How To Open, Highlight and Annotate PDFs in Chrome


I’ve professed my dislike of PDFs as a format for files in general before. But it’s something I can’t escape. Which is why I’ve written extensively about how to improve the experience. Today we’ll be taking the PDF experience out of the cloud and the PC and directly into the Chrome browser. Chrome is the […]

3 Awesome Ways To Integrate Dropbox In Chrome

dropbox chrome

Dropbox is awesome. It’s the thing that got me to “the cloud” and I’ve never climbed down since. Before I try a new productivity app, the first thing I check is if it has Dropbox integration. While virtually every good app plugs into Dropbox, the app itself remains fairly primitive. It’s just a collection of […]

How to Know if Your Windows PC Can Run a Game

PC gaming

Knowing whether your PC can actually run a game before going out and buying said game (or getting it from an online store, like Origin) is absolutely essential. I mean, you wouldn’t want to spend money on something you can’t use, would you? Well, there is a solution that can assure this won’t happen. Of course, […]

How to Auto Silence Your Android For Specific Contacts, Time, Location


Task automation is one of the most loved features of Android; it’s way better than anything similar you would find for iPhone and Windows. We have talked about apps where you can create automated tasks for activating silent mode on your phone based on a specific time or location. While those apps still work flawlessly, today I am […]

How Contact Center Can Replace Phone and Messages App on iPhone

contact center

The iPhone’s Dialer app is far from optimal. So is the Contacts app. And the Messages app. If I’m being honest, other than Safari, I don’t remember using any default iOS app recently. Many developers have tried to solve this problem and we’ve featured many solutions before. Contact Center is another one. It will take […]

How To Use Virtual Desktops On Windows To Improve Your Productivity


Mac and Linux have “workspaces”. Known as virtual desktops in the productivity circle, they allow you to use multiple desktops at the same time. So you can have an entire desktop running a set of programs while your current desktop has no clue about it. Of course I can joke about how you can use […]

Write For Mac And iPhone Review: Minimal Meets Feature Rich

Write for Mac

When it comes to Mac, there’s really no shortage of writing apps. From Pages and MS Word for formatted writing to iA Writer and Byword for Markdown writing. Write for Mac is one such Markdown writing app. Write for Mac costs $9.99 on the Mac App Store and compared to similarly priced apps, it offers […]

How To Get The Most Out Of Multiple Monitor Setup On Mac

MacBook with external display

So you got an external monitor to use with your MacBook or you’ve upped your game and got yourself two of them. Coding will never be the same, I’m telling you. Neither will writing, or research. With all that room you can have a lot of fun with multiple windows arranged just the way you […]

3 Cool Hardware Monitoring Tools for Windows PC


A hardware monitoring program can be a very effective tool, especially if you’re suspecting that something’s gone wrong hardware-wise, but can’t quite put your finger on the problem itself. These three tools will help you get to the bottom of the problem easily by checking out the readings from your PC’s sensors. While overseeing what software […]

How to Make the Most Out of Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper is one of the best tools around if your job involves browsing the web all the time – for example, you’re a news or article writer (or you just like to keep well-informed). Here’s how to make the most of this great tool. Evernote Web Clipper First of all, why is it […]

How to Search Files Quickly on Android with Search Everything


No matter how smooth app launchers have become, be it the Modern Start Menu of Windows 8 or the Aviate launcher on Android, what we really yearn for is instant information right at our fingertips. Now we did talk about some apps like FARR and Launchy, which you can install on Windows. These apps index all of […]

BorderMaker Review: The Best Batch Watermark And Image Resizing Tool

Border Maker

If you’re a photographer or someone who works on the web, you spend a lot of time dealing with images. Different formats, sizes and versions of them. When you’re uploading images to the internet, there are two things that matter the most: the watermark that shows the copyright of your image and the size being […]

How To Install And Configure Plugins In Foobar2000 (Plus The Best Plugins)


Foobar2000 music player for Windows is not for the faint hearted. It’s for the tinkerers, the curious and the patient. If you get the hang of it, it’s pretty much the best music player for Windows. Don’t believe it? Read about the 5 features that make it so. Foobar2000 is like Lego for music players. […]

Dropbox vs Google Drive vs SpiderOak: Which Cloud Storage Is Best For You?


It feels like cloud services have plateaued. We’re all familiar with how Dropbox works and how documents are stored in Google Drive. We’re more than happy to work on them online rather than deal with local copies. Other than price drops in cloud storage and the ongoing privacy debate, nothing much has been going on. Now […]