Top 10 Free Software To Install On Your New Windows PC

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A new Windows computer needs good software if the user wants to make the most out of his machine. Windows 7 does come bundled with useful tools, but that isn’t enough. The millions of consumer software vendors around the world would have gone out of business if that were the case.

This post will talk about top 10 free software that one must install on his new Windows computer. I’ve tried to limit the article to only those tools which, in my opinion, should be the first 10 tools one should install and use on a new PC. If you have other opinions and suggestions for tools, which I am sure a lot of you would, I urge you to share them in the comments so that all our readers can take a look at them.

So, lets begin with the list.

1. EASEUS Partition Master

easeus partition manager

EASEUS partition manager is a nifty tool to create and manage disk partitions on Windows systems. Even if you created partitions during the setup process, and know how to use the disk management console to create partitions, I’d recommend you download and keep this tool. That’s because it offers some amazing features like resize, merge or split partitions, convert FAT to NTFS, convert primary partition to logical and vice versa, and much more.

The personal edition of the tool is free. It has professional and business editions too.

2. PC Decrapifier

pc decrapifier

Most of the branded laptops and desktops come bloated with proprietary (and useless) software which you should get rid of if you want your computer to function properly in the long run. Hence the old and trusted PC Decrapifier becomes a must-install software for new Windows computer owners to weed out junk software and make space for better stuff. Here’s our guide on cleaning up a new PC with PC Decrapifier.

3. Macrium Reflect or Windows Backup and Restore

macrium reflect

We have previously talked about the importance of creating a system image and how to create it using the built-in Windows backup and restore center (you should also create a system repair disc). Now, this might not be available in all editions of Windows so I’d suggest a worthy, and more powerful alternative called Macrium Reflect. Use it to create an initial system image, and for other such tasks as you start using the computer.

4. Ninite


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Ninite will cover the “how to install” part when installing new stuff on your PC. This all-in-one installer lets you pick software and install them at one go. And the choices of course are very diverse. Check out our previous guide on batch installing programs with Ninite.

5. Revo Uninstaller

revo uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller remains my tool of choice to clean uninstall applications and programs from my Windows PC. It’s far better than the default Add/Remove programs tool. A must-have software for sure. Check out our guide on using Revo Uninstaller to uninstall programs.

6. CCleaner


You didn’t think I’d give a miss to CCleaner in this list, did you? I am yet to find a better tool to perform a routine PC maintenance and get rid of temporary files and data. The tool is as amazing as it ever was. In fact, better, as it continues to be regularly updated. And as you’d have guessed, we wrote a guide on using CCleaner too.

7. Microsoft Security Essentials

ms security essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials might go down in history as one of the best free software released by this tech giant. This tool has given a number of antivirus vendors, especially those who provide full-fledged free versions, a run for their money. It can protect your PC from viruses, spyware and malware.

8. Dropbox or Syncback SE


The thing about data backup is that people tend to procrastinate on it, which ultimately ends up in a crisis situation when they have lost important data, and had no backup whatsoever. Hence an online backup tool like Dropbox, and an offline sync and backup tool like Syncback SE is included in this list of immediate installations for a new PC. Get either, or both of them. I use both – Dropbox for online backup and Syncback to keep my data synchronized with an external hard drive.

9. Recuva


Recuva is an excellent (and free) software to recover deleted files. But why do we need it now? That’s because there’s a lot of deleting and uninstalling happening with CCleaner, Revo Uninstaller, PC Decrapifier and all. If you suddenly delete something that you shouldn’t, and then want to recover it, you would have this tool to fall back on. Our tutorial on using Recuva will provide more information on using this tool.

10. VLC and Chrome / Firefox

Lastly, but by no means the leastly (or least, whatever), we have our usual suspects – VLC media player and Chrome and / or Firefox, which I am clubbing together in the same point. Oh, and you don’t need to install these separately because Ninite will take care of that. Just make sure that you tick their names in Ninite before you start off with the installation. And while you are at it, check out our posts on Chrome and Firefox.

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  1. Nice. I guess the software mentioned after Ninite can be installed via Ninite itself! I would also add Windows Live Essentials to the list. :)

  2. Bill says:

    Thanks for the list! I use CCleaner all the time.

  3. crystallinebeat says:

    strange, I found that I’m not using 90% of those programs (other than the chrome / firefox stuff). are those programs really important? if I can live without them all this time, I don’t see the importance of them, at last for me. hehe. thanks for the articles. open up my mind for some new programs in the jungle.

    • Abhijeet says:

      As I mentioned, these are important for people just getting started with their new PCs. :)

    • John Dillinger says:

      it’s better to have these programs if you needed them than to not have them when you did need them.. I fix PC’s so I have lots a programs I use for all kinds of tasks

    • VED V KRISHNA says:

      exploring the new software is the hobby of real computer savvy .those who live with the same software are not so intelligent

  4. Xps says:

    I love seeing Revo, CCleaner, Recuva, VLC, and Firefox (Chrome is alright, too) on the list. For a new computer, PC Decrapifier is great, too, but won’t have much use after the initial run.

    Uninstalling programs with Revo and cleaning up temporary files in CCleaner is an awesome combo. Be careful with the registry cleaners of these applications. Not only does cleaning your registry typically provide a negligible performance increase, but can lead you down the path to reinstalling Windows or reverting to a backup image. My advice: If you don’t know exactly how that key is used by your computer, don’t even touch it. It’s not worth the risk and registry backups are not a full-proof backup plan.

    I’m not a fan of Microsoft Security Essentials. ( gives it mediocre scores in protection and repair. ( is a bit more generous. With it’s limited options, slick design, and incorporation into Microsoft Update (an excellent idea, Msft!), I suggest it for less than tech-savvy users. For those looking for better malware protection and repair along with a slew of options, I strongly suggest Avira (free) or F-Secure (paid). Both scored well or awesome by those independent testing agencies.

    I’ll be taking a closer look at Macrium Reflect.

  5. Sergey says:

    CC Cleaner nice software. I am using it very often.

  6. JeeDee says:

    FREE and its REAL!

    BitTorrent (you can download movies, mp3, software, ebooks for FREE! / /

    Internet Downloader Manager IDM (for fast downloading)
    TuneUp Utilities Pro (PC booster)
    Advance System Care Pro (PC booster)
    K-Lite Codec 7 (media file extension player)
    AVG/Norton (Antivirus)
    Mozilla Firefox 4 (best choice)
    Windows Operating System (I prefer you to use Ultimate Edition for Seven and Vista)
    Windows XP SP3 (Professional)
    Power ISO 4.7 (Burning Data, Mp3, Movies files)

    Best recommendation:
    Buy for a licensed software.
    Use professional software for best performance.
    Have time for system maintenance.

  7. picus says:

    recuva is useless,never recover any deleted file what Im looking for but another programs find that file…

  8. I recently use asus partition recovery software, it was great. I am going to try this also.

  9. Ejboy_19 says:

    does recuva is a good software?

  10. Wmhoffman144 says:

    I have experimented with most all the free utility stuff Ccleaner works great but don’T!!!!! USE the registry cleaner after new program install you may kill your computer, only use it again after restart. Auslogic defrag is the very best fastest free defrag you can find: I love it for its siplisity and speed.

  11. ashish pareek says:


  12. UZMA_18 says:


  13. Mohitjainthebest says:

    not bad too good

  14. Yoh Pham says:

    Are u sure that Revo Uninstaller is a good Application ?
    Sometime It did not work, in my Laptop..

  15. Meetmeiwill says:

    All these softwares makes ma lap to become smart:):):):)

  16. Wwfondren says:

    my windows live says i need to upgrade my driver sofware,my windows live worked fine last year before they serviced my unit R530 windows 7,all new software and hard drive,,it should have better quality of pix,

  17. Tosifansari786 says:

    nice software c c cleaner

  18. sanyam says:

    ninite is d best over here its jst amazin

  19. Ibrahimips says:

    please tell about cc clear.

  20. Saditya Smile says:

    really good

  21. steve jobs says:

    i love all softawre

  22. Manjusharma says:

    Why TuneUp Utilities 2012 is not in the list, i think it’s very useful. MS Security Essential is good but avast 7 is better choice. . .
    CCleaner, Firefox, Recuva are deserve to be in the list.

  23. Asif suhaib says:

    i like all softwares

  24. NIRMAL says:


  25. Lin says:

    CCleaner and Recuva are not free. They both cost $24.95.

  26. rasta swagg says:

    im some of these softwares will help computers to be more advanced

  27. ltdanno says:

    i have aloT of these ccleaner revo uninstaller PRO dropbox also i use MIni partion wizard
    [ witch has a bootable cd option ! to wipe EVERYTHING OFF ALL hard drives in the pc or just make a partion it also has resorces to fix boot.ini files if they get borked from dual booting or a virius

  28. Snehil says:

    You should include Advanced SystemCare in the list

  29. abbas says:

    Great list downloaded em all!!! :)

  30. abbas says:

    @7ef18b38b551400bb7974583861ece7d:disqus Seems like u don’t know to download full version with crack go ahead and download the free full version with serial key its free and effective juss goto google and type “Recuva Free full version download” and download Enjoy!!!!

  31. snoepi says:

    nice work! thanks for the effort!

  32. Chrome, Firefox, VLC and CCleaner are the only useful programs on this list

  33. hgf says:

    im only using ccleaner on your list

  34. Microsoft Security Essentials hahaha! Anyone installing that software has a deathwish for virus’s and spyware, honestly its shocking, this guy who put it in the top 10 is obviously not knowlageable in security software! There are plenty of free ant-virus and spyware protection out there which protect your computer more than Microsoft Security Essentials. All honestly if you want the best protection your better off paying for it, do your research! he’s a site that idependently tests all the popular security programs and as you can see Microsoft Security Essentials does’nt fair well!

  35. Naomie Das says:

    adwcleaner is very good too, it cans erased the bad search bar that usually takes over our search engine. Specially when you install a new software from the internet, you often find a box to tick that says make(what ever the name is) your default search engine, but most people don`t pay attention to to it, and end up with a new search bar that can be difficult to erase (like my search bar)

  36. VED V KRISHNA says:


  37. VED V KRISHNA says:

    how aver these softwares were good enough for new pc

  38. VED V KRISHNA says:


  39. binay saria says:

    it was really a very good knowledge that i gained through this page.

    I have downloaded many options as you said and am sure it would be vry useful.


  40. tightpoledotcom says:

    I think you don’t need a lot of these has about 7 which 90% of people will actually use , the ones you’ve highlighted are for specific tasks and general day to day use unless your fixing your computer or repairing registrys or cleaning them

  41. Jill says:

    Hi Abheejeet,

    These 10 software should be installed in every PC. I found Dropbox very useful on the list of your softwares. I’m sharing the link from where I downloaded it


  42. nash says:

    On early days, I do not install but relying on built in software which preinstalled inside the PC, later on after a decade , find out, those freeware help me troubleshoot my PC TO A PEAK performance, esp – ccleaner where you will not built up any remaining temp files. Duting the era of Windows Xp, I do manually emptying the prefetch folder.
    …. useful if you use many software that use RAM

  43. Bill says:

    youre awesome

  44. dudut says:

    fuck you

  45. Alex says:

    Hmm….you should choose a better one for utilities. e.g.

  46. ayush says:

    thank you

  47. Latifah says:

    Hello, Thanks a million! And was just wondering if this is available for chromebook as well?

  48. MUJIB REHMAN says:

    Suggest some essential PC Software which a new PC needs ….