How to Save Online Text and Images Directly to Google Drive


I’ve been spending so much time in Google Drive lately, as I use it for a Microsoft Office replacement, that finding fun and interesting ways to use it has resulted in finding some very handy extensions. If you’re going to use this service often, it’s best to speed things up with add-ons or shortcuts. Google […]

How To Upgrade To iOS 7 From Older iOS Versions or From iOS 7 Beta


iOS 7 was just released officially and it brings the most radical changes that Apple’s mobile operating system has seen to date. Best part of all? If you are an iOS device owner, the upgrade is completely free of charge. So read on to know how to install iOS 7 on your iOS device whether […]

How To Set Up Using IMAP on Mac OS X Mail


For users of Microsoft’s email offering, its redesign more than a year ago to its new modern look was definitely a welcome change. However, one of the most glaring omissions since this redesign was the absence of support for the IMAP mail protocol, which caused a lot of incompatibility issues with several email applications, including […]

How to Easily Move and Organize Files by Type In Windows


The Command Prompt is so useful that it’s hard to not want to use it all the time. There are so many practical uses for it to expedite processes like cleaning up old Desktop items or ending running processes. Another helpful solution is when it comes to moving files. The simple move command can be […]

How To Take Full Advantage of the Finder Sidebar On Your Mac


The Finder sidebar is easily one of the most underestimated elements of the Mac. However, it is also one of the most useful ones, since it sits right there on every Finder window, which an average Mac user opens many times during the day. Because of this ease of access, it is very important to […]

How to Create Web Galleries and Calendar Using iPhoto for Mac


In past entries we have discussed a few tips for taking advantage of Apple’s neat iPhoto application. However, this photo manager/basic editor is packed with several features that are not always known to us Mac users. In this entry, we explore a couple of them that might come in handy in some particular situations. First, […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Vs the Note 2: How Do They Compare?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Note 3

Last week, Samsung officially unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, its follow-up to the massively popular Note 2. While we’ve already shown you five great reasons to consider the Note 3, and even touched on the differences between the Note 2 and its successor, this time we want to revisit the Note 3 and compare […]

How to Make an Image Out of Text in Photoshop


I’ve always been interested in making new and unique designs using the tools that come with Photoshop. We’ve looked at whitening teeth using a few simple tools, creating animated GIFs, and how to place transparent text over an image. Another such design is explaining an image through text. Not only can you choose what text […]

How to View and Work on Google Drive Files When You’re Offline


Google Drive is my favorite platform for the word processing and spreadsheet suite within. I’ve used Microsoft Office for years but settled in very quickly when I was introduced to Google Docs and the like. With all its power of sharing files, making surveys, and even tracking your expenses, you hardly want to go without […]

How to Enable Remote Desktop Connection for Multiple Computers on a Network


Remote Desktop is great for connecting to a Windows computer from another part of the network. You can get access to local drives, printers, files, etc. as if you were sitting in front of it. While this is great, an issue arises when you have multiple computers on a network that you want access to […]

How to Create and Use Presenter Notes in iWork Keynote


In past entries, we have already discussed Apple’s own iWork suite of applications, including Pages, Numbers and of course, Keynote. This last one in particular, is not only tremendously flexible, but also quite superior to MS PowerPoint when it comes to usability and aesthetics, two aspects that are essential for creating presentations. One of the […]

3 Command Prompt Alternatives That Are Better than the Default


It’s 2013, who needs command prompt at this point, right? Wrong! For power users in particular, the command prompt is still relevant for special tweaks, commands and even killing Windows system processes. Unfortunately, command line might still be useful, but the actual Command Prompt tool really has fallen behind the times. While Microsoft makes occasional […]

How to Block Facebook Game App Invitations and Requests


Lately I started playing a lot of games on Facebook. The credit goes to my friends for luring me in with their unending requests. However, I must tell you that these game app invitations or requests are really annoying and can end up eating a lot of your productive time. I myself being a victim […]

How to Install Custom Recovery and ROM on Android

Android logo

So you’ve decided to root your device, and now you’re ready to leave your device’s default ROM behind and discover a great custom ROM for your handset or tablet instead. You have certainly come to the right place! When it comes to rooting, flashing and installing custom ROMs, no two devices are the exact same. […]