T9 App Dialer is Probably the Fastest Way to Search For Installed Apps on Android


One thing I have always looked forward to having in Android’s app drawer is the ability to search for apps easily and effectively. However, many stock launchers, including the popular Samsung Touch Wiz, and third-party launchers haven’t integrated the search feature yet. Thankfully, the Sony Xperia Z’s stock app launcher – the Android device I […]

How to Give Your Android a Cool New Look with Themer


Most of us love to personalize our gadgets to make them stand out and to make sure that they don’t start boring us. The best most of us can do on a smartphone is change the wallpaper and lock screen from time to time, but that’s certainly not enough.. definitely not enough for Android users! Today […]

How to Use Fleksy Invisible Keyboard for Android For Touch Typing


Coming from an engineering background, I know how important it is to be to be able to type on our cell phones without looking at it (I know, I know.. you don’t say). Back in my college days we all had T9 keypads on our phones which made texting without looking at the phone easier. […]

How to Delete WhatsApp Media Files and Prevent Their Auto Download on Android


If you ask a group of people what’s the easiest way to send and receive images and videos from friends, I can bet most of them would say WhatsApp. WhatsApp has revolutionized the way we share media with our family and friends. The WhatsApp compression engine that compresses the size of the images and videos […]

2 Android Apps to Stream YouTube Videos as Audio to Save Battery and Bandwidth


It’s been long since I have written anything and it’s sort of a comeback at Guiding Tech for me. So while deciding the topic that I should take up as my first after a long break, I thought that it’d be great to build up on one of my old articles. In the past, I […]

How to Use Dictionary.com App in Offline Mode on Android


When it comes to online dictionaries, Dictionary.com is probably the best of the lot. But when it comes to the ones on smartphones, Dictionary.com’s app never really impressed me. It needed an internet connection to look for the definition of a word. To me, the idea of being connected to the internet to just look up the […]

Top 5 Football or Soccer Games for Android Devices


I stay in England and most of my friends here are kind enough to read my articles (mainly to hunt for mistakes but that’s another story). I knew it before they could tell me that they didn’t dig my top sports apps for Android post much; we are talking about Britons here after all.. how […]

How to Control Games on Windows Using Your Android Phone


Few days back we shared an Android app using which you can convert your device to a joystick and control computer games. However, many users running 64-bit Windows machines were having problems due to unsigned drivers provided by the app. To make things right, today I am going to share an amazing app for Android […]

Top 5 Sports Games for Android


I am not a sports person when it comes to the real world. But when it comes to virtual gaming, I bet you can’t beat me in the sports I like to play. There must be many like me who can’t make it to the fields. So why not bring the fields to you while […]

How to Record the Screen Activity on iPhone or iPod as a Lag-free Video


There’s this cool Cydia tweak using which one can make a Harlem Shake video using the iOS app icons on the Springbaord. Yes, you read it right, using the “icons.” Here’s a video in which you can see how it looks. While getting the Harlem Shake on the device was a pretty easy task, none […]

How to Transfer All Contacts from Android to iPhone and Vice Versa


When switching between one smartphone to another, almost all the data can be copied from one device to another by simply mounting them as mass storage device on a computer. However when it comes to contacts (the most important of all the data on your phone), things become a little tricky. Few days back, one […]

How to Connect and Transfer Files to iOS Device Over Wi-Fi as a Root User


In the past we have seen various tricks using which a user can transfer files to iPod as a root user. Using these tricks one can copy music, videos and other files without even using iTunes. However, to make the initial connection between the devices, one had to use USB cable. Improving the trick today, […]

Automagic is a Great Alternative to Tasker for Android


People say that Tasker is one the best apps ever built for Android, and I always wanted to review it for my readers on Guiding Tech. For those who don’t know, Tasker is an app for Android that is used to automate various events based on user-created triggers and conditions. However, it seemed too complex […]

2 Android Apps to Automatically Lower or Increase Ringtone Volume


Few things are more irritating (and embarrassing) than the loud ringtone of your phone breaking the silence or interrupting the seriousness of places or situations that demand that such a disturbance doesn’t occur. The easy solution is to put your phone on silent when needed. The hard part is remembering to do that. As a […]