How To Install And Configure Plugins In Foobar2000 (Plus The Best Plugins)


Foobar2000 music player for Windows is not for the faint hearted. It’s for the tinkerers, the curious and the patient. If you get the hang of it, it’s pretty much the best music player for Windows. Don’t believe it? Read about the 5 features that make it so. Foobar2000 is like Lego for music players. […]

Dropbox vs Google Drive vs SpiderOak: Which Cloud Storage Is Best For You?


It feels like cloud services have plateaued. We’re all familiar with how Dropbox works and how documents are stored in Google Drive. We’re more than happy to work on them online rather than deal with local copies. Other than price drops in cloud storage and the ongoing privacy debate, nothing much has been going on. Now […]

3 Cool Online Multiplayer Games You Can Play for Free with Origin


These three cool online multiplayer games can be played using Origin without paying anything (in-game purchases do exist, but are not compulsory). Origin, Electronic Arts’ digital distribution platform, may not be as popular as Steam, but it can offer its users some serious fun. After all, it is backed by one of the largest game […]

Top 6 iPhone and iPad Apps For Designing Beautiful Posters


No matter what other people say, iPhone and iPad (especially the iPad) make for great content tools. Yes, they’re awesome at consuming content like Reddit, finding interesting things to read about, etc. But they’re just as good at creating content. Which brings us to the topic at hand – creating a simple poster/flyer easily. This […]

Top 2 Windows 8 Apps For Finding And Deleting Duplicate Files

Duplicate Cleaner Free

When we’ve got a couple of terabyte hard drives laying around, it’s easy to lose track of data. It’s easy to create duplicate copies of your photo library or Photoshop files for backup but as time goes, not only does it complicate things when it’s actually time to look for them but also takes up space […]

Top 10 Notepad++ Plugins For Writers And Coders

Notepad++ 2

If you’re starting out with web development, programming or just writing in general, you need a strong text editor in tow. A good text editor is one that helps you do things smartly and takes the burden of small tasks away from you, allowing you to focus on writing. Sublime Text is one such code editor […]

8 Windows 8.1 Apps You Should Dock Alongside Desktop (And How to do it)

News 360

Windows 8 brought modern apps and the new Start screen. You didn’t care. Windows 8.1 brought you a way to boot directly to the desktop and keep away from Modern/Metro apps as much as possible, you jumped on that train. My story was similar. But with Windows 8.1 MS has made small, subtle changes to […]

Top 3 Reasons to Try Out Beats Music Now

(CC) BrianSolis.

One day Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, co-founders of Beats Electronics, said “Let there be classy headphones”, and so the prolific Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Headphones were born. Soon after, these audio industry tycoons thought, “If only there were a smart music app that really responded to individual taste.” And presto, Beats Music was introduced into […]

How To Search In Evernote Like A Pro

Evernote Search

If you are an Evernote power user then you don’t have dozens of notes… you have a couple hundred of them. We don’t blame you. Evernote is an awesome place to save, archive and organize every important detail of your life. Evernote will take in text, web pages, PDFs, images and a lot more. Evernote […]

How To Quickly Install Apps In Windows Via The Command Prompt

App installed

Linux has a thing called Package Manager. It basically means that you can install any listed software package on your Linux system just by writing one line of text in the Terminal. That one line (that’s usually just one command and the app’s name) will look for the latest version of the app, download it […]

Office Lens: The Best Windows Phone OCR App to Scan Documents

Office Lens

There’s no shortage of scanner apps in this world. And they keep getting better with each update. CamScanner takes the lead with its intelligent scanning features and its support for Google Drive and other cloud storage services. The app is available for Windows Phone but it is limited compared to its Android or iOS counterparts. For […]

The Best (and Free) Way To Easily Share To-Do Lists


For a lot of people, collaboration is the key to a smooth life. It can be with your business partner who’s sitting in a different continent or just you sharing the grocery list with your significant other. When it comes to work-related collaboration, there are tools galore. But something as simple as quickly sharing a grocery list […]

Convert Everything Is The Most Powerful Android Conversion App

Convert Everything 2

We live in a global economy. We trade in encrypted currencies. We live in bytes. Online, we are one. Before this turns into a Fight Club sequel, let me dial down. The online world is great, but the problem is that rest of the world has not been able to progress at the same rate […]

How To Keep Track Of Your Expenses With Expense Manager on Android

Expense Manager

All of us could do with a little money management in our lives. The thing about money is that you don’t realize you have a problem until it is too late. You might hate looking at charts at work, but a chart of your absurd expenses mapped against your income is sure to get your […]