How to Quickly Leave Multiple Facebook Groups

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Recently, Facebook made some significant changes to how groups worked. The new Groups is a completely revamped version, and lets people create private spaces for interaction that includes group chat.

While the new Groups has its own advantages, many of you might not want to automatically join Groups which your friends invite you to, and also you might not want those group chats and notifications popping up all the time. So today, we’ll tell you how you could quickly leave multiple Facebook Groups without getting stuck in Facebook’s maze of user controls.

Here are the steps.

1. On the left sidebar of your Facebook profile homepage you’ll find an option that says Groups. Click on that.

leave facebook group 1

2. A page showing the list of Groups you have been invited to, would open. Scroll down to the “My Groups” section that shows the groups you’re subscribed to.

leave facebook group 2

3. When you hover the mouse over any of those group names, you’ll find a small cross icon showing up on the right of that name. You just need to click on it and then click “Remove” to quit that group.

leave facebook group 3

You could use the above method to quickly quit multiple Groups at one go, and remove some clutter from your My Groups page.

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  1. Top Web Trends says:

    simple tricks but it worked so nicely. saving so much time.

  2. Andrea says:

    Is there a way to post in multiple groups at one time?

  3. Christina Wood says:

    Simple tricks but it really worked for me

  4. Asif Ali says:

    How to Auto Leave All Groups on Facebook in one Click Visit below Link

  5. Marius says:

    interface different now, dont see that ‘x’ left of th egroup anymore