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Convert Your iPad Into an Information Dashboard With These 2 Apps

Information Dashboard

I’m fascinated by those cool looking information displays in movies and TV shows. You know, the ones that are in control rooms and cycle through all the important information. Some of them even show live stats and graphs. How exciting! But all that just feels like hard work, right? Like you’d need to learn how […]

How to Download Entire Web Pages for Offline Use on iOS and Android

Offline Browser

Sure, you’ve got Wi-Fi everywhere, the 3G/LTE connection is also pretty reliable. Until it’s not. And when it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work at all. Let’s face it, the internet is our lifeline. So many of us get stuck in limbo when we can’t access the internet. Now you can do things like use Pocket […]

Genius Will Explain All Those Song Lyrics and Literature You Never Really Understood


On desktop, Genius has been my go-to site for finding song lyrics. It’s easily the best-designed song lyric site out there. It’s not bloated and it’s a joy to use. But that’s not the best part of Genius. It’s the annotations. You see, song lyrics in Genius can be annotated by community members. Basically, people […]

How to Share Apple Music and App Purchases With Your Friends Using iCloud Family Sharing

iCloud Family Sharing

With iOS 8, Apple introduced iCloud Family Sharing. This enables you to invite iOS users in your household to be a part of your sharing plan. Once they’re on board, they can access all the apps, books and movies you’ve already paid for. And you can even add kids to your account and enable parental controls. So […]

How to Listen to Beats 1 Radio Shows After They’re Aired and Offline

Apple Music

I’ve been a big fan of Beats 1 ever since it launched. I love to listen to it on at a medium volume in the background while I browse, research and even write. It works great as background noise. But I’ve also discovered great songs through it and listened to the current top charts that […]

How to Import Tracks and Playlists from Rdio and Spotify to Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple recently announced that it now had 11 million subscribers to Apple Music. That’s a lot of users! Especially because it’s barely been a month since release. Of course, it’s yet to be seen how many people stick it out after the 3-month free trial expires. Still, a lot of users are switching from competing […]

Angry Birds vs Angry Birds 2: What’s New in the Official Sequel

angry-birds - 1

There have been more than a few expansions to the Angry Birds franchise ever since it first launched on the iPhone in 2009, but never an official sequel until now. Angry Birds 2 is out for iOS and Android and delivers smooth graphics and performance, but more importantly, all new gameplay. Angry Birds 2 features […]

3 iPhone Apps for Building and Improving Healthy Eating Habits


Last week I finished my first ever round of the Whole30 diet that everyone’s been talking about lately. It really is terrific and I’d recommend it to everyone: thirty days of only meats, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats in exchange for feeling awesome and losing some weight along the way. Despite a positive outcome, the […]

4 New Features of Google Maps You Should Utilize


Ever since Google decided that navigating the planet will be a lot easier if we had the perfect app for it, our lives have changed. Google Maps single-handedly has impacted our travels more than any other app in the same era. I’ve lived my entire life in the same city and yet there are places […]

Running Out of Space on Your Phone? Crunch Gallery Will Compress All Those Photos and Videos for You

Crunch Gallery Header

Let’s be honest, it’s not like we’re going to stop taking photos or even slow down. No, as time goes, we’re going to take more and more photos. But the problem is that your phone’s storage will stay the same. Now, if you have an Android phone or an iPhone with only 16 GB of storage, […]

How to Send Self Destructing Email, Tweets and Messages

self destruct header

Don’t you wish sometimes every social network was a bit like Snapchat? That if you choose to, there would be no record of the rant you posted on Facebook or a stupid joke you made on Twitter or that email you sent where you were really angry? It’s a running meme that the Internet never […]

3 iOS Apps That Turn the Drudgery of Email Into the Simplicity of IM

Email Blues

Email is an awesome protocol in many ways. It’s actually one of the few totally open and decentralized protocols available right now. Of course, that has its downsides. Spam being the biggest offenders. But there’s something beautiful about email being an open protocol. You can mould it, make it your own. And trust me, email […]

5 New Addictive iOS Racing Games Off The Usual Track


I love racing games, in fact it’s my favorite genre of games be it computer or smartphone. However, whenever we talk about racing games for iPhone, or even Android, only a few names share the limelight. The top few recommendations are Asphalt 8, Real Racing, Need for Speed etc. No doubt these games are great when […]

Quickly Archive and Mark Emails as Read Directly From Notification Center in iOS With eMail Widget

eMail Widget

Let’s face it, email doesn’t get easier as time goes on. It gets worse. You get more of it. And a lot of it is stuff you either can’t act on or don’t need to read at all. This can be company newsletters, updates from colleagues, anything. There are awesome email apps available for iOS […]