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How to Get Slo-Motion and Time Lapse in One Video on iPhone


The iPhone Slow Motion and Time Lapse camera has made taking videos more fun than ever. The way we can so easily speed up a video or make a slow motion of it is amazing. But the area where the stock camera app misses out is that a video can only be either time-lapse or […]

How to Use Adobe Comp CC for iPad to Create Design Drafts


If there’s something that Macs have been known for, it’s for being great at graphic design. The Adobe suite is perhaps the main force behind this, with apps like Photoshop or InDesign long before OS X became mainstream. As such, it is no surprise that Adobe has been releasing quite a few of their most […]

How to Get MIUI-like Status Bar Network Speed Indicator on Android and iOS


I have been a follower of MIUI ROMs since the initial days while it was still in beta. I must say, it has come out to be one of the best things that happened to Android. Not many people knew about it when it was available as a custom ROM and most users were unsure […]

6 Use Cases for Apple Watch that I’m Excited About

Apple Watch

There’s a multitude of Apple Watch articles out there. Everything from focusing way too much on the $10,000 anomaly that is the Apple Watch Edition, to obsessing over the fashion element, to discussing the range of bands and their combination, to articles that question the mere existence of such a device. Today, I thought I’d […]

6 Reasons to Use Snapchat Even Though You’re Not a Teen


If you’re under the impression that Snapchat is only for teenagers, or that it’s just for millennials, you’re not completely wrong. Snapchat became popular because it solved the problems teens had when trying to communicate with their friends freely on the internet. And when you think about it, that’s the problem all of us have, even if […]

How to Add Travel Times to Your iPhone and iPad Calendar Events


If you tend to have tons of appointments and meetings that take most of your day, then your iPhone or iPad Calendar app must be one of the apps you spend time on the most. Here is a trick to make it a lot easier for you to see not only your event, but also how […]

2 Apps to Lock Other Apps Using Touch ID on Jailbroken iPhones


While talking about the iAppLock sometime ago, I promised to come up with an app for the iPhone 5s and above that enables you to use Touch ID to lock individual apps. I know I’m a bit late with making good on that promise and I apologize, but the whole time I was waiting for a […]

How to Schedule Instagram Posts on iPhone and Android with TakeOff


If you’re a social media manager, there are tools like Buffer and Hootsuite to make your life easier. You can schedule a week’s worth of posts in advance and they’ll go out to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and even LinkedIn without any issue. One name that’s always absent from this list is Instagram. From all the […]

2 iPhone Apps to Manage Expenses and Budget Efficiently


While budgeting might not be one of the most exciting things to do (I’m sure a lot of people consider it boring and tedious), it is an extremely important activity that every household should undertake. With budgeting, you are able to plan your financial life and afford things you need and like. In short, proper […]

4 Must-Have Cool (and Free) iOS Apps for Travelers


If you are a frequent traveler or plan to take a trip during your vacation, your iPhone (or any smartphone for that matter) can prove to be one of your best companions. The main reason for this is the variety of apps that you can install to help make the most out of your trip. […]

Toggl Review: The Simplest Free Personal Time Tracking App

Toggl Review

There are many time tracking apps out there. Most of them focus on features like billing hours to clients, creating invoices and such. Services like Harvest are really good at that. But most of those features are paid and they’re not for everyone. When you’re talking about a simple and free time tracking app with […]

3 Apps to Share Text from Web as Images on Twitter

Textshot Twitter test on photos

I read a lot, my job depends on it. And the hourly dose of dopamine doesn’t kick in till I’ve shared what I read on Twitter. But sometimes, just sharing the link to an article isn’t enough. Not many people on my timeline are going to click everything and read through. Which is why it […]

How to Stop iTunes, iPhoto and Image Capture from Automatically Launching When Connecting iPhone

Stop Mac Apps

I’m sure you’re familiar with that icon pop in the Dock. It happens when there’s an error with an app or when you connect your iPhone. iTunes goes crazy and asks you to download and install the latest update. And of course, all you wanted to do was charge the damn thing. It also happens […]

3 Excellent iPad Apps for Elementary School Students


If you have an iPad at home that your children use every now and then (or most of the time, usually), then you surely know that iPads are not only for playing games and watching videos. They can also be excellent learning tools, especially for kids in elementary school. In fact, you can use them […]

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