Use Panda Vaccine To Disable Autorun.inf on PC & USB Drives

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Whenever an external device, like a USB pen drive or CD/DVD is attached/inserted to a PC, Windows pops up auto-play options depending upon the kind of data the device holds. The main Windows file which is responsible for this auto-run feature is called autorun.inf.

It is usually advised that one should disable autorun.inf in Windows because it is the prime target of malware and can be easily infected through a device such as a USB flash drive that contains the virus.

Panda USB Vaccine is a nifty tool from the makers of Panda Antivirus that can disable autorun on your computer and your USB drive so that it doesn’t get infected when attached to a virus-stricken PC.

So, the tool not only secures your computer against auto-executing malwares but also protects the USB flash drive by vaccinating it (as they call it) against the spread of such malwares.


The USB drive vaccination option disables autorun from the drive by blocking the Autorun.inf file. Now, nothing can read, create, delete or modify this file.

You can use your drive normally and copy any file from it to your computer. However, if there is a malware in those files, it won’t be executed.

Note that computer vaccination can be undone but USB vaccination is an irreversible process (you cannot remove vaccination from USB drive).

This  tool has a simple interface and is easy to use. Overall, it provides an extra layer of security in your computer.


  • Disables Autorun completely.
  • Provides two way security by vaccinating both computer and USB drive.
  • Can work on NTFS, FAT, FAT32 formatted drives.
  • Vaccinating a USB drive cannot be undone.

Download Panda USB Vaccine to protect your PC from USB virus.

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