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How To Share Your Location In Real Time On iPhone Or Android

location sharing header

Do your friends keep calling you every 5 minutes to ask how far you are when you’re stuck in rush hour traffic? Or Mom won’t stop worrying if you’re alive after moving to a new city? There’s a way out of this: voluntary location sharing apps. These apps are specially designed to give access about […]

6 Reasons for Android Users to Switch to iPhone 6 And 6 Plus (and 3 Reasons Not to)

iPhone 6 and 6 plus

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are here. And they are big. “Bigger than bigger” is the official tagline. Ever since the first Galaxy Note started the trend of big phones (phablets) the market has expanded to millions of devices. Till now, the screen size was one of the biggest factors stopping an Android user […]

A Running List Of Best iOS 8 Widgets (And How To Enable Them)

iOS 8 widget

It’s 2014; iOS 8 has landed and brought along widgets. If you told me this would happen 2 years ago I’d have laughed. Yet, here we are. While widgets in iOS 8 share a lot in common with the ones on Android, the implementation and interactions are totally different. For starters, the widgets are in the […]

Top 7 Ways to Productively Chrome’s Bookmarks Bar

bookmarks bar

The bookmarks bar is the most underutilized space in a browser. More often than not, it’s right there, but not being used to its full potential. Today I’ll tell you about how to add your favorite websites to the bookmarks bar, how to customize them, organize them in folders and clean up the mess if […]

Top 4 Apps To Create Your Own Awesome Polygon and Blur Wallpapers For iPhone

blur wallpaper

After a lot of fiddling about, I’ve finally found the perfect lockscreen wallpaper for my iPhone. It’s a simple black background with the words “Don’t panic” embossed in cool red fonts. If you’re not a fan of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy (which is a hilarious Sci-Fi book that you should totally pick up), […]

6 Things You Need To Know Before Upgrading To iOS 8

iOS 8

iOS 8 is available starting September 17th worldwide. But before you start downloading the huge update, here are some things you need to know. Also stated are the steps you need to take to prepare your iPhone or iPad for a smooth iOS 8 upgrade. 1. Is Your Device Compatible? Before you get all excited, […]

7 Cool Mobile Apps to Better Use of Your Time At Airports

airport stay

Of what little time I’ve spent at the airport, it’s never been a particularly joyous affair. Airports suck. But unless you’re willing to take a ship across the sea or sit in a train for two nights, you’ll have to go through that “horrific airport experience” that fades in comparison to the above alternatives. Still, you’re […]

5 Important Apple Watch Features That Are Little Known


On its recent September keynote, Apple finally announced its entrance to the wearable/fashion market with the Apple Watch. However, while we got a good look at this new wrist accessory from Cupertino, Apple left many questions unanswered about this new product. Thankfully, different reporters got answers to a few of these questions, finding out some […]

2 Automated Lifelogging Journal Apps For Android And iOS

lifelogging header

There are some amazing journal apps available for Android. Journey is the latest addition. But the problem with most journal apps is that you still need to write stuff manually. You need to open the app, specify the places you went, import the pictures you took, the music you played, etc. Sounds like a lot of work […]

4 Great Tricks To Work Faster and Better With Pages for Mac

Pages Advanced Tricks

If you use Pages on your Mac on a constant basis, then you must have learned a thing or two from our different entries on the basics of Pages or our useful tips about this app. However, if you really want to take your Pages documents to a whole new level, then you’ll have to […]

3 Awesome Ways To Integrate Dropbox In Chrome

dropbox chrome

Dropbox is awesome. It’s the thing that got me to “the cloud” and I’ve never climbed down since. Before I try a new productivity app, the first thing I check is if it has Dropbox integration. While virtually every good app plugs into Dropbox, the app itself remains fairly primitive. It’s just a collection of […]

2 Best System Monitoring Apps For Mac

Mac Monitoring

A lot of Mac users have a “live and let live” philosophy when it comes to their Macs. They know their Mac is more than equipped to take care of performance issues on its own so they mostly leave it alone. But if you use your Mac for more than just surfing the web or […]

4 Great Time-Saving iPad Tips for Beginners


If you are rocking an iPad for the first time, the experience can be a bit overwhelming. This is true even if you already had a tablet from a different brand before, since the operating system the iPad runs is different. The funny thing is, even if you have an iPhone and think that you […]

3 Enjoyable Android Apps to Design and Order Custom T-Shirts

Tee Design

The future is always near. Advances in ubiquitous computing are especially astounding. But when the use of technology pervades something so personal and commonplace as the clothing you wear, that’s when it really hits home. For example, there are multiple apps that allow you to design and order custom apparel straight from your mobile device. Imagine, you’re running in […]