How to Bookmark All Open Tabs At Once in Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer

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Bookmarking all the open tabs in your browser can come in handy at times. Like, if you are researching on a topic, and have got a number of related tabs open. The next thing you want to do is collate the URLs at one place. Bookmarking them individually would be a pain.

We have in the past discussed ways to share links to all open browser tabs at one go, but if you just want to save the tabs for yourself, bookmarking them together is a better way out.

Today I will discuss how to do a batch bookmarking of all the open tabs in Firefox, Chrome, Opera and IE. But before we proceed I must tell you that all the below mentioned tricks have been tried and tested on the lasted builds. If you don’t see the options I show on your browser then you you probably need to upgrade it to a higher version.

For Firefox and Chrome Users

The steps are similar for both the browsers.

To bookmark all the open tab at once right-click on any open tab and click on Bookmark All Tabs. You can also use the Ctrl+Shift+d shortcut for the same.

firefox bookmark

You can now either create a new bookmark folder or add them to an existing folder from the list.

firefox folder name

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Click Add Bookmarks when you are done.

For Opera Users

Open bookmark manager on Opera and the best way to do it is press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+B and navigate to the folder you want to add all opened links as bookmarks. If you want to create a new folder you must create one.

bookmark manager opera

Now right click at any empty space in the bookmark manager and select Bookmark All Open Pages to batch-bookmark all the links.

For Internet Explorer Users

For an Internet Explorer user bookmarks are known as favorites and to add all open links as bookmarks first enable menu bar in internet explorer by pressing the Alt button and click on favorite.

add to fav

Click on Add Current Tabs to favorites and select the folder where you wish to add all the links.

Internet Explorer batch fav

So from next time you need to bulk bookmark all the links open on your default browser you know what to do.

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  1. Etand says:

    Thank you Ashish, that shortcut for Chrome is a ‘life-line’ for me since my 4 year old laptop, that was thrown around on my 1 year backpacking travel across India on it’s touch pad mouse (Chuha… :) the both buttons stopped working.


    And here’s a Personal photo story of my friend, another Ashish from a small town in Konkan, Marashtra:

  2. Guest says:

    Can bookmarking all open tabs be done for Chrome on the iPad? How??

  3. David King says:

    Thanks a bunch. You saved me the effort of having to painstakingly bookmark several tabs one after the other. I suppose if I had simply used my eyes prior to doing a Google search for this, I would have found the context menu item, but hey, it’s fun to be lazy. And now I know it for future reference.

  4. Lukasz says:

    thanks for opera tip. It would take me some time to figure it out (if I would that is)

  5. Operaattori says:

    Thanks. BTW, Do you know the way to count number of all pages in the bookmark? Like in Opera?

  6. god says:

    this no longer works for opera anyone know the new method fuqqing annoying….

  7. Hayley says:

    not working for chrome now, new bookmark manager, shit.