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Ashish Mundhra is a tech blogger from TechPanache and is an enthusiast in the field of technology. A software engineer, he enjoys learning about technological advancements and exploring the gamut of new developments in the field. Once versed with the knowledge, he loves sharing his experiences and experiments with the world.

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3 Best OCR Apps for Extracting Text from Images on Android


Last week my wife got an assignment at her workplace that required her to work on scanned documents and then make a presentation out of it. As the documents were scanned, she was having a tough time in rewriting everything again as points in the presentation slides. After a few hours of frustration, she came out […]

How to Mirror iPhone or iPad Display to Windows for Free


Mirroring mobile display to a computer has its advantages and the best one is that you can easily record screencasts or present the iPad and Phone to a projector in a meeting. We have already shared some of the free methods using which one can stream the Android display to a computer and they are really very […]

The Best Way to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone


Watching online videos on smartphones are getting popular these days. While listening to music still stays as one of the most favorite things to do while commuting to work or while killing leisure time. People have started to develop an affinity towards online videos on YouTube and Facebook. However, the only point where they lag out is […]

How to Wirelessly Stream Media to Your iOS Device: Completely Free and Without Limit


Work or entertainment, smartphones nowadays are capable of anything. Slowly, we all are moving away from desktops and laptops and are getting more inclined towards smartphones and tablets. However, one of the major sections where the smartphones are lagging is the storage space. While we have devices with up to 128 GBs, they are not […]

How to View Notification History on Android


App notifications are one of the most important modules of a smartphone. If you have never given thought about their importance, imagine how difficult it can be to open each app just to see if there’s any new update. You might even miss out on the important texts and emails that can be crucial for […]

How to Get Live Photos on Older Jailbroken iPhones


The Live Photos recently launched with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, has been gaining popularity within the iPhone community ever since it hit the market. Now, if I am not wrong, the feature of Live Photos was actually stolen from HTC. HTC came out with a feature on their camera called Zoe which delivered […]

Fake Your Way Out of Anything With These 2 Crazy Apps


Stuck on a blind date or really want your wife to call you in the middle of the office so that you can make an excuse and sneak out? A call from wife works every time, but you don’t always get them when you want the most. Actually, on second thoughts, you get them when […]

How to Get Marshmallow’s Doze Mode On Any Android Right Now


Android is working hard on improving battery life of their devices from the software side. Even though an approx. 3000 mAh battery is common on flagship devices, they are still not able to deliver the kind of standby time one would expect from them. The only reason I can think of is that along with the battery, […]

How to Record Windows Screencast for Free Without Limit


A few days back, my brother-in-law called me for some IT help. He needed a software using which he could record the computer screen along with the audio on Windows for free. As the computer he was working on was provided by his organization, he was very particular about the free part because of licensing issues. Also, […]

How to Use Fingerprint Sensor as Capacitive Touch Home Key on iPhone and Samsung


In one of my training while I was employed in the corporate IT world, I came across a very important lesson. It was focused on learning from best practices of others and it was a great lesson even for real life. I have used the touch ID sensors on iPhone and Samsung devices and they […]

2 Apps to Remove (or Mute) Audio From a Video on Android and iOS Each


A few days back, we shared a post on how to remove audio from a video file using VLC and YouTube. The trick works flawlessly while you are trying to edit a file on your PC. But as we all know, most of the videos are shot on smartphones and shared instantly to social media […]

How to Install and Use YouTube Music Outside the US on Android


YouTube, the world’s largest online video portal has now launched the music streaming services for Android and iOS. However, like most of the services, it’s limited to the users who are in the US. I must say, it’s a big turn off when you pick up the phone to download and try an all new […]

How to Convert Anything and Everything to PDF on Android

Android PDF

Time and again, while talking about any post on PDF, I have emphasized on how it’s one of the best file formats for digital transmission. Moreover, we have also seen how to easily create and edit these files on our desktops. But now, things are moving towards smartphones and users are not having the urge to […]

GT Explains: Why Android Firewall is Important and 2 Apps to Get That


With so many apps installed on your phone, it’s difficult to monitor everything that communicated on the internet to and from your device. Sometimes it can be a big privacy issue if no tab is kept on it. However, previously rooting your Android was necessary to install a firewall and monitor apps which access the internet. […]