Reviewing BDlot DVD Clone, An Awesome DVD Ripper ( Free License Giveaway Included )

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A good friend of mine asked me a couple of days ago at the gym whether or not he could rip DVDs to his computer. (He also had an entire other scheme to go to the library and rip those DVDs to his computer, but that’s a whole other can of worms and I wouldn’t advise you go down that road.) Nonetheless, the question resonated with me: back when I used Mac OS X, I’d turn to Handbrake almost exclusively. Now that I’m in the Windows environment, what kind of DVD Ripper should I use?

BDlot Logo

One tool that came to my attention is BDlot DVD Clone (referred to BDlot from this point on). I know the name isn’t exactly the most original or entertaining, but it’s actually a very decent piece of software. For one thing, it makes ripping DVDs a very simple process, and has a bunch of unique capabilities.

The primary function of BDlot is to rip movies from DVDs. There’s a very simple tool that allows you to extract only the film part of the DVD, and leave out the chapter information and DVD menus in order to save storage space.

Rip your DVD using BDlot DVD Clone

There are three main parts of this function, called DVD Title Backup (clicking the highlighted button 1 in the screenshot will take you to this screen). The bottom left section 3 allows you to manually select which parts of the DVD you want to copy. I didn’t find the need to modify this part at all, but some of you who want to get into specifics might. You can choose which parts of the DVD to rip, and options range from the full movie to specific chapters, or video and audio only as seen in the middle section 2 of the screenshot.

If you want to select a specific chapter, the boxes inside BDlot change to allow you to select which chapter. This is extremely useful, because editing a movie can take a lot of processing power! I once wanted to rip a specific clip from my copy of 21, but my computer could barely load the whole movie in the editing software, let alone make the edits.

BDlot DVD Clone Chapter Selection

The entire clip of the movie is a 5GB mpeg-2 file, which is pretty hefty given the typical sizes of .avi files being 700mb. Nonetheless, the resolution and quality of the video is really quite nice.

Ripped Hitch using BDlot

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Yeah, I ripped Hitch onto my computer — definitely one of my favorite DVDs and one of the funniest and the most well-made romantic comedies (chick flicks) of all time. Click the image for an example of video quality!

You also have the option of cloning the entire DVD, chapters and information and all, simply by selecting the Full DVD Disc Backup option.

Backup your Full DVD with BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate

In this case, you can simply press the big blue Run button. As a side note, I’m aware that BDlot should read the DVD’s information and display it in that big light blue bottom part of the screen (beside the highlighted Run button), but in my case this didn’t happen. Not sure if it’s a regional thing, or if my DVDs just don’t contain this kind of information. (I assure you they are legal. :P)

You also have the option to remove DVD region codes, UOPs, CSS encryption, and check Disney’s fake.

I found BDlot to be definitely very speedy on my computer, but speed does greatly depend on your computers processing power, RAM, and your DVD drive speed.

With such a bunch of features conveniently bundled into one piece of software, BDlot is definitely well worth the money.


We love our readers, and we’re giving away copies of BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate to all Guiding Tech readers till July 22, 2011. Use this key: BU-TUUMUWYX-HGOFRN for a free unlimited user license for the software.

Unfortunately, we can’t give away free external hard drives for those of you with extensive DVD collections, but if you’ve always wanted to backup that special edition of Godfather or Goodfellas, now is the time to do it.

Download BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate today!

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  1. Odean Hoss says:

    This worked perfectly! Thank You Herbert. And the product seems to work as testified in the article. Very smooth.

  2. Luiz F Portela says:

    Could not register with Ctrl-C Ctrl-V.
    I had to type it to have it accepted.

    • Abhijeet says:


    • Herbert Lui says:

      That’s weird, Luiz — I think it was fine copying and pasting for me, but I can’t remember for certain. Good to hear it still worked though.

  3. sherry says:

    I’m sorry.. new to this and I’m confused. :) I don’t know where to enter the code. I got to the page where they asked for my credit card info. Will I be charged? I am very interested in trying this. Can I then use handbrake to convert it to mp4? DVD43 won’t work for me anymore on windows7. Thanks!

    • Herbert Lui says:

      Hi there Sherry!

      When you click the link at the bottom of this article, simply click the orange Download buttons. That should get BDlot to download to your computer. Extract it and run the setup, and then it should prompt you to insert a key — we’ve provided one at the end of this article.

      I’m quite certain you can use converting software to convert it to .mp4. I used to use Videora to convert .avi’s to .mp4’s and it worked well (but that was a long time ago).

      Thanks for the question! :-) Keep us posted if you run into any other roadblocks.

  4. Shan says:

    This site is awesome it totally works now waiting for it to download on to my computer and put it on my DVD 😀 I comeback to say if it works

  5. Rara says:

    Beware! Not all movies allow you to rip them….Ive ran into several movies that this software will not let you rip…..They will not start or give you a small size file that doesn’t do anything….The movies that do work though, I have no complaints…..Anyone know how to fix the problem of certain DVD’s not ripping?