A Guide To Sharing or Linking to a Google Map ( Yes, you read it right! )

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Right, so you go to maps.google.com, type in a location, hit the return key and boom, there’s the map! Now, need to share it, or link to it? Simple, just copy paste the URL from the browser address bar (may be shorten it too) and then, share it….correct?

Well, if only it was that simple and convenient. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Even after you find the location on the map, the URL on the browser address bar still reads map.google.com. Yep, try it and see for yourself.

google maps

So, now the question is, what’s the best way to share a Google map? That’s what we are going to discuss here. We’ll talk about 3 ways to do it.

The first two methods are simple enough, but may not be something you’d want to do. And that’s why, we have the third way, which is our favorite.

Check out all the methods anyway.

1. Using the “Send” Option

You could click on the location pointer, go to “more” and there you’ll find a “Send” button.

google maps send link

When you click on that button, a box pops up with the location’s link on the map, and options to email others, and yourself. There’s a “Phone” option too which you may want to make use of.

google maps send link through email

2. Creating a Quick Link

There’s a “Link” button on the top right of the map, which can be used to quickly generate the location’s link. There’s an embed to site option too.

google maps link sharing

UPDATE: Google Maps changed their user interface design and now the link option appears as a small button on the left, just below the search bar as shown in the screenshot below.


The Problem With the Above Methods

Both the above methods are simple and easy. But that doesn’t mean they are convenient too.

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First, just look at the link that’s generated. It’s pretty terribly and definitely not shareable. You could shorten it using a url shortner, but that would mean first copying the link and then pasting it to a place from where it can be shortened. Easy but not that quick.

Secondly, there’s no way to quickly share it across a social site, like Twitter or Facebook. Email or direct sharing seems to be the only option.

The Best Way – Use Amap.to

This is where Amap.to comes into picture. A superb tool that shortens your map link, lets you add a title and description and helps you share it directly on your favorite social networks.


The tool works quite well. I searched for the same location on it (it’s a Google Maps mashup btw), and just check the screenshot below to see the kind of options it gave me. On the right, there’s a map and on the left, there are options to add title and description, create link, email, Twitter and more. It even has Wikipedia references for the place on the same page, which is cool.

google maps link sharing via amap.to

When I click on “Create Link” , it quickly pops up a box with a neatly shortened link to share. You can also create a custom link easily.

And when you click on the Twitter option, it lets you share the link along with a status message, directly on your Twitter profile.

Short Link to Share the Google Map

google maps link shortening via amap.to

Share the Map on Twitter

google maps link sharing on Twitter

Overall, if you are a frequent user of Google maps, and have so far hesitated to share information from it just because the methods available didn’t seem proper, Amap.to is the answer to your prayers. Try it out!


Note: The above post was inspired by Fred’s post on linking to Google Maps. The tool was discovered by one of his commentators Andy Swan. Thanks, folks!

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  1. Thanks for great information. I like your blog. It has many useful stuff and i would like to thank you for your great effort. I also have a similar blog not as good as yours but still a blog http://www.comtricks.uni.cc
    Thanks once again for your posts.

  2. Krisicat says:

    Nice tools. Thanks for the tip. However, Google changed the rules and there is no send link anymore. I use to just save the page to Desktop Shortcut and went into the properties to extract the URL, but that doesn’t work anymore either :(


    • Hey Krisicat, all the points I discussed above still work. I have just updated the second point to show the location of link button in the new design (it’s on the left now). And the send option, that I talked about in the first point, still works like I mentioned it does. Check it out and let me know if you face any issues.

  3. Anh says:

    Great with solution 3, amap.to

  4. Claireowen says:

    Many Thanks. A map to is just what I needed as google was playing up. I am grateful.

  5. Danny says:

    Thank you, just what I needed!
    By the way, Google has an option to shorten it’s link now.

    • gmart says:

      but that does not seem to work if you have requested directions. the directions “shortened” link is about 380 characters long.

  6. Erik Hermansen says:

    Thanks for the nice article, Abhijeet! It was very clear and helpful.

  7. khaled1270 says:

    When I want to know about google map, this article help me so much.

  8. i can get a short link directly by clicking the link in google maps directly. using the link option that you showed. it has now an option to get a short link.

  9. james says:

    thx 4 info

  10. bennyboy9 says:

    Fuck this it’s not worth doing it. Seriously just go to yelp or something. This site is BSSSSSSS……..

  11. Lakshay Pahuja says:

    See what i found about Google NOW

  12. aMAPto says:

    We’ve just updated http://amap.to The URL itself is easy to share over the phone, sms or social media. You can also move the map marker to the exact spot… great for sharing a location on a beach, park, national park or places where there isn’t a specific address!

    Check out the examples below the homepage showing how people and businesses use aMAP.to to digitize the old address system into the 21st century and eliminate location ambiguities.

    There’s now the ability to customize and color the maps to reflect business branding and make some really cool maps;
    – move the map marker to the exact location
    – customize your own URL (your name, business name or fun name)
    – add and edit photos on the fly, upload promotional video, logos or coupons
    – add text change the color of content box.

    Have fun with it!

  13. gmart says:

    time to update this for the “new” google maps. i just reverted to the old maps because the new maps don’t seem to have a useful sharing feature.

    • Adam says:

      It does. You just have to click the orange pin for more details on that specific location.

  14. other_shoe says:

    Is this a joke? That is a serious question. I tried using the tool and my screenshot looked nothing like the one in the article. There was only a map – no options, no link creation, no Wikipedia – literally just the map. Tried to watch the ‘help video’ and it took me to a map of San Francisco (I am not even from the US) with a dead link saying ‘check out our quick video’.

    I am using a tablet so perhaps this tool is only good for full screens (which, let’s face it, means it’s pretty useless). Is anyone else having success using it on a tablet or phone?

  15. NIELSEN says:

    un maison a vendre a gris gris a ile maurice


    TEL 57321172

  16. Amy says:

    I am looking for a way to create a customized map of places that have wifi and are good places to meet clients or just spend a few hours working between meetings. I want to be able to share this resource with colleagues on our Yammer site. Suggestions?

  17. Zorg Zumo says:

    How can I take coordinates passed in a text message and display on Google Maps? I use a SPOT Personal Messenger (satellite GPS tracker) and the “OK” message texted to my loved ones contains the GPS coordinates of my location. It would be great if it would just pop up on Google Maps when they click on it.

  18. woe says:

    unfortunatelly, mapjam.com doesen’t seem to support fine tune of location. If I want to generate a link pointing to a two inches right, upper or down, the link remain the same and the receiving person will get an approximate location. http://www.linkonmap.com is twice usefoul than mapjam.com.