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Ashish Mundhra is a tech blogger from TechPanache and is an enthusiast in the field of technology. A software engineer, he enjoys learning about technological advancements and exploring the gamut of new developments in the field. Once versed with the knowledge, he loves sharing his experiences and experiments with the world.

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SeriesGuide is the Best Android App for Tracking TV Shows and Movies


I am a TV buff and there are quite a number of shows, I follow on a regular basis. Most of the times I remembered when each of my favorite seasons are going to air so that I can watch them without anyone spoiling it for me. Just look at what happens on Twitter after […]

How to Download APK File Using Chrome or Any Other Browser


In the past, we have seen some ways to download APK files to your device that are not directly available to you from the Play Store. The app might be a country-restricted one or your device might not be in the support lists. For example, if your device is not Tegra powered, but you are certain that […]

A Review of CCleaner for Android Beta: Good But Not Good Enough


CCleaner, one of the most acclaimed maintenance and cleaning app for Windows, is now available for Android. The app promises to clean and speed up your device in no time. So, let’s see how much juice the app has got. At the moment, the app is in beta and you need to enroll yourself as […]

A Review of KMPlayer Video Player App for Android


KMPlayer is one of the many names that comes to our mind, other than VLC and GOM, when talking about media player for Windows. These applications play most of our video files in different formats without us worrying about the codecs that might be needed. The Windows Media Player looks helpless in front of these players […]

How to Use Multiple Facebook Accounts on iPhone and Android


Accessing multiple Facebook accounts on the computer is very easy — you just have to open a new browser or a private window to sign in to another Facebook account simultaneously. However, when it comes to the Androids and iPhones, the story changes. The 11” physical keyboard makes it easy to enter the user credentials, […]

A Review of Friendly for iPhone: A Cool Facebook App Alternative for iOS


When compared to the Facebook app for Android, the iOS version definitely looks more polished and interactive, but still there’s a lot that can be worked upon. As the app got upgraded with time, we saw many visual changes in its interface which not everyone appreciated. Also, there were some issues of the app freezing for […]

How to Get Powerful Gesture Based Actions on Android


Ever since I started using an iPhone, I have been obsessed with its swipe gestures. From then on, I have been looking for ways to get that done on my Android phone. In some earlier posts, we have discussed different methods by which we can open recent tasks on an Android device using gestures and talked […]

How to Access Apps and Sites Not Available in Your Country With Hola


In the past, we have seen quite a few ways  in which we can access country restricted websites. Be it using a VPN or changing the proxy server, if you want to listen to that track on Spotify there are ways to ensure that you don’t feel left out even if the service (Spotify) does […]

How to Get Photos from 500px As Wallpapers On Your Android


When my Android was new I used to change the wallpaper every other day, but eventually I got over it. It’s not that I don’t like having new wallpapers on my phone. But the manual task of choosing one and applying it had become a drudgery soon enough. In the past, I have talked about an […]

2 Android Scientific Calculator Apps for Engineering Majors


When I was in college pursuing my engineering degree, it was mandatory to carry a scientific calculator to some of the lectures. But this was long time ago, when Androids and iPhones were just launched, and being in a country far off, my access to them was yet to happen. If you who need a […]

LockDown Pro: The Best Free App Locker for Android


Most of the services nowadays are opting for 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) for additional security to safeguard the critical data we store online. There’s even a service called TwoFactorAuth.org that lists all the sites that do or do not support it. However, it isn’t very convenient always and not all apps support it yet. So […]

2 Useful Watchdog Apps to Keep a Check on Your Android


There are two apps that I have been using since I got my first Android device ( the good old Samsung Galaxy S, which I no longer use though): The Watchdog task manager and the 3G data watchdog app. At that time (5 years ago I think), both the data limit on mobile internet and […]

Dial+ for iPhone: The Best iPhone Dialer Alternative (Free)


I hate the iPhone’s default dialer app and I suppose many of you iPhone users out there share the same feelings and want a better alternative. Even after six major and countless minor updates Apple hasn’t come up with a Dialer that doesn’t disappoint. If design is not what things look and feel like but […]

How to Get Caller Display Picture on Android from WhatsApp and Facebook


Everyone loves to see their contact’s display picture on incoming and outgoing calls. It makes it easy to recognize the caller without reading out the name. Just a glance on the screen and you know who’s calling. One can always assign the picture to a contact manually using the built-in tools on the phone. However, […]