2 Awesome Digital Desktop Clocks For Windows Users

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Be it a home screen of a smartphone, a tablet or an iPod touch music player, if I were to say that almost all of us like to sport a cool and elegant clock widget on it, I would not be exaggerating. If we do so on our handhelds then why deprive our desktop of those neat looking clocks.

Indeed Windows 7 and Vista come with a clock, and even clock gadgets, but what we are going to talk about today is no way similar to them. We will introduce you to two simple yet amazing digital desktop clocks that will recreate the feel of the digital clocks on smartphones (may be better than that). Let us check them out.


Horloger (tip sent by our reader Ahmad) is a HTC Style desktop clock gadget for Windows Vista and 7. Though its default looks are somewhat like the HTC sense clock, it can be customized easily with skins. Once you download, install and run the clock you will see the digital clock somewhere on your desktop wallpaper.

HTC clock

Click and drag the clock to set its position on the screen. Once you are satisfied with the position right click on the clock and select lock from the context menu. The clock position will then be locked avoiding any accidental displacement.


To fiddle with the clock, right click on it and select settings. You can now decide whether you want to display seconds or minutes count, try different skins, and set the transparency.


On the date and time tab you can select the date and time format.

date and time settings

The position tab allows us to set one of the three default positions for the clock manually. You can always click and drag the clock anywhere on the screen by checking the manual position option.


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The clock starts automatically with Windows. Over all Horologer is a decent clock and while testing it I noticed a memory usage of 75mb (average) along with a CPU usage of 8-12%. The results might vary on your computer though.

HTC Home

HTC Home is yet another artistic HTC sense like clock gadget for your Windows desktop. Along with a digital clock, just like Horloger, HTC Home also comes with weather forecast. To get started, as usual, download, install and run the clock application.

HTC Home

Click and drag the clock to position it on your desktop. Once you make up your mind right click anywhere on the clock pin it.

Pin Htc Home

To configure the clock right click again on the clock but this time select options.

On the general tab you can configure the date & time settings along with user interface, update and language settings.

HTC home general settings

On the weather tab you can configure your current location to get weather updates from MSN.

HTC Home weather

On the style tab you can change the widget’s looks and style. Select the new style you want to apply and press the ok button. Once you select a theme the clock will apply the changes and restart automatically with a different look.

Htc Home skins

Comparing the memory usage HTC Home consumed around 75Mb memory with a CPU usage of 28-32% which is pretty high. Again, you gotta test it at your end and see how it works. It might be a small price to pay for this dashing gadget.

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  1. Mr says:

    Works great on Windows 8

  2. keros says:

    do not waste time on this slowing third party downloader

  3. patrick says:

    the third party downloader just ruins this great tool. too bad though.

  4. cindi rupert says:

    does download a bunch of junk, take over your browser, etc.. otherwise, it seems good.

  5. nate says:

    too bad they both have adware/malware…

  6. This software was grate one but if u want to uninstall it u have to do it perfectly.i had a problem early days because it’s a crack one.so guys pay and get a original anti-virus ( Better kaspersky ) and download what ever u need

  7. Usman says:

    Hey is there a clock like the xperia 4 pc?

  8. Ira Grossman says:

    HTC Home is from Bosnia. I wouldn’t trust it.

  9. bobjr94 says:

    htc home seems to work good now. Just be sure and decline the 8 optional programs they ask you to install. Its not using any cpu time (0%) but it does take 95MB of ram, seems excessive for a clock.