How to Rename a Mail Account on Windows 8 Mail App


Windows 8 Mail is the new native email desktop client of Windows. And, looking at the interface and features I would say that it isn’t a bad choice if you are not looking at doing complicated things. Well, if you plan to use or are already using the application you should know how to add […]

How to Install Sense Based Custom Jelly Bean ROM on HTC One X (Part 2)


This article is the second and final post in the series of posts on how to install sense based custom based Jelly Bean based ROM on HTC One X. In the previous one we saw how to upgrade the HBOOT of the phone and unlock it again. In this article we will be seeing how […]

How to Install Sense Based Custom Jelly Bean ROM on HTC One X (Part 1)


In the past we have seen many guides where I have shown you how to download and flash various ICS based ROMs on your HTC One X. I am sure HTC One X users must have loved all the different ROMs I covered. And to impress them again, today we are going to see how […]

How To Add and Edit Mailboxes To Your Mail Accounts on Your iPhone

Mailboxes iPhone

Having your email with you at all times is great. Smartphones like the iPhone have made this (and much more) possible of course, yet with this convenience a few drawbacks have also become very noticeable. In the particular case of email, one of the most increasingly annoying problems of having access to your full email […]

How to Find and Remove Specific Duplicate Data on Excel With Conditional Formatting


Excel sheets can get really huge. They could extend to hundreds and thousands of data rows. And when that happens it becomes really difficult to manage the document. The greatest problem that I frequently come across in such cases is repetition and duplication of data. Trust me, finding and getting rid of the duplicates is […]

How to Pin Recent Documents and Customize Their Count on Office 2013 or 365


Office 2013 and 365 has a lot of user interface changes. It is more inclined to match the Windows 8 interface and hence is more metro in nature. Something that makes this most evident is the File menu. In the previous versions, clicking on File showed a drop down menu. But on Office 2013 it […]

How to Turn Newsstand Into a Folder and Find Lost Apps on Your iPhone


Do you find the Newsstand folder on your iPhone or other iOS device useful? If not, we’ve already shown you how you can hide it entirely. However, hiding the Newsstand folder makes it completely unusable. So what about if you still want to use it or just don’t want to hide it at all but […]

GT Explains: What’s the Difference Between Office 2013 and 365?


Microsoft has released Office 2013 and Office 365 Home Premium officially, meaning it is now available to everyone around the world who wants to buy them. Since this is a major revamp of the previous Office lineup with an entirely segment (Office 365) coming to picture, it’s only logical to expect that there would be […]

Vine for iPhone Review: A Familiar, Yet All Too Different Way to Shoot Your Videos

Vine review

When it comes to capturing video, there are more apps on the App Store than any of us would care to count. Even worse, most of them do the same with just a few tweaks on their interfaces here and there. This is precisely why an app like Vine is such a welcome addition to […]

How to Use Preview on Mac to Extract a Small Image or Section From a Big Image

Lasso Done Main

We’ve all been there sometime. There’s this image we want but it is part of a larger one that gets in the way. If the image is simple, like a circle or a rectangle, then it might be easy to just cut it out and paste somewhere else. But what happens if the shape is […]

3 Useful Terminal Commands Every Mac User Should Know


In past articles we have already shown you how powerful your Mac’s Terminal app can be. This time, we put this extremely helpful utility to use to show you a few simple, yet useful tweaks that will make your Mac experience even better. But first.. The Basics of Terminal The Terminal app is a command-based […]

How to Enable Taskbar Notifications for Updates on Windows 8


On Windows 7 users are notified about availability of Windows updates via desktop notifications near the system tray area. On Windows 8 the feature has been taken away. Instead, you are shown update messages on the login screen. For those you want to get rid of desktop notifications on Windows 7 as well, we have […]

How To Manually Add Calendars or Subscribe to Public Ones on iPhone

Calendar Subscriptions

There are many companies and organizations that offer their employees calendar subscriptions in order to help them avoid the trouble of having to introduce every event by hand, while at the same time making sure no one forgets about an important gathering or meeting. Large events that span many days or weeks tend to offer […]

How to Insert YouTube Videos to Presentations on PowerPoint 2013


These days when you are presenting something to an audience you are expected to demonstrate and not just speak. You should at least make the slides interactive with real-time data and processes. And when you are doing that you have to be very condensed. I mean, you cannot have your material scattered outside of the […]