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Our quick tips and tricks section has always struck a chord with our readers. Even big sites like Lifehacker have time and again picked up our quick tips and linked to it in their posts. So we are sure this is a section you'll love browsing. Read on!

How to Easily Move and Organize Files by Type In Windows


The Command Prompt is so useful that it’s hard to not want to use it all the time. There are so many practical uses for it to expedite processes like cleaning up old Desktop items or ending running processes. Another helpful solution is when it comes to moving files. The simple move command can be […]

How to Enable Remote Desktop Connection for Multiple Computers on a Network


Remote Desktop is great for connecting to a Windows computer from another part of the network. You can get access to local drives, printers, files, etc. as if you were sitting in front of it. While this is great, an issue arises when you have multiple computers on a network that you want access to […]

[Quick Tip] Prevent Google From Redirecting You to Its Country-specific Page


Google has adopted the local domain system wherein the search results are specific and closer to the location you are performing your search from. If you have ever observed carefully, when you type and enter google.com in the browser address bar you are automatically redirected to the Google domain of your country. For instance, if […]

[Quick Tip] How to Change Facebook Album Cover Photo


I still remember, back in the days when names like Facebook, Flickr and Image Bucket didn’t even exist, how I used to decorate my photo albums. After arranging all the photos in the album, I used to choose the best photo as the cover image to attract immediate attention. Now the classic photo albums have […]

[Quick Tip] Search Inside Buildings With Google Indoor Maps On Your Android


Did you know that you can navigate locations like airports, malls, and more for select locations with Google Indoor Maps on your Android? Yes, Google has detailed floor plans for many commercial locations around the world. Check out the complete list of locations here on this Google Support page. If one is available for a […]

[Quick Tip] Rearrange Google Navigation Elements on the Black Bar


The black bar towards the top of a Google page is indeed a quick way to navigate to different services/products that Google offers. But then, all the elements that are listed there may not be useful or for the matter of fact used by you. At least the order in which they are listed may […]

[Quick Tip] Reveal the Layers One By One on Google Maps to Find More Information

Google Maps

As you might have found out by now, Google Maps is not only about directions. Google Maps is composed of different layers, each a composite of rich information. Zoom into a site (i.e. a location point on a map), and you can search for specific markers located in the vicinity of the area. You can […]

[Quick Tip] Use Wallpaper from Windows 8 Bing App as Lock Screen


While talking about how the Google Modern search app for Windows 8 is better than Bing, I mentioned that the only thing cool about the latter is the beautiful backdrops it displays while searching. Well, seems Microsoft knew that most of the users will go for the Google search app and that’s why they let […]

[Quick Tip] Start Command Prompt As Admin from Windows Task Manager


The simplest and quickest way to open the Command Prompt is to key in cmd in Windows Search and hit Enter. Or you can always pin it somewhere. However, that does not start the Command Prompt as administrator; unless, you have changed the settings to always start it as administrator. Another way is to navigate […]

[Quick Tip] Save Favorite Bar Space on IE By Reducing Bookmark Widths to Icons Only


People are always on the look out for optimizing usage of resources. Same is with computers, especially, when it is about space. Be it hard disk space, screen space or even taskbar space, the idea is to squeeze as much as possible in minimum space. And that’s exactly what the Windows 7 taskbar does by […]

[Quick Tip] How to Enable Last.fm on Spotify (Windows and Mobile)


I always scrobble the songs I listen to to Last.fm to get recommendations which also helps in discovering new music based upon my taste. When I used to play music locally on the computer, I used the official Last.fm scrobbler to do the task. When I switched to Google Music, I used the Last.fm scrobbler script […]

[Quick Tip] Discover More Interesting Web pages With StumbleUpon Lists


With more than 25 million users, StumbleUpon is a serious social network and among the highest traffic generators on the web. One of the new features that deserves a second mention is Lists. There are 365,000 lists on StumbleUpon. But what are StumbleUpon Lists and how can they help connect us to what we are […]

[Quick Tip] Learn About the System Processes That Should and Should Not Be Running On Your Computer

File Inspect Library

Our Windows machine gives us a sleek streamlined interface. But there is a lot happening under the hood. To get a glimpse into the processes that are concurrently on, you just have to bring up the Task Manager with a CTRL+ALT+DELETE. That’s good as a first step, but how do you find out which processes […]

[Quick Tip] Get Back Firefox Website Thumbnails on the New Tab Page


If you have the thumbnail view activated for Firefox’s new tab page then you should see thumbnails (or pictures) of the websites that you visit frequently. These pictures are cached and retained in temporary files (like thumbs.db files for Windows). However, at times you will notice that they have disappeared all of a sudden. The […]