How to Know If a Friend Unfriended You On Facebook

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On Facebook if someone accepts your friend request it makes it a point to notify you with pomp and show either by showing it on your wall, your notification area or even an update to your mailbox, but if someone unfriends you, there’s absolutely no indication of it anywhere on your Facebook profile.

If you want to keep track of the people who unfriended you on Facebook, there is a workaround. You need to have Chrome, and the extension called Facebook Friends Checker for Chrome.

What is Facebook Friends Checker

Facebook Friends Checker is a simple Chrome extension that continuously monitors your Facebook profile in the background to check who unfriended you recently. If it finds someone has unfriended you, a message will appear informing you about who it was by giving a link to his profile page.

Using the extension

The extension is very easy to use. Once you install Facebook Friends Checker from the Chrome web store, head over to your Facebook homepage. Activate the plugin for your profile by selecting the FFChecker Interval under the Account button.


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You will now be asked to choose the time lapse between two unfriend checks. By default the time is 2 hours but I prefer a minimum time of 12 hours.

Time interval

Now all you need to do is wait for some one to trash you from his friend list. You will be informed about the change in your list as soon as FFChecker comes to know about it .

facebook friend check

Note: The extension might have issues if you are browsing Facebook under the HTTPS protocol because of limitation of anonymous data gathering. If you want to use it you need to switch to the normal HTTP protocol.

My Verdict

I personally don’t mind any one unfriending me from his Facebook account, but there’s always that curiosity as to who ditched me on this ubiquitous social network. If you want to keep a check as to who dumped you then FFChecker does the task decently.

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