Complete Guide: Working with Subtitles on MX Player for Android


I prefer watching movies or TV shows with subtitles, and the joy when they are absolutely in sync is priceless. These subtitles simply act as a helping hand most of the time. But then there are shows like Sherlock where they’re a must to follow what’s going on, at least in my experience (or maybe I am one […]

How to Back Up Windows App Settings Before Upgrading to Windows 10


Now that we all know the upcoming version of Windows, i.e. Windows 10, will be free for anyone, it gives us even more reason to upgrade. Time and again, I have always mentioned the fact that flashing an Android OS is way easier than formatting/upgrading a Windows operating system. Data backup of photos, music, and […]

Top 2 iPhone Apps to Bulk Delete and Merge Duplicate Contacts


Even after eight generations of evolution, one thing I am still not happy about when it comes to the iPhone is the Contacts and Dialer app. Sure the buttons are round and the design nice and minimalistic, but feature-wise it’s quite a lackluster default app. A dialer without the support of T9 input that lacks the option to […]

Get a Hang of Firefox OS on Android without Flashing the ROM


When Firefox OS was first announced early in the year 2013, everyone was excited to try out the new operating system. They even launched a dedicated phone running the OS and nothing else. Soon people forgot about it, as there were much more powerful operating systems to choose from like Cyanogen, MIUI, etc. Even though Firefox […]

4 Easy Alternatives to the Popular (But Complex) App Tasker


When compared to other smartphone operating systems, Android is all about control and freedom. The power of complete control over the device and the freedom to do it in various ways. Automation is one of the many reasons Android is loved by its users. You might have heard people talking about an app called Tasker, […]

GT Explains: Android Wakelocks, How to Detect and Fix Them


Have you ever gone to bed with your Android’s battery adequately charged, but woken up to a completely drained phone in the morning? If the answer is yes, you might be affected by wakelock apps installed on your smartphone. Of course, this could also be due to poor battery health. But system wakelock scenarios, due to misbehaving apps […]

4 Powerful 3G/4G Monitoring Apps for Android


A few days back while I was reviewing Data Plan, a new data monitoring app for Android, it struck me that there must be many other 3G and 4G data monitoring apps for Android and finding out the pros and cons of each before picking one would be a fun exercise. So I researched and tried out […]

3 Fast Android Browsers That Use Less Memory


Browsers are one of the most important apps on our smartphones. Whether you are a normal end user or a geek, you really need a good web browser on your smartphone. On high-end flagship phones with 2GB of RAM or more and GBs of internal memory, Chrome, Firefox, and other such high-end browsers do the trick. However, I […]

5 Addictive First Person Shooter (FPS) games for iOS


Be it computer or console, FPS or First Person Shooters have always been my favorite genre of games, second to RPGs. I love the thrill of using tactful weapons and gadgets to wipe out enemies and win the battle. Sure, gone are the days when we used a mouse or a controller to move our scope and […]

How to Extend Wi-Fi Network Using an Old Router as a Repeater


I recently moved to a new house and one of the very first things I invested in was an internet connection. Just like most broadband connections, the wire for the router was pulled inside from the corner of the flat. To make sure the long trail of wire didn’t spoil the looks, we thought to […]

3 Ways to Find Your Android When it’s in Silent Mode


You might know about Murphy’s fourth law; anything that can go wrong will go wrong. And you misplacing your smartphone in silent mode might be one of those days. If only the phone was set to ring, it would be a walk in the park to locate it. Simply ask for someone’s phone and call your number […]

How to Get the New Android M App Drawer Right Away Without Root


On the very first day of the Google IO conference, the upcoming version of Android was released as Android M. While the official name is still a secret, we saw a lot of new features to improve the overall user experience. One of these announcements was the new App Drawer for the upcoming release. Google has […]

How to Create Email Templates in Gmail and Outlook with Gorgias


My last few months with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes have been quite interesting. I was never a fan of desktop email clients, but when I started using these apps, I could never go back. One of the most helpful features these clients provide is the ability to create email templates, also known as stationery, that […]

Get Daily Data Usage Reports on Android With Data Status


We have almost unlimited data download packages these days when it comes to home internet connection and that too is at blazing speed (forgive me for the generalization, I recently switched to a new apartment that has fibre and I can’t contain my happiness). But the mobile data plans are still very expensive and just a […]