How to Make Safari or Opera As Your Default Browser

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Yesterday, we talked about changing default browser manually and I showed how we can set Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer as the default browser without the need to restart them.

Today, we will see how to make Safari or Opera as your default browser. The scenario remains the same – you had been using Safari or Opera as default and some changes to the system caused another browser (like Chrome or IE) to set itself as the default. So now you need to change it back to the way it was.

Make Safari Your Default Browser

To set Safari as default, you would first need to visit its Preferences.

make safari default browser 1

Under General, you’ll find the Default web browser option and a drop-down menu to select the default browser. The unique thing here is that it lists all the browsers installed in your system, and you can select any one of them as your default browser.

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make safari default browser 2

Make Opera Your Default Browser

In Opera, the browser preferences are found under Settings in the Menu options.

make opera default browser 1

Here, you’ll need to go to the Advanced tab and click on Programs. You’ll see a checkbox that says Check if Opera is default browser on startup. Check it, click on OK and restart the browser. It’ll ask you if you want to make it default. Click on Yes.

make opera default browser 2

Unlike other browsers, where a restart wasn’t needed to set them as default, in Opera I couldn’t find a way to do that..unless you select Opera in the default web browser menu in Safari’s preferences. :)

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