker 3 on iOS. But if you’re like me and don’t live in the US, you watch TV shows on your computer. The “download” or streaming of a TV show usually happens via an […]

Top 6 Slack Shortcuts to Make You a Power User


You love Slack. We love Slack. Everyone loves Slack. At least, everyone I know who uses it, which is a lot of people. Slack is the newest in team based communication tools, right after GroupMe and Hipchat. But Slack is by far the fastest growing one. The Slack icon found its way to many Docks […]

GT Explains: What is Ransomware and How You Can Protect Yourself From Them


Ransomware is a kind of malware that locks up your own data using sophisticated encryption. Usually, the way to get it back is to pay up a fee – thus the term ransomware – they literally hold your data hostage and demand a ransom. Ransomware is not new but is increasingly getting better and more widespread. They’re also […]

How to Play DOS, Arcade, and Console Games from the 80’s and 90’s in Your Browser

Prince Of Persia

The Internet Archive is doing God’s work. Actually, the digital librarian’s work. It archives websites and programs for the greater good of humanity. So you can go back and see what the homepage of Google looked like all those years ago (Spoiler alert: surprisingly similar). And now, the Internet Archive has done it again. Bringing […]

How to Stream Local Music on Chrome and Firefox


You don’t need a scientific study to prove that listening to music can make us more efficient and productive. I always prefer music in the background while I am working. Helps me zone into what I’m doing. Since almost all of my work involves the browser, I prefer when my music can play from there too. […]

6 Tips & Tricks to Get the Most Out of Google Inbox

Google Inbox

Google Inbox is the latest in the round of email apps with a task management spin to it. With Inbox, you don’t mark an email as Read, you mark it as Done. Just another four letter word. But one that signifies a hell of a philosophical change. Inbox turns your email from a boring list […]

How to Recover or Restore Older Versions of Files on OneDrive


A few years back, collaborating on documents was not as easy as it is today. People had to exchange documents over email messages, maintain multiple local copies, track changes and maybe even resort to a version history table in the document itself. Then came the era of cloud services, enabling teams to work on single […]

Guiding Tech Turns Five This New Year. Some Stats and the Road Ahead


Phew! Five years of running Guiding Tech. Not an insignificant milestone for a tech blog in an age where making money out of any form of web publishing without deep pockets is becoming increasingly harder. Well, we’re still here and we’re here to stay. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve achieved so far in […]

How To Get Rapportive’s Contextual Contact Information Back in Gmail for Chrome


If you used to swear by Rapportive, you must have been bummed out for the past few months. Rapportive, the plugin for Gmail that gave you contextual information about any contact was bought by LinkedIn and basically had all of its great features stripped. But since then, a lot of other players have tried their hand […]

How to Open Google Drive Files from its Website in Desktop Apps

Google Drive

The line between web and desktop keeps blurring. Google with its Chromebook is leading the charge. Apple with Handoff and Continuity is making it easy to switch between devices and between apps and websites. If you’re a power Google Drive user, you already have the desktop client installed. If you do, there’s now an easy […]

How To Get Pushbullet Working with Safari and Mac


If you’re using an Android phone, life without Pushbullet is meaningless. The Android app can do so much. With the Chrome extension you can view notifications, reply to SMSs, share the clipboard history between two devices, and a lot more. The only problem is that Pushbullet doesn’t love the Apple-verse nearly as much as Windows […]

How To Find and Delete the Personal Data Google Has on You


Google’s motto is “do no evil”. That was probably written when Google was a pony little startup and all it wanted to do was index all the pages of the internet. Now it wants to map every corner of the world, make self-driving cars, and do lots of other crazy things. All this costs money […]

Instapaper vs Readability vs Clearly: Battle of Web Based Reader Modes

Reader Mode

I’m sure you have that one website that you enjoy reading but the distractions on the site basically make it impossible to do so. There are ads everywhere and unnecessary “viral” content is always vying for your attention. Of course, you can use an ad blocker, but that still doesn’t fix the formatting issue. I’m […]