How to Sign In to Multiple Gmail Accounts At the Same Time

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When it comes to Gmail, I am sure that most of us have more than one account. Gmail doesn’t mind. But when it comes to email productivity, for long one had to sign-out (or logout) from one Gmail account to sign-into another on the same browser. Of course, there were workaround available – the simplest of which was using two browsers – but there was nothing official about any of it. Till, Gmail decided – heck, let’s give the world a simple way of signing into multiple Gmail accounts at the same time.

So, with multiple sign-in, you can log in to more than one account using the same browser session. You can sign in to ten accounts at a time.

Switching On Multiple Sign-in

Multiple sign-in is supported across a range of Google products like Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sites, Reader, Voice, and Google Code. But first you have to enable it.

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  1. Go to the multiple sign-in settings page
  2. Sign in to your account with your default Google username and password.
  3. Select On to enable the multiple sign-in feature and select the checkboxes to confirm that you understand how to use multiple sign-in.
  4. Click Save changes.
  5. Remember – You need to enable multiple sign-in feature in each  of your accounts which you may want to open at the same time.

Once the multiple sign-in feature is enabled, you can log into another Google account by clicking on your name or email address at the top-right of the page. Then select the account you want to access or sign off from all accounts.


You can read more about it and address any issues you are having via the Official Google page explaining multiple sign-in. The other bit of good news is that multiple sign-in support has been extended to Gmail for mobile too.

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