How to Get the Lollipop Style Lock Screen on Every Android


The Android lock screen was one of the major changes in the recent Lollipop release by Google. Unlike any of the previous releases, this one allows users to get a glimpse of incoming notifications on their lock screens so they can directly open the related app. Just like iOS. The updated lock screen was welcomed by most users, […]

Disa: The Unified Android Messaging Service We’ve All Been Waiting For


Today our contacts are scattered across different social and messaging networks and it can be difficult to keep track of conversations you have across various services. Your friend might make dinner plans with you over SMS, ping you the address of the diner on Facebook, and then give you his location update on WhatsApp. What I’m […]

How to Launch Apps While Typing On Android


Android always strives to make multitasking easy for users. It’s one of the fundamental pillars that lead to Android’s dominance over other (read iOS) smartphone platforms. Even in the latest release Google made app switching faster. However, this only works if you already have the app running in the background. If you need to launch […]

How to Use Gallery Doctor to Clean Unwanted Photos on Android


Folks born in the 80’s and 90’s would remember the days when camera rolls meant a color negative of just 36 photos. With limited and expensive resources, we were always extra cautious while taking photos on the cameras. Proper lighting, smiles, and the frame mattered to us. But with the dawn of the digital age […]

How to Easily Record Your Android Screen as a Video on Your Computer without Root Access


In one of our last posts, we mentioned how the upgrade to Lollipop would be a boon to developers. The option to record Android screens without rooting the device is now available, so I dare say things will get a tad bit easy. But I don’t see the majority of Android devices getting the Lollipop […]

Windows 10 Start Menu: Change Design, Disable Bing Search and More


I can’t think or talk about design without thinking about Steve Jobs (and what he said about that). Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is “how it works”. And when you think about it, at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter how colorful or trendy a […]

How to Organize Google+ Auto Uploaded Photos into Albums


Photo sharing services are available in abundance these days with Facebook and Flickr being the top contenders. While most of my friends and family are on Facebook, I still stick to Google+ when it comes to photo sharing. I can give you not just one, but many reasons I prefer Google over Facebook and other similar services. The auto upload […]

How to Install and Apply Custom Fonts on Jailbroken iPhones


We humans get tired of seeing and hearing the same things over and again and that’s the reason we love to change wallpapers and ringtones of our smartphones. But have you ever thought about the fact that fonts (icons, settings, text messages, emails)  are one thing you come across all the time and yet iOS gives […]

How to See Your Android Usage Stats and Get Real-Time Reports


I wouldn’t have believed anyone if they said that I use my smartphone for an average of 3 hours daily. Whatever the reason, whether it be reading, chatting or just playing games, spending 3 hours exclusively on your phone is not insignificant by any means. It’s like 12% of your entire day, while you sleep for […]

How to Lock Individual Apps on Jailbroken iPhone with iAppLock


Recently we did an article where we warned about the fake apps on the App Store that claim to lock other apps for you. Android makes it very easy to lock individual apps without any issues. But the way iOS is built, it’s not possible for an app to lock other apps – unless, of […]

How to Root and Unroot Xiaomi Mi 4


We all know that rooting brings out the awesomeness in any Android device, but due to the fear of losing the warranty or bricking the phone we always hesitate to take the step. But if you are a Xiaomi user, you’ve got nothing to fear. The company has announced that it will cover all devices […]

How to Quickly Mute a Chrome Tab That’s Playing Audio


In one of its last updates, Chrome rolled out a feature that puts up a speaker icon next to any tab that’s playing audio or video. It might look like a small, inconsequential upgrade, but make no mistake, this is a lifesaver. Especially when one of those auto playing video ads start on a web […]

What Do Dalvik, AOSP, Deodexed, GAPPS and Other Common Android Terms Mean?


I still remember the day when I first rooted and flashed a custom ROM on my Samsung Galaxy S. I was in college and was getting started with Android at that time. While flashing the device, I came across many new words and acronyms related to the Android ecosystem, of which I had no clue about back […]

Xiaomi Mi 4 Review: A Good Device That Could Have Been Great

Mi 4

After the Mi 3 was a bit hit, Xioami got ready to launch their next flagship phone in India this month. Enter the Mi 4. I attended the launch in Bangalore and was provided with a review unit, which I used as my primary phone for about a week. The competition in the Indian mid-segment smartphone […]