How to Convert Any Webpage to PDF Using Chrome’s Print to PDF Option

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I was using the very handy doPDF, the free PDF converter in Firefox to print out online receipts and sundry other things. Then a development on Chrome made me ditch that and come over to Google’s browser for the same jobs.

Google Chrome’s Print to PDF option is a basic built in functionality. But it is these little things that are making it win the battle of the browsers. Printing to PDF is a very useful failsafe to have around when there is no printer to be found. It’s also useful if you want to archive webpages for a later read. HTML doesn’t save so well; that’s where printing to PDF keeps the layout nearly intact.

So, without further ado let’s see where the Print to PDF option can be found. Here are three short and fast ways:

1. Type chrome://print in the Address Bar

2. Click on the Wrench icon and then click on Print.

3. Right click on the webpage that you want to print to PDF and click on Print.

You will get a screen similar to this:

Print to PDF

You have all your installed printers listed here. Click on the Destination dropdown and select Print to PDF. You have a choice of Portrait or Landscape modes. Select all or select the page numbers you want to print. A few page viewing controls allow you to preview the page. That’s it! Click on Print, and choose a destination to save the PDF file.

The Print to PDF option is a default feature of the latest stable version of the browser. It is very basic but try it out and let us know about its usefulness.

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  • cam2644

    PDF Download extension does the same for Firefox.

    • Suckycam2644

      It’s a shitty extension that allows acces to your data and slows Firefox… Even more :S

  • godemperor

    How does one go about putting the URL in the header or footer?

    • Saikat

      It’s very basic right now. It generates a facsimile copy of the webpage. You can’t edit it.

  • blue

    Is there a way to put a button for this on the toolbar? (One-click print to PDF)

  • Autumnez

    why i can’t find the ‘wrench’ button?

  • yaya_williams

    cannot search on a google pdf. can search on a firefox pdf.

  • Sravan

    Watch video for clear understanding –

  • AnnaRascalla

    Thank you sir/madam It really worked

  • Rana Adeel

    I think Google chrome is the best for convert any web page into pdf.thanks for sharing this great information.

  • John

    It’s not even as complex as this. Just print it. Select ‘Save as PDF’ from the Destination dropdown and then click Save. Completely searchable. Fantastic.

  • Pete

    Do not like it at all. It puts another step in what was previously a simple thing to print a page. How do I get out of the default setting for this?

  • Nicole

    I just printed a page to PDF and it shows up without the background color/design on the web page. I’m trying to print this for my portfolio, so having the actual page would be ideal. Any ideas on how to achieve this?

  • Andrew Bukowski

    I suggest using an online tool for converting web pages to pdf: It is easier to use from any browser and it’s also fast.

  • Mark Murphy

    @andrewbukowski:disqus unfortunately an online tool does not work for websites that you have to log in to.

  • Daniyal

    Select ctrl + p and choose the page you want to print in chrome, it will ask you to save the file as pdf. Enjoy…!

  • nicky Kesarwani

    Thanks friend……….