How to Quickly Turn Off Your Laptop Monitor

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Turning off a desktop monitor is simple – just push the button. But not if it’s a laptop. Yes, Windows does turn it off if you keep it idle for some time, but that’s not we are talking about here. We want to turn it off quickly, in one click. How do we get that done?

There are many third-party utilities that can help you turn the laptop monitor off instantly. We’ll discuss one of them here. It’s called Dark – Turn Off Monitor. It’s a freeware.

Here are the steps to install and use this software.

1. Download the software from its website.

download dark to turn laptop monitor off

2. Unzip the file using a tool like ZipGenius and run the setup file.

install dark to turn laptop monitor off 1

3. Select the options and proceed with the installation.

install dark to turn laptop monitor off 2

4. The tool requires .NET framework to run. If you don’t have it installed, it’ll ask you to do it. Once done, you can go on with the installation.

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install dark to turn laptop monitor off 3

5. After the installation is completed, you’ll find a Dark.exe icon on the desktop, like the one shown below. You’ll need to double click it in order to get the tool in your system tray (or the notification area ).

dark icon

6. You’ll find the icon showing up in your system tray. That’s it, you can now double click on it to turn off the laptop monitor. The monitor comes back on if you move the mouse or press a key, like it happens usually when Windows turns it off.

switch off laptop monitor

7. You could also right-click on that icon and set it to start with Windows automatically.

dark options

That was how you can get Dark to turn off your laptop monitor instantly.

Download Dark to turn your laptop monitor off

Have you tried any other tool, or method to turn your laptop monitor off? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. That was a nice tool. I was looking for something similar. :)

  2. Amogh says:

    Thanks. This tool made my life and Lapi cool!

  3. Sid says:

    I wrote this tiny utility to turn off the monitor as soon as I lock Windows using the Win+L keys. I’ve used several other solutions but I find this utility the most convenient. Try it out here

  4. I use this program at work when I have a break and I leave the office, but I don’t what my colleagues to see if somebody sends me an IM or an email. It’s very useful!

  5. efAston says:

    What happens if I’m watching a movie on the TV, using the laptop’s HDMI output, and I only want to turn off the laptop monitor, not the HDMI output?