SuperCopier is Probably the Best Alternative For Default Windows File Copy, Move Tool

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Last month we wrote about TeraCopy, an amazing application to replace the sluggish Windows copy/move tool. The application is indeed cool for general everyday file handling, but as we all know, nothing is perfect and there is always a scope of development. I now want to introduce to you a better file copy, move handler.

SuperCopier is yet another feature-rich Windows explorer file copy/move alternative. It has some value-added features over TeraCopy, which makes it much more user-friendly.


Using SuperCopier

There are two ways in which you can use SuperCopier on your computer. You can either integrate it with your Windows shell (which is what I prefer) or use it as a standalone application. This option can be configured at the time of installation.


If you have integrated it to your Windows shell, the program will initiate itself automatically when ever you call any file copy/move instance. On the other hand, if you have not, you need to initiate the program from the taskbar every time you wish to copy a file using SuperCopier.

copy file

Some of the Amazing Features of SuperCopier

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Apart from basic features like pause and resume queue support, and copy buffer control, it comes with some other cool features.

Priority listing of files

Priority listing

Everything in life comes with a priority and thus at times you may have the urge to get a specific file in the list copied before the others. To alter the priority of a file in the copy-list just move the particular file up or down the queue with the arrow keys next to the list.

Copy list saving/loading

Save Copy List

With SuperCopier you can save copy list and resume it even after a computer restart, loading the list from the hard disk. This feature may not come in handy in daily file copy/move needs but will offer a great deal of help when you are copying a huge amount of data from local area network and there is no guarantee when the host can go offline.

My Verdict

Although still in beta phase, SuperCopier looks promising to me. The program is cool in features and at the same time very reliable. I have tried my hands on both the programs, TeraCopy and SuperCopier, and I can say beyond doubt that the latter impressed me more than the former.

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  • Gildawie

    SuperCopier has been in beta since August 2009!
    At least TeraCopy is still in development ….

    • Abhijeet

      Yes, Gildawie, but don’t forget that even Gmail was in beta for I think 6-7 years. My point is that it works, so the beta tag shouldn’t be a big hindrance.

      • Gildawie

        Sorry, maybe my comment was not clear. I don’t see the beta tag as a hindrance to using the app, and in fact I am trying it out. My point was that there has been no development of this app for two full years. That is not the case with GMail and TeraCopy. Generally speaking I would prefer to use an app that is currently under development, beta or not is immaterial.

        • Abhijeet

          Hmm, yes, that makes sense. Normally, we wouldn’t talk about such a tool that hasn’t been developed for the last 2 years, unless it works without any hiccups. I hope it worked well for you.

  • nipi

    Just a small suggestion/request. These kinds of articles should have a date somewhere. At the moment I dont know if it was in beta 3 days or 3 years ago.