How to Enable and Use Voice Commands on Windows Phone 8


Speech recognition engines (or voice command enabled services), I believe, are still in the process of evolving and being fine-tuned. They have complex algorithms and learning theories associated with them. However, their growth has been tremendous and most of us have had a chance to use them in the form of some web service or […]

How to Completely Remove and Uninstall Java From Windows PC


In the past we have talked about some online services that use the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run the server side application on the client side. While talking about them, I might have told you to allow JRE to run on the page. But if I would have been talking about the same services […]

Using Siri to Create Time-Based and Location-Based Reminders

Siri and Reminders

Siri is by far one of the most innovative things to come out of Cupertino in the past few years. It debuted with the iPhone 4S a while back. It has had its problems but still it has earned quite a following since then due to the unique personality that it shows, but mostly thanks […]

How to Copy and Paste Text on Windows Phone 8


Copy and paste is something that we need quite often and cannot do without. There are so many instances and minor occasions when we perform this activity without even realizing. Take for example, copying a contact from an address book and sharing with someone, saving a piece of message from an email or copying an […]

Understanding, Using and Managing Calendar on Windows Phone 8


Life is just too busy to remember all the important dates, events and tasks in hand, isn’t it? And, that is why I feel that calendars and to-do lists have a very important role to play in our lives. However, I also feel they are useless unless they are always in your pocket or an […]

How To Passcode-Lock and Configure Siri On Your iPhone

Siri Setup

In past articles we have already covered a few basics about Siri and some tips that can help you work much better with it. This time, we take a look at a few essential settings of Apple’s digital assistant and at how to make it more private and secure. Configuring Siri First, let’s start by […]

How to Add and Remove Programs from Windows 8 Startup


Adding applications to Windows startup is a necessary evil. It can be useful when we have to run certain applications automatically (like a web server or some mailing and messenger clients). But as these startup applications initiate simultaneously when Windows starts, the computer can become completely unresponsive when there are too many apps in the […]

How to Customize Windows Phone 8 Start Screen


Few days back we talked about customizing Windows Phone 8 lock screen which included details on how to enable password/lock on the phone, how to choose the pieces of information you wish to see there and more. Well, today we are set to discover the customization options for Start Screen on such devices. The Windows […]

Understanding and Using Internet Explorer 10 for Mobile on Windows Phone 8


Internet Explorer 10 for mobile isn’t just another browser that can open web pages. It is better, simpler, cleaner and has many new interesting features when compared to the previous versions. Most importantly, it shares the core engine with its desktop cousin, Internet Explorer for Windows 8. And that means, support for HTML 5 is […]

2 Simple Ways to Give Your Mac’s Desktop a Whole New Appearance

Customize Mac Desktop

We’ve all seen a classic Mac desktop: The outer-space or mountain-like background filled with medium-sized blue folders. It doesn’t look bad at all, but I’m sure more than one of you wish you could customize at least a few aspects of that appearance. Well, there are actually quite a few ways to do this. This […]

How to Set Up and Manage Email Sync on Windows Phone 8


We have talked about adding contacts from an email account to Windows Phone 8. If you have already tried that then you must have understood that the process actually includes setting up of an email account on your phone. That by default makes your email messages sync with your device. Now, there could be a […]

GT Explains: What is DirectX in Windows? Do You Need It?


If you have installed and played quite a few games on your Windows computer, just before you complete the setup of a game you might have come across a screen that asks you to install DirectX on your computer. I first encountered this screen in the days of Windows XP while installing Age of Empires. […]

How to Activate and Configure a Guest Account (Kid’s Corner) on Windows Phone 8


I think one of the prominent features that distinguishes a mobile operating system like iOS from its desktop counterpart is multiple user accounts.. or more importantly a guest account. Android has already taken the leap by introducing guest accounts in its latest iteration of Jelly Bean but its limited only to the tablets at the […]

3 Advanced Tips for iOS 6 That You Probably Didn’t Know About

Advanced iOS 6 Tips

By this time, the vast majority of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners are already running the latest version of iOS 6 on their devices. This version of iOS, introduced only a few months back with the release of the iPhone 5 though, while widely used still holds a few nifty tricks that a lot […]