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How to Email a Document Directly from Microsoft Word


We recently showed you how to customize ribbons on MS Office tools and add new tabs and groups to them. Today, we are going to make an addition to that ribbon by adding an email command. Before going in to the details let us discuss a scenario. You are working on a document and when […]

How to Change Auto-Check Time Interval for Send Receive Mails in Outlook


How frequently do you log in to your email account and check for new emails? For me it’s like every 5 minutes (right, I definitely plan to go and buy the ‘The Email Addict’s Guide to Life’ book after I am done with this post). And, since I use MS Outlook as my desktop email […]

How to Add Custom Tabs and Groups to MS Office Ribbon


Most tools these days, have adapted to the concept of toolbars and ribbons. Now, why do you think they have done so? The simplest reason is that it enables users to work more comfortably with the mouse and perform activities quickly. The best example of the ribbon in the one that comes with all the […]

5 Things You Must Know How to Pin on a WP8 Device


Live tiles is definitely one feature that has kept Windows Phone 8 devices up and running in the market. I feel it gives a sleek and simple, yet an elegant look to the interface. Besides, its ability to show details of notifications based on the size of the tile you choose is amazing. And, the […]

How to Reject Calls With a Text and Change the Default Texts in WP8


No news is not usually good news. Almost always we expect responses to phone calls and messages from the people we are trying to reach. And, when we don’t get one, we are left wondering about their status. When you’re too busy to take a call the best way to avoid getting the same call […]

How to Change the Default Image Paste And Insert Option in Word


Calling ‘copy-paste’ an integral part of out lives won’t be an exaggeration, would it? Most of us would agree that we do it very frequently each day, usually on multiple devices. And almost all of that is done in the most basic way: copy text and paste it where needed. When it comes to images, […]

How to Use Exception Conditions in Outlook to Create Negative Emails Rules


We have talked about outlook rules in a number of posts. Some of those tips help you organize your mails better. However, you must have seen one thing in common: We generally skip the exception condition and leave it for you to decide if you really need to add any. Today we are set to […]

How to Use Outlook Calendar to Get Constant, Serial-wise Reminders


We usually rely on reminders to not forget important to-dos. But that one-off reminder might not be enough sometimes. You take out of sight once, and it’s out of mind before you know it. This is when you need to be bombarded with constant reminders to make sure that your brain doesn’t have the luxury […]

How to Import, Export and Backup MS Outlook Email Rules


Those who use MS Outlook as their desktop email client must have also learned that Rules and Alerts play an important role in structuring and organizing your inboxes. The feature lets you create actions that are applied to incoming messages. And, based on matching conditions they can be moved to specified folders, replied to automatically […]

How to Create Rules Based on Email Subjects in Outlook 2013


Do you use MS Outlook as a desktop email client? And, do you use it only for the purpose of sending and receiving emails? Did you know you could put it to other uses like organizing to-do lists and reminder for tasks? Well, I do a lot more with mine. I use it as an […]

How to Change Default Search Provider in MS Office 2013 Suite


MS Office 2013 suite introduces a new feature wherein you can select a word(s) from a given document and then use a search engine to explore more of it on the internet. Now, since the product is by Microsoft, it is obvious that they would associate Bing as the default search provider. Take a look […]

How to Enable or Disable and Manage Gmail Tabs Efficiently


Gmail’s new interface, the tabbed interface, is an attempt from the email giant to help you organize and categorize your messages in the form of tabs. If the service has already been rolled out to your account, you would notice a slight change in the inbox- right on the top of the messages you would […]

How to Block Facebook Game App Invitations and Requests


Lately I started playing a lot of games on Facebook. The credit goes to my friends for luring me in with their unending requests. However, I must tell you that these game app invitations or requests are really annoying and can end up eating a lot of your productive time. I myself being a victim […]

How to Pin Your Favorite Sports Team to Windows 8 Start Screen


If sports interest you then it’s likely that keeping yourself updated with sports news from across the globe is something that interests you too. The question is what might be the best way to do that, especially for your favorite sports team if not all teams or sports. Windows 8 users don’t need to think […]