25 Awesome Wallpapers of Popular TV Show Stars (House, Barney and More!)

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Some people go outside to have fun. I know few who take walk in a park, play some sports, go to a movie or do some other random stuff to entertain themselves. Others, like me, spend all of their life glued to a screen, for their vocation as well as avocation. Obviously, watching TV shows and fantasizing about the larger-than-life TV show stars takes up a major chunk of my time allotted for entertainment.

So, I decided to write a post for people like me, a rare breed of cross between a stout TVholic and a standard geek. What follows is a collection of 25 wallpapers of some of my personal favorite TV shows and their stars. Enjoy!

( Note: Clicking on each of these links directs you to the original site where you can download them )


house 2

house 3

Firefly 1

firefly 2

The-Big-Bang-Theory 1

The-Big-Bang-Theory 2

tv-the-big-bang-theor 3

The-Big-Bang-Theory 3

supernatural 1


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fringe 2

Fringe 3

Lost 1

lost 2

lost_1024x768_lilly_01(www.TheWallpapers.org) (1)


TCA - 2007 CBS Summer Press Tour







Don’t forget to tell us which are your favorite shows of all time and which one of the above wallpapers is going to be your next desktop background.

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