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6 Types Of Text Expansion Snippets That Help Increase Your Productivity

text glass

One word I can use to describe the beauty of text expansion is magic. But really all that’s happening is ones and zeros executing commands, converting a set of input to a different output in literally no time. But to the romantic geek in me, it does seem like magic. Text expansion works like this […]

Top 3 Dictionary Lookup Extensions for Chrome


Not a lot of people know this, but Macs have a built-in dictionary that can be accessed from anywhere. All you have to do is hover over the word and tap with three fingers on the trackpad. From here you can also reference more material from Wikipedia and see the word used in different contexts. If […]

How to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone to Share With Friends


It’s almost every day that I see an amazing video on Facebook and want to share it with my friends on different messaging services. While we can give a direct link to the Facebook video through chat that can be viewed in a mobile browser, directly uploading the videos to the messages would be more ideal. Be […]

GT Explains: What is DNS and How to Find and Assign the Best DNS Server on Windows


Everyone knows that whenever we are connected to a network, be it local or the internet, every computer is assigned a unique IP address. These might be static or dynamic depending upon the network you are trying to connect to. Related: We have already published an in-depth article on IP Addresses that you can refer to in case you’d […]

How To Look Up Fonts on Websites on Desktop and iOS


When I looked at the first draft of the design for our new Ultimate Guides and Ebooks section, the first thing I wondered was “what’s that header font?”. It’s sleek and modern, yet has a newspaper-esque serif feel to it (spoiler: it was Raleway). Now, I could have asked the designer what font it was […]

How To Control Spotify and Pandora’s Web Player Using Keyboard Shortcuts in Chrome


When I was researching for the Keyboard Shortcuts guide for our new Ultimate Guides and Ebooks section, my love for keyboard shortcuts grew tenfold. Instead of listing hundreds of shortcuts for an app, we decided to focus on the 10-12 most important shortcuts that users can actually remember and use. If you’re a fan of […]

Evernote vs Notability: Which Note Taking App is for You?


If you’re a student or are interested in a note taking app for any reason, I’m sure you’ve run into Evernote and Notability. Evernote for sure, since it’s the most obvious recommendation for all things ever. Notability on the other hand is known for getting specific things right. It’s only available on Apple devices as […]

How to Get Shortcuts to Google Services and Chrome Apps in Chrome Toolbar

app launcher

If you’re an avid Google services user, you might be aware of the Google bar. It’s the common toolbar at the top of Google services like Gmail and Calendar that houses options and notifications. Additionally, it comes with a Google services launcher. An icon that in itself looks like a grid of icons. You also might be […]

How to Correctly Set up Google+ Photo Auto Backup on Android

Young couple taking a selfie

Ever since I lost more than a thousand photographs the day my HTC One went numb, I have been using Dropbox’s auto upload feature just to make sure that all my captured moments are preserved forever. However, with Google+ coming out with features like auto awesome and stories, it was a bit tough to ignore […]

GT Explains: Difference between WEP, WPA and WPA2 and Which is Most Secure

WiFi Security

The first rule of Wi-Fi networking is you don’t leave your network unprotected. The second rule of Wi-Fi networking is you don’t connect to unprotected Wi-Fi (not without a VPN at least). And yes, feel free to talk about this one. WEP, WPA, and WPA2 are three different kinds of security protocols. When you set […]

How to Access Bookmarks and Extensions in Chrome With Keyboard Shortcuts and Trackpad Gestures


Bookmarklets and extensions are incredibly useful. Extensions like Evernote’s web clipper, AdBlock, and Pushbullet go a long way in improving your productivity. Bookmarklets are getting a bit old but you can’t doubt the usefulness of the lightweight JavaScript webpages that do one thing, and one thing well. For example, bookmarklets from Readability and Instapaper that convert a cluttered […]

How To Backup Status Updates and Photos from a Facebook Page to Google Drive Using IFTTT


If you have a Facebook page, you post a lot of stuff on there. Status updates, special hashtag-based promotions, and photos, a lot of photos. An active Facebook User posts multiple times a day. It’s not uncommon to see 4-5 posts daily from your favorite page. Looking at this from the content creator’s perspective, that’s […]

2 Facebook Chat Apps For Mac That Actually Work

Facebook Chat Mac

Facebook is the new Orkut and Facebook Messenger is the new GTalk. It’s how most of your friends, if not you, like to communicate. A lot of people hate that Facebook Messenger on Android and iOS was split from the main app and that you can no longer use the main app to chat. I like […]

GT Explains: What Is iCloud Drive And Should You Be Using It

icloud drive

In 2009, Steve Jobs had a meeting with Dropbox CEO and offered to buy the company. Dropbox refused. Jobs, in his typical fashion later proclaimed that Dropbox was just a feature and not a product that could turn into a profitable company. In 2011, Jobs showed the world iCloud, Apple’s own take on cloud storage. […]