Wi-Fi Matic Auto-Switches Android Wi-Fi On or Off (No GPS Needed)


I always keep a tab on my Android’s Wi-Fi usage in order to maximize my device’s battery life. Prevoiusly, when Android was still a fledgling OS, this used to be a manual task that required me to disable the Wi-Fi after use and enable it when required. But now we have apps to automate this […]

How to Monitor Network Connections in Android in Real-Time


Monitoring data usage on a smartphone is a challenge. With so many networks we keep switching to and the horde of apps that keep connecting to the internet, it’s a herculean task to keep an eye on all the apps that require internet access on our device and the server they are actually trying to […]

Using Free Tools to Remove Background Noise from Audio or Video (Part 2)


So let’s continue on our quest on removing unnecessary background noise from the videos that we record on our phones (or tablets or other portable gadgets). We are going to extract the audio from the video, process and remove its background noise and then join the audio and video file. In our last post we saw […]

How to Set App-Specific Screen Brightness and Timeout on Android


Screen timeout and brightness for Android has always been an issue for me. While for some of the apps – like ones that are mainly for reading – I prefer low backlight with long screen timeout time, for others that have more visual elements and colors (Gallery, for instance) I need just the opposite. Samsung […]

How to Automatically Organize Files and Folders On Your Android Device


When we buy a new smartphone, or a new SD card for that matter, we usually create folders to sort our files and keep the data organized. But from what I have seen (and experienced), with time we tend to forget about these folders, thereby creating a mess of files. It’s also about the files […]

Using Free Tools to Remove Background Noise from Audio or Video (Part 1)


The other day one of my friends in the office wanted my help in removing background noise from the videos he took on his phone (I am usually the go-to guy for all such problems at home and office, as you can imagine). I could have given him names like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier Elements, but […]

How to Create NFC Based Automated Tasks on Android Using Trigger


In the past we have seen many automation apps for Android using which we could easily create trigger based automated tasks. These tasks would get executed automatically depending upon the time or user location. But let’s face it, these triggers don’t usually work accurately, especially the location based ones. I have frequently found the apps […]

How to Make the Most Out of Snapseed for Android: Part 2


Photo editing on smartphones and tablets has always been a pressing issue. Time and again we have talked about Android apps that help you edit the photos you have shot on your mobile and make them look better. Last week we talked about an app called Snapseed, discussed some of the basics of the app and left […]

How to Control Screen Timeouts on Android With the Gravity Screen App


After Samsung came out with its revolutionary Smart Stay concept in its high-end Android phones, developers have been constantly trying to mirror the concept in their apps for other phones. The whole concept of having the screen timeout controlled through the movement of your eyes, and having it on only when you’re looking at it […]

2 Ways to Switch Between Android Apps Using Swipe Gestures


One of the best things about Android is the ability to switch between running tasks and do multiple jobs without wasting time. The smartphones that come with dedicated soft key task switcher can easily switch between any running task in the background. However, the ones like Samsung Galaxy series, that come with hardware buttons, don’t have […]

How to Make the Most Out of Snapseed for Android: Part 1


When it comes to a photo editing tool for a smartphone, it’s tough to stand out of the crowd. The competition is huge, with apps like Instagram and  Hipstamatic offering one-touch image enhancements using different filters. That means the photo editing app should be a cut above the rest to lure the user. We have […]

Get Better Email Interface for Outlook and Yahoo on Android with myMail


A few months ago, I migrated from Gmail to Outlook. Gmail fans might wonder why I’d move to a less feature-rich (supposedly) tool. Well the answer is simple. As Outlook was new in the market, I was able to pick up my favourite email alias, which was not available on Gmail. Plus I wanted to […]

Software Data Cable App: All-in-One File Transfer Solution for Android


Time and again we have seen ways in which we can transfer files from Android to Windows using Wi-Fi, send files and app between two Android devices and also how we can sync files and folders between Android and Windows automatically. The only problem was, a different app was required for each of these tasks. […]

How to Use Google Location History, Enable or Disable It


The next time you are asked to prove your alibi, don’t rely on your memory or call in for favors. Just open Google Location History and voila, it knows where you were at that precise time! This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone though. As long as your phone’s GPS is on, the apps […]