How to Access Apps and Sites Not Available in Your Country With Hola


In the past, we have seen quite a few ways  in which we can access country restricted websites. Be it using a VPN or changing the proxy server, if you want to listen to that track on Spotify there are ways to ensure that you don’t feel left out even if the service (Spotify) does […]

How to Get Photos from 500px As Wallpapers On Your Android


When my Android was new I used to change the wallpaper every other day, but eventually I got over it. It’s not that I don’t like having new wallpapers on my phone. But the manual task of choosing one and applying it had become a drudgery soon enough. In the past, I have talked about an […]

2 Android Scientific Calculator Apps for Engineering Majors


When I was in college pursuing my engineering degree, it was mandatory to carry a scientific calculator to some of the lectures. But this was long time ago, when Androids and iPhones were just launched, and being in a country far off, my access to them was yet to happen. If you who need a […]

LockDown Pro: The Best Free App Locker for Android


Most of the services nowadays are opting for 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) for additional security to safeguard the critical data we store online. There’s even a service called that lists all the sites that do or do not support it. However, it isn’t very convenient always and not all apps support it yet. So […]

2 Useful Watchdog Apps to Keep a Check on Your Android


There are two apps that I have been using since I got my first Android device ( the good old Samsung Galaxy S, which I no longer use though): The Watchdog task manager and the 3G data watchdog app. At that time (5 years ago I think), both the data limit on mobile internet and […]

Dial+ for iPhone: The Best iPhone Dialer Alternative (Free)


I hate the iPhone’s default dialer app and I suppose many of you iPhone users out there share the same feelings and want a better alternative. Even after six major and countless minor updates Apple hasn’t come up with a Dialer that doesn’t disappoint. If design is not what things look and feel like but […]

How to Get Caller Display Picture on Android from WhatsApp and Facebook


Everyone loves to see their contact’s display picture on incoming and outgoing calls. It makes it easy to recognize the caller without reading out the name. Just a glance on the screen and you know who’s calling. One can always assign the picture to a contact manually using the built-in tools on the phone. However, […]

How to Move from Dropbox or OneDrive to Google Drive Easily With MultCloud


Recently Google announced that it has revised its monthly storage plan and now you can store about 100 GB of data for just $1.99/month which was previously $4.99. For high-end users they have offered $9.99 for 1 TB and $100 for 10 TB. Dropbox on the contrary offers only 2 GB for free and 100GB […]

How to Take Group Photos From Android Without Leaving Out Anybody


A group photo is the perfect way to cherish the special moments you spend together with your family or friends. However, one problem while taking a group photo is that a person who is behind the camera is always missing. You might consider taking a selfie now that Ellen has made it a trend, but usually that […]

Contact+ for Android Review: Link a Contact’s Different Social Accounts and See Updates


There was a time when a contact in your phone meant a name and a number. Now, of course, it’s that and your Facebook friends list, your WhatsApp buddies, your LinkedIn connections and even your location mates who check-in on foursquare. So your contacts are everywhere and that’s not a bad thing, if only the list […]

How to Add Custom Shortcuts to the Android Notification Drawer


I hate to admit it, but the one thing that I really like about the new Samsung devices which I didn’t get on my Xperia Z, were the numerous shortcuts in the Android notification drawer. In my phone I could only control Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, data and device sound and vibration profile, but that’s certainly not […]

How to Use Android as Extended Desktop on Windows 8 or 8.1


Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your Android big screens tablets as extended laptop display if they’re just lying around waiting for you to pick them up? I had this in mind for my 10.1 inch Samsung Note 2 tablet for a long time. I knew it would serve well as my laptop’s extended display. […]

How to Record Everything You Type on Android With Type Machine App


We all must have encountered situations where we were working (typing, to be precise) on an app on Android and it suddenly crashed taking all the entered text with it. Some users also wish if there was a way they could copy more than just one snippet of information on their device’s clipboard and toggle […]

3 Best Tools to Auto-Unsubscribe from Marketing Emails


Nobody likes inbox clutter, especially if you don’t have all day to check emails. I’ve been a victim of newsletter spam for sometime now, and it took me a considerable amount of time to segregate important from the useless ones. An annoyance I lived with for a while and then decided it was time to […]