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How to Add Custom Codec to MX Player to Support DTS and AC3 Audio

MX Player on Android

If you ask me, MX Player is the best video player on Android. With tons of features packed in the app, it is a must-have on any Android device. But recently, it hit a snag and drew flak from the users. Everything was going smooth until the last few updates of the player rolled out. Suddenly, after the […]

How to Root and Unroot Your Redmi Note 4G


If you can cope with the massive 5.5” display, the Redmi Note is one hell of a device. At just INR 9,999 it’s a real steal. We’ve already done a comprehensive review of it, do check it out. Now about the device, when you unbox it, it’s like Bruce Banner. It has immense power, but […]

5 Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know MIUI 5 Can Do


With Xiaomi devices getting popular due to unbeatable budget pricing and tons of features, MIUI is also gaining considerable recognition. However, for many Android users the MIUI interface might be confusing. To ease things up, we have already written an article on 15 features that make MIUI awesome. After using my Redmi Note 4G for a few […]

How to Organize iOS Photos With Albums Easily Using Tidy App


We take a lot of photos on our smartphones these days. While some of them are just some random moments that we share on Facebook and WhatsApp, others matter as important memories. But when you check back on your iPhone camera roll to relive your memories, you are more likely to see a mess in […]

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G Review: A Complete Pizza for the Price of a Slice


After a few setbacks, Xiaomi has returned to the Indian markets and this time they have unleashed the beast. The Redmi Note 4G, a 5.5” Phablet with LTE capability and a 1.6 GHz quadcore processor priced at just Rs 9,999 might come as a surprise to its competitors. So let’s dive into a review of the […]

How to Block Annoying Contacts on WhatsApp and Hike (iOS and Android)


WhatsApp, Hike, and similar cloud-based messaging services have really made communication easy and (almost) free. Unlike the email account that required the username of a contact to add him/her to the chat list, they substituted the person’s unique cell phone number for the username. While identifying the user with simply his phone number made contacting and […]

MacroDroid for Android: A Free and Easy to Use Tasker Alternative


We love to automate things whenever and wherever possible. It not only takes away the pain of executing the task manually, but makes sure a task is carried out at a particular instance without fail. We already have many apps available for Android to automate tasks on both system and internet level. IFTTT automates the online […]

How to Stream Local Music on Chrome and Firefox


You don’t need a scientific study to prove that listening to music can make us more efficient and productive. I always prefer music in the background while I am working. Helps me zone into what I’m doing. Since almost all of my work involves the browser, I prefer when my music can play from there too. […]

How to Change Google Now Gestures to Various Useful Actions


On most Android devices that come with the soft navigation key, swiping the home button up is one of the easiest gestures available on the device. However, by default this particular gesture is assigned to Google Now and there’s no direct way to change it. For those who are not fond of Google Now and […]

DriveTheLife: Fix, Update and Backup Windows Drivers Automatically


Windows 7 made the plug and play feature a big hit. With amazing support for most common hardware, users were able to just plug in their new devices and use them without having to go through configuration of any kind. The support got better with Windows 8, but still there are many drivers that need to be […]

How To Create Bootable Windows ISO Image from Extracted Files


It happened to me one day while I was helping my friend with Windows 8 installation. We were working on Windows 7 and he gave me the details (the download link and CD key) to download and create the bootable drive for his Windows 8. Now I am not sure what exactly went wrong, it might […]

How to Easily Transfer Media Between Windows, Android and iOS Using SHAREit


A few days back we talked about an amazing way Android and iOS users could share photos using a hotspot. However, the trick involved apps to create an FTP server and the manual creation of hotspots when a Wi-Fi network was not around. Moreover, the trick was restricted to just photos. Today I am going […]

How to Batch Uninstall Windows 8 Apps Silently in Background


Every once in a while I do a bit of spring cleaning on my computer and that’s when I delete old files and uninstall old programs. While deleting files and folders is an easy task in Windows, built-in options to uninstall the programs have not evolved yet. The Control Panel still allows no more than one […]

How to Automate Android Radio Controls to Increase Battery Life

dying battery.jpg

The last three years have been a complete turnaround for mobile technology. We have seen smartphones become as powerful as entry level laptops. The screen size has increased, the processing has become more powerful and free memory is no longer an issue with increased RAM and storage space. We have seen significant development in every […]