How to Create a Public Link For a Facebook Photo Album

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facebookiconWith hundreds of thousands of photos being uploaded every day, Facebook has become one of the most popular destinations for sharing photo albums online. Sharing your pictures with those who have a Facebook profile is easy but how does one share them with someone who doesn’t own a Facebook account?

Luckily, Facebook provides a way to get a public link for your photos or an entire photo album. Through this link, you can share the album with just about anyone online. And, today we will put down a brief tutorial to show you the process of creating a public link for a Facebook photo album. We will also share a way to create public link for individual photos and share them with just about anyone.

Let us begin.

Steps to Obtain a Public Link to Facebook Photo Album

There could be multiple ways of reaching at the public link of a photo or an album. We will discuss one of them, which indeed is the most prominent one.

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account and on your homepage, on the left sidebar, click on Photos, as indicated in the image below.


Step 2: You will see three sections namely, Photos of You, Photos and Albums. Click on Albums to access the photo albums that you have created.


Step 3: Now, select the album that you wish to share. Clicking on an album will take you to the album with photos in it.


Step 4: On the album page, towards the top you will see a settings button with options to Add Photos, Edit and a drop down arrow. Click on the drop down and select the option to Share Album.


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Step 5: The moment you do that you will see a new dialog appear on the screen. It will contain a link, the public link that you are looking for. Copy it and share with anybody you like.


If you click on the link Send in Message (bottom left of the Share Album dialog box) you will be taken to another dialog wherein you can send the link as an email message or as a Facebook message to an individual, multiple people or a group.


Note: The user just has to navigate to the given link using any browser. And, regardless to the fact of being or not being a Facebook user the user will be able to browse the shared album.

If you wish to share a single photo you can navigate to any one of the three sections shown in Step 2 and open a photo in it. Towards the bottom of the photo you will see a Share option.

Clicking on that will open a photo sharing dialog with the sharing options as as shown in the image below.


Unfortunately, it does not allow you to create a public link. Worry not, we have a trick to do that. Open the photo that you wish to share, right-click on and and Copy Image Location.


That will put the public link you want in to your clipboard. Save it somewhere so that you can share it with a friend when you want. I also suggest that you open the image in full screen viewing mode. With that the link you share will show a bigger image.


The Facebook interface and user experience has changed over time. And the way you share snaps on them has also changed. The process is comprehensive for the latest interface and would continue working unless Facebook makes yet another change. Have fun and share a few of them right away.

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  1. I know this

    Thx 4 U

  2. Eb96706 says:

    I will get back to this comment when i’m done sending my photo from FB to email….it reads simple but i have to try it first, then i can comment later…thank you

  3. Jovana93vr says:

    But can people that are not my facebook friends like or comment my public photos?

  4. Alrev2000 says:

    Thanks for that. It worked for me. (But the sub-menu below “photos” did not appear for me, so I just skipped that step.)

  5. holos says:

    can I change the public link if I sent it to a wrong person and do not want him to see my album anymore? Or what can I do if I do not want to share the album with people I sent a public link to?

  6. Chuck Haney says:

    Is it possible to link my own image to a FB album so that I can position this image on the timeline?

  7. that links seems to no longer exist. did they take it away?

    • Bruno says:

      Same problem for me, bet they just removed this functionnality – so you have to be on Facebook to see facebook’s photos… I hate this. If you find a way to get, create a public link which work, please share the solution with us.

      • Bruno says:

        After some tests i found the solution to get the previously displayed public link for an album : Go to the album page, then Click on the param icon on which the button “Publish” may appear. A window will open and gives you the public URL for this album (including the l parameter which were missing for non-facebook people to be able to see the album)… Hope this helped you guys !

        • Kris says:

          they claim this is a public link (the one you get via “share” now), but it is not. if you click on it without being logged into facebook you just get a blank page.
          this is at least what I have experienced :-(

  8. Clay says:
    • Kris says:

      it does not work if you send it to people who are NOT on facebook – as far as I have tried.
      does anyone know a solution? i have checked facebook help pages but they do not mention anything about the public link at all.
      any good advice is appreciated…. thanks!

  9. Khalsa Soulja says:

    Just found a way to share your album with anyone regardless if their on facebook or not. As i use this feature often when selling stuff on eBay.

    1) Go to your profile and then click on Photos which should be in the middle of Friends and Map.
    2) Once in Photos go to the third tab labelled Albums
    3) Which ever album it is that you want to share publicly, click on it
    4) There will be 3 tabs on the right hand side of the screen, Add Photos, Edit and a little Cog icon with a drop down arrow. Click on the Cog Icon with the drop down arrow
    5) Click on Share Album
    6) Copy and Paste

    and voila…..Facebook have once again made it as confusing as fcuk to do something that was once so simple!

  10. Thanks everyone for your inputs, the post has been updated to reflect the current methods.

  11. Barbara says:

    I used to do this all the time to send to Non-Facebook friends. Did it today and it does not work anymore. The recipient can’t see the album without a Facebook sign on. I guess Facebook changed something AGAIN.

    • ljlj says:

      Having the same issue. And I do not want to change my album setting to public. So frustrating!

  12. Happy 2013 says:

    Does not work. I think you need to set the settings of your photo album to “PUBLIC” before the public link described above will work.

  13. Random says:

    Making it public doesn’t work either

  14. ASHVIN says:

    I know this

  15. MotivePics says:

    So yes, I used to use the above method, but it no longer works. The dialog says you can share with anyone even if they dont have an account but if you notice the link is a https:// which means whoever you send the link to would have to sign into their FB account or create one to view it. Any update or info on this?

  16. xyz says:

    this does not work on Buisness page facebook profiles

  17. REG_2010 says:

    the single photo link doesn’t work. it give the same message as linking to an album internally

    “This content is currently unavailable

    The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.”

  18. nadeem malik says:

    making its

  19. good article… if I share a link and set link to public will it affect my Privacy setting which is set to Friends only?