How to Create Portable Version of Any Program in Windows Using Cameyo

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Every other day we come across interesting software that could make our computing experience better. But, we are held back by the very fact that installing lots of software can make your computer bloated.

If you regularly use a computer at your workplace, you might be prohibited from installing additional software. In such cases, portable apps will come in handy. Portable apps don’t need to be installed. They are executables which can be run from a USB thumb drive too. Many programs offer separate portable versions for consumer’s convenience. But if the tool you use doesn’t offer a portable version, don’t worry, that’s what we will talk about in this article.

cameyo application virtualization tool

This tutorial will show you how you could virtualize and create a portable version of any program you may want. We will use an application virtualization software called Cameyo (Windows only) for this purpose.

Here are the steps.

1. Start by installing Cameyo on your PC – Download Cameyo

2. Open Cameyo and hit Capture Installation to get started.

cameyo application virtualization tool

3. Cameyo will now take a snapshot of your system while displaying a dialog box shown below.

cameyo installation

4. After the system snapshot process gets over, you can install the software which you feel like making portable. After the software installation gets over, click Install Done in the prompt as shown below.

Cameyo Install Done

5. Cameyo will now take another system snapshot that will find out the differences between the results of the 1st snapshot and the 2nd one in order to make the application portable. After the Post-Installation snapshot, a dialog box displaying the message of successful package creation will appear.

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Package Edit Successful

6. You can now find the installed application as a single virtual file in the directory where Cameyo put it. This file can be further copied to a flash-drive for use on other systems without having to install it. There is also an option to edit the virtual package to suit your needs.

7. You may now uninstall the software (YouTube Downloader in my case) from your PC. The .virtual file can be copied to a flash drive and can be used on any computer running Microsoft Windows.

virutal app

package editor

Almost all the applications work well with Cameyo. You can also pack runtimes of a particular application into a single package itself (ex – Flash/Java for Firefox).

If you still want more clarity on the entire process, I recommend you check out the video below.

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  1. Ashutosh says:

    Looks like this is something I’ll definitely be using quite a bit in future – I’m a sucker for portable apps! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Themsay says:

    Thanks for sharing this great idea. It’ll do alot better for me.

  3. Karthik says:

    Great write up! But, I think we’ll have some limitations in Cameyo. The apps made portable with cameyo will not be flexible like the natively portable ones.

  4. milandroid says:

    what about making a portable cameyo with a cameyo 😀

  5. bryan says:

    is there a list of apps that cameyo cannot make/convert into portable apps?

  6. James says:

    Cameyo is very usefull program, maybe the best, like portable maker. Thanks.

  7. John says:

    Portable maker warns that no other programs should be running because they can change system files. So does this have the same limitation, or does it set up its own sandbox or what?

    • I believe it takes a snapshot of the entire system while creating a portable app to ensure that it’s got all bases covered. To be fair, that’s expected when we’re making a normal software portable ourselves. 😉

  8. Vikas says:

    I have one BIG doubt !!
    Will Cameyo be able to create portable apps for cross platforms. For E.g. I created a portable app on Windows 7, and then I want to run the portable exe in Windows XP/2000.

    Has anyone tried this ?


    • Carlos says:

      Usually, it’s better to create the portable app in the oldest system you intend to run it. I make portables using a clean setup of Windows XP although I use Windows 7 for my daily work. I made a backup of the Windows XP system and I restore it after creating each portable (with Ghost). Also, I’ve found that some programs work better with one virtualization program and other with others, so I try several (Cameyo included).

  9. Vikas says:

    I tried creating a portable exe of xShell, but did not worked for me. It is working on the same machine but not on others :(

  10. jailbreak says:

    That’s a real nice post. Comes so handy.

  11. Johnboy says:

    Can you use this to keep a demo version alive? For example a 30-day trial that is made portable by Cameyo that is “isolated”. Would this prevent writes to the registry that would trigger the expiry of the trial?

    • satibel says:

      this depends on the type of demo it uses, but most save the installation date, so you would have to change this too, a lot of shareware doesn’t check if it was installed after the current date, so just switch to somewhere in 2020 and profit for 6 years.

  12. csa says:

    Thx., i try this. Nice description. I we back. :)

  13. John Hang says:

    Unfortunately, this program comes in handy certain ways only. If you’re going to use this to run portable apps on another machine, the program has to be installed on another machine and uninstall it then run the portable to make the portable version works. Else, you will run into certain reg and dll missing. Perhaps, might be missing some other files as well. It does not capture all files. Pretty disappoint when i find out. ThinApp is still the best I think…

  14. Paul Orendorff says:

    I am trying to virtualize Siebel using clean install of XP, all goes fine but when I try to run it off the network from a 7 box it chokes !! Anybody had success ??

  15. Offer says:
  16. Someone says:

    What if i want to make pes 2015 portable? It may not work because it’s from a DVD.
    If someone knows reply