Top 5 Simulation Games for Android (Free and Paid)


Continuing my series of posts on Android gaming in which I have already written about the top 5 games when it comes to racing and puzzles, today I will be taking up the best simulation games that you can play on your Android. But before we do that, for everyone who don’t have a clear […]

How to Delete Dead and Duplicate Bookmarks on all the Browsers


Adding bookmarks (IE users might know them as favorites) is an easy task. Just press the Ctrl+D button on the webpage you want to add to your bookmarks, select the folders and click on the Add/Done button. However once we add these bookmarks, most of us tend to not re-visit them. There might be a […]

IrfanView is the Best Free Batch Image Converter One Can Ask For


To provide the best screenshots for all my articles, I have to process them using a couple of tools. So far I was using RIOT to batch resize and compress my photos and SnagIt for basic annotation needs. However, sometimes when the canvas of the image is white, I had to add borders to them […]

How to Get Quick Word Meanings in Chrome, Firefox and Opera


There are times when I have to open a new tab in my browser while reading an article just to look up the meaning of a word I am not sure about. The Google search inline frame which shows up the meaning right on the search page might have eased some of the work for […]

Top 5 Puzzle Games for Android (Free and Paid)


There are a lot of good things about a good puzzle. Apart from keeping you engaged and entertained, it also works on your brain and pushes it to perform better. So, while playing a puzzle game on say a phone or a tablet is hardly healthy physically, it does make you more fit mentally. Makes […]

How to Install Flash on Portable Browsers Without Admin Rights


The only browser that my college’s shared computer provides in the Windows environment is Internet Explorer. Don’t ask me why, but you can imagine the level of difficulty I have to face while working on it. Being a guest user one cannot install a standalone browser on any of these computers but thanks to portable […]

Fast for Facebook: A Better Alternative Facebook App for Android Tablets


When compared to Android, the official app for Facebook for iOS devices has always been smoother. Well, people say that it’s not just for Facebook but for almost all the apps out there. But from what I can see, the Facebook app for Android is just the perfect example for showcasing the poor third-party app […]

How to Play YouTube Videos on Android Non-Stop in the Background


Blessed are those who have access to Spotify in their country. Even though we can install and use Spotify outside the US and UK, it’s limited to just the free version. If you live in a country where Spotify is not yet launched, you cannot buy a premium membership because of credit card restrictions. And […]

How to Remember Last Played Position of YouTube Videos in All Browsers


Almost all the desktop video players now come with the feature of remembering the last played position of videos, and they automatically resume them precisely from the position where the user left off. Windows media player still lacks it, but we have seen a workaround to integrate the feature in it as well. However, frankly, […]

How to Directly Open Almost Any Downloaded File in the Browser


Have you ever wished that your browser could directly open a file you downloaded from the web rather than downloading it to your computer? Well if you have, today is your lucky day. We will see how we can open almost any type of file directly in our browser using an online service called rollApp […]

How to Disable Facebook for Android Notifications (Also Disable Them For Certain Friends)


If you read my previous post on how to sync game progress on Android, you’d know that I now own not one but two of these devices. One annoying problem I suffered from maintaining multiple devices is multiple notifications. Each time I got a new notification, friend request or a message on Facebook, both my […]

How to Make Your Android Child-Safe with Kaspersky Parental Control


We have already covered an Android app called Kid’s Place using which you can lock specific functions of your Android device before handing it over to children. The app did a decent job by replacing the default home screen of Android with its custom home screen where you can pin only some specific apps you […]

How to Sync Game Progress, App Data and Specific Folders Between Android Devices


I have always loved playing games on my Android and now that I have a 10” tablet, the fun has increased fourfold. When I am at home I play games on my tablet, however when I am traveling, more often than not I end up playing them on my phone. Now the thing that was […]

A Review of Kii Keyboard for Android: Interesting One With Text Shortcuts & Gestures


While researching on how to hide the virtual keyboard on Android, I tested a few keyboards that are available on the Play Store to see if the hardware key detection feature was there in them. While testing them I came across a promising keyboard app named Kii. Though the keyboard didn’t offer the option to […]