How to Root Most Sony Xperia Series Devices Easily


For a while I never had root access on my Xperia Z. Well, I never really wanted it until I got the 4.3 update from Sony. The latest update had some bugs that were causing a lot of battery drain due to the Google Play Services whenever location services were turned on. Now I did try everything […]

5 Uses for Your Phone Camera other than Taking Photos and Selfies


We use our smartphone cameras on a daily basis to shoot photos and selfies. We all just love to capture anything and everything, from our food to the funny looking dog down the street. But have you ever thought about the fact that these cameras can be used for so much more? Well if you haven’t, […]

How to See All Messages from Social Apps In One App on Android


We have friends and associates scattered all around our social networks. While some reach us through WhatsApp and text messages, others use Twitter and Facebook. And if you have a team on Slack, that makes a third set of people. Android throws notifications from them in the app drawer just as someone tries to reach you. While […]

How to Take Smarter Photos on Android With Camera51


Thanks to smartphones, almost all of us have turned photographers these days. Wherever we go, we just don’t miss out on taking a photo. Be it a selfie or a portrait, everything looks good with the powerful lenses we have on our phones. Still, that’s not enough; we have apps like Instagram and Snapseed that can do […]

How to Set Swipe Gesture Actions for External Links on Android


A few days back we talked about an amazing Android application called Flynx, with which we could open any external link on a floating pop-up browser. The app is awesome and I would really recommend it for everyone out there. However, while opening a link yesterday, I realized that I didn’t want to open it […]

How to Sync Files and Folders in Real-Time between Android and Windows


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could sync all your important files from your computer to your Android and vice versa in real-time without any limitations? Well, it certainly would be awesome, and perhaps it’s even possible. We have already seen a dedicated app for Android called Cheetha Sync, which could help, but there were many […]

How to Host a Folder as an FTP Server on Windows


We use shared systems in my office and there’s no guarantee where one might have to log in at the beginning of the day. While it’s not every day when one might have to use a different computer, once it happens, transferring all the data from one computer to another is a deal breaker, and using […]

Cut Down On Smartphone Addiction with OffTime for Android


No doubt our smartphones keep us connected to the entire world, but we often miss out on our close friends and family who are sitting right next to us. Dinner table or shopping trolley, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could give your entire attention to the people around you? It would really make a change. Did […]

How to Easily Track TV Show Episodes from Your iPhone


I am very particular about the shows I follow on TV and I just can’t afford to ruin a whole week of anticipation with a spoiler update on Facebook. And for the same reason, while I was using an Android I had a dedicated app to track and remind me of my shows. SeriesGuide is […]

How to Securely Lock Apps and Photos on Android with Droid Protector


Be it your toddler who accidentally bought some of the paid apps from store, or your brother and sister who always try to sneak into your phone’s album. You can no longer leave your precious privacy to just one lockscreen that grants access to your entire smartphone. We have seen apps for droid that can lock certain applications on your Android. There are […]

How to Organize Your Cloud Storage With Unclouded for Android


Gone are the days when we just had 2 GB of free storage in our cloud storage account. With the recent war between cloud giants, prices have dropped drastically and expanding your disk space on the cloud is now cheaper than expanding storage on an iPhone or Android. However, with so much space to spare, we tend […]

How to Transfer Lastpass Data to 1Password for iOS


Two good things happened to help you remember passwords with the iOS 8 update; the 1Password app became freemium, with most of the basic features available for free use, and Apple opened touch ID access for third party apps, which can be used in place of passwords. Due to the previous reasons, I thought to give 1Password a shot on […]

How to Easily Print Text (SMS) and WhatsApp Messages on Android


There might be instances where you would have to produce a hard copy backup of your messages and emails as evidence of a conversation that happened between you and a third party contact. Email prints are pretty easy to take and we’re well aware of that. However, today I will show you how you can […]

2 Apps to Regulate Your Android’s Connectivity to Save Battery Life


3G and Wi-Fi are one of the major reasons for battery drain issues on smartphones. For this reason, most of us disable the data on our droids for extended periods of time. Many devices come with a built-in stamina mode (power saver) that disables the 3G and Wi-Fi as soon as the screen times out and […]