Get MS Office Like Ribbon Menu-Enabled Notepad With Notepad 7

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After the success of Ribbon menu interface in Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft later incorporated the ribbon interface in MS Paint, WordPad and many other native Windows applications. Furthermore, it has introduced the ribbon interface to Windows Explorer in the upcoming version of Windows, Windows 8.

Notepad however never got the sleek and stylish makeover and was left out all alone. If you hate that fact and would like to use your Windows Notepad with a ribbon interface then you can give Notepad 7 a try.

Notepad 7 is a text editor for Windows with the same functionalities as that of your default Notepad but comes with a Ribbon enabled menu bar.

Installing Notepad 7 is very easy, just download the zip file to extract and run the setup. While installing, simply follow the on screen instructions to complete the setup successfully. Once you run Notepad 7 you will see your very own Windows notepad decorated with a Ribbon UI.

notepad 7

If you wish to open a text file, click on the menu button and browse for the file manually. To make Notepad 7 the default text editor for all your .txt files right click on any file with a .txt extension on your computer navigate to open with section and click on Choose default program.

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If Notepad 7 is not in the list, click on browser and select Notepad7.exe from the location where you installed the program ( by default it’s %PROGRAMFILES%/Notepad/Notepad7.exe). Now check the option Always use the selected program to open this kind of file and click on the OK button.

open with

Working on Notepad 7 is no different from the conventional Microsoft Notepad, the only thing that changes is the menu styling. All the options are same. Even the program icon is same as that of default Windows Notepad.

notepad vs notepad 7

Notepad 7 works flawlessly on Windows Vista SP2 and above but make sure you have .Net Framework 4.0 in your system before you install it.


There are many notepad alternatives available but most of them are very complicated. If you are looking for a text editor with a lot of simplicity and a bit of elegance, Notepad 7 is one of the best text editor out there.

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