How to Skip Commercials on YouTube Quickly

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YouTube is gradually turning into a replica of your local TV channel. With content comes the old bugbear of commercials or ads. In fact, too many of them seem to be attacking our eyeballs these days. They remind me of the times when F.M. channels really took off in my country – uninterrupted programming and just an ad or two. Now, things are different as they too have gone the way of ads.

Commercials are a necessary evil for bringing all that great content to us. But thankfully when it comes to YouTube, you can find the ways and means to duck the ads which pop-up even before the clip begins to buffer.

Yes, one might say that it’s wrong to dodge the ads because that’s what’s paying for the ‘free’ content, but the Chrome extension we are going to talk about here does not block the ad; it merely introduces a way to skip the commercial and go directly to the beginning of the video. Much like a TV remote which allows you to skip the current channel and come back when the program again starts.

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The Chrome browser extension is called – Skip ads on YouTube – No illegal block. (UPDATE: This tool is not available anymore) The name completely describes its functionality. It’s dead simple – While watching a video on YouTube, a small blue icon called the Skip button appears at the top of it. Clicking on it will skip the current commercial immediately and go to the video. You have to manually click the blue button every time the video play nears an ad, but even then it’s worth it.

There is an automatic version of the Skip ads on YouTube extension too, but it’s a paid one and is available on the developer’s site.

This Chrome extension can really save you oodles of time if you are a regular YouTube video watcher as the 30 second commercial skips really add up. Give it a run with a few ad-rich videos and tell us if you find this to be a better option than AdBlock or ScrewAds (which sometimes does not block the ads which come before the videos).

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  1. AD says:

    Good to know, thank you, however, as an Opera user, I use the extension “YouTube AdsFree”, which automatically removes “popup ads” and even “branded banner under the video” – to quote from here

  2. Knglerxst says:

    I find it ironic that while reading your article on how to avoid Youtube ads an ad popped up right in my face.

  3. campbell s w says: ..if you’re on Firefox

  4. Denver says:
  5. cool. never knew that I can skip these annoying youtube ads

  6. Heather Moore says:

    YouTubes Ads are very annoying, that is why we developed a software to remove these ads while a video is playing on the background Work wells with Firefox and Chrome too.
    Try it out and let me know your thoughts.

  7. reza says:

    I dont laik skip Ad how kani delet this perugeram?

  8. reza says:

    How i kan deleted skip AD?

  9. Omar Hamed says:

    Try right-clicking the video, clicking “pop-out” and your video will start without the ad but in another window.

  10. Peter says:

    There is another program, you can download it.

  11. Anna Samuel says:

    Optionally, to skip the ads, you can just replace “youtube” with “youtubeskip” in the URL of any video.

  12. BettyA says:

    Go figure….Google figured out a way to block the link and it says error.

  13. Fei Chua says:

    I created for myself and my friends and family have been using it to skip Youtube ads. Try it:

  14. D-Boy says:

    Will this work if I’m not watching WWE Raw?

  15. rackmanager says:

    this extension has been removed. sorry that Google takes control both Youtube and the Extension too. can’t help.

  16. Dingman says:

    As far as those ads paying for us being able to watch content, what about the millions of videos of TV shows (Dateline etc.) that are ILLEGALLY uploaded and are packed with 9 commercials per episode?