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MS Excel Name Manager: How to Create, Use and Manage Names


In order to use MS Excel formulas properly we need to have clarity about the different types of cell references. We’ve already discussed some of them. But today, we will discuss the concept of names, which make it easier to build, use, and understand formulas. Names can be used to name MS Excel objects like […]

How to Easily Type Special Font Characters in Windows Using Excel


I always wanted to learn the art of typing any character from a given font set. Take for example, ¤. But, how do I do it, was the question? Now, have a quick glance at your keyboard. Do you see ¤ character? You don’t, right? Actually you didn’t look properly, it is there. Open a […]

The Complete List of Navigation Shortcut Keys for Excel


I used to hate working with MS Excel sheets because it required a lot of patience. The constant switching between the mouse and the keyboard is just not fun. For working with data I needed the keyboard and for navigation I needed the mouse. And that was far from productive. So I thought I should learn […]

How to Play YouTube Videos (and From Other Sites) in KMPlayer


What’s your first choice of media player? Also, what are the reasons that make it a favorite? If you were to ask me, I would say VLC Media Player and KMPlayer. They are known for their ability to play almost all available media formats. I use either of these randomly but with two exceptions. I choose VLC […]

The Complete List of MS Excel Function Key (F1 to F12) Shortcuts


MS Excel is huge in terms of its underlying features and functions. So are the keyboard shortcuts in it. The list can go on and on. What we will do is limit our scope and concentrate only on Function Keys today. We will try and learn the actions associated with F1 through F12, standalone and […]

How to Shutdown Windows Computer Remotely Using Outlook


Have you ever left your computer on, only realizing later that you wouldn’t be able to get back at it until a few hours? Well, I must admit that I have this foolish habit. And hence, it became very import for me to find a way to switch off my computer even while I would […]

6 Cool Cell Selection Tips for Microsoft Excel Users


Microsoft Excel is all about working with data. Its interface consists of the ribbon, taskbar and the worksheet. The worksheet is the working area for your data and has cells that are separated by gridlines. Now, moving around the worksheet from one cell to the other or selecting one or more cells is not as easy […]

10 Must-Know Microsoft Excel Date Functions


Microsoft Excel stores dates as sequential serial numbers and not in the format that we see. By default, 1st January 1900 is serial number 1. So, 10th May 2014 becomes 41769. Storing dates as serial numbers makes it easier for the tool to perform date calculations. We will have a look at few date formulas […]

How to Quickly Clone Existing Outlook Appointment to a New Date


Unless you are a pro at managing and organizing meetings and appointments, they can quickly get overwhelming and tire you out. Besides, it also helps if you are quick in scheduling one when needed. Outlook’s desktop client as a tool that supports most of those requirements. It also has a few hidden tricks. Today we will unfold the quickest […]

How to Fix Missing Gridlines in an Excel Worksheet


Gridlines are faint lines that act like cell dividers in MS Excel. They distinguish cells from each other and make data in them more legible. By default the gridlines are active on Excel. But depending on the kind of a data a worksheet contains, it may not have the gridlines. As a result, it could […]

The Best Keyboard Shortcuts to Master PowerPoint


What’s the secret of a good presentation or a good presenter? Usually, a good presentation is low on words and high on pictures (could be animations, tables and charts too). It also depends on how well the presenter is able to put his point across through his oratory skills and making use of intelligent highlighting on the slideshow. […]

Everything You Need to Know About MS Excel Cell References


MS Excel formulas is what drives the ultimate power of the tool. And, in order to master the use of formulas you need to understand what cell references are. Each cell in a spreadsheet is represented by a label which is derived from the row column cross section at the cell. For example, the cell […]

How to Import Windows Directory and File Details to an Excel Sheet


If you work for a financial organization you would know and understand the importance of reporting. You would also know that it’s not just the data in the files that’s important but also data about the files. For example, you might need to keep track of the list of files, modification dates, file size, type […]

How to Color Alternate Rows in MS Excel Using Conditional Formatting


An Excel sheet can quickly get cluttered with lots of data. And, in the plain black and white format it can get difficult to follow the rows and the data in them. One of the best ways to make things clearer is to color every alternate row in the sheet. Some people like to highlight a […]