How to Create a Screen Saver Using Windows Photo Gallery


We still use screen savers, don’t we? Well, the question is, what purpose it serves and what content do you like to display. My main reason is to have my photo collection on display when I am away – a little entertainment for the people staring on my screen. So, do you know how to […]

How To Remote Download Games To PS3 and PS Vita


In previous articles, we have discussed several tips that can greatly improve your experience using your PS3, your PS Vita and your PSP. Sometime ago, Sony introduced an online store for users to buy digital games directly from it. However, it is just recently that it has allowed gamers to not only buy games and […]

Get our eBook: The Ultimate Chrome Productivity Guide

Ultimate Chrome Productivity Guide

Guiding Tech readers would be happy to know that we’ve launched our first ebook: The Ultimate Chrome Productivity Guide. As the name indicates, it explores various methods and tips to make Chrome work faster and better for you. Chrome is a powerful and feature-rich browser but unless you know how to customize it properly and […]

How to Make the Most Out of the Windows 8 Weather App


The live tiles on Windows 8 start screen are meant to serve a purpose. They are meant to give you some basic pieces of information like calendar events, latest IM messages, etc, in real time of course. However, these tiles can be customized and personalized for specific and required information. We’ve demonstrated that before in […]

How to Activate Folder Merge Confirmation Dialog for Windows 8


Copying files and folders from one location to another is a common activity for pretty much every computer user. Sometimes, while doing that we hardly realize that we may have a folder of the same name in the destination as that of the one we are trying to move. However, Windows always took care of […]

How To Install iOS 7 Beta On Your iPhone With and Without Registering Your iOS Device UDID


With the release of iOS 7 and the dramatic changes and great new features that it brings, it only makes sense to at least consider upgrading your iOS device to this new operating system. However, since Apple will release iOS 7 officially in a few months still, the only option available for now to those […]

How to Create a Favorite Stocks Watchlist With Windows 8 Finance App


Are you are regular player in the stock market? Do you keep a constant watch on the ups and downs of certain stocks? If that’s the case then I am sure you rely on a stock sticker or a watchlist to stay up to date. There’s a way for Windows user to create a stock […]

How To Change the User Agent in Safari, Chrome and Firefox


Using different browser user agents to visit websites allows your browser to pass for a different one entirely, including a different operating system or browsing app in the case of mobile browsers. There are also other benefits to this, since some websites have completely different themes for, say, mobile browsers which tend to load a […]

Windows 8 News App: How to Add News Feed Sources and Pin to Start


Recently Microsoft updated the Bing apps for Windows 8. One of them to receive the change was the News app. And, if you have been using it right from start, you would surely appreciate the ease of use the new update has brought. The app is now simpler to navigate and makes it easier to […]

How To Transfer Media Wirelessly Between Your PS Vita and Your Computer


One of the advantages of the PS Vita when compared to its predecessor, the PSP, is that its powerful specs allow for a far more sophisticated operating system that can meet the demands of users accustomed to advanced mobile systems like iOS or Android. One of these demands from users is to be able to […]

Remote Play From PS3 on PS Vita: Everything You Need to Know

Remote Play Explained

With the release of the PS Vita not too long ago, Sony really ramped up the power and capabilities of its portable gaming machine, which was preceded by its much-beloved PSP some years ago. Naturally, all this extra power and functionality allows for more than just playing console-quality games. In fact one of the most […]

How to Set and Manage Reminders on Evernote Notes


Evernote does not need any introduction, does it? Most of you are probably using it already to organize your notes. The flexibility with which it allows you to clip notes, sync and share them is incomparable. While the notes help you stay up to date with the tasks in hand, Evernote didn’t have one important […]

3 Tips to Protect Your Mac Against Spam in Mail


Here is a simple truth: No matter where you stand in life, the more you use computers, the more email you will get over time. And with email (naturally) comes spam and unsolicited messages. Now, if you are careful enough about the websites you visit and the people/services you provide your email to, you won’t […]

Calvetica vs Agenda: Top iPhone Calendar Apps Face-Off


A few days ago, we compared the native calendar app of the iPhone to Calvetica ($2.99, universal), a third-party app which aims to completely replace Apple’s native offering. Besides Calvetica though, another very popular alternative calendar app is Agenda ($1.99, universal), which offers a similar approach to event organization as Calvetica does, focusing mainly on […]