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Top 3 Ways To Batch Uninstall Multiple Apps At Once in Android


There are over a billion apps on the Google Play Store. Granted a lot of them are apps you don’t want anything to do with. But there’s still a sizeable portion that may tickle your fancy. I know it happens with me. I read about a new fascinating app and I don’t even think before pressing […]

4 Common Misunderstandings to Avoid as a New iOS or Mac User

Apple Native Apps

While it is a pretty well-known fact that Apple devices (both Mac and iOS ones) are easier to use than most offerings on the market, Apple has not done such a great job in some aspects of their usage and setup process. This has left users (especially those new to their ecosystem) open to confusion […]

Top 3 Free And Secure Password Managers For iPhone

Enter your password

Managing and saving passwords is an important part of our digital life. Previously I talked about LastPass, KeePass, and which is the best service to use in different use case scenarios. While both of them are solid on the desktop, they don’t transcribe too well on mobile platforms. LastPass’s mobile app needs a $12 a year subscription […]

Top 6 Android Apps for Taking Selfies Like a Pro

candy camera

As I talked about in the previous article about selfie apps for iPhone, selfies are everywhere and you can’t really ignore them. Even if you’re not a selfie enthusiast you’ll find yourself in one from time to time. So if this is where we’re at, better to take stock of the situation and prepare ourselves […]

How To Install And Configure Plugins In Foobar2000 (Plus The Best Plugins)


Foobar2000 music player for Windows is not for the faint hearted. It’s for the tinkerers, the curious and the patient. If you get the hang of it, it’s pretty much the best music player for Windows. Don’t believe it? Read about the 5 features that make it so. Foobar2000 is like Lego for music players. […]

Top 10 WhatsApp Tips Every User of this Addictive App Should Know

WhatsApp header

WhatsApp has half a billion active users. Yes, active users who communicate using the app frequently. In countries like India, Brazil and a better part of Europe, WhatsApp is ubiquitous. You can live without Facebook, email or even a smartphone but you need WhatsApp because that’s where your friends and family hangout. So many of […]

Top 5 iOS Apps for Taking Selfies Like a Pro


Selfies are the new world order. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, one thing you can’t do is ignore them. They’re everywhere. Even if you don’t ascribe to the selfie nation, the average person has likely been asked to partake in a group selfie a countless number of times. Which does lessen the self-centered stigma attached to […]

VSCO Cam vs Aviary vs Litely: Battle Of The Free Photo Editors For iPhone

photo editor

We can’t all be great photographers. But with the iPhone, we do carry a better camera in our pockets than the point-and-shoots we owned years ago. Plus, now we have technology to do the heavy lifting for us. The iPhone’s camera is one of the simplest things out there and the most suited for the “flick […]

A Comparison of the Best Minimal Cross-Platform Note Taking Apps


There are note taking apps and then there are note taking apps. Let me explain. You must be familiar with note taking behemoths like Evernote and OneNote. The kind of apps where you log details of your life using other services, where you archive things from the internet, create and share notebooks, collaborate with your […]

7 Amazing Tips to Get the Most Out of Unified Remote Full For Android


Previously I told you about Unified Remote for iOS and Android and how you can use it to control almost everything on your PC right from your phone. Unified Remote 3.0 packs a lot of punch and as I mentioned in the previous article, the paid Android app gets a lot of advanced options that […]

3 Advanced Wi-Fi Tips for Mac and iOS Users


If you are a happy owner of a few (or several) Apple devices, then you know connecting to the internet with any of them is as simple as it gets. However, there are a few things you can do with your Internet connection and access points at home to get the most out of them […]

2 Best Apps To Scan Business Cards On Android and iPhone


In the fast-paced business world of today, keeping track of new contacts can be daunting. For example, when you go to a convention and return with 50+ business cards, they’ll often be thrown in a drawer somewhere and forgotten. Because who is going to manually input the data from all those cards into their phone? That […]

Top 6 Apps To Make A Frequent Custom ROM Flasher’s Life Easier


If you’re an Android enthusiast, you’re probably running a custom ROM right now. While that’s awesome, the process it takes to get there is rarely as fun. The issue only compounds upon itself if you’re what people call a “frequent flasher”. But whether you only flash new ROMs every now and then or you like […]

3 Cool Online Multiplayer Games You Can Play for Free with Origin


These three cool online multiplayer games can be played using Origin without paying anything (in-game purchases do exist, but are not compulsory). Origin, Electronic Arts’ digital distribution platform, may not be as popular as Steam, but it can offer its users some serious fun. After all, it is backed by one of the largest game […]