MediaMonkey App for Windows 8 Review: Awesome Media Player For Windows 8 RT


As you might know, MediaMonkey is one of the best media managers available for desktop and a few days back its developers rolled out an app for the Windows 8 modern interface. Windows 8 RT community really needed a media player which is feature-rich and at the same time not complicated in accessibility. The default […]

How to Instantly Launch Apps and Settings on Android Using Gestures


Laptops with touchpads and phones with touch-screens have been around for many years, even before iPhone triggered the smartphone revolution. But they lacked gestures; using more than just your index finger on the screen/touchpad, and using them for more than just a left or right-click is what gestures are all about. It’s almost like drawing […]

3 Best Launchers for Android Tablets

Android tablet launchers

There is no dearth of custom app launchers for Android and each has its set of merits and demerits. Like the TouchWiz launcher I was using on my Samsung Note 10.1, which was otherwise pretty cool, kept troubling me with app sorting. If you have used TouchWiz you might have noticed that there is no […]

How to Remove DRM on Kindle eBooks Using Calibre


DRM (Digital Rights Management) is a usually polarizing topic. Some call it a necessary evil because it protects the rights of the copyright holder, while others term it a big hassle for the consumer who doesn’t deserve that when he has already paid for the product. The downside of DRM hit me when I bought […]

How to Download Android APK files to Windows PC Directly


As an Android user, you might have wondered if there was any way you could download the APK files from the Google Play Store on your computer rather than installing them directly on the device. Well if you did wish for it, today is your lucky day. We are going to check out a simple […]

SS-TheftSpy is the Best Anti-Theft App for Android Ever


If by any chance you’ve been under the impression that mobile phone thefts are a rarity, let me tell you that around $7 million worth of smartphones are lost every day. Yes, “every day.” There are many anti-theft apps available for Android to reduce the toll and we have already covered one of them – […]

RainbowDrive: Access Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive From One Place in Windows 8


People nowadays tend to use multiple cloud storage services in parallel and on these lines we previously shared information about All My Storage, a modern app for Windows 8 using which a user could connect and access Dropbox and SkyDrive from a single app. While the app did a decent job, it lacked simplicity and […]

How to Install Swype Keyboard on iPhone and Other iOS Devices


One thing about Android that I always used to miss on my iPod was lack of Swype keyboard. For those of you who don’t know what Swype keyboard is, here’s a little detail before we begin: Swype is a keyboard for smartphone devices that works on gesture and pattern recognition. So instead of conventional touch […]

How to Merge Duplicate Contacts on Android


It baffles me that even in this smartphone era with powerful mobile operating systems, managing contacts (and their safety) on a phone remains almost as cumbersome as it was back in the days when they were stored in SIM cards. I sometimes think having a phonebook like you see in the picture here was so […]

How to Browse Web and Watch YouTube Videos on Floating Windows on Android


Android smartphones and tablets are now staggeringly powerful and can easily cope up with multi-tasking. Samsung has used the potential of these devices and introduced various floating apps on its new range of Android devices. On these devices one can seamlessly use these floating apps in parallel on top of other apps to increase workflow. […]

Organize Your Online Backup and Social Accounts at One Place Using CloudKafe


I keep most of my data in online backup services and I am sure many of you do the same. And so many quality options being available means I have my data distributed among them. For the documents I use Google Drive, for photos it’s either Instagram or Facebook, for notes it’s Evernote and for […]

How to Increase Money, Score and Game Speed on Rooted Android Devices


Indeed cheating in games is a bad habit, but sometimes it might be the only option left. Let’s take Need for Speed: Most Wanted as an example which I purchased from the play store a few months back while researching for the article top 5 Android racing games. The game went on smoothly for a […]

How to Directly Upload Linked Files from Chrome and Firefox to Dropbox


In my university the lecturers publish all the class notes on an online portal which we can download on personal devices for using later. The problem was that I had to download these documents to all the devices using the portal which was very time taking. As a solution I started using portable Dropbox app. […]

Keep Windows Defender Updated Even After Disabling Windows 8 Automatic Updates


Although there are many well known free antivirus solutions like Avast and AVG, Microsoft Security Essentials aka Windows Defender in Windows 8 has gained a lot of popularity lately. With a decent malware detection and removal rate, Windows Defender is now trusted by many home based Windows users. However, one difference between the third-party antivirus […]