How to Use Ccleaner To Cleanup Windows PC and Fix Errors

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Ccleaner is a free system optimization tool which can be used to remove unused files and speed up your PC. It can clean internet history from browsers and remove temporary stuff from other applications. It has an inbuilt registry cleaner which finds and fixes all the registry errors.

It is simple, easy-to-use and quite fast in cleaning the junk.

How To Use Ccleaner

Ccleaner has an easy interface. To get started with the service download and install Ccleaner on your PC. Run the application by double clicking on the program icon.


As you can see in above screenshot Ccleaner has four sections in the left hand sidebar, namely:

  1. Cleaner
  2. Registry
  3. Tools
  4. Options

Each of these sections has some unique functions:

Cleaner – It mainly removes temporary files from the system. It also removes all the browsing details from browsers of your PC.

Registry – It checks and fixes problems, if any, inside your system registry.

Tools – You can manage installed programs and applications in the PC. You can uninstall any program directly from the Ccleaner interface. Also, remove any unwanted system restore points and programs in the startup list.

Options – Lets you choose your preferences for running Ccleaner.

As shown in screenshot below, in Ccleaner mode there are several check boxes. These boxes decide settings of Ccleaner. You can check or uncheck these boxes to keep or remove any item from the cleaning process.

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Running And Analyzing Ccleaner

To run Ccleaner, click on “Run Cleaner” button.


You can also click “Analyze” button. It will give you details of files which are going to be removed first.


Fixing Registry Issues

Select Registry option on the left side and click on “Scan for Issues”. It will find all the errors and old entries in the system registry.

Note: In case if you remove something important from your registry files and need it later, Ccleaner allows you to first make a backup of the registry. You will be prompted to backup during fixing process. It is recommended that you do it so that you can restore files from the backup if anything goes wrong.


After you scan for issues, you can take a backup and then fix the registry issues using the tool.

This way you can use this tool to cleanup Windows PC and fix any errors. You could also use it quickly uninstall Windows programs. Overall, a handy Windows maintenance tool to remove unused items and clean up your hard drive.

Download Ccleaner.

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  1. Aj Johnson says:

    This is not a free tool.Every time I click on Ccleaner download it sends me to PC registry
    Mechanic 2011. Then it lets me know I can purchase this download on line.100 % money back guarantee ??? Why do I need a money back guarantee for a free app. ????

    • Alan says:

      Go to :
      Left click download – a new page will open
      Below where it says ‘Buy online and Download’ you will see
      Version 3.01.1327 (2,894 kb)
      – Download from
      – Download from
      Click on the link
      A new page opens at FileHippo
      Click on top right corner ‘Download latest version’
      Hope it helps

    • Mrairbrush1 says:

      Yeah it’s free. Just DON’T click on the “Trial” option after the install. Works great! 😉

  2. Immanuel Raj says:

    ya its usefull……………. thanq

  3. Diffus says:

    If you use xplorer2 as a Windows Explorer replacement and use its Bookmarks feature, CCleaner will wipe out your entries.

  4. voxpop says:

    WOW! you guys are great!!!!!

  5. Aktardu115 says:

    excellent it is great job……….

  6. Ansh4598 says:

    See this for more suggestion