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Ashish Mundhra is a tech blogger from TechPanache and is an enthusiast in the field of technology. A software engineer, he enjoys learning about technological advancements and exploring the gamut of new developments in the field. Once versed with the knowledge, he loves sharing his experiences and experiments with the world.

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How to Sync Sessions in Chrome and Firefox Across Devices using TabCloud


Cloud services make our lives so easy these days. We can save our files on the cloud and then access them on any of our devices or even public computers to continue our work right where we left off. These services are not limited to only files – people who use online sync services on their […]

How to Easily Control and Manage Volume on Android


One thing I like about Samsung phones that I don’t find on other devices is how they handle volume when any of the volume rockers are pressed. When either button is pressed, you first get the option to control ringtone volume, but then, using the settings button next to it you can configure notification, media, alarm […]

Top 6 MIUI 6 Features That Make it Stand Out

Miui 6

I was introduced to the awesomeness of MIUI 6 with the Mi 4 review unit and even after using MIUI 5 for months, there was so much to explore in the new version. Everything looked more polished and features that already used to stand out when compared to stock Android, got even better with revision 6. […]

How to Open Links Directly in Incognito on Android (Chrome and Firefox)


Chrome’s Incognito Mode or Firefox Private Window, be it on the computer or on Android, is a great way to browse the web without piling up a browsing history and to prevent cookies from being stored on the device. Once you are done browsing, even the device doesn’t remember if you have ever visited the […]

How to Get Slo-Motion and Time Lapse in One Video on iPhone


The iPhone Slow Motion and Time Lapse camera has made taking videos more fun than ever. The way we can so easily speed up a video or make a slow motion of it is amazing. But the area where the stock camera app misses out is that a video can only be either time-lapse or […]

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Review: A Showstopper for Budget Smartphones


Xiaomi has become one of the most talked about smartphone brands in India. For those who thought of it as yet another cheap Chinese company, Xiaomi has proved them wrong time and again with devices like Mi3, Redmi Note 4G, and the Mi 4. The company really knows that we love to get the best […]

How to Add Location to Your Google+ Photos (or Remove it)


Google+ Photos is the one-stop destination for me when it comes to saving and sharing photos online. There are many small underlying reasons I choose Google+ over any other service. But the ones worth mentioning are the unlimited space for 2048p uploads, the Auto-awesome and Stories. Stories is a great way to share photos online; Google […]

How to Get MIUI-like Status Bar Network Speed Indicator on Android and iOS


I have been a follower of MIUI ROMs since the initial days while it was still in beta. I must say, it has come out to be one of the best things that happened to Android. Not many people knew about it when it was available as a custom ROM and most users were unsure […]

How to Mirror a Windows Phone Screen on a Windows Computer


One of the new features in Windows Phones in the Windows 8.1 update is the Project My Screen option in the settings menu. Using this option, you can easily project your phone to a Windows computer using a USB cable and see everything that happens on the screen directly on the computer. Let’s see how […]

How to Root Redmi 2 and Install Custom CWM Recovery


Redmi 2, the latest budget smartphone from Xioami, might be a tough contender for other budget phones in the market. Still unsure of where it stands, we have yet to come out with a full review. But we sure have rooted the phone. If you’ve got one and would love to root it, we have […]

How to Share Files Instantly between Windows Phone and Android or iOS


Sharing files using Bluetooth looks so old school nowadays, especially when the files that are shared are no longer just a few MBs. Thanks to decreasing space complexity, even an HD music video is about a quarter of a GB. And you don’t need an expert to tell you that Bluetooth is not an ideal […]

2 Apps to Lock Other Apps Using Touch ID on Jailbroken iPhones


While talking about the iAppLock sometime ago, I promised to come up with an app for the iPhone 5s and above that enables you to use Touch ID to lock individual apps. I know I’m a bit late with making good on that promise and I apologize, but the whole time I was waiting for a […]

Microsoft Lumia 532 Review: For Windows Phone Fans With a Tight Budget


Just 3 months after launching the first Microsoft branded Lumia smartphone, the company is out with two budget phones. The Lumia 532 and 435 are the two budget smartphones Microsoft has launched to lure the entry level customers in the Indian market. I was using the Lumia 532 as my default device for the last […]

How to Downgrade Samsung Android Devices from Lollipop to 4.4 KitKat


Change is the only constant, and yet we find it hard to embrace. Wouldn’t you agree? Here’s a ‘techie’ example: Windows XP. Definitely the longest lasting operating system in history (or Microsoft’s history). Vista was a disaster but Windows 7 wasn’t. And yet people didn’t want to leave their XP comfort zone. Windows XP continued […]

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