How to Block Unwanted YouTube Videos With YouTube Safety Mode

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Keeping kids safe on the internet is important. That’s why we often talk about different parental control methods that help parents block adult content and other inappropriate stuff from reaching kids who are still too young to know all that.

But most of the blocking methods usually can’t block site specific content. For example, YouTube, the most popular video site, also has content that’s not suitable for all. Blocking it completely won’t make sense because it does have a lot of useful stuff. So how do you make sure that your kid stays safe while browsing YouTube? The answer is YouTube Safety Mode.

YouTube Safety Mode, though not fool proof, is a nice way to filter out content from YouTube that you don’t want kids to see.

To enable this option, when you are watching a video you need to scroll down to the very bottom of that page and find the small link that says “Safety Mode: Off” (shown in the screenshot below). You need to click on OFF to turn it on.

youtube safety mode 1

You can also sign in to YouTube to make sure that the Safety Mode remains turned on.

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youtube safety mode 2

Once you click on “On” and then hit Save, you get a notification mentioning that you’ve successfully enabled safety mode.

youtube safety mode 3

Here’s what YouTube’s Safety Mode does:

  • Hides inappropriate videos
  • Doesn’t return results for adult search terms
  • Hides comments by default
  • Inappropriate words in the comments are hidden using asterisks

To know more about how it works, you can watch the video below.

So, if you are a parent whose kid is online most of the day and spends a lot of time on YouTube, you can consider enabling this option for a controlled browsing experience for him.

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  1. Geomarmar says:


    • Asdkfjahksdjfh says:

      you’re an idiot. your child will probably eat people anyway, so don’t bother….

      • Darryl Edington says:

        You are exactly why we need blocking. We are SOOOOO tired of nasty trolls who say retarded shit just because their own lives are so horrible. Enough. Get a friggin life or take your own.

        • Qwerty says:

          And you’ve just managed to add your self to that list now swearing and advising people to take there life.

          • Darryl Edington says:

            Yes, I believe I have. A world with less trolls is a good thing. So, yes, I am encouraging those who cannot be nice to other people, to leave the Earth. Too many primates here anyway, in my opinion.

            • Yes Indeed says:

              Amen to That

            • Yep says:

              Have you killed yourself and done the world a favour yet?

              • Darryl Edington says:

                Here…. trolly, trolly….. have a bite……
                I loved the circus for the clowns….
                Now we have the Internet….
                I preferred the circus. At least they weren’t cowards.

                • Yep says:

                  So that’s an unequivocal no then seeing as you’re still spewing the same vitriol.

                  Hypocrisy aside, rejoiced will be the world when you take heed of your own words. “Get a friggin life or take your own”. Much troll.

        • mommachaos says:

          agreed. too many people that “say the most offensive thing possible ever” because they’re hidden behind a screen.

    • Erin Lynch says:

      Exactly!!!! That is the problem I am having! If you figure out how to fix it please let me know!!!!

    • Gaz HD says:

      Yup this is exactly what I havfe an issue with – search word content.

    • Puddle says:

      how about you pay attention to what your kid is doing online until they’re old enough to not have their mind warped by dumb voice overs? honestly it’s stupid to expect a site to have a functioning block system when so many uploads go up every hour. just be a parent and watch what they’re doing. If you can’t, then don’t let them on youtube unless you’re around. it’s literally that simple.

      • Agentlemansaur says:

        its kinda hard sometimes if you’re a busy parent or if the KID doesn’t obey you! my 8 yr old hasnt exactly been following the rules we’ve established so it would be a lot easier if i could just block certain keywords or only allow certain things to show up (like channels i subscribed her to with an additional password so she can’t subscribe to anyone without my knowledge)
        yes parents should pay attention to what their kids do and maybe if it gets that bad they should ban youtube from the kids, but sometimes kids don’t listen and are hard to control (even with discipline)

        • Puddle says:

          Take the net away. Download some videos off youtube using offliberty.

          I know as a parent you have your other responsibilities, but there are a TON of things your son/daughter can do and learn on the computer without having the internet. Drawing, writing, reading (things that you download first), just playing the offline games that you as a parent have the choice in buying. Turn off the net and keep it off while they’re alone until they’re older. I know all this sounds easier said than done, but you know it’s for the better considering youtube does not care whatsoever about crucial site-breaking bugs, let alone “safety block”, as it’s easily circumvented. Also, your kid isn’t just on youtube. They’re probably jumping on a lot of sites they shouldn’t be- and even at a young age, they know how to hide their tracks.

          • Agentlemansaur says:

            yes thats very true. I remember when my brother and I werent allowed on youtube so we just went to funnyjunk and albino black sheep. thinking about it now those sights were actually worse, haha. its strange though cause they (the kids) have so many other things they can do (ps3, wii, off-site computer games, toys, etc) but it seems they only want to do the things that are dangerous. Human nature I guess. maybe when i get free time I should make a program that instead of blocking the sites you tell it to it blocks everything except what you put in (like the reverse of most parental control program things)? That way I could only allow them to go onto kids sites that i deem appropriate. one can dream.

            • Ang says:

              You can get software that does this. We use Kaspersky PURE internet security that has parental controls. One of the options is that you can block everything except the sites you want to allow.

              • Gary Haran Doyle says:

                the problem is not the site Ang, lots of good learning on YOUTUBE, the problem is when 14 year olds upload videos and then talk over and swear occasionally on them.

          • mommachaos says:

            lol you obviously don’t have kids.

            it’s so easy to lecture about what kids “should be doing”. It’s also easy to make blanket statements about what should be done to solve pretty much any problem that ever existed! But this is real life so can you please just skip the judgements and stick to the actual topic at hand?

            • nynetguy says:

              I do have kids and it’s not that hard. When my son broke the rules I did a real simple thing. I remove the plug connecting the computer to the wall. Eventually he learned. Your job is to teach your children, not be their best friend.

              • Dick says:

                Who in their right mind would have kids with you? Yikes!! You reproduced? That is terrible!!!!

              • lots-a-kids says:

                That’s crazy.! I can’t unwire the only home computer just to prevent my kids watching videos they don’t even realise is bad for them.
                I have 4 other kids that (could probably rewire it!) need to use it for homework.
                my boys love to watch random minecraft or nerf gun videos where the guys write ‘don’t do this at home!’ on their channels, but my boys are too young to read that or understand. I’d just like to block Youtube completely if they aren’t interested in filtering the site.
                we could all take the view that it’s not our problem and expose them to live assassinations, but isn’t that’s ridiculous?

      • Jake says:

        What about being able to block all videos from one specific channel… why is that too much to ask?

        • Puddle says:

          Actually that’s exactly why I came to this page a year ago. I was tired of having the same user’s awful videos recommended to me.

          • Gary Haran Doyle says:


            Safari cannot help but if you use Google’s Browser (Chrome) there is a little download called Video Blocker that will block a channel (uploader). It’s not everything but it helps. Now, if I could find a way to get rid of safari…

            • meg86 says:

              I can not get it to work on chrome

              • Gary Haran Doyle says:

                You probably need to direct your technical help need to the website that it comes from that I linked. I am not the Helpdesk.

      • Jake says:

        It’s not for my kid, it’s for me. Youtube has begun suggesting videos about a topic that I find disgusting and offensive. It’s first on every list for everything and I DEF have NOT subscribed. grrrr…..

      • Kem O'Brien says:

        I pay very close attention, and have put parental blocks on, then my 8 year old comes to me b/c he is listening to a mario bros video loaded with foul language and violence. He has limited computer time, and likes watching videos that have to do with his video games. BTW, I don’t think your ever old enough to not be affected by dumb voice overs, but when your 8 it is really hard.

  2. NIck says:

    i agree with poster below. my 3 year old uses my ipad to watch you tube cartoons and ended up, via related videos, on a video with a killer micky who was cursing and just a hot mess.
    my router only blocks URLs from keywords, not content. what a piece of junk!

  3. Impostor8767 says:

    Agree. Youtube should be sued.

    • Venta12 says:

      Yes, the should be option to block (remove from public view) certain user or film

    • Jen says:

      agreed! or at least fix the problem. there is a fine line between freedom of speech and protecting our children. You Tube is a great resource for them on many levels, however it is too easy for them to see the wrong thing! maybe YouTube should start monitoring what is posted!

  4. Thikazabrik says:

    I have just seen an unobjectionable video of women cavorting around sexually and the content of the video is not only demeaning to women but soft porn in nature. Surely you have people checking videos that are uploaded. Its enough that the F-word was used to make it a red flag. We should be able to notifiy you immediately so that the content can be reviewed and removed. Maybe I managed to stop my children from seeing it but what about all the other kids. Its disgusting, this access to sex and porn. It has its place and time, if you make youtube available to all ages then you are responsible for its content and its time that someone out there either developed a screener of videos or hire people to do it manually.. I dont care as long as it done asap.

  5. Likenone0ther says:

    Let us be able to block users of our choice as well. When I open youtube I don’t want 20 videos of sxephil, non-English russian videos and boobies. You still have porn visible with sage search. It’s time to let users properly define what they want to see – or block.

  6. Jjat says:

    Anyone can get around this “block” by simply turning safety mode off, or signing up for their own account. Also a simple search turns up dozens of pornographic images, sickening. Anyone up for a class action suit against youtube?

    • Megan Colette says:

      Yeah this is true but my 3 year old isn’t smart enough to figure out ways around it quite yet so this advice is helpful for me, I too like others wish I could block a certain video even though it is not inappropriate to all kids… one on cars 2 color changers (toy) because now he’s dunking all his toys in water….

    • Jen says:

      That is what I am wondering as well. It seems there should be a way that we could be notified if they sign up for a new account with a different name on any of their devices. I am getting really frustrated.

  7. me says:

    I agree… this is CRAP. There is no way to monitor this.

  8. Miroarch79 says:

    i wish i can block specific video in youtube, my autistic child is addicted to youtube, she learned her alphabet, colors, etc. but there are some videos that i don’t want her to watch like videos using bad words.

    • Billy says:

      I agree, some videos are geared toward kids, but the language used in the videos are not

    • Krisztina says:

      My Autistic 5 years old son is also addicted to Youtube videos. I wish I could just block some of them. :)

    • Laiana Biela says:

      Me too. My autistic twins drive me crazy w/this one that has profanity in it

  9. Vikasuberoi says:

    I think it would ( could also ) be better if YOUTUBE had a word function where we could put in words / words ( or combinations ) to be blocked,, that would help a little at least if not 100%

  10. Blah says:

    You people are pathetic idiots. Quit using the internet to babysit your children. It’s not up to youtube to filter and rate every piece of content that flows from them. It’s simply not possible. It IS up to YOU to monitor your own children. Start being a more responsible adult and your kids will follow.

    • coresa says:

      “Start being a more responsible adult and your kids will follow. ” like you calling everyone idiots? Clearly your parents taught you nothing.

      It is perfectly possible for Youtube to police its content.

      Youtube has a duty to protect the young / vulnerable and naive people (like yourself) from harmful content.

      • John Doe says:

        Since when is ANY other entity OBLIGATED to YOU and YOUR Responsibilities? You willingly give up freedom and at the same time you toss off your responsibility for your own choices in life.

  11. concerned says:

    it would be nice if you tube had a rating system like they do on movies, i mean a 10 year old wouldn’t be getting into a nc-17 movie, and then maybe had a block for the rating

    • Kem O'Brien says:

      That would be good, my computer parental controls do have an age setting, and a description of what those mean, for example 10 and under may contain mild language, or mild violence. While T contains strong language and violence. E contains no offensive language or violence. Much like a movie rating.

  12. Dr. Wheelo says:

    If you are going to let Youtube raise your child, then let it.

  13. Eyabu says:

    Yo sólo quiero una opción q este debajo del video y diga “bloquear”,”eliminar”, u “ocultar”.. A mi sobrino le gusta ver videos para aprender música y aveces le sale la imagen de un video q le da miedo.. En facebook si hay una opción de ocultar contenido de otros.. no quiero eliminar totalmente la página del usuario sólo no quiero q aparezca ese video,, Mandenme un link de como hacerlo.. Yo creo q si lo pueden hacer..

  14. xasdsadsa says:

    Amazing how it takes another source than the actual site to show you how to do this… Youtube like Google is f’ing retarded..

  15. hasam05 says:

    I am not looking for a filter. I want a way to block a specific video and all videos by a specific user. I keep an eye on what my child watches and when we run across some sick stuff I can’t even block the video. You can block a user but it does not block their videos….that is just stupid. It is super simple thing for youtube to do. I like all the lame comments by users without any kids.

  16. Darryl Edington says:

    Why can’t I block users? Does YouTube want fights, because I can do that too, but I would rather block assholes, but the “block” button doesn’t do shit. I have use Firefox and IE – neither will block users. WTF is going on?

  17. sherry says:

    if I enable the safety on their youtube account from my pc…does it work no matter where they log in or only on my pc?

    • G_ says:

      If you have an account, then it can be blocked in all the devices you have signed on with that account. Or that’s what I have understood.

  18. Nicole says:

    How do I do this on my phone

  19. Sandy says:

    I need to be able to block certain channels. I have safety mode on but one of the videos that came up has a girl with her breasts nearly completely exposed with the title “Fake and Gay” by UhOhBro. I typed in “Tooth Slooth, You Tube” for videos on finding endodonic and periodontic problems. I clicked on a video that was from a college. Tooth Slooth was specifically in the title.

  20. Egon Ruuda says:

    I wish i could bloc every video that ever makes a reference to Alex Jones or TyT (The young turks)

  21. jamescastaneros says:

    Hi all, to all concerned parents out there I am with you and agree all of you! I’m so concern with my son as well but I can’t also deny the fact that YouTube is also a good educational tool for our kids but it really depends on the content. So my plan is to develop an app for restricting videos or filtering them. And this time it will have a search result filter! Then later we can upgrade this app like parent report, where parent can submit a report of keywords to be blocked. Hope you can support me on this plan and moral or feedback support will do! Take care and God bless us all!

    • Cotton Eye Joe says:

      Do it please. An option that would be great is to be able to block any content that you don’t want your kids to watch. Let’s say for example certain cartoons that are seemingly harmless, but a genre that you would like globally blocked… entering that as a filter would be a great option.

      • Jen says:

        There are so many minecraft and super mario videos that contain adult language and even pornographic images. Help!!

    • Vulta Bey says:

      please require a password everytime someone removes a channel I blocked, for example like videoblocker,My little sister knew how to remove blocked channels and now she’s watching videos not suited for her so i blocked it again and now i’m afraid that she might do it again , I hope that you can make it fast and what’s the name of the app?Please make this for PC specifically Chrome browser last but not the least sorry for my bad english as it is not my Mother tongue

  22. M.A.S. says:

    I think it would be nice if you could simply allow certain channels that you trust instead of blocking what’s inappropriate (which is like half the videos uploaded on there)
    There are a lot of good videos on there, which is why it’s frustrating to think it would be better to just stay off of that site altogether…. I don’t even have any kids yet, and I’m already worried about this stuff.

  23. Gkwarren says:

    Why can’t I, as a parent, block a certain video or video channel from showing up in a search result? Some of these videos are just garbage, and yet there doesn’t seem to be a way to block something. I sit right next to my child when we are using you tube, so it’s not like I don’t see what is coming up on the screen. But what i’d like to do is go in and block a bad video. There are bad “5 little monkey” videos. There are A B C videos that use “zed” instead of “zee” that I’d like to filter out. Some of the Indian-created children’s videos are terrible and their accent is confusing. The letter “V” is pronounced “we” in many of them… How does that help educate a child to speak english properly? But I can’t kill that one video, or kill videos from that user. That is just wrong, and youtube is making a mistake. The greed of running a commercial is more important to them than helping parents direct content to their children.

    This has nothing to do with letting my child sit in front of a computer all day and be babysat. This has to do with having an interactive experience that is rewarding for my child.

    • moo says:

      100% agree with you. I’m intending to block this Indian kids video channel that’s why I end up in this forum. Today I heard my 2 yo speaking the letter “L” with that Indian accent. OMG how can I block this user?

  24. soy says:

    I think you can block a specific vedio using jscript, search the web, you will find some clue.

  25. tireddad says:

    By trying to make Youtube a safer place for our kids we are actually being responsible parents. Internet is part of all our lives, and should be safe for all to use. If we did as some write and kept our kids off internet, we parents would be accused of raising our kids as retards. I have installed several adult filters and added add blockers to make my kids internet time safe. But it is sad that when my daughter wants to see Hannah Monatana vides on youtube, she gets pages full of Miley Curys naked on a wrecking ball, licking a sledge hammer… I wish someone started an alternative youtube which can show safe, positive content instead of a youtube full of so much garbage…

  26. Natasha says:

    I wish they would make it as easy to block videos/websites as they do to find them. It seems like it is so easy to sneak around on the internet (deleting history, etc), but so often you have to go through ten or more steps to keep your family safe. It is sad that what could be such a great asset isn’t safer/cleaner.

  27. Liquid Snake says:

    Its did not make any difference.

  28. Enkeria says:

    Can anyone design an widget or addon for firefox and chrome that will block videos from users? I get a ton of videos recommended of people I really hate and can’t stand. If anyone read this that might help, fix it! Noooow!

  29. Jay says:

    does anyone know how to block some videos on youtube with one title? lets say i wanted to block all spiderman videos, is there a way to write in a safety window or something “spiderman” and all videos with that title would not play…?

  30. Dominus_Venturae says:

    Okay for anyone wanting to block channels this is how you do it for free. You need either firefox or chrome. (Firefox is better) then get the add on called grease monkey. Go to and download the script in it should go into grease monkey automatically. Then restart browser go on to youtube and log in. THE BLOCKS GO WITH THE ACCOUNT ON THAT DEVICE.

    Click the button next to youtube and the side bar will come up. Near the top you will see edit blocks. Click and then unclick the sidebar. Now start writing the channels you want blocked. I have a huge list prepared if you want to use it as a framework or just copy and paste whichever ones you want.

    When you are done click save. If you have a channel you want blocked open in another tab close it before you save. If left open it wont become blocked.

    Good luck families who want a safer environment for their kids, and to all the adults that hate advertisements and companies that profit from doing very little.

  31. Egon Ruuda says:

    Can i use it to block pewdiepie?

  32. Kem O'Brien says:

    I have the safety feature on, and Luigi Death Stare came up, Very foul language and violence in this video, talking about killing and dropping f bombs and s bombs.

  33. Youtubehelp says:

    What about the videos that show up in the “My Subscriptions” page? There are a few YouTubers that I am subscribed to that post some fun and entertaining videos but every once in a while they post some extremely inappropriate ones (i.e “Fun Sex Facts”, “Why you should watch Porn”, etc.). Is there a way I can disable those videos from showing up? Safety mode only seems to work if your searching for videos, not if the videos are coming to you.

  34. Frank G says:

    How can I block videos from someone I can’t stand like Joel Osteen? He keeps coming up in recommendations for me, and I don’t want to even look at that goofy smiling imbecile.

  35. NeoJC says:


    Youtube Parental Safety Mode turned ON is NOT enough to block this garbage out from Youtube.

    PROBLEM : Youtube is still leveraging your default browsers search engine to get clips to show up in Youtube.

    SOLUTION: Go to your browser default search engines configurations an and choose to block adult, sexual, etc . Then Youtube will mimic what is being configured from your browser search engine.

    Example : I chose to use Bing as my search engine over Google. Configured Bing to only search for non-sexual, adult content, and nudity.

    Cleaned out all the history and recent videos from Youtube, and Wala!! The garbage videos are now gone!!!!

  36. chichachachi says:

    I want to be able to block certain videos from ME seeing it. There’s this one annoying video that is ALWAYS being recommended to me and I can’t stand it.

  37. Egon Ruuda says:

    I wish i could block TYT and pewdiepie.

  38. Rachel says:

    I would love some way of blocking specific publishers. My autistic daughter is going through a My Little Pony phase, and is frequently watching youtube MLP videos, unfortunately some sicko has done a load of MLP “parodies” with violence and disturbing images, they don’t get filtered, I have the strict filter on my Ipad, they come up at the top of a search for MLP. What can I do? I leave her watching something acceptable, come back two minutes later (parents occasionally need to use the bathroom too) and she’s watching some sick garbage that got recommended to her on the youtube listing… And when I switch it off and tell her she can’t watch it because she’ll have nightmares, total meltdown. WTF can I do?

  39. Ashley says:

    Youtube too away the option of blocking individual videos a couple years back, which to this day I don’t understand.

  40. happybunny8 says:

    can I block just five nights at freddies ?

  41. Mr.Princk says:

    I want to block stupid youtubers like PewDiePie and other usseless content, can i?

  42. chris says:

    it would be nice to add key words to block, like all the four letter curse words in videos, and key words like in the comment below.

  43. Angela Pollitt says:

    I agree with everyone on here as I too have a problem with the bad language as my kids have started to repeat all the bad words and I am getting sick of it.

  44. Angela Pollitt says:

    I used the safe mode function on YouTube but as usual it fails. what we need is a function to flag all youtube videos which is not appropriate for young users. I’m this day and age it’s all about protecting our children but unfortunately this site should be sorted out in a big way. A very worried and disgusted parent

  45. shiva amani says:

    How can I block supper heroes, boorish and fights on You Tube?

  46. jdlech says:

    There is a way to block a single youtube video on an iPad.
    From the main screen, go to settings.
    On the right is restrictions
    under restrictions is a place where you can enter a specific url – one place to ‘always allow’ and another to ‘always block’.
    Type in the specific url in the block section.
    The problem is – I’ve managed to block one video, but not another. I’m very frustrated by this.