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Ashish Mundhra is a tech blogger from TechPanache and is an enthusiast in the field of technology. A software engineer, he enjoys learning about technological advancements and exploring the gamut of new developments in the field. Once versed with the knowledge, he loves sharing his experiences and experiments with the world.

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Reviewing C Locker, a Flexible Custom Lock Screen Replacement for Android


Just recently I talked about an Android app called C Notice that can give you floating popup notifications from all the apps installed on your Android. A real bliss for users on large screen Android devices. After reviewing the app, I was looking at some other apps from the developer and found yet another interesting app called C […]

How to Easily Access Notifications With One Hand on Big Screen Androids


Handheld devices are getting bigger day by day, but the developers tend to forget that our hands are not getting any bigger… ever!! The iPhone also didn’t stand up to their promise and ended up launching the iPhone 6 with a bigger screen size. But there are advantages, and I really love the big screen when it […]

How to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone to Share With Friends


It’s almost every day that I see an amazing video on Facebook and want to share it with my friends on different messaging services. While we can give a direct link to the Facebook video through chat that can be viewed in a mobile browser, directly uploading the videos to the messages would be more ideal. Be […]

How to Quickly Share Photos and Files Between iPhone and Android Over Wi-Fi


Direct file sharing between iPhone and Android is still tricky to figure out. How do you quickly transfer a bunch of photos and videos to your friend’s Android without uploading them to an online tool (which requires consuming your mobile data) like WhatsApp or Dropbox? Uploading them to a cloud based storage service requires a […]

GT Explains: What is DNS and How to Find and Assign the Best DNS Server on Windows


Everyone knows that whenever we are connected to a network, be it local or the internet, every computer is assigned a unique IP address. These might be static or dynamic depending upon the network you are trying to connect to. Related: We have already published an in-depth article on IP Addresses that you can refer to in case you’d […]

How to Easily Take Ownership of Any File or Folder on Windows


If you have to work in a shared system environment you might be aware of the fact that taking ownership of a file or a folder on Windows can be a complicated chore. Even the seemingly simple task of adding URLs to a Windows Host file requires the user to become an owner of the file […]

Simpler Contacts for Android Review: A Great Alternative Contact Manager and Dialer App


Even though Android L is limited to about 0.1 to 0.2% of available Android devices so far, the Material Design apps are becoming popular. Thanks to the amazing developer community, a user can install third party apps to get the amazing experience of Material Design on some basic apps like Calendar and Messages without even […]

How to Use WhatsApp from your Computer Using Airdroid


I’m not sure if you’re aware, but on an average, a person dedicates approximately 195 minutes to his WhatsApp per week, with over 400 messages sent and 500 messages received! You can now calculate the number of times you would have to pull out the phone from your pocket, look at the incoming message and then […]

How to Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone Camera Roll without iTunes and Cables

iphone camera

So before I dive into the topic, let me tell you a brief history about why it was important for me to transfer my photos to the camera roll on the iPhone. My parents came over to our place last weekend and the entire family went for a weekend trip. As usual, we took plenty […]

How to Correctly Set up Google+ Photo Auto Backup on Android

Young couple taking a selfie

Ever since I lost more than a thousand photographs the day my HTC One went numb, I have been using Dropbox’s auto upload feature just to make sure that all my captured moments are preserved forever. However, with Google+ coming out with features like auto awesome and stories, it was a bit tough to ignore […]

3 Useful Ways to Access Google Keep on iOS


I frequently change between Android and iOS to maintain familiarity with both platforms (and because my job requires me to). Last time I was using Android, I started using Google Keep as a minimalistic alternative to Evernote. All I wanted was an easy, free interface with unlimited note taking and Keep fulfilled my requirements. However, when […]

A Smart Way to Clear Recent Apps for Android Xposed Devices


The debate on whether one should use a task killer on an Android smartphone is a never-ending topic. While the gurus who understand the entire ecosystem of an Android device suggest to avoid force closing the apps abruptly, most of the normal end users who use an entry level Android device with not much processing […]

How to Make Your Android Announce Caller’s Name or Number


I recently bought a new car with a double DIN Bluetooth stereo system. I love driving it with my Spotify playlist connected via Bluetooth – it’s an amazing experience. One thing I love about the stereo system is that it allows me to answer my incoming calls using the car’s speakers and built-in microphone. However, […]

ZArchiver is the Best Archive Manager for Android


When we talk about file managers for Android, there’s nothing quite like the ES File explorer. Time and again we have seen examples to prove that fact. However, when it comes to working on the archive, ES File Explorer barely touches the tip of the iceberg. If you work on common archive file types, ES […]