How to Run Multiple Instances of Skype on Windows


Many of us maintain different email accounts to cater to different setups; you might want one for personal and one for work. The same could apply to Skype, if that’s your main communication tool. You might want to keep one for family and other for business. And that would require you to run multiple instances […]

How to De-Sense HTC One X ROMs


HTC Sense is a piece of art and there’s no manufacturer in the Android smartphone market that can claim to ship a custom software as good as the enhanced graphics and smooth experience that the one by HTC provides. However, all this comes bundled with a small caveat. While on one hand HTC Sense is […]

How to Broadcast Music from One Android to Others to Boost the Sound


Many people have the habit of playing music on their mobiles with speakers on when they are hanging out with friends. But few smartphones have speakers that they can boast about. You can of course amplify the sound coming out of them but there’s another novel way to boost that sound: using your friends’ phones. […]

How to Change Windows 8 Store Region


Almost all the app stores have some country-restricted apps which are available to a user only when they browse from a specific country, which is usually United States, and Windows store is no different. Currently there are a lot of apps in Windows Store which are only available to the US user. Today we will […]

Find and Delete Large Files on Your Windows Hard Disk with WinDirStat


Cleaning junk files from the computer every once in a while is a good practice and there are many free and powerful tools available for the purpose that we have already discussed in the past. These cleaning tools help you to get rid of the temporary files, browser cache and other Windows junk files that […]

2 Easy Ways to Convert a Web Page to PDF on Android


When researching for a project, I always prefer to save the web pages as PDF documents. It not only takes the complete snapshot of the web page as a single file that can be viewed offline, but also makes it easier to annotate and take notes. There are many online and offline tools to convert […]

How to Create the Perfect Personalized Ringtone on Android


Most of us love to cut out a segment of our favorite tracks and apply them as a ringtone. For the purpose, there are many online services and apps that host pre-edited songs, most of which are uploaded by other users. Finding ringtones, downloading them on the phone and then setting them up as a […]

Mybucketz Brings Together Your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Feeds


Number of social networks we use along with the number of people we make friends with and follow have been increasing, but the number of hours in the day have remained the same. For this reason, users are nowadays looking for ways to manage all their social accounts from one place and there are many […]

How to Launch Another App Without Leaving Current App on Android


Few days back we covered an app for Android called Trigger using which one can launch any app or settings on Android without leaving or minimizing any running app the user might be working on. However, as the app was based on gesture recognition, not many loved it. So today, I am going to share […]

Gmail Touch: A Gmail Client for Windows 8 That Doesn’t Need Microsoft Account


When I reviewed the official Windows 8 Modern Mail app, one of our users had a doubt and asked if there was any way in which the default Mail app can be used without configuring the Microsoft account. The user wished to use the app for just Gmail but it would only work if at […]

How to Create a Personal Cloud Server Using Tonido


Cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive have made file syncing between two devices a cakewalk. No matter where you are, all you need is an internet connection and a device which is at least capable of browsing the web. However, none of these services are free to use without storage limitation and a user […]

MediaMonkey App for Windows 8 Review: Awesome Media Player For Windows 8 RT


As you might know, MediaMonkey is one of the best media managers available for desktop and a few days back its developers rolled out an app for the Windows 8 modern interface. Windows 8 RT community really needed a media player which is feature-rich and at the same time not complicated in accessibility. The default […]

How to Instantly Launch Apps and Settings on Android Using Gestures


Laptops with touchpads and phones with touch-screens have been around for many years, even before iPhone triggered the smartphone revolution. But they lacked gestures; using more than just your index finger on the screen/touchpad, and using them for more than just a left or right-click is what gestures are all about. It’s almost like drawing […]

3 Best Launchers for Android Tablets

Android tablet launchers

There is no dearth of custom app launchers for Android and each has its set of merits and demerits. Like the TouchWiz launcher I was using on my Samsung Note 10.1, which was otherwise pretty cool, kept troubling me with app sorting. If you have used TouchWiz you might have noticed that there is no […]