Vuze for Android: A Simple and Efficient Torrent Downloader App


Downloading torrents on a computer is usually a cakewalk. There are plenty of applications to choose from when it comes to doing it on your PC. However, when it comes to Android, the options are scarce. One of my friends came to me the other day with this problem. He recently bought an Android tablet […]

NoRoot Firewall: An Excellent Android Firewall App for Non-Rooted Devices


Each app that connects to the internet on your Android has a special permission called Network Access that you need to approve before you install it from the Play Store. But what does it do after you install the app? The app is free to connect to the internet whenever it wants (even in the […]

GT Explains: What is NFC and How You Can Use it On Your NFC Enabled Android Device


NFC, which stands for Near Field Communication, comes built into many new devices these days. These devices can be cameras, your smart TVs, but going with the current trend, you are most likely to find this technology in your Android phones. Most of the high end Android smartphones come as NFC-enabled and the phone manufacturers emphasize […]

How to Access Shared Windows Folders On iPhone (iOS) Over Wi-Fi


In the past, we have seen how to can access shared Windows folder on Android and stream media directly on the device. However, after I bought an iPhone recently, I realized that the feature was needed in the iOS device more than anything else. The reasons being: As iOS comes with non-expandable memory, and the […]

Start for Android: A Cool Custom Lockscreen App for Android


The Play Store has tons of custom lockscreen apps, and yet I haven’t taken up any of them so far in my articles here at Guiding Tech. The reason isn’t neglect; there are hardly any good ones among them that are worth replacing your default lockscreen with.  However, the same can’t be said for Start. […]

How to Change Your Android Lock PIN Automatically With TimePIN


Android offers a number of security options for the user, like pattern, pin, password and even the worthless face unlock. However, once we set these passwords, we rarely change them. But according to experts, the safest practice is to keep changing your passwords regularly. The often you change your password, the more secured your account is. […]

PrinterShare Review: Probably the Best Printing App for Android


Setting up an iPhone to print wirelessly from my computer which doesn’t have Google Cloud Print support, was a cakewalk. The iPhone has a built-in support for wireless printing (see the screenshots below) and one can directly share a document with the installed printer plugin to move over a print command to the home wireless […]

GT Explains: What is the Difference Between LED, LCD and Plasma TVs and Which One to Buy?


There was a time when buying a TV was easy. Your favorite brand just sold one kind of TV and all you had to do was walk into a store and empty your pockets. Those times only make for good anecdotes now. Today, buying a TV means choosing from a plethora of brands and, more […]

How to Print from Android Using Wi-Fi or the Internet


Last week my brother-in-law bought a new Cannon Pixima Wireless printer for his home use and I was the guy he called up to help him do the setup. That’s what happens when you have someone in the family who writes for a popular tech blog and charges only a cup of coffee for al […]

Turn Chrome into a Fully Loaded YouTube Music Player with Streamus


Few days ago we discussed two Android apps using which you can directly stream the audio bit of YouTube videos on your Android device. The apps discard the videos and only stream the audio files from the server, thus saving the bandwidth if it’s just the music the user is interested in. But why should […]

15 Super Cool Iron Man (and Robert Downey Jr. ) Wallpapers


Honestly, before Robert Downey Jr. made Iron Man the household name that it is today, I never really liked this super hero. Blame Cartoon Network. The animated series was just so boring and monotonous that I would always flip the channel. But now things have changed, thanks to the movie series and the superb performances […]

[Fix] YouTube for Android: Connection to Server Lost, Touch to Retry


After I updated my Xperia Z to the latest Android Jelly Bean version last month, I frequently started getting an error message on the YouTube app. As shown in the screenshot below, the error message read, “Connection to server lost. Touch to retry”.  Even though I was sure that I was connected to the internet, […]

2 Android Apps to Help You Drive Safe


Do you get tempted to check your phone when it rings while you are driving? Well, we all do. And we usually give in, even though it’s quite risky and also punishable by law (in many countries). The best way to resist this temptation is by keeping the phone in silent mode when you’re driving. […]

Reviewing EvolveSMS: A Neat, Swipe-based Android Text Message App


The pervasiveness of chat apps like WhatsApp might have led you to believe that SMS (or texts) is on the verge of extinction. This might be partly true in the developed world, where access to internet on your phone is almost omnipresent (these apps need internet to communicate, in case you didn’t know). But in […]