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Pocket Drive for iOS Review: Airdrop Done Right


As a Mac owner, I was tremendously excited when Apple debuted the Airdrop feature, only to be equally disappointed when I found out that my 2011 Macbook Air was not supported. There is a method you can use to make an older Mac compatible with Airdrop and other Bluetooth 4.0 features, which we have shown […]

4 Ways to Take Full Web Page Screenshots in Chrome and iOS

Screen Capture Webpage

There have been times in my life when I’ve needed to capture a web page – and I mean all of it. Sometimes it was for archival reasons or when I was trying to gather up the curriculum for my coding class. Sometimes it was to share a page with someone. You might have your […]

3 iOS Apps to Help You Unwind and Relax After a Long Day


You might find that after a long day you like to put your feet up and watch a good show. Maybe you’ll give yourself an hour to stop answering phone calls or work-related emails and instead just pour yourself a relaxing glass of wine. Did you know that the device in your pocket that you’ve probably been […]

4 Cool Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Paltry 16GB iPhone


With every new iPhone release, Apple manages to shove new or improved features in an already compact – and progressively thinner – device. One unfortunate aspect that’s remained the same for years now is the storage. The low-end iPhone model starts at only 16GB of storage, or just 8GB if you opt for a previous […]

6 Great iPhone Notification Center Widgets For Better Productivity

Notification Center Widgets

Personally, Notification Center widgets are my favorite part of iOS 8. Extensions are amazingly useful but widgets bring a kind of joy to my face every time I use them. It’s the feeling you get you finally achieve something you never thought you would. Long time iOS users know what I’m talking about. Widgets in […]

How to Mirror or Stream iPhone Display or Media to TV


It’s ironic how the biggest display in our homes nowadays is the one that most often goes without use, isn’t it? With all the technology we have getting smaller and smaller, you’d think by now we would have also figured out a way to truly take advantage of all the screen space a television has […]

Top 4 Journal Apps for iPhone That Make Journaling Easy and Fun

Day one

Your iPhone is always with you. That makes it a great tool for keeping a journal. Let’s face it, this is 2015, the chances of you keeping an actual physical journal are not that high. Yet there are advantages of journaling. Great moments in life come and go. You’re not going to remember each and every […]

3 iPhone Apps for Accurate Minute-by-Minute Weather Forecasts


The weather app is arguably one of the most important apps on the iPhone because it provides simple, yet crucial insight about the day and week. Though Apple’s Weather app has improved over the years through iOS updates, it still lacks the detailed forecasts that third-party apps offer. One major advantage from several third-party weather […]

How to View General and Specific FaceTime Data Usage on Your iOS Devices

FaceTime Data Usage Main

One of the greatest conveniences of iPhones and iPads is the way in which Apple tends to seamlessly integrate hardware and software in order to streamline actions that we already considered simple enough. FaceTime is easily one of these, providing Apple users with a smooth video and audio calling service using nothing more than their […]

Darkroom vs VSCO Cam: Which Photo Editor Should You Choose on iPhone?


VSCO Cam has been known for some time now as one of those go-to photography apps on the iPhone. Its features and design are great for regular Instagram users and professional photographers alike. New on the block is Darkroom, another app that attempts to squeeze powerful editing tools in a highly user-friendly package. Both apps are […]

8 Features That Make Mercury Your Next Default iOS Browser


The other day I was looking for a browser on iOS where I could use extensions and block ads on annoying websites. Hopefully something similar to Dolphin Browser on Android. After searching for a while I landed on Mercury Browser’s page on the App Store and I was impressed with the number of features developers have marketed. […]

Amazon Cloud Drive: Why You Should or Should Not Use It

Amazon Cloud Drive

When it comes to cloud backup, Amazon knows its stuff. AWS and S3 are some of the most reliable names out there. But till now, its cloud prowess has mostly been limited to developers and companies. Amazon never really had a compelling cloud backup product for consumers. With the newly launched Amazon Cloud Drive, it […]

3 Tips for Making Awesome Collages for Instagram Using Layout

Instagram Layout App

Collages on Instagram are really popular. I see multiple collage posts from my friends throughout the day. It makes sense, right? You go to a party, meet friends, you’ve taken like, 100 selfies. Five of which are actually good. Of course, you want to share them with your Instagram followers. But come on, you’re also not […]

How to Get All Kinds of Event Notifications on iOS with Hooks


If you’re the kind of person who wants to be notified of everything that’s going on ever, boy do we have an app for you. We’ve told you about apps like IFTTT, using which you can create recipes and get push notifications for all sorts of web stuff. There’s also Pushbullet. But Hooks is better than both […]